Could James Cameron Start ‘True Lies 2′ Next Year? [Updated]

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 4th, 2009 at 8:53 am,

true lies 2 arnold schwarzenegger Could James Cameron Start True Lies 2 Next Year? [Updated]

During the Q&A segment of James Cameron’s Avatar panel at San Diego Comic-Con the week before last, a member of the Hall H audience asked a question that I’ve wanted to ask for many years – When will we get True Lies 2?

Cameron’s response was that Arnold is busy being the Governator but who knows after that.

The good news is, according to Tom Arnold, we could be getting something like that in the not too distant future…

In a profile article on the comedic actor by The New York Times, Tom Arnold revealed at the very end of the interview that there’s a project to be made by James Cameron that has no script or story as of yet, but features him and Schwarzenegger, that begins shooting next year. Here’s that specific part of the article:

“All I know is Jim Cameron’s making it and Arnold” — Mr. Schwarzenegger — “and I are going to be in it, and it starts shooting in 14 months, the day after Arnold stops being governor of California… It’s not going to be called ‘True Lies II,’ but it might as well be. I can live with that.”

Arnold going straight back into acting right after getting out of office? Calling it True Lies 2 with no script or story? Shooting in 14 months?!

Cameron’s got a very busy schedule leading up to the release of Avatar this December and he’s got a pile of other projects in development – is this one of them?

I hope this is true and if it is, I hope it’s a sequel of sorts to True Lies. I loved that movie and it would be great to see that cast back together for another action adventure.

How much faith do you put into Tom Arnold’s words?

[UPDATE: Apparently we shouldn’t put much faith into Tom’s words – according to AICN, they spoke with Cameron who has no plans for this and said Tom must be joking. Not funny, Tom, announcing something like that if it’s not true. Click here for details.]

Sources: The New York Times (via MTV)

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  1. LOL, it was a joke, but does that really piss you off? Haha, sorry, I’ll save it for when I want to piss you off, this is not one of those times. 😛

  2. No actually it doesn’t piss me off I’m just using terms that you can understand Ken J.

    Feel free to seek out as much attention as you need on this issue,,, like I needed to type that.

  3. KEN J

    You are a trip man

    Stick to the discussions and I’ll listen because you make good arguments/points but your attempts at humor and lecturing of others on how they should feel are juvenile at best.

    Collateral Damage and 6h Day (or Stolen Identity 3, lol) were forgettable. I hope his brief role in The Expendables is a good one and I would watch any movie with him in the leading role and a good director behind him.

  4. Damn man, you people get so defensive so fast, geez. A bit jumpy are we? lol, I’d hate to see your blood pressure numbers…

  5. To be honest i kinda liked Last Action Hero. Another one of my favorites was Total Recall. It was a shame he put a bullet in Sharon Stone’s head,lol what can ya do though if someone was gonna shoot ya,lol. As for Terminator Salvation, it cool of how they gave Arnold look after Christian Bale hits him in the face with his gun. It was the same kind of look he gave in T2 after that woman w/ the arm cast hitted him in the face, and ruined his sunglasses.

  6. Damn Ken J, why are you so defensive of us being defensive. Can’t Take a JOKE?! What’s wrong with you? I’d HATE to be your doctor!

    See now, that’s what you sound like every time you try to lecture people.

  7. @chrisj

    LOL at the comment about CG Arnold’s look in Salvation, that’s the same thing I thought, it was a nice touch.

    I also liked Last Action Hero. I don’t know why critics panned it, it wasn’t supposed to be a well acted deep storied movie. It was a PARODY of stupid action movies! And it did that perfectly! I thought it was a very funny movie.

    And about Total Recall, consider that a divorce, lol. 😀

  8. I don’t know what you people think about Arnie but overseas from here in India, I can tell you He is a God.

    I think Schwarzenegger has some Guiness Record to his name, something on the Lines of : “The Most Successful Human in the History of Mankind” or something like that. That says it all.

    I really don’t care what he is as a politician. But excluding that I do think he is a Legend. And one more thing (in case any guys slam him for his acting skills): “Never watch an Arnie movie expecting hin to act and you won’t be disappointed”

    I have watched all his movies, I mean ALL. And I too think ‘The Last Action Hero(1993)’ wasn’t a bad movie at all. Yeah, it was a perfect parody. I enjoyed purely.

    In Junior he atleast tried something different. For his mushy side, the movie I simply love is “Kindergarten Cop(1990)”.

    AS for True Lies(1994), personally, I don’t like that the well-made crispy Super-Summer-Block-bluster is being compared to a an average action movie like ‘Lethal Weapon’.
    Gibson may be a better actor but Arnie is the God of Action and he had combined to deadly perfection with James Cameron in ‘True Lies’.

    Waiting for True Lies 2(20??) if it happens…

  9. @ Amol
    Im glad we agre on another thing which is Arnold being a great guy. And he does has a Guiness Record as a actor with the most wins as a body-builder. I dont have the book so i cant say how many titles hes won before he went into acting but i know he was pretty good at what he did cause he started as a early age. I have nothin but respect for him and admire him for what hes accomplished in his life. Sure hes made bad movies and some consider him a bad politition but doesnt everybody have their ups and downs? As a politition you’d hear people say they hate him cause hes just another republican etc. As for movies, i seen all but Red Sonja & Raw Deal cause cause i live in a small town and the video store doesnt carry them. I heard Red Sonja was the worst that even Arnold thought it was bad. Made me laugh when his wife said if that movie doesnt kill his career, nothin will lol. I dint like Junior but i respect him still for tryin somthing new because i liked Twins so i thought Junior would be good to watch the first time around. I also liked Jingle All The Way, mainly because it reminds me of the Christmas rush for Cabbage Patch Kids & Elmo dolls. As for True Lies,loved the ending of it.

  10. Kindergarten Cop is one of my favorites, that and Twins, lol.

  11. @ Ken J
    Did you read the news that Bruce Willis is gonna be in The Expendables? Best thing i read was hes gonna be in the same scene with Arnold & Sly. Founding Fathers of Planet Hollywood united again,lol. I forgot about Kindergarten Cop being another good film. Hard to believe Arnold was shot and almost killed by a old lady. But he was wounded by that mama’s boy and shot in the arm by his mom. Id say the hottest girl in cinema he was with was Kelly Preston.

  12. I was not impressed with True Lies. Not believable.