James Cameron’s Avatar is Epic – Comic-Con 2009

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avatar comic con James Camerons Avatar is Epic   Comic Con 2009

Finally, for our first time ever, we got a look at James Cameron’s upcoming top secret science fiction epic, Avatar.

But no, it wasn’t just a look, it was 25 minutes of 3-D beauty at its finest.

Tom Rothman, Chairman of Fox Film Entertainment was first on stage to give a strong and well-deserved introduction to the man behind this project, then we were treated to Cameron’s presence on stage to present his work to us in attendance.

Rothman described Cameron as a master at creating “emotional action epics” and he certainly brought that in force today with the movie that’s been “14 years in the dreaming, 4 years in the making.”

Cameron wasted no time in getting to the footage and he presented it as a way to address all the online concerns that fans and blogs have raised over the lack of marketing for the film long in the making.

Cameron: “how many of you have ever wanted to go to another planet?”

Hall H: A giant universal and cheerful “yes” followed by applause.

Cameron: “Second question, Are you ready to go to Pandora?”

Hall H: A giant universal and cheerful “yes” followed by applause.

And then it came, the moment I’ve been waiting for not just since waiting in line eight hours before, but since we first heard of the project in development.

Without going into too much detail at the risk of my words not doing the video justice, it was awesome.

In the scenes we were treated to, we found out the details of what the Avatars are, what they look like, how they are utilized. We go to see the beautiful and lush planet of Pandora, its indigenous life from plants to creatures and its main intelligent inhabitants, the Navi.

It certainly was a visual spectacle in every detail to the blades of grass and textures everywhere.

The tone and feel of the footage we saw was very similar to Jurassic Park, except with unearthly large beasts instead of giant dinosaurs and different species of plantation.

While everything we saw was developed from the careful research, planning and creativity of Cameron and crew, it all felt so real. They did an astounding job of creating a new world, a new culture. From geology, history and atmosphere to ecology and language, they did everything to create a completely realistic and believable aesthetic that works for the story and characters embedded in it.

They’ve involved the best artists, creators, science majors, academics and even highly educated linguist to be precise in all aspects of this piece of art and they made the cast work harder than you can imagine to prep for the role.

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  1. Cmon James! Where’s the trailer?

  2. i’m really really excited about this i can’t wait for the trailer ..this is gonna be the best movie of all time….i’m shivering down my spine here just talking avatar ..

  3. Really….Cameron wheres the trailer?

  4. Rom, seriously…don’t get TOO excited

  5. I’ve heard that the footage contained some cool scenes of Worthington and S Weaver as well as the landscape.
    I’m all for this film I just hate that its part of the 3-D imperative.

    Btw, from your report Rob, Cameron sounds like he’s baking in a massive adrenal high. :-)
    As usual,,,,,

  6. Yah, don’t get too excited just because everyone, without exception, who has seen anything from this movie has been blown away. I mean, come on, that’s so common, it’s bound to be a let-down…

    Anywho, I’m gonna surf youtube to see if anyone got anything from it, lol.

  7. And what is this? Sam Worthington was too busy to show up but recorded a video for the fans? Oh, so it IS possible… Some of you know what I’m talking about, haha. 😀

  8. Jeez, this is truly the film of the year!! I so wish I had been there! Lucky the ones that were there! This, along with Iron Man 2 are two films I REALLY can’t wait to see. Now I’m gonna mark my calendar for August 21. I’m gonna attend those little screenings, that’s for sure. But in the meantime a trailer wouldn’t do bad…

  9. @Iron Knight

    I agree, even a trailer in 2D wouldn’t be bad, I’m anxious to see the world he has created and maybe get a better sense of the story and how the characters will relate to each other… Man I’m so hyped. I’m with you on the IM2 and Avatar boat…

  10. @ Ken J. Yeah, I’ve been wondering about the world Cameron has created for months now. I was hoping to see a trailer today. But I still have my fingers crossed to see an IM2 trailer released within the next days

  11. Iron Knight, way too early on a Avatar trailer as you can clearly see Cameron is giving Comic Con fans the first look.
    I wouldn’t expect an Iron Man2 trailer til maybe October.

  12. Oh damn!

  13. Really? like what?

    So far it looks like the only movies I might see in theaters are Iron Man 2, Book of Eli, and Narnia… what else is coming out that’s worth a damn? I really hope those three aren’t it, or 2010 will be really boring for me…

  14. Cj, I’ve found that the best time to see new releases is right then on Thursday or Friday at around noon or anytime before 7:30pm.
    If you can’t make that window try for anytime after the weekend between Monday and Friday 7:30pm…
    Matinee showings are usually a few bucks cheaper.

  15. You like Narnia Ken J? For me I have Alice in Wonderland, The Expendables, Robin Hood (maybe), Prince of Persia (maybe), Toy Story 3, Inception and of course Harry Potter and Iron Man 2. But still, next year doesn’t look that good…

  16. “Alice in Wonderland, The Expendables, Robin Hood (maybe), Prince of Persia (maybe), Toy Story 3, Inception and of course Harry Potter and Iron Man 2″

    Alice in Wonderland… another Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie where Johnny Depp acts all wacky? No thanks. Not too interested in AIW to begin with…

    The Expendables: Yah, I guess I would be interested in watching this if it looks crazy enough, and with that cast, it should be pretty crazy…

    Robin Hood: No thanks, ooh, a “spread the wealth” tale. Yipee, if I wanted to see that I’ll turn on the news.

    Prince of Persia: No thanks

    Toy Story 3: Maybe, but i have to see 1 and 2 first, so waiting for them to re-release them in theaters later.

    Inception: Not too interested. Sorry, the name Nolan doesn’t really wow me as much as it does some others. I mean, if it was Batman 3, then of course I’ll see it, lol.

    Harry Potter: I haven’t seen any of them, maybe one day I’ll rent them all and sit down and watch them. But most likely will not happen by the next movie, so most likely will not watch that in theaters. Or maybe I should watch them all on DVD in preperation for the last one in theaters…

    Iron Man 2: Nothing needs to be said. :-)

    And now that we’re talking about this, isn’t Surrogates coming out next year? The fact that hack Jonathan Mastow is directing it doesn’t excite me, but gotta support my man Bruce Willis. I watched T3 just for Arnold basically.

    And about Narnia, yah, I found it interesting, I saw the first two already, might as well watch the next to see what happens. I like fantasy sometimes, escape from the real world I guess, lol. Willow is still one of my favorites.

  17. I think Surrogates is due for release on September 25th.. this year. But I’m not interested in it at all. I don’t really think Prince of Persia will be any good, but I’m beting my friends will drag me to see it. But when I see a trailer for that I’ll decide. I’m surprised by the fact you haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter films so far. Personally I liked them more than Narnia. I’ve seen the two Narnia films too, but even though the have good visuals and beautiful locations, the haven’t been well made. But that’s just my opinion…

  18. Oh, it’s this year? Ah, whatever, I’ll end up seeing it anyhow. I don’t think Surrogates will be good either, look at who’s directing it… Something tells me about half of the movie will be a big long senseless chase scene. But at least it isn’t Marc Forster where the entire movie will be a series of chase scenes strung together by a very weak plot, lol.

    But anyway, I’m just watching it because any action movie with Bruce Willis in it is at least worth watching once.

  19. Oh, what about Tron 2? When is that coming out??

  20. Sometime next year, they haven’t said exactly when. But it seems it’s now called Tron Legacy, you can check out a little teaser poster in its Wikipedia article. I must admit I’ve never seen the first one, so I dunno about it. Maybe I should see it? You recommend it?

  21. @Iron Knight, def, check out Tron!

  22. @ 790. Yeah I think I will. I’m heading tomorrow to a local to rent it. Thanks, man

  23. @Iron Knight

    I just saw Tron for the first time recently, because of the sequel coming out soon, and yes, go watch it. I thought maybe it was only cool for its time and would be really crappy now, but it’s actually a very cool story and was very entertaining to watch. I’m excited for the sequel.


    Thanks, good article, can’t wait. :-)

    I saw a crappy version of the teaser online from last year’s comic con, and thought it was pretty cool. I’m sure the finished product will be better, but it’s still cool because, well, it’s Tron, lol.

  24. @rob

    you didn’t tell us what the footage was about or any details lol. Did u watch it?
    Anyway, there is a site that has the footage in three or four parts. It’s @ the marketsaw website.

  25. HOLY CRAP!!!!

  26. Hey guys I just heard that the trailer for “Avatar” will debut on online on Augutst 21.

  27. enter jamescameronsavatar.wikia.com