Camerons Talks Avatar 2, Bad 3D & Spider-Man Reboot

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avatar james cameron Camerons Talks Avatar 2, Bad 3D & Spider Man Reboot

Those of you who are fans of Mr. James Cameron (you may have heard of him…) will probably be interested in a recent interview he did with the guys over at MTV.

Cameron talked about all manner of things, from the planned Avatar 2, to what he thinks of other studios making so many of their movies in 3D and what he hopes for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. We have the interview below for your enjoyment.

MTV has kindly broken the interview with Cameron up into short, easily digestible videos, meaning you can just skip to the talking points you’re most interested in. First, let’s take a look at the segment where he discusses Avatar 2. I’ll let Cameron do the talking, but let’s just say he’s feeling motivated to make another:


So Cameron has a lot of options (including making more ocean-orientated documentaries, a genre he spent a lot of time exploring in between Titanic and Avatar), but I’m glad to hear Avatar 2 is definitely something he’s interested in and “highly motivated” to do.

Moving on from Avatar 2, this next segment of the interview is interesting as Cameron talks about how other studios are jumping on the bandwagon (those are my words, not his) and making every movie they can in 3D. However, he’s not automatically praising that trend, as you might expect:


Although Cameron’s trademark…(let’s say confidence) shines through as always, I have to agree with him about the studios and their current obsession with 3D technology. I have always said 3D works best if the film is shot for that purpose instead of being converted after it’s shot (as is being done with movies like Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland).

The last video segment of the interview we’ve decided to highlight is Cameron talking about his hopes and expectations for the Spider-Man reboot (remember Cameron was once going to make a Spidey movie). If you’ve been keeping up with news on that reboot, you’ll known that Cameron recently talked to the director, Marc Webb, about how to effectively employ the Avatar 3D technology. As far as what Cameron hopes for the reboot, let’s just say an apt name would be “Spider-Man Begins”:


Oh, take THAT, Tim Burton! icon razz Camerons Talks Avatar 2, Bad 3D & Spider Man Reboot

I don’t know if I would want Spider-Man to go the dark route like the Batman franchise did with Batman Begins (they made that mistake with Spider-Man 3!), but if they could reinvent Spidey all over again less than 10 years after the first film, then I think we could all breathe a little easier.

For the rest of the interview with Cameron – including where he talks about his chances come Oscar night and the Avatar prequel novel he’s going to be writing – you can head over to MTV.

Thoughts on what Cameron has said? Are you glad he’s motivated to do another Avatar? Do you agree it’s better for a movie to be shot in 3D as opposed to being converted later? And do you share his hopes that the Spider-Man reboot pulls what the Batman franchise did a few years back?

Source: MTV

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  1. Tim Burton > James Cameron

  2. Are you Crazy?
    So you are saying that:
    Pee Wee's Big Adventure > Aliens
    Batman > Terminator
    Batman Returns > Terminator 2
    Edward Scissorhands > Titanic
    Mars Attacks > True Lies
    Sweeney Todd > Avatar

    I dont think so.

  3. “Oh, take THAT, Tim Burton”??? Take what? I'm more inclined to think Cameron was referring more to Joel Schumacher's Batman films than Burton's.

    And, for crying out loud, Burton was planning on making Alice In Wonderland 3D from the get-go. It wasn't tacked on after the fact like Clash of the Titans in response to Avatar's success. The only reason he didn't use 3D cameras was because they were considered too problematic for their costs. That doesn't mean he filmed the movie without 3D in mind: he did.

    I can tell your not a fan of Burton's, but at least represent him correctly. It'll strengthen your position more.

  4. I forgot to mention, i do like Tim Burton too but to say he's better than James Cameron would not be right.
    I know Alice in Wonderland is gonna be pretty good, but would I walk out thinking i enjoyed it as much as Avatar? I doubt it.

    on the article,
    With James Cameron having Marc Webb's back on the Spiderman reboot, I have high hopes for it.

  5. I dunno, it sounded like he slammed ALL of the Batman movies before Begins.

    And I realize Burton still had 3D in mind but the point is it's STILL being converted in post-production.

    Oh, and I am a HUGE fan of Burton. Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies and there's only a couple of his I haven't seen (Mars Attacks, Ed Wood).

  6. Edward Scissorhands > ANYTHING that Cameron HAS or EVER WILL make

  7. Perhaps Cameron was referring to all of them. I'm inclined to think it was Schumacher's, though, since those have been fodder for criticisms since they were released. Burton's generally have stood the test of time, though that would be my opinion . . . or maybe that's just because anything looks good when compared to Schumacher's. :)

    I'm not all that surprised about them still converting it in post-production. To take a reference point from Avatar, I believe they weren't finished with all the CGI and other related effects as late as a week before its release. If Burton is being Burton, I wouldn't be surprised if he did something similar and maximize his time with this.

    At the end of the day, these are probably going to be apples and oranges with how 3D is used, especially if Burton ends up doing a really good job with 3D from converting a 2D-filmed movie. Then there'd be the Cameron and Burton schools of thought in how best to use it. Why is that starting to sound scary . . .

    Whatever happens, I'm a fan of Burton's and will probably like Wonderland whether the 3D is shoddy or inspiring. If there's a director with the creativity who could pull of converting 2D into an engrossing 3D experience, though, I think Burton might be the only one who could do it.

  8. Alice in Wonderland is converting to 3D in post? I thought that it was slated to be a 3D movie from the beginning. Also, you can't compare Burton and Cameron…they have totally different styles. That is like comparing Star Wars and Star Trek…both are great in their own rights.

  9. Burton and Cameron are 2 different people who give us 2 different “styles” of movies. You can not compare the two. That is like comparing Van Gough and Picasso.

    Spiderman 3 was dark? Come on people it was just dark enough to try and show what the symbiote was doing to him. You want a truly dark Spiderman story you can grab Kravens Last Stand and or the Death Of Jean Dewolff.

    Spiderman 3 was not “dark”…. Spiderman CAN be dark but I dont think they should go dark, cause you can only do so much with him “dark” before he is no longer THE SPiderman everyone is going to see.

  10. Ross

    spiderman did not go the dark route like batman begins. What because a suit made him do things he normally would not? Spiderman 3 was nothing like batman begins.

  11. Watch ED Wood dude, it's great.

  12. Agreed, Spider-man 3 wasn't dark at all, just silly. Making Peter Parker an emo doesn't constitute 'dark'.

  13. I'm going to assume that when he's talking about the Batman reboot in relation to Spider-man, he means that the film-makers should take the subject seriously and treat it with a little more respect than the average superhero movie gets (i.e, lets not make a superhero movie, lets make a movie that has a superhero in it).

    I shouldn't think he'd want them to make it “dark and gritty” like Begins…

    Then again, after reading his Spider-man script, I could be wrong.

  14. This debate about 3D and its usage is very similar to the post-Jurassic Park days of early, revolutionary CGI (think giant life-like dinosaurs wreaking awesome destruction and eating actors). Many in the industry went hog-wild using it in everything… one of the worst examples during the 90s was the Looney, Clooney Batman with CGI created “stuntwork” instead of old fashioned stuntmen. Steve “Spaz” Williams, who helped pioneer computer effects for Jurassic Park, hated what the studios did with it…. left Hollywood studio system, and set up his own place in Toronto. There's a documentary out there somewhere featuring him and this whole debate. The 3D craze is no different. Some will use it to good effect and others will just shove it in your face positioned blatantly at the end of a pitchfork.

  15. spiderman doesnt have to be dark but the world around him IS dangerous and all of his villains should feel threatening

  16. where can i find this script??

  17. I was just making a joke of the fact he wore a black suit and went all emo. I wasn't saying it went dark and gritty like Batman Begins.

    You have to admit that Spider-Man 3 was a lot darker at least compared to the first two, which felt a lot more “fun.”

  18. I guess that is YOUR opinion. I chose to disagree with that.
    While Edward Scissorhands was good, it wasnt great. To me, Edward Scissorhands is only Great to the fanboys/fangirls that follow most of Burton type films. Mostly Emos and punkers.
    Edward Scissorhands is “fun” to watch at most, nothing particularly special about it.

    And, one “Great” movie doesnt justify claiming Tim Burton as a better director than James Cameron who has had multple “Great” movies.

  19. You didn't make any joke about going all emo. You compared spiderman 3 to batman begins which are in no way alike.

  20. I didn't SAY the word emo, but it was part of the joke.

  21. It surfaced a couple of months ago, I can't remember where I got it, but as usual, Google has the answers.….

    Take your pick, they're all pretty much the same, but the last one's storyboarded (by a fan).

  22. spiderLAW, you're a naive Cameron nuthugger.

  23. If heard right: If they're going down the Ultimate type of Spider-Man, then two things should happen: It should include Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus (possible Vulture cameo) and should either Kick-Ass or Percy Jackson as the new Spider-Man

  24. I feel like the Spider-man reboot doesn't have to go to Batman levels of “dark” but I feel like it should be darkER and grittiER. I want to see villains that scare me a little bit and feel threatening. And I wouldn't mind seeing some grittier fight scenes where people look like they're realistically getting beaten up (think Casino Royale).

  25. Whatever tone the new Spidey movie takes, I'm sure it'll be quite different from what has come before.

  26. You're remembering correctly. I think early news way back in 2007 have Burton stating that's how he was going to do it. It was approached with intentions for it be done in 3D. Burton just wasn't impressed with the 3D cameras and the price tags on them to warrant it. I believe they've had close to a year in post, and I would be surprised if converting it to 3D was a fair portion of it with other visual effects.

  27. Yes but that does not make it “dark”. Everyone (not you etc just the general everyone) seems to use dark when describing “Batman” and as such its true… Batman is in a dark gritty world. His villains have even been converted so to speak. Batman is in a “cesspool” of a city.

    Spiderman is not. New York while it may have its darker corners is not a dark city. His villains and how he deals with them make him Spiderman. To make his situations dangerous does not equate to making them “dark”.

    Sure give him something “dark” you know a yin to his yang (Venom) but you dont have to make Spidey dark.

  28. Scary thing is…. will it be a good different or a bad different.. :D

  29. And your an immature little boy who must have barely learned how to use the internet. Grow up and learn not to insult those you dont know.