Could James Cameron Start ‘True Lies 2′ Next Year? [Updated]

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 4th, 2009 at 8:53 am,

true lies 2 arnold schwarzenegger Could James Cameron Start True Lies 2 Next Year? [Updated]

During the Q&A segment of James Cameron’s Avatar panel at San Diego Comic-Con the week before last, a member of the Hall H audience asked a question that I’ve wanted to ask for many years – When will we get True Lies 2?

Cameron’s response was that Arnold is busy being the Governator but who knows after that.

The good news is, according to Tom Arnold, we could be getting something like that in the not too distant future…

In a profile article on the comedic actor by The New York Times, Tom Arnold revealed at the very end of the interview that there’s a project to be made by James Cameron that has no script or story as of yet, but features him and Schwarzenegger, that begins shooting next year. Here’s that specific part of the article:

“All I know is Jim Cameron’s making it and Arnold” — Mr. Schwarzenegger — “and I are going to be in it, and it starts shooting in 14 months, the day after Arnold stops being governor of California… It’s not going to be called ‘True Lies II,’ but it might as well be. I can live with that.”

Arnold going straight back into acting right after getting out of office? Calling it True Lies 2 with no script or story? Shooting in 14 months?!

Cameron’s got a very busy schedule leading up to the release of Avatar this December and he’s got a pile of other projects in development – is this one of them?

I hope this is true and if it is, I hope it’s a sequel of sorts to True Lies. I loved that movie and it would be great to see that cast back together for another action adventure.

How much faith do you put into Tom Arnold’s words?

[UPDATE: Apparently we shouldn’t put much faith into Tom’s words – according to AICN, they spoke with Cameron who has no plans for this and said Tom must be joking. Not funny, Tom, announcing something like that if it’s not true. Click here for details.]

Sources: The New York Times (via MTV)

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  1. hahaha

    Hell yeah. Arnold as the “old soldier who beat the Predator” would be awesome in the reboot of the franchise.

  2. @ogb

    Are you joking? I lived in CA and I voted to get Davis out and Arnold in. Davis may have driven CA into a huge budget deficit but Arnold did NOT deliver on his promises and the state is FAR worse off than when he took office.


  3. I’m not joking Vic

    Listen, I hate making excuses for Obama and Arnold but you can’t overlook the fact that the downward spiral was put in motion by their predecessors (Bush and Davis). You can’t blame the Bush and Davis for everything, but you have to take the into consideration.

    And I already mentioned that I’m bias against Davis since his “reign” effected me directly and personally. Politicians are changing our living conditions everyday but I’ve never seen such a direct effect on my life from Arnold’s policies. I know that CA is doomed. I know that LA is doomed because that sociopath mayor of ours still has 4 years left and we’re spending millions of tax payers’ dollars on the Lakers parade and Michael Jackson’s memorial service even though we’re in a huge deficit.

    Damn I hate politics. Can we stick with movies?

  4. @ogb

    Yup. I break my own rules sometimes around here – comes with not being perfect, I guess.



  5. Politics are a part of film these days. To ignore it is to limit yourself.
    Arnold has chosen his path. I don’t have much respect for him anymore as an actor. Not that I dislike his body of work, I just wish he would fade away. After his term is up.

    Its clear that obama is a muppet at this point. He’s riding high in the media controlled wave of bs but that won’t last forever… (Just My Opinion of course)

  6. Vic

    Your site, your rules.

    Lol I didn’t mean to imply you were breaking your “rules”, I just really do hate politics. It brings the worst out of people.

    But so do movie site forums :)

    Anyway, I think Arnold has a few good performances left. Everyone knows his face so he’ll definitely be getting offers. I do enjoy his cameos too, like in Rundown. And one of the best parts of Terminator Salvation (there weren’t many of those) was when we got to see Arnold as the T800.

    And @790, I respectfully disagree with you 100%. Even with all the bad that he’s done in politics, most of which is debatable, you can’t forget all Arnold did for cinema. Especially in the 80s and 90s for the action/sci fi genre. T2 alone warrants him respect imo.

  7. Arnold was a great action film star but that doesn’t mean he’s a god. If you want to accept him as your governor that’s up to you. When he entered into the political arena he became accountable for his actions…

  8. No one is saying his god. But within the context of the movie world he is a relevant figure that’s accomplished a lot.

    Sounds like you got it out for him. Understandable.

  9. How is Arnold relevant in the movie world at this time ogb? Terminator 4???
    Why do you respect him as a leader in film and in politics ???

    His poor performance as Governor will have longer lasting effects then his performance in, “Last Action Hero.”

    Were talking about real people not extras on a set!!!

  10. Whoa, easy there buddy

    I never said I respect him as a politician. In fact, I believe I made it clear that I disapprove of his political choices, etc.

    But no matter what you think, he made a HUGE impact on the movie industry. Who cares if he hasn’t acted in a long time. You think if he came out with a decent action movie, maybe one of the leading roles in a reboot of the Predator franchise, people wouldn’t watch it? I can almost guarantee that a movie with him in the leading role would make A LOT of money.

    His movies made played a huge role in a lot of people’s lives. They still remember him.

    On another note, he also came to America with literally nothing and became the governor of CA. That’s respectable as well.

    By all counts you have it out for the guy but before you write him off as just a crooked politician, which he’s not, think about his other accomplishments.

  11. (Ogb)
    First of all the phrase is, “have it in for the guy”
    Second, yes he made a huge impact in cinema, however its yet to be seen how he will be received again as an actor…
    He’s pissed a lot of Californians off and who knows how that will effect his comeback.
    Personally I no longer care about him,,, the legend sure, but I’ve lost respect for the man.

  12. ogb –and Hitler was a paper hanger. What’s your point?

  13. OK, can we get of ogb’s back, please?

    He’s just saying that Arnold deserves a chapter in the annals of movie history for the films he did back in the 80s(ish) – and he does.


  14. First of all id like to say i respect Arnold. He actually accomplished in doin everything he wanted to do. From body-building, to acting, to politics, you have to admit he’s came a long ways. Like any actor or actress, they all have good and bad films. I never seen Red Sonja but hear it was his worst movie he made. The worst movie i seen him in was Junior. The best… The Terminator & T2, Predator, Commando, and True Lies. I can see how bad some people dont like Arnold as a politician. But id have to say im in position to say i dont agree with what film director Oliver Stone said before about how America can learn alot from Fidel Castro. Back to the movies, id have to tell ogb that Predators is being considered a sequel. If they were rebooting it,it would be a bad move to involve Arnold as the same character from the original.

  15. Sorry ogb- Californians + politics= bad juju

  16. Geez guys, get off your high horses

    You do understand that no matter what state/city/town/ or country you are in, there’s corruption all around. People you respect and look up to have probably done HORRIBLE things in their lifetime.

    Jumping on the hate wagon against Arnold and California doesn’t really mean anything.

    And Vic, thank you for pointing that out, I’m trying to get off the subject and back to movies.

    And 790, now you’re just grasping at straws. I get it, you don’t like the guy. My point is that you can’t blindly hate someone based on a few decisions he/she made. It works in extreme cases. Not in this case. You don’t agree with his policies. Some people do. To ignore everything he’s done for cinema or to discredit him of his achievements based on something that has nothing to do with cinema and his acting is also not right.

  17. ogb-you should have just quit while you were ahead. Vic tried to stop the discussion, I tried, but noooo you have to keep it going.

    Arnold is not just another corrupt politician that is doing a little local damage-he is sinking the whole state-so ppl are going to have a hard time accepting his god hood status that you and others give to him.

    Enough is enough-let’s talk Gamer. There’s a movie that’s got some hair on it.

  18. I don’t blindly hate anyone, I have reasons. My comments are clear that I do respect his body of work but I don’t respect him as a leader. When I watch T2 (for the 500th time) I forget he’s a corrupt public official.

    I’m going to sign off on this rant before Vic shuts down the comments and Rob gets all up in my grill, but let me leave you with this Ogb, I don’t base my opinion of Arnold solely on the economic state of California. (I won’t get into specifics) but I personally know about side deals he’s made with let’s just say the local congloms in LA. And I know he’s corrupt and a liar.
    I wouldn’t bring this up other than he ran his election on a promise that he couldn’t be bought out…

    So let’s leave it at that ,,,,

  19. BloodSucking Leech, the name suits you well

    If you read my posts, I tried to get off politics for a while now.

    You completely misunderstood everything I said, which is fine, but don’t go out and attack me because you can’t comprehend what I’m arguing about.

    I’ll say this for the last time. He is NOT a good politician, average at best. He IS an important factor in the movie industry, even now (remember the buzz generated about his possible cameo in Terminator Salvation?).

    That’s all I’ve been saying. You can label that as you wish (although I have no idea what “god hood status” is) but don’t twist my words or take them out of context.

    Enough is enough.

  20. 790

    That sums up your argument and it’s a good one at that. I agree with most of it.

    This brings me full circle to “Damn I hate politics”. All of our recent presidents have made HUNDREDS of promises they did not keep, lied, etc. Strap yourselves in fellow Americans, we’re in this for the long run. I, myself, will probably move to Canada, not as a deserter, but actually thinking about attending film school in Vancouver for graphic design.

  21. @ ogb
    Don’t let 790 get to ya, he just likes to get people riled up. I got into a debate with him and two others about T2 by explaining why Arnold’s terminator is refered to as T-101/T-800 terminator. If they would go to imdb website, they’d find the answer that explains it all.

  22. @chrisj I think you have me confused with someone else.

    First I don’t remember having an argument over T-101 vs T-800 that sounds like Ken J.

    Second, the last thing I do here on SR is to rile people up. If I’m guilty of anything its that I try to open up alternative viewpoints thus leading to alternative discussions…

  23. ChirsJ

    790 is okay in my book, for now :)

    I know what you mean, some people here are here to rile things up (*cough* Ken J) but for the most part it’s all good.

  24. ogb get over yourself…way to end a discussion with name calling. Let others have opinions.

  25. I give up

    You tried to insult my intelligence and you insulted Californians.

    Just let it go.

  26. Wow, I don’t check on this for a day and look what happens 😉

    Do you folks think Arnold will get into acting when he’s done being the gov? What kinds of movies would he do?

  27. You watch Rob, Arnold’s going to stay in politics…

  28. 790 wrote:
    “He’s pissed a lot of Californians off and who knows how that will effect his comeback”

    Wow, I didn’t know Kalifornians represented the rest of America and the world…


    I’ll have to agree with you on the Arnold thing. While he’s a weak-ass politician that lets the other side walk all over him like a floor mat, that doesn’t affect his on-screen presence. If we let every actor’s off-screen actions affect how we see them on-screen, then basically we shouldn’t watch any movies since like 80% of celebrities are a-holes in real life…

    But ogb, while I agree with you there, I’ll have to say, you have to stop getting your feelings hurt so easily. I know what you’re going to say “oh my feelings weren’t hurt, it’s just that blah blah blah…” yah yah whatever, I’m not trying to insult you, trying to help you out, you gotta get thicker skin, get used to people throwing lame insults at you ESPECIALLY if the discussion turns political.


    I would expect he would drop out of politics once his term is up. Unless he just doesn’t realize what kind of pushover politician he is. I doubt he enjoys being such a pansy… at least in the movie world he’s a tough guy.

    But please, no more of these super crappy action movies like Collateral Damage… People talk crap about Last Action Hero, but at least that movie was hilarious and was enjoyable. Collateral Damage was just a pain to endure…

  29. I’m going to assume your spelling of California with a K is supposed to piss me off Ken, if not then you are one mentally disabled sob my friend…