James Cameron Talks ‘Prometheus’ & ‘The Avengers’

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Although it was a down season at the box office overall, this summer did feature some of the most anticipated sci-fi and comic book films in years – including Prometheus and The Avengers. And who better to talk about those two movies than James Cameron, the only director who has had two movies crack over $2 billion at the box office?

In recent interviews promoting the Titanic 3D Blu-ray release, the Academy Award-winning director offered some compliments for both films, as well as perspective on what it takes to be super successful with audiences.

In an interview with Moviefone, Cameron said he saw Prometheus twice – once for fun and once to think about it from a technical perspective. Overall, Cameron had high praise for the movie.

“I enjoyed ‘Prometheus’; I thought it was great. I thought it was Ridley returning to science fiction with gusto, with great tactical performance, beautiful photography, great native 3D. There might have been a few things that I would have done differently, but that’s not the point, you could say that about any movie.”

 James Cameron Talks Prometheus & The Avengers

Cameron (who directed Aliens) also remarked that, unlike Scott, he had no interest in returning to the Alien universe.

“No. No, I feel that I’m too far away from it right now, too much other work has been done – too thickly layered, a palimpsest of other talents from Fincher to everybody that’s come along since.”

In a separate interview with MTV, Cameron also had kind things to say about the biggest hit of the summer, The Avengers. After cracking some jokes about the film not quite reaching the success of his movies (it wouldn’t be a Cameron quote if there weren’t some boastfulness), Cameron complimented The Avengers for being “a real crowd-pleaser, lots of fun [and] funny, funnier than [I expected].”

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that James Cameron is the king of the box office, and it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on two of this summer’s biggest movies. The most successful filmmakers are always trying to improve their craft and that means spending time at the movies seeing what their contemporaries are doing.

What do you think of Cameron’s comments? Do you agree or disagree with his assessment?

The Avengers hits DVD and Blu-ray September 25th, 2012. Prometheus does likewise October 11th, 2012.

Source: MovieFone, MTV

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  1. I liked Prometheus, but I wish we could’ve seen the Alien 5 Cameron and Scott were planning before Fox shut it down in favor of (I kid you not) Paul W. S. Anderson’s AVP.

    • I read about that a while back as well… but I really don’t think it would have been done to it’s full potential at the time. I liked the Alien movies, and that includes AVP… but I am so happy they scrapped that, just went with AVP (something fun to watch that didn’t beat the Ripley character into the ground another time)… and worked on making sure Prometheus lived up to it’s potential, which I believe it did. It put some space between the Alien franchise, so now that Prometheus has given some new insight and background into the mythology, they can use that to possibly make another Alien movie that much better. I kind of rambled but hopefully you get what I’m trying to say.

      • If I recall correctly, they actually wanted to do both Alien V and AVP. When Ridley Scott heard they were planning AVP he dropped plans to do Alien V because of he felt that an AVP film would irreparably damage the integrity of the Alien franchise.

    • I would have rather’d Alien V over Prometheus. I loved the ending of Alien 4 SE.

    • This makes me want to hurt people

    • Seriously? That’s what happened? :P

  2. Avengers and Prometheus (along with Amazing Spider Man) are definite purchases when they come out on DVD for me!

    • Avengers, Spiderman, Prometheus AND The Dark Knight Rises are must buys for me (:

      And James Cameron is really damn talented indeed.

    • The Avengers, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Amazing Spiderman, Prometheus Blu-ray must buy for me. I’m also going to pick up The Dark Knight Returns pt.1 on Sept.25 along with The Avengers 4 disc Blu-ray.

      • So you’re buying The Avengers Blu-Ray AND The Avengers 4-disc Blu-Ray? ;-) LOL

        • Actually the first sentence is a list of must have Blu-rays. I know its a little confusing because I didn’t specify which avengers BD I was purchasing lol, but no not getting both just the 4 disc avengers Blu-ray sorry for the confusion.

    • Avengers, Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Cabin In The Woods for me! :)

  3. Mr. Cameron… You do remember that you’ve released Titanic and Avatar TWICE right? So with no disrespect, you should compare these movies with the box office income of when your movies first came out.
    I must admit though, you really produced and directed awesome movies… ;)

    • Anddd you do know that The Avengers is also a re-release right. lol But i agree though good movies. :]

      • I don’t think The Avengers was a true re-release. I’m pretty sure it was still playing in budget-type cinemas making it more of a theater expansion than a re-release…

        • Yeah, I think it was only showing in 2000 theaters for the Labor Day weekend.

    • Titanic would still be the second highest grossing movie of all time if it hadn’t been re-released. Avatar held the distinction of highest grossing movie of all time before it was re-released (which was limited and mainly for purposes of Academy judging for the Oscars). If adjusted for ticket inflation, Gone With the Wind is the highest grossing movie of all time, and that’s been re-released many times, not just once like Titanic and Avatar. It should be said, though, that if someone is willing to see your movie even during re-releases, you’ve done something right…

    • He said that is the full article…

    • I thought Titanic and Avatar broke box office records at their first releases, and second waves were just frosting to the cakes.

  4. Prometheus, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises are my favorite films of the summer. The Avengers actually entered my almost top 10 favorite films (check out my blog at jasoncwilkerson.blogspot.com for more info on that). I’m still debating which of the three is my favorite from the summer now though, a need a little time for perspective…

  5. Man, who cares about the box office, Cameron needs to be proud of the masterpieces that are Terminator 2 and Aliens… How much money people spent to go see it in theaters makes no difference to me, those are two of the best action movies ever made…

    • Don’t know about “the two best action movie ever made”, but I can certainly agree that they were awesome/amazing movies, and that money doesn’t determine quality.

      • I agree with Mr J. Aliens is without peer in how to structure an action movie and is therefore in my opinion the absolute best of the genre. But then, Mr C is pretty much without peer when it comes to making action movies :)

        • I would have to say Aliens was good, for the time, but as far as best action movie. There are a few better. Terminator 2 Judgement Day for one, What Aliens had for it was not just the action, but the thriller aspect of the movie.

          I liked Avatar, but I still could not get the feeling out of my head that I was watching Dances With Wolves out of my head. That is why it is not high on my list of favorites.

          Titanic, well to me, Stories somwhat based on history is not my cup of tea.

          • @Jeff W

            Alright, so you got that Dances With Wolves comment out of your system right? Cool, good for you. In the future though, it’ll look better if it was in reply to someone who actually mentioned Avatar. I do believe I was talking about Aliens and Terminator 2 and the people who replied to my post was also talking about those two movies… Unless I’m out of my mind and I mentioned Avatar and don’t remember, but I don’t think so…

            • @Ken J
              I’m not sure why you are so mad at the poster bringing up Avatar, it is a film by Cameron which is on topic, IMO.

              • @INK

                Seriously, are you not sick of hearing the same jokes and comparisons about it over and over and over? The sad thing is, I AGREE, but it’s still annoying that there are people who look for ANY opportunity to bring up the same tired jokes about how it’s Dances With Wolves, Pocahontas, Ferngully, etc. etc…

                • It didn’t sound like he was joking, just giving his opinion. You and I see eye-to-eye on a lot of things so I was just curious as to what set you off so quickly.

                  • @INK

                    Yah, I’m just pretty sick and tired of all of the Avatar stuff to be honest. I will say right now it’s definitely James Cameron’s weakest movie, but definitely not something worthy of all of this attention, good or bad… So I’m just sick of hearing it, I wanted to praise Cameron’s work, meaning his GOOD movies, don’t need someone bringing Avatar into it, as if that makes his other work any less amazing…

                    • *Chill pill

                    • Yah man, that’s cool because it rhymes, yah… ;-)

            • Yeah it’s quite interesting to hear you compare Avatar to Dances With Wolves. I’ve never heard that one before.

    • Personally I don’t lump sci-fi with action films. Die Hard is the greatest action film ever made. Aliens and Terminator 2 are two of the top 5 best sci-fi films ever made (after Blade Runner of course).

      • Good point. I think Die Hard and Raiders of the Lost Ark are the best action films ever made, although I love T2 and Aliens was pretty awesome,too. But I agree that those are science-fiction films with tons of action. I would love to see Die Hard remastered and re-released on the big screen. Would be great to see John McClane kicking butt on the big screen again!

        • I had a friend that worked at the theater, and since the theater was all digital he would play DVD’s and Blu-rays after hours on the big screen for his friends. Him and I started the whole thing with Die Hard. It was amazing, until he moved…

  6. Prometheus, except for maybe one weak moment (who just reaches out to a strange alien creature?), was refreshingly big, sci-fi and a thinking movie. I noticed some folks not happy at the end, expecting Alien despite the clear publicity. I thought in some ways it was as satisfying as Alien, with many “ah ha!” moments. It doesn’t explain everything to you, though if you pay attention it really spells it out early. And even then, you think and the ramifications of the movie are scary. I’m glad it’s just a movie…right? I can’t wait for the sequel. Avengers – it’s for some crowd, but not me, too long. I really don’t get it’s spark. Dark Knight was incredible. Prometheus and Dark Knight for me.

    • Avengers was too long? I don’t think it was long enough! :)

    • My wife doesn’t like comic book movies (except for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, mainly because of the realism aspect) and she really enjoyed The Avengers and didn’t feel it was too long. She didn’t care for The Dark Knight Rises as much (which was surprising to me). Different strokes for different folks, I guess. The more I think about it, the more The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite film of the summer though…

      • @Jason

        I can see how a non-hardcore comic fan can like Avengers more than TDKR. Avengers was much lighter in tone and had more for everyone to like in the sense that even if you don’t like comic books, you can watch that movie and get a bunch of laughs out of it leaving the theater with a stomach ache and an aching face from how much you laughed, while TDKR really is for fans of the series. For the people who are not fans of the series, it was just all doom and gloom like TDK mostly was too… Not really much to really “enjoy” in my opinion.

        • Agree wholeheartedly KenJ with your assessment on TDK trilogy.

        • Actually, I think TDKR had a lot of hope in it, more than the previous Batman films by Christopher Nolan. And considering my wife liked the previous Batman films, doesn’t like comics, and didn’t even care for Iron Man I was surprised that she liked The Avengers. I can see how someone could enjoy The Avengers better when they don’t typically care for comic book movies, but considering my wife’s past enjoyment I thought she’d prefer TDKR to The Avengers.

          • @Jason

            Ah, ok, didn’t know she enjoyed the other Nolan Batman films…

            • I actually did mention that in my initial comment, you must have accidentally missed it…

              • @Jason

                Ah yes, for some reason I kept skipping over the parenthesis. Even now when you said you mentioned it before, I went back to re-read it, I skipped over it again the first time, lol. Had to read it twice and finally realized what I’ve been doing this whole time… :-D

      • Wait, The Avengers was too long (despite being action pretty much the whole film that made time fly) vs. The Dark Knight Rises which WAS a longer film (by like 20 minutes)? I liked both films, a lot, but The Avengers was definitely a film that had a much quicker pace and made me wish it was longer. I kinda wished that TDKR was about 20 minutes shorter.

    • It wasn’t the lack of Alien that disappointed me, but rather everything else.

  7. Interesting comments from Cameron. Would have liked to hear his thoughts on TDKR. Im still amazed by how disappointing that was. Ive never seen such a high profile flick in need of so much editing. What a let down.

    • Congratulations… you managed to bring up a movie that didn’t even have anything to do with this article.
      (Kinda makes you look like troll by the way)

      • Now I am not sure if this comment is directed at me but somehow it does look like it.So here my reply
        When Cameron’s movies are listed The Abyss always is left out or overlooked.While it’s a better movie than Titanic.So yes,it flopped but I thought it needed mentioning.I forgot to go into Cameron’s comments but I feel the same about Prometheus and The Avengers.Prometheus is flawed but a good film within the Alien universe that has opened up new subjects to be explored or if Scott wants to expand even more on the Alien mythos.

        • @chrichton

          Um, actually, The Avenger was replying to Vestigo, which is completely obvious if you look at how his comment appears slightly indented and right under Vestigo’s comment… Don’t see at all how you could think he was replying to you, but anyway, I’m not going to point fingers or accuse anyone of being dumb or anything, but seriously, let’s use our eyes and the gray matter right behind them before we get all defensive for no reason at all…

          • No,it’s not that obvious.And people can mistakes.I looked at the context of the discussion and The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t that out of place in this discussion.Me mentioning The Abyss was not entirely following the line.So not so strange for me to think it was aimed at me even when he didn’t reply to me directly.

            • @chrichton

              Dude, look at WHERE his comment is, forget The Abyss, forget The Dark Knight, forget what is being said, look at WHERE his comment is, it’s RIGHT UNDER Vestigo’s comment and slightly indented. That means he’s replying to Vestigo. How the heck can you think he’s replying to you? His comment would be UNDER your comment and indented there, not ABOVE it… Seriously…

              • Dude,I can see that.
                But looking at the context of the discussion and his comment it’s not such a stretch for me to have thought it.Drop it already.

                • @chrichton

                  Alright, I know what you meant, but you seem like you’re HOPING that he was replying to you just so you can get defensive over it. If the reply wasn’t directed at you there’s no reason to try to argue over it for no apparent reason at all… lol

                  • Not at all.
                    However sometimes people make points that might seem not to have to do with the topic at hand while it is following a certain line of discussion.That was the only point I wanted to make.I love to discuss movies,not to argue about it.

                    • Um, I’ll just butt in here and say that my comment was indeed intended for Vestigo, and not you (chrichton).

  8. I still can’t get over the fact that the sleep inducing Titanic is so much more popular than the adrenaline pumping The Abyss.It’s so much better.Mind you I am speaking about the special edition which is 30 minutes longer.Ed Harris was phenomenal and Michael Biehn is always awesome.

    • Hard to say why. I think in 1988, Cameron was not the King of the World James Cameron. Sure, he was already a great action director, but he only had Terminator and Aliens. I think either through poor marketing or perception, Abyss just wasn’t viewed as the visionary action movie that it was. It’s since become a huge hit on video and widely appreciated for it’s introduction of early CGI as well as Cameron’s interest in the ocean and man’s relationship with it. The extended version is fantastic and I think that is what most people accept as the good version.

    • @chrichton

      The problem with The Abyss is that they released a cut down version to theaters that didn’t make any sense at all. Basically they cut down the part of the movie that made the movie’s plot make sense. So to most people, The Abyss wasn’t really a good movie and had far too many plot holes. Yes, the extended director’s cut on the DVD’s filled all of those plot holes, but it’s kind of hard to expect people who was disappointed with the movie in theaters to then go out and spend their money on the DVD…

      Also, Titanic had the love story to draw in the girls, which will then drag their boyfriends/husbands. So really, they get 2-for-1… Then of course a lot of these girls wanted to see the movie more than once, so they would actually go see it more than once in theaters. Once with their boyfriends/husbands, once with their girlfriends, once by themselves, etc. etc.

      • Yes,I am aware.
        But The Abyss also had a strong love story element.Much stronger and much more recognizable.Although Ed Harris might not be as appealing as Leo is.

        • @chrichton

          Well, it has more of a “realistic” love story. Women don’t like realistic love stories, especially ones where the woman is made to look like the cold-hearted bad one for most of the movie. They like the “fairy tales” of some awesome woman “trapped” in some bad relationship and a charming prince to sweep her off her feet kind of BS… Titanic had that while The Abyss had a much more believable love story that a lot of people in the real world are living…

  9. James Cameron knows the rules of the franchise, now he has to make Prometheuses

  10. Even Prometheus certainly had its flaws, and issues with the direction of thescript, you can’t deny the sheer audaciousness of it, the ambition, and you can’t deny that Ridley still has great sci-fi directing chops. He’s been remarkably adaptable to different genres, and at an age where a lot of other directors start slowing down.

    • Ridley so far has never disappointed me.I also don’t see why Cameron should take over.However maybe Cameron could make another movie with a different story within the Alien and Prometheus universe.That coexists next to Scott’s vision.

      • Alien vs. Avatar?

        • @ct

          Um… What about Alien vs. Aliens??? Would help to compare apples to apples…

          • I disagree, Alien vs Aliens is still apples vs oranges. One’s horror and the other is action…

  11. Watched Prometheus again the other day. Can’t get over how generally stupid the whole movie is. It’s not the glaring plot holes that are the problem. The problem is it should have never been connected to the Alien universe whatsoever. Worst of all Scott failed at what he set out to do “scare the living crap out of you”. There is nothing remotely scary about Prometheus, most of the “scares” in there are pretty lame jump scares. I can see ALien multiple times and still be engrossed, two viewings of Prometheus is enough for me. The more times you see it the more apparent it becomes how very silly everything is.

    • “scare the living crap out of you”.

      I’m not so certain that was his whole purpose this time? With all the horror and scariness out there since ‘Alien’ it’s difficult to hit that goal with jaded audiences. Another point that I’ve spoken of before is that Scott was missing his writing partner Dan O’Bannon this time around and it really shows. Insofar as the story being a part of the Alien universe it’s hard enough to get a movie idea sold lately with Hollywood being on such a remake/established franchise kick. The Space Jockey was a good avenue to sell a way back into the Alien franchise without falling so heavily on the first film to make the sequel happen. Here again too I’ve said in the past that if you take the mystery of the Space Jockey away you need to replace it with an even bigger mystery. Scott did that in spades. Look at the size difference between the Space Jockey and the Engineers. It’s pretty easy to see. Does that mean anything important or is it just a mistake, a convenience of production? Since it seems obvious that Scott intended for his audience to believe that the Engineers seeded other worlds we don’t really get the ultimate motivation for this in ‘Prometheus’ either. Many, many questions leading to the obvious sequel. the larger question is should Scott banish all mystery in his film? A good Science Fiction story by definition shouldn’t leave its audience sure that the Science is impossible but an artistic work is better if enough wiggle room is left for your audience to mull over…

      • Actually Scott said the “scare the living crap out of you” thing ( he just said the other word for crap that sounds like “hit” ), that was his intention. Whereas there is some stuff in Prometheus that might make some people squirm in their seats that is far different from having any real tension.

    • The biggest problem with Prometheus is really the audience. They’re expecting horror because Alien is referenced in every article, but this movie isn’t Alien! There’s a thread that shows that it can lead to Alien, but this is really the start of its own story, and that story is science fiction not horror. Scott never set out to “scare the living crap out of you” with this film, that’s just what audiences expected even though there was nothing to suggest that was the point of the film. There were moments of suspense, but the film is not a horror.

      • Yeah but audience is not to blame on this one. Nobody really knew what to expect from Prometheus, even the hardcore Prometheus “community” was unsure if they where getting horror or something else. Scott sent out a lot of mixed messages about the movie, so nothing was really certain. The trailer certainly did not help either, it was cut to very much resemble an “alien” movie. Sure i do not really class it as an Alien movie either, it’s not. But it’s not really its own movie though, it’s a strange hybrid of lofty claims and stupid teenagers waiting to be axed to death. For a movie that is not a horror film it uses many basic horror staples all wrapped up in some “big message”, but when everyone is a moron then the answer to the big message is don’t go into space with pot head scientists.

  12. If he wasn’t so bent on making Avatars 3-100 (lol) I’d say offer him the Justice League movie :P


    • Now that’s an interesting challenge I’d like to see Cameron take on. You have to realize though that Cameron, Nolan and few other directors are beyond their days when they even entertain doing something because they need a job or money or recognition, any common reason the average person might be motivated by…

  14. In a way I think Cameron has become his own version of George Lucas…not that he redoes what he has already done, but in that he seems to have sold out his genius to pander to audiences. Avatar may have been visually stunning, but really, the story was so incredibly weak and poorly written it was very nearly intolerable. It’s like taking something you LOVE to eat, putting it in a blender, adding equal parts of something horrible, turning on the blender and then eating what it has become. The awful ruins any good stuff. I won’t be seeing any of his other Avatar films. I would love for him to focus on other, less preachy and pandering, projects- like Battle Angel. I want the old Cameron back…not this new, flashy, only-computer-special-effects-make-money Cameron.

    • @a girl named michael

      Actually, you got that wrong. The thing about Cameron and Avatar and even Titanic, is that ironically he didn’t really care THAT much about the story on those two movies, and ironically those are the two that banked the most… Anyway, with Titanic, his main purpose for making that movie is so he can have an excuse to have a movie studio fund his deep see excursion to see the real Titanic wreckage first-hand that he would call “research” for the movie. And to recreate the Titanic digitally. With Avatar, his main purpose was to develop new motion capture technology and the new technology of real-time CG renderings of a fake world as he looks through a virtual camera, kind of an augmented reality to help with the actual shooting of a movie that is completely done in CG… Basically, Avatar was his big technology project. It was always more about the technology than the story… Cameron has a way of convincing movie studios to fund his own projects and adventures… And in return, they get these movies that bank billions of dollars, so really, everybody wins…

      • Agree 100%!

        • @Kahless

          I hope you didn’t agree with my “deep see excursion” comment, I meant “deep sea” with an a, lol. So in that sense, I thinkyou agree with me 99.5%… ;-)

          • Well, Kahless can’t spell, so it’s still 100%.



  15. I dont really care that much about Cameron’s thoughts. The Avengers was better than either of his 2 movies that grossed over a billion. Way better. As always its just my opinion.

  16. I have no problem with any of Camerons comments in this article.

  17. I’ve got the utmost respect for Cameron (even with that terrible Titanic film) simply because of T2. Add in the fact that he has expanded scientific knowledge of the oceans and is working with NASA on ideas for a manned mission to Mars, he is one cool dude.

  18. i think that ridley scott should direct a Justice League film with doomsday as the main villan and have a kryptian army come to help the Justice Legue and Jor El be the leader of that army and have Doomsday allmost kill the man of steel and have him return in Justice League 2 and have the brain guy being born at the end of the frist movie and he could be the villan in part 2

  19. “There might have been a few things that I would have done differently” says it all.

  20. On the subject of Prometheus, for me it was visually one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, story wise it failed. I wanted what Scott had brought to his other Sci-Fi movies, intelligence. He should not have allowed that script to be filmed. You can blame the writers (which I do largely) and studio execs (which would be true also), but when you have one of the most powerful and talented directors in film, it has to be put on his shoulders. For P2 I hope they find the best writer or writers possible, it deserves no less.

    • I read somewhere that Prometheus was set up to have a sequel.
      Maybe this could have influenced the story in some way. That some plot lines have been left out. Although it does like they wanted to do as much as possible and therefore paying less attention to certain plot points as they should. On this site is an article where it is said that more than 30 minutes of scenes have been cut which is a lot. Perhaps one of the reasons why the plot is not flowing right. However intelligence comes in different ways and forms. What exactly does that mean to you? Even the easiest of silliest of plots can provoke thought. Here the thought provoking is done very subtle. The artificial human concept present in Alien and Blade Runner and the super power Aliens (engineers)that might be the ones people on Earth perceive as God. I also would have liked to see this explored. But I am hoping they will in the sequel.