Could James Cameron Start ‘True Lies 2′ Next Year? [Updated]

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 4th, 2009 at 8:53 am,

true lies 2 arnold schwarzenegger Could James Cameron Start True Lies 2 Next Year? [Updated]

During the Q&A segment of James Cameron’s Avatar panel at San Diego Comic-Con the week before last, a member of the Hall H audience asked a question that I’ve wanted to ask for many years – When will we get True Lies 2?

Cameron’s response was that Arnold is busy being the Governator but who knows after that.

The good news is, according to Tom Arnold, we could be getting something like that in the not too distant future…

In a profile article on the comedic actor by The New York Times, Tom Arnold revealed at the very end of the interview that there’s a project to be made by James Cameron that has no script or story as of yet, but features him and Schwarzenegger, that begins shooting next year. Here’s that specific part of the article:

“All I know is Jim Cameron’s making it and Arnold” — Mr. Schwarzenegger — “and I are going to be in it, and it starts shooting in 14 months, the day after Arnold stops being governor of California… It’s not going to be called ‘True Lies II,’ but it might as well be. I can live with that.”

Arnold going straight back into acting right after getting out of office? Calling it True Lies 2 with no script or story? Shooting in 14 months?!

Cameron’s got a very busy schedule leading up to the release of Avatar this December and he’s got a pile of other projects in development – is this one of them?

I hope this is true and if it is, I hope it’s a sequel of sorts to True Lies. I loved that movie and it would be great to see that cast back together for another action adventure.

How much faith do you put into Tom Arnold’s words?

[UPDATE: Apparently we shouldn’t put much faith into Tom’s words – according to AICN, they spoke with Cameron who has no plans for this and said Tom must be joking. Not funny, Tom, announcing something like that if it’s not true. Click here for details.]

Sources: The New York Times (via MTV)

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  1. Tom Arnold said after Arnie’s term is over but didn’t he re-elected? Is Tom telling a white lie?

  2. I hope this time they leave the daughter out of it.
    True Lies was a little too much like Leathal Weapon.

  3. lol true lies kicked lethal weapon’s ass!

  4. hey now, isn’t there enough room for both? I admit to loving True Lies, the interaction between Curtis and Arnie and Arnold and Paxton was really good stuff (and a whole lotta credit goes to the very good villianous turns done by Ms. Carrere and Mr. Malik). The script was well paced so you didn’t have time to think too much for the plot holes and just the right sprinkling (or tinkling in Paxton’s case) of humour to make it work so well.

    as for the LW weapon franchise, it did what it was supposed to do, make us happy to see a decent series of good action movies with likable stars. Was it as good as True Lies? no, but one is about cops and the doing the buddy picture and the other is more of an ensemble piece.

  5. But wasn’t the daughter Elisha Dushku? Yes it was. With her all grown up I can handle her in the movie.

  6. The first Lethal Weapon was right up there with True Lies. Some would say it was better because of Gibson…

  7. Yep, Cameron already denied it earlier today/yesterday

    Wish it was true, it was one of the best action movies ever and in my top 3 Schwartz movies

  8. Damn

  9. That’s kinda expected from the way Tom said it.

    But Tom did say it’s not exactly True Lies 2, but they “might as well call it that”

    Who knows. I’m satisfied with Cameron doing another Schwarzenegger either way.

  10. I liked True Lies, the movie was awesome. Not only was Arnold was in it but some of the scenes with him and Tom Arnold just made me laugh. Loved the ending too, it was too bad Tia Carreer died as one of the bad guys but sacrifices are sometimes made. But till theres somthing concrete about this film having Arnold etc in it, im not gonna hold my breath.

  11. Dana, jump, I’ll catch you!!!!

  12. Thanks, ludovicotek.


  13. Article has been updated.


  14. @ SK_47
    LOL. I liked when Tom Arnold said… ( She even took the ice cube trays outta the freezer. What kind of a sick b**** takes the ice cube trays outta the freezer? lol.

  15. Californians would rather see Ronald Reagan’s dead body exhumed and stuffed into a movie than to see that asshat in a new film. Just food for thought.

  16. Who cares what Californians think, we care about what normal people think, they were the ones that elected him, then reelected him anyway! lol just kidding, but seriously, him being a horrible politician, and he is, too weak, doesn’t really mean anything about his on-screen presence.

    But yah, it’s too bad this isn’t true, stupid Tom Arnold, got my hopes up too…


    lol, please don’t start that again, it will never end…

  17. “Ken J, alienating people state by state with his d-baggery”

    Not all of us voted for Arnold, although he’s doing a decent job.

  18. Well Arnold thought he could change things but then as he got deep into it he realized that special interest groups and lobbyist’s control this state. He’s just going through the motions as a governor at this point, the guy is a joke.
    Personally I wouldn’t care if he ever acted again.

  19. He’s a weak politician, he’s letting the majority walk all over him.

  20. Ha, lets see his opposers say that to the King’s face while he is wielding that knife.
    And that is just his dinner knife!!!

    I agree with Ken J, stupid Tom Arnold raising our hopes. But another film with the team back together would be awesome to see.

  21. 790-Could it be that we are in agreement? Wow. Who’d a thunk it.

    Ken J-He is a Republican party whore, not a representative of the people. :-)

  22. You might be kind of right Ken J, but so is our president.

    Either way, for someone with practically no experience in politics he’s doing a decent job. Gray Davis is the one that drove CA into a sh*t hole, which affected me personally.

  23. “for someone with practically no experience in politics he’s doing a decent job.”

    Wait, are you talking about Arnold or our president??

  24. Doing a decent job as a corrupt politician. Yep I agree. He’s good!

  25. @ ogb
    I agree with ya on that one. I find it funny that theres still alot of people who dont hold him accountable for California’s troubles. And people complain about Arnold’s performance, well i havnt seen much hope or change outta Obama. Doubtful we ever will, i always knew since day one he’s like any other politician.

  26. Don’t even get me started on Obama’s economic/financial policies. He’s screwing America, especially my generation and my childrens’ generation BIG TIME.

    Gray Davis effed up so bad that there was no enough money in the state budget for me to attend UCLA, even though I was accepted. They later changed that so I can attend in a later quarter but how messed up is that?

    Anyway, that’s the personal point of view. Generally speaking, Davis drove us into the ground. Not saying Arnold isn’t doing so also, but he at least is trying to remedy the situation and some of these remedies are actually working.

    ANYWAY…I’d love for Arnold to do a couple of movies after he is done with politics. He still has great screen presence.

  27. @ ogb
    I agree. I hope Arnold considers reprising his role of Dutch for the movie Predators. Predators was always my favorite alien franchise.