Marvel Studios Wants James Gunn to Direct ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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Guardians of the Galaxy Script Marvel Studios Wants James Gunn to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy

A few days ago an unofficial logline provided the very first hint at what the plot behind Guardians of the Galaxy could be, one of five Marvel Studios films paving the way for The Avengers 2.

With a release date set, a new screenwriter in Chris McCoy revising the script, and concept art from Comic-Con confirming the core roster, Guardians of the Galaxy remains the only confirm Marvel Studios production without a director signed. That may change very soon.

THR has the scoop that has Marvel Studios looking at James Gunn as their top choice to direct Guardians of the Galaxy, with Peyton Reed (Yes Man) as another candidate.

Gunn is most well-known for directing Slither and Super, both of which he wrote as well, along with recently released Lollipop Chainsaw zombie-themed video game and Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake. For the obvious comparison, we also have to mention The Specials from 2000, about a not-so-great superhero team starring Rob Lowe and Thomas Haden Church.

Gunn represents another atypical, non-A-list selection for Marvel Studios, who have a track record of going with directors with proven geek knowledge and proven comedy chops for their “Phase Two” films. Considering that Nathan Fillion starred in both of Gunn’s films (coincidentally known as “The Holy Avenger” in Super) and witnesssing the amount of fan speculation having him play Ant-Man, he’s about to endure a second go at the rumor mill.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Marvel Studios Wants James Gunn to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy

If this story pans out and James Gunn enlists with Marvel Studios, we finally have a clear picture of the key players behind the camera for the next three years:

  • Iron Man 3 – Shane Black
  • Thor: The Dark World – Alan Taylor
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Anthony & Joe Russo
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – James Gunn
  • Ant-Man – Edgar Wright
  • The Avengers 2 – Joss Whedon
That’s assuming reports of Ant-Man shooting after Thor 2 for a 2014 release are true. There’s also the potential of a second movie in 2015 – how about Drew Goddard for a Hulk sequel? What are your thoughts and expectations from Marvel’s choices?

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.

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Source: THR

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  1. An Incredible Hulk sequel would be cool, but I want my Black Panther, Heroes for Hire, and Dr. Strange films.

    • Same here!

    • They very well might just start adding these characters under other titles.

  2. Marvel has a knack for picking directors that make you say huh? but then again a lot of people say that about their other choices for directors, which most have worked out and here if James Gunn get the job it will be based on what exactly he’s never done anything with major green screen or CGI(although directors don’t really do the CGI) the only thing he’s directed that people have heard of is Super, which a lot of people liked(i didn’t) but the stuff hes written is mixed bag at best from Scooby Doo too Dawn of the Dead but in this case he not writing script but maybe adding things later so i will reserve my discontent until a trailer appears but who knows he might be the one to knock it out of the park…

  3. they should make a i.h.sequel with rufallo as hulk and this time he should smash the most screentime other gammar-monsters or he could vs red-hulk in epic fights. we had enough character study about b.banner.

    • I would love to see a Red Hulk vs. Hulk movie!!

    • Red Hulk might be cool to see, also The Leader.

  4. after seeing what gunn has done, I am very cool with him helming GotG. he’s done everything involved: superheroes, scifi, and talking animals.

    now as for marvels other plans, I really hope Ant-man gets released between cap 2 and GotG, so that we can get a hulk sequel in the spring before avengers 2, and then (if he’s included in cap 2 and avengers 2) we start of phase 3 with black panther

    • I like the way you think.
      Let’s hope it pans out like that…

      • Me as well!! It would be the greatest if they could film all three films together for certain parts to have other Avengers in the end of the Hulk and the Panther.

    • Yeah, that would be awesome!!

    • Maybe Hulk could smash his way to Waconda! 😉

  5. Anyone who’s seen Slither knows that James Gunn would be perfect for mixing the quirky humor with the fantastical that the writer of GotG apparently went for. He’s very Whedonesque in his dialogue and sense of humor. And yes…Fillion should be Major Victory. That would be awesome.

    • Agreed. I really dug Slither.

    • Nathan Fillion really should have been Hal Jordan in Green Lantern. Reynolds was miscast for that film from the very beginning. Then again, maybe Fillion dodged a bullet by not getting that part. Would be great to see him in a big-budget blockbuster, though.

      • I gotta disagree.
        IMO Reynolds did very well with the hand he was dealt. He was, for the most part, a pretty good Green Lantern and still has the potential to be even better.

        Fillion, as much as I love the dude, is too old to play such a physical role. Besides, in the comics, Hal was in his mid-twenties during the origin story.

        • I don’t think that accounts for very much as far as origins go. Tony Stark was much younger in the comics than Robert Downey, Jr. was in the movie, and that worked out well enough.

          Now, how’s about we get Nathan Fillion for Star Lord. He can do the sarcastic jerk as well as anyone, so unless he’s going to be Antman (sarcastic jerk needed here as well), why not Star Lord?

          • I swear,I’ve never seen as many people jock one mid tier actor as much as they do Nathan Fillion.

            Facts are facts,that guys is box office poison and quite frankly,isn’t as great as people think he is.Not terrible,but not great either.

            • I think he’s great.

            • what box-office did he poison? he’s done mostly tv. he’s on a hit show now (Castle) and was great (not just ok, but great) in firefly/serenity.i know nothing about GotG, but i think NF would be good in any role in the MCU he was given, but i think he has stated he is not interested in doing that kind of movie, so it’s all moot anyway.

          • I could totally see him as Star Lord, I recently read volume #1 of the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy and loved it. I think Fillion’s humor and sarcasm would be perfect for that role.

        • I’m with you. Not Reynolds’ fault.

          • Ryan or Malcom?

            (sorry, couldn’t resist!) :)

        • reynolds was the perfect hal jordan, but the script was not the best and martin campbell didn´t directed with his heart. he could do it much better like he did with his great bond movies. it was a good film,but it was not respectfull to the source material,he made the important scenes too goofish or campy,i.m.o..

  6. Wasn’t Super a comedy superhero movie, much like Kick-Ass, but not taken as seriously?

    • It was marketed that way, but really it was an f’ed up film, I liked it though. it was like Kickass but they had the stones to cross the line on everything.

      • yeah they did! that movie was great for whayt it was, but i think some people thought it would be more like kick-ass. I would like to see rainn wilson do something in the MCU. i think he would make a better “the leader” than tim blake nelson, or maybe MODOK. he has that enormous head already.

  7. Saw ‘Slither’ (85% on RT) awhile back and was surprised with the overall quality. With a well done script and Wheadon on board to ensure comic book integrity Gunn can put the necessary tweaks on this to produce a classic hit. It’s going to draw lots of comparisons though to ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Farscape,’ and perhaps ‘Serenity’ before it can put its own footprint on the landscape. Here’s to hoping that they can live up to the best of those titles…

  8. Good choice, me thinks… much better choice than the Russo Brothers at first glance.
    The guy has experience with comedy, action, sci-fi and a bit of horror (all the elements that could make for an awesome GotG movie)

  9. I actually love this choice if he gets it, I think Gunn’s humor amd style fits the GOTG really well.

    Man, it will be a solid three years of films.

    I hope Phase 3 goes like this
    Black Panther – Origin Story of the character (Fall 2015)
    Planet Hulk – Have a Infinity Gauntlet Wielding Thanos jettison Hulk across the Galaxy in A2, it would be inspired by the story, but obviously a lot different. (May 2016)
    CA3 – A modern day Hydra lead by Zemo with Crossbones as a secondary Villain (July 2016)
    Thor3 – the enchantress and the executioner or Surtur (Fall 2016)
    Ironman4 – I’m not sure where to go, but there will be another IM film (May 2017)
    Antman 2 – If the first one does well maybe put it here (august 2017)
    Doctor Strange – origin Story of the Character (Fall 2017)
    Avengers 3 – Some form of the Masters of Evil as the foes (May 2018)

    And if GOTG is a hit, obviously it will get a sequel at some point too…just not sure where that would be.

    • I suck really badly at writing so I’ll just list them down:
      The Black Panther – They SERIOUSLY need to make this one

      Planet Hulk – Normally I’d disagree since going through this one could potentially make the Hulk too powerful, but seeing what they did with the rest of the “Movie Universe” I’d love to see what they’d do with this one. They could do this in the future though, and follow it up with an Avengers movie with the World War Hulk story. But the budget for Planet or World War Hulk would have to be astronomical!

      CA3 – I agree with Zemo being introduced, that way they have a good roster should they decide to go with a Masters of Evil storyline.

      Thor 3 – I don’t really follow Thor as much as I want to, but yeah, seeing as the Enchantress is one of Thor’s more prominent adversaries I once again, agree with you on this one.

      IM4 – no idea here too. Armor Wars maybe? or are they including that in 3?

      Antman 2 – I’ll have to see some more details on the 1st one to at least have some ideas here… Maybe Ultron?

      Doctor Strange – would also be a great addition but I’d rather see Luke Cage or Ms. Marvel join the ranks. I think Dr. Strange is way too powerful to be added at this point in the Movie Universe.

      Avengers 3 – considering you put Planet Hulk here, this would be best played out as World War Hulk, though I don’t think the current Avengers roster can stand up to the Worldbreaker, so I’ll go with your idea of Masters of Evil.

      • Planet Hulk is one of the best stories ever written in comics. I am rereading Skaar; Son of Hulk now and it is equally fantastic. I think you are wrong on timing, though. Right now Hulk has not threatened the world enough to get the other heroes riled up. Hopefully we get some other teams under the rights of Marvel, like the FF at least, and then form something like the Illuminati. Once things mature enough, then Plant Hulk will take Marvel movies to a place nobody could ever imagine.

  10. and the Yes Man guy? Looks like it will be one of the more light-hearted Marvel-movies.

    I’m not surprised. Edgar Wright is most well-known for comedies, too
    Maybe GotG and Ant-man will be more like The Avengers and not even as serious as Thor, Iron Man 2, Captain America..etc.

    • Wright is more of a comedic director but I think he has promise for some solid drama in certain parts of hot fuzz and Shaun of the dead.

  11. I loved Super, such an underrated movie so I trust this guy.

    Still no idea who Nathan Fillion is, nor do I care to be honest so not too bothered if he comes along too.

    • how are you on this site and have no knowledge of whedon’s firefly and serenity??

      • Plus he’s “honest” and “not too bothered” about stuff.

        Fish, meet water.

  12. Interesting choice. I’m very intrigued to see how these films turn out. I’m hoping that these directors (aside from Black and Whedon of course) will be able put their own unique stamp to help make these films stand out on their own or if Marvel is choosing these directors because they feel they can make them follow the increasingly generic marvel formula. When Disney said a while back that they want to give Andrew Stanton another go with live action I was really hoping that this was it when GotG was announced.

    • umm have you seen john carter?? man it was bad. it wasn’t just marketed poorly, it was baaaad. send him back to pixar cause he was given a big chance and he failed miserably

      • I really liked it & didnt think it was bad or even baaaad. :)

    • They probably choose these directors partially because they will just do their job and shoot the movie on schedule. The other factor is that they don’t have to pay them a fortune or give them points on the box office ans all those perks higher profile guys ask for.

      They have paid Whedon to oversee this whole deal and the only other director who is probably making anything close is Shane Black, and there is probably a huge gap in those checks.

  13. Super is the only movie by this guy that I’ve seen and I didn’t like. Still there were some parts of the movie that I cracked up at. So, I guess with Whedon and Gunn could be a great comic book movie

    It’s almost inevitable that Nathan Fillion is going to be in an Avenger movie since he’s worked with both Whedon and Gunn (and wasn’t he also rumoured to be in the running for Hawkeye at one point). If it does happen, I won’t mind. As long as it isn’t Ant-Man.

  14. Oh man, Can’t wait for all of it.

  15. they might as well just cast nathan fillian as star lord already, you know its gonna happen

  16. Nathan Fillion for Rocket Raccoon.

    • no no he should be Star Lord

      • I guess you didn’t pick up that sarcasm.

  17. We cannot be expected to wait three years with-out anymore Hulk on the big-screen !
    If no solo movie coming soon , then he has to appear somehow as a cameo in one or two of the other Avenger’s solo movie’s !
    He’d blend well into Iron Man 3 – there’s a chemistry between the actors and the characters that must be maintained.

  18. Why does every fanboy desire Nathan Fillion for every C list comic book chracter lol

    • Yea It definetly happens all the time, most of the time it’s very unrealistic. I love Fillion too, but he just isn’t a big enough star to be someone like Hal/Green Lantern and doesn’t fit for Antman.

      That said, Star Lord is actually a role that he could get, and would be pretty good in. I feel like Marvel/Disney will be watching their costs carefully with this, so hiring actors on the level of Fillion would help put more money into the enormous amount of Special FX that will be need to sell this movie. Good TV actors and B/C list actors will make up most of the Guardians, so I think Fillion could make at least the top 5 for Quill.

      But you never know, a lot of actors want THEIR superhero now…so maybe they can sell a big name to be Star Lord because they won’t be tied down as much as Captain America or the other Avengers members.

    • For the life of me,I can’t understand it either,Ignur.

      The guys is “ok”,but for some reason,every fanboy hoists him high atop a pedestal that he never deserved to be on.

    • Because they’re fanboys ? If he got Reynolds agent he might have a chance at the other half of the roles Ryan seems to get……

    • i also don´t understand that,maybe because of the really good made fake trailer for – green lantern-,but he really don´t fit to hal jordan or the g.o.t.g guy,hmmmh i really don´t understand this enthusiasm for him,and he was a han solo copy in serenety.

  19. Besides IM1 and TIH, the MCU movies have practically had the same tone, style and formula. With the creative control Marvel Studios excerts, im begining to think Director is just a superfical term.

    But it would be wonderfully if Gunn did something unique.

    • This is a franchise, you can’t go off the blueprint at McDonald’s and with Disney involved and the Avengers making the money it did, I doubt we will see much art house stuff out of these films.

  20. Nova – Richard Ryder gets hit by a lightray from space and turns into a hero. That human character is probably replaced by the human cop, starlord. Too bad, Nova was quite powerful. But without the helmet… dull really. I’d prefer Starlord to lead this bunch.

    And what about Starhawk? And Isn’t Guardians supposed to be set in the 31st century? That will change I guess.

    I just hope Groot isn’t Treebeard. lol

    • Your thinking about the old GotG. The movie is going to deal with the 2008 team. The 2008 team was Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Gamora, Groot, Adam Warlock and Phyla-Vell (as new Quasar).

      On occasion Nova or Silver Surfer would jump in to the mix and aid them every now and then (Nova more over than SS). If Nova makes a brief appearance in this movie, that would be sick. Nova and Star-Lord are good buddies. The writes to SS might go back to Marvel and if that happens, it would be crazy to see SS & Nova make an appearance in the movie or hopefully save them for a 2nd GotG movie where Galactus could get involved like in Annihilation.

      For those who don’t know about Annihilation, Thanos & Annihilus imprison Galactus and harness his power to devour worlds in order to use him as an annihilation weapon (much like the Death Star but more powerful). If they do this in further GotG movies, indeed it would be just as epic as the original Star Wars.

      To basically understand Star Wars to GotG:

      The Force = The Power Cosmic

      Tie Fighters = Superheros who fly through space

      Death Star = Galactus to be used as a weapon

      GotG indeed will open new doors if this one coming out does extremely well.

      • exactly my thoughts ! i couldn´t just describe and write it down so clearly. – guardian outlaw-

        • lol np, thanks man

  21. If Gunn is appointed the role of director, is there a possibility that Nathan Fillion may appear in the MMU? Considering his (Fillion’s) ties with Joss Whedon and James Gunn and his prominent geek appeal, it would be foolish for Marvel to not approach him.

    • Oh my god…

      Stop with mentioning that guy for every f****** role.

      He is old and nor big star either. Just because he had some collaboration with Joss Whedon? Who is also not as good as fanboys think. Not in my opinion.

  22. Marvel films….. The new star wars???? for instance will people in the year 2037 be selling mint condition Thor posters for x amount of pounds? Or when asked for there religion writing church of the avengers?? Or James Cameron’s avatar 2,3 and possible 4 steal marvel’s thunder?? Answers on a post card;)

    • lol Green Lantern claimed it would be the new atar Wars, it failed.
      John Carter said it was the next Star Wars. It wasn’t.
      Even the Star Wars prequels failed at it’s attempts.
      GotG has no chance lol

      Mass Effect is the closest thing. In fact, I can see it surpassing it once it reaches cinematic form.

      • Probably gonna get bashed for this but… I hate Mass Effect.
        IMO that game franchise is a rip-off of every other sci-fi movie/tv show every made. It’s completely unoriginal and just takes the best elements of other films/shows and stuffs it into their games.
        And I hate how some of the aliens sound like f$&#^! transformers when they attack.
        (I should probably note that I recently played ME3 and still have some fanboy-rage left after that crappy ending ;))

        …but I digress. IMO one can’t really say GotG doesn’t stand a chance if one hasn’t even seen any footage. As a concept there’s no arguing that it has promising features, and in my mind one can’t really judge a film just because similar films failed miserably… that just seems like unfair judgement.

        • I would just like to clarify that I think it’s highly unlikely that GotG will be as good as Star Wars (I mean… it’s STAR WARS lol. Some of the best films ever made), but it does stand a chance in becoming the new Star Wars if you know what I mean: the franchise that could fill the sci-fi void that Star Wars left open when the films ended.

    • What?

      Nothing can really attain the level that the original Star Wars trilogy was for so many people, but there are a ton of kids who for them the Avengers and other marvel films are that. In 30 years there will be a ton of people who will be grown-up and spending money on Ironman Replica armor.

      The only time avatar will be mentioned in 30 years is the history of 3D, and highest grossing films of Alltime.. People went to see Avatar because it was hyped beyond belief, I haven’t met anyone who actually holds it in high regard as a film. I think it’s laughable that the Avatar franchise could be the “next star wars”.

      • The way things are going people are going to be lucky if they can afford food and shelter, let alone buying movie memorabilia. As for something replacing the original Star Wars, that happened sort of on it’s own and if it hadn’t of worked who knows what people would be talking about.

        The influence Star Wars not only had on box office business, but also merchandising drives the paper chase we see today. Avatar and all of these movies are over-hyped, it’s called mass marketing. You have to figure anyone who spends that much money on a product is going to sell the hell out it to make a profit. In the end they are all just a few hours out of people’s lives and something is always going to come along to replace it.

      • but The Avengers wasn’t overhyped? At least Avatar had something special.

        What did Avengers have? Was I supposed to wet my pants because of some snappy dialogue and seeing heroes fighting together? Sure all Marvel-fanboys did. But they do that at every Marvel-movie.

      • Kids (and grown men) are already dressing up as IronMan, and Batman, and Superman, and Spiderman.

    • I was around when the first Star Wars came out. There will never be another Star Wars. Everything that has come since can’t hold a match to the first SW movie in the impact it had. Others will say the same thing, and they are right. Believe it.

      I agree with Ignur. The long list of movies that were supposed to be the next SW is not pretty.

      Marvel will make a good, acceptable movie that will move the story towards Avengers 2 and probably successfully establish GotG for another movie or two. But they won’t “swing for the fences.” Think Thor. It had to be made, and they made an Okay movie (IMO), but they didn’t break any new ground. And really, that’s a good way to approach it. Green Lantern and John Carter both tried to pack too much plot and new stuff into their first movies. Not only did the movies suffer, they even have an air of desperation.

      Finally, I liked Avengers most of all, but I don’t see the Marvel movies holding up over time. At least so far.

  23. @Steve
    You said it yourself “a ton of kids” with marvel it’s pure hype…. But with avatar it’s pure business/new tech. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about seeing some more hulk on the big screen :) but if James c pushes avatar with some ground breaking tech/marketing it would be hard to beat for the main stream £ watch this space (avatar 2 highest grossing film of the 2010’s) :key words to ask the adults of 2037: navi or captain America ??

    • There is really nothing from a technological standpoint that Cameron could do that would be anywhere close to the leap that the First Star Wars was for general audiences.

      The reason I’m saying kids is because for the most part the people who but star wars memorabilia were 7-14 when the films were coming out, not that older audience members weren’t enthralled with it to….but the people the people you hear that are ridiculously passionate about star wars grew up on it. For me that film that captured my imagination when I was around ten was The lord of the rings, it didn’t come anywhere close to how important Star Wars was culturally and for the industry….but those are the films that made me truly love movies.

      Ironman and the Avengers are at least twice as old as Star Wars already, the movies are new to that tradition, but they will leave their mark on the Marvel Universe when it’s all said and done. Every iteration of Tony Stark I’ve seen since the first Ironman is obviously RDJ’s Tony. Whether it be because they are comic fans, or because they loved the MCU…in 30/35 years people will still know and love Marvel and it’s characters.

      The first Avatar was impressive in how believable it made the Fantasy planet of Pandora, as well as the Na’vi themselves. But from a story standpoint it was pretty bad in my opinion. Cameron is indeed a master at telling people they better see his movies or they will miss out on a cultural event. But considering that they have the disdain for 3D and the bad taste in people’s mouth for the story of the first one…..I really don’t see the sequel(s) beating out the first movie, it will still make good money though. I just doubt anyone will really care or remember who the Na’vi are in 15 years let alone all the way in 2037.

      In 2037 people will still know who Ironman, Captain America, etc are because they’ve already lasted almost twice that long. Avatar has been around for a couple of years.

      • Well it’s what Cameron has done with a CGI world is the technological leap that sold the movie for the most part, since as everyone can agree the story was basic to say the least. The original Star Wars innovated many practical effects techniques back then, in addition to bringing many of the disciplines such as puppetry, practical effects make-up, matte painting, etc. together in one package.

        The original Star Wars had more actual hands-on work done and that imparted a certain spirit to it that probably helped make it what it is. Flash forward to the more recent decades and the computer work that Lucas did in his prequels was a first step using a new medium, but his use of it felt detached and looked like it was actors super imposed over graphics.

        Between what Jackson has been able to do and Cameron’s work with motion capture, the use of computers in conjunction with actors brings a bit of the actual human actor director dynamic back.

  24. Steve
    You said it yourself “a ton of kids” with marvel it’s pure hype…. But with avatar it’s pure business/new tech. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about seeing some more hulk on the big screen :) but if James c pushes avatar with some ground breaking tech/marketing it would be hard to beat for the main stream £ watch this space (avatar 2 highest grossing film of the 2010’s) :key words to ask the adults of 2037: navi or captain America ??

  25. Ok I can get behind this. Super was a little overly raunchy but was a good super hero flick otherwise, and Gunn also knows how to write talking animals because he wrote the Scooby Doo movies

  26. “I have déjà vu” robocop,total recall and bill and ted. Just stop it now!!! You are tarnishing my youth :-( (planet of the apes was alright thought)

  27. Steve.
    So you think that in the year 2037 (random year I know but it sounds futuristic :) people will be going to conventions dressed as ironman and Thor (real comic book) or as the yet to come extravaganza that is avatar + ?? Lord of the rings is a good call though + 2 kudos

    • There will still be comic-cons, and thes echaracters will still be represented. They probably will never be as popular the original star wars was…nothing will. My argument was mostly that At this time Avatar has no chance at it, but I do need to give it a chance to do it with the sequels. If we are being fair… Neither series of movies is close to being finished so we really don’t have all the info yet, or what the cultural impact will be when it’s all said and done.

      We’ve never had something like what Marvel is doing, by 2018 when Avengers 3 will probably be coming out there will maybe be 20 movies in the MCU, as well as tv shows. So I give it much more importance, considering how long these characters have already been a part of pop-culture, that this golden era of marvel on film will be remembered for a good while.

      Avatar was ahead of its time a bit with the CGI, and obviously the production cost showed it. It gets increasingly harder to impress with CGI though, so there isn’t much room to grow for Cameron in the sequel from that standpoint. And it’s other “technological innovation” was 3D, which for most has been a nuisance and a trend we want to see die. So I can’t really give them credit for that…though it still is one of the few films that used it correctly. My biggest problem with Avatar and your argument is its story, it was so generic and boring. Most of the characters it was the same. The sequels can easily fix that with a good script(s), a well written interesting story paired with Avatars technology….I’ll see it in IMAX. But like I said at this time I really feel uncomfortable saying it will stand the test of time. In 10/15 years most every CG movie will look as good as Avatar as the technology gets better and cheaper….so if the franchise wants to stand the test of time it really needs to hit it out of the park story wise the next go around.

      I’m glad you liked my LOTR reference 😉

  28. Steve
    So you think that in the year 2037 (random year I know but it sounds futuristic :) people will be going to conventions dressed as ironman and Thor (real comic book) or as the yet to come extravaganza that is avatar + ?? Lord of the rings is a good call though + 2 kudos

  29. Surprisingly, not everybody whom fanboys hoist on a pedestal is a bad actor. Fillion is very likable, and I think he is actually better at acting than this constant fanboy drooling would make you believe. There is a lot of empty talk casting him in every role ever, but he could totally pull off Star Lord, without breaking a sweat (not that this part even demands major chops).

    That said, it’s totally unrealistic – everybody seem to forget that he is super busy starring in a TV show as a title character, and that can’t leave him more than a couple months a year for other projects (if that even). There’s no point for those in charge of making a potential blockbuster to wait and plan their schedule around TV commitments of a cult actor, with a huge but very specific fanbase. To go with an established A-lister or a promising newbie makes way more sense, even with Whedon, Gunn or, what the hell, Nathan Fillion’s daddy as a director. Were he free – sure, I’d be surprised if he weren’t at least in the running, but not now. The best Fillion fanboys can hope for here is him voicing Rocket Raccoon, which wouldn’t be bad at all. But I suspect they gonna hire some A-lister for that as well.

    • This kinda hurts, but I see the point… And though no one can truly replace Han Solo, Nathan’s Mal did a good job at filling the Sci-fi Cowboy role he left behind.