Industry Immaturity: James Cameron vs. Piranha 3D Producer

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james cameron vs piranha 3d Industry Immaturity: James Cameron vs. Piranha 3D Producer

James Cameron, the man behind the two biggest theatrical releases of all time, and arguably the one person responsible for the recent onslaught of 3D films hitting cinemas, is not shy about sharing his opinion. Ever since his long-in-development blue pet project Avatar hit theaters, we’ve seen countless other movies get the 3D treatment. However, most of these films were not shot that way and have been converted in post production for the simple (financial) reason of garnering higher ticket prices.

A few days ago, Vanity Fair interviewed James Cameron to talk about the re-release of Avatar in theaters, with a few extra minutes of never-before-scene footage. The interview sparked a bit of controversy when Cameron was asked about the release of Piranha 3D and whether or not the Alexandre Aja directed remake sparked any sort of nostalgia in him – considering his history with the franchise.

Mike Ryan of Vanity Fair raised the well-publicized fact of Cameron’s distaste for rushed 3D post-conversion and asked him how he felt about the matter now – considering this phenomenon is in existence in large part due to his vision and the success of Avatar.

“Yes, but that’s not my fault. We worked for four-and-a-half years to make Avatar what it is. There are a number of good movies that are being natively authored in 3-D that are coming out. But what you saw was sort of the gold rush. After Avatar, people tried to cash in. Or, in some cases, like Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon— especially the latter, which I think is excellent in 3-D—they were films that were in the pipeline for some time. They weren’t cashing in, they were just coming out. You’re going to see the whole market kind of stabilize and redefine itself over the next couple of years. Look, it’s caveat emptor as well. The consumer needs to be aware that just because a movie is in 3-D doesn’t mean that it’s good. And they can find out online or the media can talk about it. Was it shot in 3-D or was it converted to 3-D? And even conversion itself is not necessarily bad if it’s done right.”

I think most moviegoers can agree that, aside from animated features, we’d prefer movies to be shot in 3D rather than be subject to poor and rushed 3D post conversion, which has never looked good or enhanced a film (think The Last Airbender and Clash of the Titans). However, James Cameron isn’t altogether dismissing post-conversion, since he’s converting his other “biggest film of all time,” Titanic, into 3D.

“Yes, we’re going to prove that point with Titanic. We really want it to be the gold standard of how you do a conversion.”

Due to the difficulties and logistics of actually shooting live-action in 3D, conversion is likely to be what we can expect from the industry going forward, especially for summer tentpole movies. All of your big action blockbusters and superhero comic book movies will be in 3D but many of them will not be shot using 3D technology. In fact, it’s already happening as we speak with Marvel Studios’ Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Thor finished principal photography weeks ago and are deep into post production, yet they have until next May before the film comes out. With eight full months of time to work on the film, we can only hope that they perfect the post conversion 3D – to enhance the moviegoing experience.

avengers 3d Industry Immaturity: James Cameron vs. Piranha 3D Producer

The next part of the interview is where headlines started getting made. Cameron was asked about Piranha 3D and if it brought stirred up any nostalgia in him. The first feature film Cameron ever worked on as a director was Piranha 2, back in 1981, although he wasn’t on the project for long.

Cameron’s answer?

“Zero. You’ve got to remember: I worked on Piranha 2 for a few days and got fired off of it; I don’t put it on my official filmography. So there’s no sort of fond connection for me whatsoever. In fact, I would go even farther and say that… I tend almost never to throw other films under the bus, but that is exactly an example of what we should not be doing in 3-D. Because it just cheapens the medium and reminds you of the bad 3-D horror films from the 70s and 80s, like Friday the 13th 3-D. When movies got to the bottom of the barrel of their creativity and at the last gasp of their financial lifespan, they did a 3-D version to get the last few drops of blood out of the turnip. And that’s not what’s happening now with 3-D. It is a renaissance—right now the biggest and the best films are being made in 3-D. Martin Scorsese is making a film in 3-D. Disney’s biggest film of the year—Tron: Legacy—is coming out in 3-D. So it’s a whole new ballgame.”

On one hand, I completely agree that the 3D effect has been abused quite a bit in 2010. We’ve seen so many studios tack on 3D post-conversion for the sole reason of inflating ticket prices. It’s not an artistic or creative decision, it’s 100% financial and that’s not how a film should be treated (if we lived in a perfect world).

Through the outcry of journalists and moviegoers, we have seen a bit of change for the better. Some studios are taking more time, planning in advance for 3D. Films such as Drive Angry and Resident Evil: Afterlife pride themselves on actually shooting in 3D from the start, and others are avoiding 3D entirely, simply because it wouldn’t work to enhance the creative vision (think Jon Favreau on Cowboys and Aliens).

piranha 3d poster 280x415 Industry Immaturity: James Cameron vs. Piranha 3D Producer

James Cameron shows his teeth against crappy 3D

Where James Cameron goes wrong here is in his arguably insulting comments about creativity. Comments like: “When movies got to the bottom of the barrel of their creativity” for example. As a fellow-filmmaker, there’s no reason to bash the talent or creativity of a project, especially when you have nothing to do with it. Cameron is super successful at everything he does and, as a result, gets to do whatever he wants. Does he really need to cast stones at the creativity or talent behind Piranha 3D? Taking shots at the use of 3D is one thing, a point I actually agree on, but knocking down the movie when it’s clear he hasn’t seen it, that’s something entirely different.

Piranha 3D is an over-the-top gimmick film and it totally works as such. It completely lives up to what it presents itself as, without taking itself seriously, and that’s why the gimmicky 3D works here – it’s a campy and fun experience. Hell, even most critics are behind it, and despite the film’s graphic violence and nudity, it’s doing fantastic on Rotten Tomatoes, currently sitting at 75% fresh.

In response to Cameron’s comments, Mark Canton, producer of Piranha 3D felt the need to defend his colleagues and sent out a very public response.

Continue to Page 2 to read Canton’s letter in full…

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  1. im all for anyone taking cammy down a peg, the man has an ego, deservedly? maybe. unnecessary yes. kudos to Mr. Canton

    • thumbs up buddy 😀
      i just love the way Mark Canton told cameron to back the *** up and stop acting like he’s god.

      • I don’t really think that’s fair to say though. What I’m seeing here, is a pathetic movie producer who has given us such gems as Jack Frost, trying to promote his sub-par B-movie. Cameron certainly doesn’t care what this guy says, I mean, he wipes his a** with the amount of money Piranha has taken in at the theaters. I think he was just trying to stand up for movie fans, because we all shouldn’t have to pay extra premium for badly converted 3D films.

        I know Cameron can have a huge ego on his sometimes, and act like a do***e once in a while, but if that were something I held against people in Hollywood, I would never see a film again. So I’m sort of on his side here. Especially considering Mr. Canton put more thought into this marketing ploy letter than his script for Piranha 3D sad to say.

        • I think he also bashed cameron more than camerons few lines in his interview. Canton took it a little to far when Camerons main prob was about the 3d, not entirely about genre movies. Canton should have defended conversion more, even though that is impossible seeing as how most agree that it should not be done that way unless lots of time is spent on it. I will not see a converted movie unless it is an animated film. This is why i enjoyed Avatar and am highly looking forward to Tron Legacy, 3d done right.

  2. Wow…This Canton guy is a rock-star.

    I really enjoyed reading that. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Professional jealously rears it’s ugly head.

    • Wow I just read Mark Canton’s response on page 2. Way to go Mr Canton. :-)

  4. So if a guy makes a ton of money he’s not allowed an opinion? Cameron was asked about the movie it’s not like he went out on his own accord to just bash the film. And that response letter was way too long and repetitive in its points. But i’m not saying it didn’t have any either.

    • “bottom of the barrel” of creativity is a nasty shot at those behind the film.

      Opinions are fine, looking down from his pedestal is different, no?

      • So “Friday The 13th in 3-D” wasn’t the bottom of the barrel for that franchise. Just saying…

        • No, the Reboot was the Bottom of the Barrel in the Franchise

      • Ah, but Rob…you fail to notice/bow & scrape/grovel sycophantically that the self-appointed King Of The World has (in his mind, at least) become the cinematic analog to Zeus.


    • He insulted another’s work without even seeing it. So no, he’s not allowed to share his scathing review of others’ work without viewing.

      • I don’t have to listen to a lady gaga album to know its crap.

        • This movie does have a 75% positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Even a lady gaga album needs at least a bit of a listen to to form an opinion.

        • Wow Lady GaGa is your referance to what good is? that in of itself is a fad. Cameron had valid opinions, but he is in a position where he is wll above everyone else. And when your that high up giving any tone of negativity will just look as if your bashing the lower performance. So kudos to Canton for sticking up for his work and calling Cameron out on his rude remarks.

        • That’s like saying “I haven’t seen Avatar, but I know it’s crap.” Sorry, but if you haven’t experienced it then you have no right to an opinion. You can say it LOOKS or SOUDNDS like crap, but you can’t say it IS crap.


          Gaga’s a fad? LMAO. Say that in ten years when she’s making her fifth album. And yes, I am a little monster.

          • Gaga is not a fad whatsoever. She is revolutionizing the music industry (whether you like the change or not). And I too am a Little Monster. She is half the reason I went to Lolapalooza.

            • @Michael

              You’re lucky. I wanted to go. I did love the video where she stage dived while performing with Semi Precious Weapons.

              • For the record, i respect lady gaga as a musician being one myself. But i don’t like her music. She isn’t an industry standard either, their is tons of underground and other music types that are just as popular.

            • “She is revolutionizing the music industry” – how do you mean, Michael?

              • What I mean by that is since her singing career took off popular music is making a transition into more electronic music styles. It is easy to go from Gaga to Daft Punk and that is what the consumers are doing, and the big execs are seeing this.

                • Dude michael, daft punk has been around since the mid 80s. Don’t forget therehave been bands lime depesh mode, ministry nine inch nails and much much more.

                  • The Daft Punk guys met in the late ’80s, but didn’t start recording under that name until about ’93. Sorry, just had to be an anorak there!

                  • I understand they are older, I am saying that the general public is just now getting into electronic movement.

                    • Michael, there’s no reply button on your comment below, so I’ll put mine in here.

                      Interesting that you feel you can talk about the music industry without including the actual music it’s based on. If Gaga’s music isn’t what’s allegedly revolutionizing the industry, then what is? Her support of the fashion industry? Her marketing stategies? And what is the pop music scene with regard to dance music if not a diluted, liquidised, easily-palatable babyfood mush composed using innovations of sound and production established by the true pioneers of electronic music?

                      Every generation likes to imagine it invented the wheel. In this particular instance it did anything but. Gaga is the latest manifestation OF the industry; the latest link in an unbroken chain that stretches back forty years. Nothing more, nothing less. “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa: there’s your true industry, musical AND cultural revolution right there in one track. Just ask the Neptunes.

                    • You can very easily talk about the industry without talking about the music. Stock brokers talk about companies without talking about the products all the time. Her music might not last but what she has done to what recording studios are doing to the music and how they market the music will forever be changed, whether that change be small or paramount. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she is the goddess of music, but she most certainly will change the industry like any “passing fad” has done in the past.

                    • ok lady gaga isnt doing anything new. here or abroad. fact is everything shes doing, done or probably will do is basicly a rehash of something else. if you think lady gaga is that good then clearly you dont go looking for msic. you hear a song, like it then hop on the nuts of the artist like everyone else. he voice is crap! listen to her and beyonce in her telaphone video. she is not that good of a singer! and all her song arnt writen by here. AND shes made what 1 album in 2 years. im not impressed. she’s gonna be something we look back on and say wow….i cant believed i liked that crap.

                    • @Andrew

                      Every singer and band is just a rehash, nobody can be completely original anymore. I probably listen to over 100 bands across the country you have never heard of because they are so underground so I DO look for music everywhere. I listen to everything from Electronic to Post Hardcore. She DOES write her own music…all of it, plus the music for many other artists. That is what she does, write songs. She wrote songs before she got big. Also she made 2 studio albums in one year and one compilation album 1 year (so far).

                • More revolutionary than Kraftwerk, then?

                  • And I take it the entire Chicago house scene changed nothing either?

                    • When it comes to the pop music scene, yes. I’m not talking about the actual music but about the industry.

  5. Finally someone told Cameron to shut his ego up. Avatar was like a Porno to me; great to look at but terrible acting with an overused storyline…

  6. Cameron’s a 3D puppet ,,, its clear when you read between the lines of this interview.

    • he’s a d-bag :)

    • i love how canton told him off about thinking he(cameron) is the god of 3D and think that smurfs has an original story.

  7. This letter, while not quite so over the top. reminds me very much of the recent open letter written by the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers right after LeBron James announced that he was signing with the Miami Heat. Emotion and passion are fine things, but they do not lend to credible writing in a professional setting. I think that Mr. Canton would have written a more convincing (and less repetitive) letter had he slept on it for a night or two. Instead, rather than take the same high road he impugned Cameron for rejecting, he has stooped to the same level of almost-but-not-quite-name-calling.

    I’m all for James Cameron being put in his place by someone with real industry cred, but I think Mark Canton failed to heed Vince Lombardi’s advice: when you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before. Instead of addressing Mr. Cameron as a peer, Mr. Canton addresses him either with an almost mocking level of informality or in the third person (which was just weird). There was no need to call him “Jim” (it doesn’t sound like they are friends or even well-acquainted) and no need for the regular sidebars to the reader about how certain he was that Mr. Cameron had never seen the film. For me, that really damaged his credibility, which is a shame because I think deep down he had a good point that could/should have been made much more succinctly.

    All artists have to start somewhere. If genre films are something that Alexandre Aja has a talent for, why shouldn’t he use them as a vehicle for garnering a professional reputation? I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Canton’s defense of young directors and your positive take on way Piranha 3D pokes fun at itself and uses 3D in a cheesy way on purpose. However, I think this message got lost in the sea of reminders that James Cameron has not seen the movie that he bashed in an interview.

  8. “Please go see PIRANHA 3D in a theatre near you” Class 😀

  9. Honestly the letter was like everyone said a little repetitive and definitely aggressive. This canton almost sees himself as a rival or peer to “jim” which makes him look a little stupid. He did however praise cameron when it was needed and I think he said what a lot of people were thinking. Yes james cameron is a legend but seriously get off your high horse. Is it not possible for him to be humble. Every comment I’ve ever heard james cameron make has had a sense of arrogance to it. Hopefully this letter will bring him back to reality and show him that even tho you might have made 2 of the most successful films of all time, doesn’t mean you have the right to bash others creativity and say whatever you please. Is this what the industry has turned to? What a bunch of classless gits. I’d slap both these idiots if i saw them. Cheers

    • Well said and duely noted Fenix! The only thing that these two have perpetuated is the long running concept of familiarity breeding contempt.

  10. “Yes james cameron is a legend” (oh boy)
    At making movies. not curing cancer or feeding starving children. He makes movie$ for profit, he’s not a humanitarian.

    I see no reason not to rip him to shreads when he steps in his own golden pooh. If it wasn’t for luck and timing James Cameron would be driving a school bus.


      • Still laughing my @$$ off 790…Oh god it hurts!

  11. I think people are making a tempest ina teapot with this.
    Cameron was talking about the original Piranhas 2, and the 3D films of THAT period. I see nothing where he accuses Piranha 3d (2010) of “scraping the bottom of the barrel”. At least, that’s not how I read it.

    And for those in this thread who are just bashing him (Cameron) and talking about “taking him down a peg”: in the words of the immortal Joan Rivers “oh grow up!”.

    • Did all those surgeries make her immortal?!?!?!?!?!?!

  12. Strange how two grown proffesionals can get involved in a bitching contest.

    • sam, Canton was defending himself, he doesnt need to take cammies crap, no one does

      • a 2 page letter defending yourself over a comment or two during an interview (not a personal attack) is a little over dramatic.

        • A@ronW,

          A comment or two from someone as powerful as Cameron in Hollywood can kill an up and coming person’s career.


  13. @ rob
    i don’t know about that. Would you say the same if jimmy page said that about vanilla ice?

  14. I think it’s well known I don’t like Cameron but for the first time in his carer I’m on his side. P3D is trash pure and simple. It’s hard to bash someones creativity when they didn’t actually have any. I’m not be a fan but go James go. I like when people are willing to speak their mind. James doesn’t have to worry about being black balled and is free to speak the truth with out risking his carer.

    • so, Canton was just defending himself daniel, doesnt he deserve the right to fire back and speak his mind? its freedom of speech.

  15. I’m siding with Cameron. But not for the reasons you think.

    First off, Cameron’s short lived experience on Piranha 2 was not a good one. He was given the job, and fired a few days after arriving in Italy. Not for any footage he shot, but because the people behind the film ( not Roger Corman) simply didn’t want him, and only “used his name” for contract purposes. This is well known and documented. So when asked about what he feels about the new movie, it conjures up a sore spot with him. The fact that the film he was fired off of became a “3-D movie” (flying killer fish) and misused the 3-D format should also be taken into account. In other words, I think Cameron was misquoted or misunderstood. Almost a full year before Avatar came out, there was My Bloody Valentine, a remake shot in 3-D. I thought it had strengths- and it’s no less exploitive than the new Piranha film. But that didn’t cheapen the 3-D process.

    Cameron is not in the wrong here. He was talking about the Piranha film he was involved with for that short time and what was added to “cheapen it”. It makes no sense for him to blast a film he hasn’t seen. I’m sure some of you will disagree with me. But in a place hungry for soundbites, the answer was clearly, in my view, taken out of context.

  16. Right because RT is the end all be all of movies. P3D is pure crap it’s the definition of a bad film. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber got good reviews doesn’t make their so called music any better it’s still crap.

    • Wow, I am finding myself agreeing with you more and more, Daniel!! I fail to see how music personalities (because they sure as hell aren’t MUSICIANS) become so popular with so little actual talent. Lady Gag and Justin Puber are just awful. Just as Piranha 3-D is a movie that looked like garbage before it was even released. My opinion.

      • @”I fail to see how music personalities (because they sure as hell aren’t MUSICIANS) become so popular with so little actual talent.”

        Actually Gaga having talent is more or less a fact, and not an opinion. Just look at the accomplishments she’s made and being around for just a couple years. She’s won two grammys, performed for the Queen of England, has one of the largest fanbases for any musician, has many well-respected executives saying she on her way to becoming the next Michael Jackson (Yes, that’s a good thing. Regardless of your opinion on him.), has sold the most albums for a solo artist, and 7 number 1 singles.

        Whether or not you like her is irrelevant. And yes, she IS a musician. People just bash her because she’s different. Society always attacks those who are different first.

  17. There’s blood in turnips?

  18. Anthony yes he has every riGht I’m not bashing the guy for defending himself at all. My comment was simply that James Cammeron is right and I agree with him. At least as far as P3D being crap. I don’t like his stance on 3D and I think he is hurting the industry by supporting it. However he’s right about the crappy film.

  19. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. For me, I agree Cameron. I’m not going to be one of you jackasses and bash Avatar because I loved it. Every second of it. Whether or not the story wasn’t very original, everything was effective to me. The 3D was the best in any movie, so far, the special effects were amazing (say what you want about the “Ferngully” s***) and it was just a very well made movie.

    I have yet to see Pirana 3D and it probably will be a movie that I won’t see until it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray. I’m honestly not even too thrilled about it. I am 20 years old and would much rather watch James Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” rather than some crap movie that is just using 3D as a cash grabber and stunt. I would rather watch a drama, thriller or a sci-fi movie like Avatar in 3D if I had to.

    This is just my opinion. And I have grown quite sick of people bashing Avatar when obviously it has done something right. It has made over 2 billion dollars worldwide. If you don’t like it, don’t see it. Just like I won’t see Pirana 3D.

    • Sin,

      So anyone who doesn’t like Avatar is a jackass? Really? A movie making a crapload of money doesn’t automatically make it great cinema (Transformers 2).

      Watch the name calling – doesn’t exactly open up things for intelligent debate.


      • That’s not exactly what I meant. I’m talking about the people who talk about it being a rehash of “Ferngully” and “Dances With Wolves”. If someone can intelligently give me reasons why Avatar was bad without using words like, “Ferngully”, “Dances With Wolves” and “blue people” then feel free. But, after Avatar came out there were a lot of people judging it like that and it doesn’t seem fair for the movie.

        I’ll admit the story wasn’t the best, but it was not as bad as most make it out to be. And if anyone wants to compare Avatar to Piranha and say that Piranha was the better of the two, they are completely insane.

        Everyone IS allowed to their own opinion of course, just people have to learn to not be so ignorant and remember that there are people reading what you’re writing who does/did enjoy that movie you are blasting.

        And my opinion is that if I had the option to see either Avatar or Piranha in 3D, I would choose Avatar any day. And I did yesterday when I saw the re-release.

        P.S. I think I might be one of the few who enjoyed Transformers 2 for what it is, a popcorn flick. It’s not the best movie in the world, but it isn’t boring (in my opinion).

        • Once again, I would choose a James Stewart or Cary Grant movie over most of the stuff that comes out nowadays though.

          • I actually liked Avatar, i regret not seeing it in theaters when i had the chance. But mostly i didnt go because of how long it was, how many people would be there, and wasn’t sure if id be interested in it after reading what it was about. But i rented it on dvd and enjoyed it and then bought the dvd. Sadly it’s not showing again in 3D in a theater near me. I went to see Piranha 3D cause i was bored and already seen Expendables twice and was surprised i liked Piranha more than i thought id would. I never saw the original yet cause my video store doesnt have it to rent and before Piranha 3D i only seen Piranha 2 which to me was awful.

        • Sin,

          I don’t think anyone is saying Piranha 3D is better than Avatar. And what’s wrong with comparing a film to other films that have come before it that have extremely similar plot lines?

          You want a critique without naming those films? The plot was simplistic, predictable and had shallow characters who were stereotypes. Visually it was amazing, sure – but that’s it. What it had going for it beyond that is that a couple of the actors were likeable.


  20. I’m completely with James Cameron on this matter.

  21. Piranha 3D was awesome but it did have gimmicky 3D parts such as stuff flying out of the screen, etc. However, I think that if Cameron say the movie he would have a more positive opinion of it.

  22. Let’s be honest, Cameron is arrogant. He is talented, he is smart, but he is a piece of crap when it comes to his ego. I have not seen P3D, but it looks like it does it’s job as a film…to entertain with blood, and camp, and nudity. If it achieves it’s goal it is a good film to me. Like Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell, it was supposed to be grotesque and silly at the same time. If you take it as more than that it is a crap movie, but because it does it’s job is is a GREAT movie.

  23. My favorite line: “DISTRICT 9, for example, which probably cost the amount of AVATAR’s craft services budget, but totally rocked it in the movie theatre and in the marketplace.”

  24. I liked Piranha and I liked Avatar. Oh nos, what I going to do!!!!

  25. Avatar was an unoriginal mess that only made money because of it’s special effects. The story was about as exciting as as watching paint dry. In terms of story, it could have been written by any schmuck. Cameron hasn’t had an original idea since Terminator. 3D is a cheap gimmick used to bring in people on the fringe of the expected audience. I quote George Lucas (pre-Episode 1) who said “A special effect is a tool, a means of telling a story. A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.” That quote pretty much sums up what Avatar was. Cameron has had some sort of God-complex since he made Titanic. People with the means to make anything and everything they want end up making movies that aren’t that great. Most of the greatest films of all time are just as famous for having productions riddled with problems in the budget and schedule. These films are great not because they are made by so and so, but because the stories are so great. Special effects are, in many cases, compensation for a lack of a good story. So instead of taking the more sensible (aka harder) approach, they overcompensate with over-the-top effects to stupify the audience. In short, Cameron is nothing more then a 56 year old man baby.

    • Funny that you quote George Lucas because for the prequels it was the SFx that were top notch and the story and acting well below the levels of the originals.

      • George Lucas fell victim to what he warned about using special effects as a gimick with no story .i loved the original trilogy but the star wars movies from 1999 on were a major disapointment.

        • however that does not make his original point less valid.

  26. Why do we care what Cameron says about others in the industry when he has also been critized by the industry as well in the past. His statement certainly doesn’t change anything either in my life or in Hollywood…I see there is quite a bit of disdain for Cameron from some of the comment above but even though he just a wlking ego he does speak some truth..

    Why should I have to pay 13.00 dollars for campy fun? This is a big example of what’s wrong with 3D..quantity over quality…

  27. Cammy isnt god of cinema, 3D or anything, if ie was he woudnt have been beaten out by his ex wife at the oscars

  28. meant he, not ie LOL

  29. Personally, I am siding with Cameron on this-for the most part. I think there is a place for 3-D in movies if it is done in a way that enhances the viewing experience-much like what Avatar did. However, all this post–production BS just to milk an extra $5 out of the moviegoer is BS. I, for one, will not be seeing ANY more films in 3-D simply because I found the glasses annoying and the expense ridiculous. If it ever gets to the point that our in house consipiratorist 790 has said where we will only get 3-D as an option, that is when I will stop going to the movies.

    • people forget 3-D was created as a gimick to draw people in problem with 3-D now is it is used to jack up ticket prices.previous 3-D crazes did not raise prices for 3-D showings.and 3-D was not used in as many movies like it is now.the new overused,mostly unnecessary thing in hollywood with the remake is the 3-D movie.
      the way films are made will favor the 3-D process making potentally making the people who choose the 2-D versions when and if they are available seeing a movie that would be better if 3-D was not part of what the picture is about.