James Cameron Teases ‘Avatar 2′ Plot & Setting Details

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james cameron avatar 2 James Cameron Teases Avatar 2 Plot & Setting Details

We’ve still got three years (at the time of writing this) until Avatar 2 actually hits theaters. However, seeing how it is the sequel to the unadjusted highest-grossing release in the history of motion pictures – and also the film that truly got the modern 3D craze going – any news concerning the project is worth reporting on.

Avatar universe mastermind James Cameron recently touched on the topic of whether or not Sigourney Weaver will return for the followup – and now, he’s offered a few additional hints about the film, with respects to matters such as plot, scope, and the (extraterrestrial) settings that will be explored.

It’s long been known that Avatar 2 aims to explore the oceans of Pandora to some degree – though, how much of the movie will actually take place underwater remains to be seen. Cameron isn’t spilling any juicy details about that just yet, but he is willing to talk preliminary information (re: the basics).

Here is what Cameron told Nightline, on that subject:

“['Avatar 2'] is on Pandora. Well, I’m really writing the second and third films together, so it completes a kinda three film story arc. And we will see the oceans of Pandora, which we haven’t seen at all and that’s an ecosystem that I’m dying to start designing because it’s going to look spectacular… ['Avatar 2'] narrows the spotlight instead of just nature in general or the rainforest. It focuses it a little more on ocean issues, because we have a planet that’s a blue planet. From a distance, you look at it, the Earth is a lot more blue than it is, you know brown, the land mass. We’re making the oceans unsurvivable for a lot of the species right now. For a lot or reasons. It’s just a way to focus a little energy in that direction.”

On the topic of the tone and style of the Avatar sequel:

“I think it’s just a continuation of the same thing [from the first film]. I want people to feel that same sense of excitement about that world [Pandora]. You know, the fictional Na’vi people and I want them to feel that excitement of discovery of a new world that they’re going to see things that they haven’t imagined. All that sort of the perk package of the first movie is still going to be there. And the themes will be there and be played out in a way that I think people can accept… I’m not going to become more strident. I’m not going to say, ‘well, we got away with this much environmental content in the first movie, now there’s double.’ Because I think that would be a mistake. It has to be entertainment first and foremost.”

avatar 2 details James Cameron Teases Avatar 2 Plot & Setting Details

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) in Na'vi form in 'Avatar'

While Cameron’s Avatar may not have blown away moviegoers with its storyline – which (essentially) amounted to a sci-fi allegorical version of Dances with Wolves, mixed with elements of an environmentally-conscious parable along the lines of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest – no one denies that the film’s colorful alien world of Pandora is an impressive sight to behold.

So, if Cameron can devise more of an unconventional narrative to go with the cutting-edge visuals and truly epic action in his Avatar sequels, then moviegoers will have all the more reason to take a return trip to that particular fantastical cinematic landscape… especially since Pandora’s oceans should also make for some truly delicious eye candy.


Avatar 2 is tentatively scheduled to hit U.S. theaters around Christmas 2014, followed by Avatar 3 a year later.

Source: Nightline

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  1. UGgggggggggggh

  2. Somehow the humans will be to blame AGAIN for all that is bad in the universe.

    • That’s because humans are resposible for all the bad stuff in our part of the galaxy

    • just look at all the garbage we are leaving out in space right now. That debrie is just floating around in orbit.

  3. Perhaps Cameron will put some sort of unsinkable shipping vessel in dire peril after it strikes a water substance in a frozen state in these oceans of Pandora.

  4. Let the haters hate. I think Avatar 2 will be a great movie. And i think James Cameron will do a better job with the story line.
    And i can’t wait to see how much further he can push the technology boundary. Just look at Rise of the planet of the Apes. Weta digital is the best visual effects company in my opinion. Then comes ILM in 2nd place.

  5. How interesting that so many on this site hold a “coservative ” view of society and the world in general. It’s transparent at first. Is it because Vic is a right wing conservative who has no problem mixing his tea party politics with this site? I’ve also noticed there’s a lot of totalitarian type of control on these message boards. Interesting as it is antithetical to those on the right who tout First Amendment and Constitutional rights.
    If that’s the case I’ll make my voice known!
    Many here seem not to be thrilled with Cameron and Avatar. Well that’s cool but one must remember that Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time? Does that matter ? Maybe it does when so many on these threads argue as to which film will make more money; TDKR or The Avengers?
    The success of Avatar helped pave the way for both of those films. From an industry / business and technological perspective.
    I think it’s cool that Cameron cares enough about the world we all live in. Better to take responsibility rather than deny and take the easy way out.

    MOS 2013 !!!!!

    • Seriously, who let the hippie in? Hippie, first off it’s spelled “conservative.” Secondly, Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time because it was in 3D, and everyone paid an extra half of a ticket price for that experience. Adjust your list for inflation and Avatar won’t even make the top ten. So before you spout your liberal bias on a thread about a fictional movie, do some research. Now, I’m glad that Cameron addresses environmental concerns with this film series, but I’d be much more glad if he took half of the profits and gave them to an environmental charity. Now, let me spout my jokes and let people have an opinion without bringing politics into the thread. There are plenty of liberal blogs around for that kind of nonsense.

      In the wise words of the prophet Cartman, “Hippies.They’re everywhere. They wanna save the earth, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.”

    • Kryptonic,

      1. There are Conservatives commenting here? Good! The internet is rife with Progressives.

      2. I barely even write for the site any more and I would love to see a bunch of examples of ARTICLES written on the site that emphasize “Tea Party politics.”

      3. If you’re referring to my personal comments on the site, then I will point out how much your side embraces “free speech” – until it disagrees with your opinions.

      4a. As to “totalitarian control” and the First Amendment and Constitutional rights – along with most of your pals, you can’t differentiate between the fact that applies to the government not being allowed to censor you and the privately owned property that is a website, which means I have every right to determine what is posted here.

      4b. The only moderating we do is that which related to the rules posted above the comment box: “No profanity or personal attacks.” You yourself have violated one of those in the past.

      4c. Obviously I’m an evil dictator, who squashes every opinion here I don’t agree with. Oh… wait. Your comment is still here. Weird.

      5. If you don’t like it here, go read movie news among those who agree with you over at HuffPo.com.

      Have a nice day,


      • Way to go Vic

      • Vic, you the man.

      • Get ‘em, Vic!!!

      • Vic for President!!!

        • haha

      • Vic your responses are always EPIC :)

        • Vic is a BEAST! Way to man up! XD

      • Let’s get it, Vic!! Crushin all dese wankstas!!


      • Vic, I came here randomly for info on the upcoming Avatar movies and will return because you have shown me and others that common sense is not dead, even when dealing with hypocritical liberals. I SALUTE YOU!

    • You do know that James Cameron is one of those “evil millionaires” right? I’m surprised you are not ranting about him not paying 90% of his income to the government. I wonder if Cameron’s car(s) are all electric? How about his jet(s)? I’m sure he doesn’t have any leather products or eat meat, right? Give me a break! This is a fictional movie, one that, as the article said, put 3D on the map. This has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with entertainment.

      And Vic rarely posts on these threads; he’s too busy running the site. Also, I don’t know where you get your info from but 95% of the time he’s not even talking politics.

    • Agree with you,Thanks !

  6. Stop spouting nonsense, liberal human-hater. We don’t want your kind here.

  7. I rest my case.

    • Dude, you got issues.

  8. I’m pretty sure the success of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight paved the way for The Dark Knight Rises… Avatar came out in 2009. Batman Begins was 2005 and The Dark Knight was 2008.

    • agreed. to say avatar paved the way for anything except 3d is just asenine.

      • Considering that TDKR is not in 3D and it was using IMAX cameras before Avatar even came I see no way in the slightest how it could’ve influenced TDKR… Avengers, maybe. It was gonna make money 3D or not, but I don’t remember if it’s been shot in 3D or post converted to be viewed in 3D…

  9. Also, it’s the highest form of irony that Avatar has such a blatant anti-corporate and anti-technology message. Without the funding of a major corporation and the advancement of computer technology, the movie would not have been possible. I probably would have actually liked it if it didn’t get so preachy.

    • It reminded me of the Wall-E DVD…the case was made from recyclable materials, but when you opened it, all sorts of paper advertisements from Pixar and Disney spilled onto the floor. The movie was about our planet having excess trash, and what did they fill the DVD with? Trash.

      • Lets not forget the fact we are still exploiting dead mediums because the film world is scared of binary pirates. CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and everything else yet to be released as format trends surface, are dead mediums. Digital downloads and portable memory for home entertainment systems is the future, but it should be the past by now. It’s all 1011001100 anyway. Take kindle for example………

    • Master Extractor,

      EXCELLENT point which I’ve brought up myself in the past.


    • I laughed at the fact a human turned on his own kind. Especially since he was in the military. I enjoyed the 3D but the plot and the preaching took away from what could have been a great action movie and visual masterpiece.

      • I hated that part when Sully gave the pep rally speech. It was awful especially because he was in the military like you said.

        I have nothing against Cameron. I love his Terminator movies. Aliens is awesome as we all know. Hell, I even like Titanic. But Avatar, with its emphasis on spectacle over substance and overly preachy story did nothing for me.

  10. Avatar 2 will def have like a giant whale type thing the size of a continent. oh SPOILER!!! I forgot to put spoiler first sorry :(

  11. @ B List

    Yeah I should spell it NEO Consevative. Right wing zealot. Hippie, LOL. You people are worse than I thought. You sound like the church lady. Love how you use tired and predictable cliches. Funny that you condescend hippies yet you use one as your avatar pic.

    • Again it is “conservative.” Seriously, if you’re going to take the time to write it, spell it right. That’s two times with two incorrect spellings. Next issue, that’s an actual picture of me. I am no hippie. I bathe, use deodorant with aluminum in it, and have a job. And I’m starting to think you had a college professor who brainwashed you. I have no problem with a political debate, in the correct forum, but you seem to think this is place. This is Screenrant, a place for fans of television and movies go to complain and compliment but mostly complain.

      • Way to go B-List

      • You know, I’m not into porn but you’re becoming one of my heroes. :-D

      • lol, yo i love this site!! you guys rock (Kryptonic not included)!! lol, i laughed so hard when he tried to crack his “NEO ‘consevative’” joke…that made my night, lol…

    • are you 12? just curious.

  12. It really annoys me when people keep going on about how ‘Avatar’ had a weak story…and no, I’m not one of those fan boys that thinks ‘Avatar’ was the greatest film of all time; in fact, I preferred ‘Sherlock Holmes’ to ‘Avatar’. But my point is that James Cameron wrote the script 10 years ago, remember? 10 years ago it would have been a very original idea and a very relevant one (although, you could argue that the idea is just as relevant today), that’s why I believe ‘Avatar 2′ and ‘Avatar 3′ will be so much better, because he’s writing them in modern times and so the films will be able to deal with current issues.

    • To me its not so much weak, as it a pretty good, its just a story that has been used plenty of times before. But I kinda agree or hope you are right and the 2nd and 3rd films have a better story.

    • Just for reference, Triad, the two movies commonly referenced as being ripped off by Avatar, Dances with Wolves and Ferngully were released in 1990 and 1992 respectively, both well before your “10 years ago” which would’ve put it written in 1999.

    • I am forced to wonder if there is something more at work here. This story has been used again and again and again. Has this become a modern mythology (loads of ancient myths used over-done elements)? Do we feel some kind of guilt over what we did in the past? Or simply, does this story keep getting told because this sort of thing kept happening over and over and over agin throughout history? Who knows…

  13. I love how some of you think Cameron is so “green”. How much oil and electricity was burned making Avatar?? Hmmmm? You think Cameron and his crew are all driving electric cars? Dont think so. Is he putting in thousands of man hours to complete the CGI using wind energy? Again, not likely. Now Im not one of those people that think the earth is getting warmer and we are all killing each other due to driving cars that burn good ol gasoline, but is is funny to me that the people that preach green are the ones that violate it the most. But nothing against Avatar or Cameron as far as making a sequel goes. The first one was entertaining and Im sure the sequel will be too.

  14. @ Vic

    I’m glad that you make no bones about your politics. Your reply summarized the points that I outlined .

    One of the things that is “unique” about this site is that there are many on these threads that feel “entitled.” There’s a mentality that feels it’s okay to bully and intimidate. You yourself portay this attitude. I find it very interesting and will enjoy my experiences on this site. Have a ” nice” day and see ya @ the debates 2nite. Go Cain !!!!!

  15. UGgggggggggggggggggggggggg

  16. Let me stay on topic here as I WILL adhere to mr Hoffman’s protocols.

    AVATAR: Many don’t like the politics of Avatar but it sure does have people talking! It’s worthy enough to be a news item, isn’t it?
    Dislike the movie but USE it as a headline

    To be more specific about JAMES CAMERON. Forget about Avatar and focus on Cameron. When it comes to films like TDKR and Avengers, they’re using technology that Cameron has pioneerd since The Abyss and T2. Lucas, Speilberg, Cameron. This is all elementary. It was Cameron who industrialized CGI in film like no other. The Abyss and then T2. I would imagine Christopher Nolan was in school when Cameron was filming The Abyss. And now add to that his 3D innovations that, no doubt , The Avengers film will utilize and build upon.

    Once again , Vic , thanks for being so charming. I’m not easily intimidated. Not by you or your bullies.
    Until next time , as Hannibal Lecter would say, ta ta. K.

    • Kryptonic,

      Just as you completely ignored the salient points made by another commenter (to go with Cameron’s message, why didn’t he donate half his $300MM to charity? Hell, how about $290MM, how much does the man need, right?) I see you also completely failed to respond to my calling you out on your baseless accusations. Again, typical: Make accusations/false statements – when called on them, ignore it and move on to more baseless accusations.

      Best regards,


  17. @ Vic

    Mr Hoffman; this is your house. Understand that I respect that and YOU. It was not my intention to cause a stir. I made a few observations and things got heated. Also , please note that I followed your protocol. I was attacked. I was provoked.
    I think you have a top notch site. Obviously you run a tight ship on these boards. Cool. But I won’t be the one to condescend. If others follow your rules I would hope I will not be attacked for simply stating my opinions while sticking to your code of conduct.
    I actually think it’s pretty cool that you personally reply to those who post. Cool.
    Please take no offense. I sense that others have made up their minds about me. That’s fine.
    I could answer some of your questions but it would be difficult to be precise through a thread.
    Very much a pleasure to reply to you.
    Sincerely and respectfully , K.

    • Kryptonic,

      Cool. Thanks.


  18. I loved AVATAR, I love most of Cameron’s films.
    I don’t think he was spouting anti-corporate, sacrifice everything and go live in a tree. In the film the corporation and its headman are the bad guys as has been the case in countless films.

    Sure the film has a conservation message but it’s more of awareness mixed in with entertainment and not meant to be taken to the extremes where so many find it offensive for some unknown reason. The bottom lione of conservation is to make small gradual changes to preserve the world we live in. Years ago recycling was unheard of but gradually it has become part of our daily lives and no one is the worse for it and most of us don’ty even notice or are bothered by it. By awareness it just motivates some to take action, regardless how small. I’m a conservative politically and I don’t take offense.

    Also, any millionaire donating all his money to charity wouldn’t make much of a difference worldwide environmentally. As it isn’t the money the principal thing but rather our actions. And I for one would rather be made aware like this and adjust my habits rather than have the government force them on me
    I’m rambling so let me get off my soap box and back to my SUV. Just enjoy the films and the fantasy world we’re being introduced to :)

    • I agree, especially about money. Throwing money into charity isn’t effective enough.

      If people want filmmakers to stop being so preachy, then maybe they should actually do something other than complain. They keep making these movies because there is still rampant exploitation of the environment (i read the movie as anti-exploitation). And it is small things that make a difference: take shorter showers, use florescent bulbs, use Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Safe Seafood Guide (scientist say that if we continue our current practices, we will have completely depleted the oceans by 2050). You don’t have to give up all your stuff and live in a tree (which Cameron says wasn’t the message he was trying to convey).

      Going back to science, we can better preserve our world without sacrificing too much if we understand it better. And yet scientists are reviled in this country as pointy-headed intellectuals who don’t care about people. They see science as useless enterprise that is based on opinions instead of cold hard data. For f**ks sake, Rick Perry and his administration actually edited the content of a scientific paper on climate change because it conflicted with their ideology. If we focused more effort on finding sustainable technology and less on bombing brown people and fighting for more deregulation, we can make progress that will allow us to live longer, healthier, and most importantly, preserve this planet for future generations.

      And just like you, i’ll get off the soapbox and enjoys the movie. I enjoyed the first movie for it’s action and it’s world. I’ll wait for the actual trailers before i form any opinions about the 2nd one.

  19. Why is Avatar 2 being released so late from the first and so close to the third?

    • B/c it’s gonna take a while to do all the mo-cap work and effects, but it won’t take Cameron as long as he did on the first film. The second and third are being released close together b/c they’ll be shot back to back.

  20. Avatar 2 for the plot – No thanks.
    Avatar 2 for the 3D – Alright.

  21. I loved Avatar and I greatly look forward to Avatar 2. However, hereing that James Cameron is going to be writing the sequels back-to-back makes me somewhat worried that it isn’t going to be as awesome as the first movie. In the past, movies that have been back-to-back weren’t anywhere as good the first (PofC 2 & 3, Matrix Reloaded and Revolution). Oh well, at least, I’ll have Avatar to enjoy :)

    • Lord of the Rings: Two Towers was better than Lord of the Rings: Fellowship.

      • That’s true in as far as it goes “Kahless” but then The Lord of the Rings was already considered to be somewhat of a masterpiece of writing (or at least of composition) well before anybody tried to make three movies back-to-back.

        The point being that LotR wasn’t written specifically for the screen, or even with cinema in mind.

  22. I thought the graphics in Avatar were terrible, especially skin texture.

  23. I’m sorry, I don’t have anything to say about “Avatar” or James Cameron. But this has hands-down been the best comments thread I’ve ever read on this site!! That whole “Vic-Kryptonic” thing made me feel like i was listening to a rap battle or something, lol!! In which Kryptonic was crushed as surely as “Ether” crushed the “The Takeover” (Jay-Z being my favorite rapper aside…but i digress…)

  24. @ Kahless

    FOTR is my favorite film of the three LOTR films..hands down..to me it is the film I enjoy the most..

    • I enjoyed all 3 but Return of the King was my favorite. To me, each iteration just got better and better.

  25. Please I’ll take a terrible james cameron flick any day over a christopher nolan, micheal bay or j.j. abrams movie. Cameron haters go watch G.I. Joe or transformers 2 again and leave cameron alone. I prefer the directors cut of avatar personaly. Its the first 3D movie that didnt have god awful ghosting in it, cameron deserves a little credit, despite that it had problems in the 3D department, at least it wasnt on the level of jaws 3 3D.
    The only terrible bit of writing was calling the rock unobtanium, lucas has midiocloreans, cameron has unobtanium. jeeeeeesh. cameron wrote it and didnt make a reboot film and at least has had an original idea in his brain. cmon lol. unless you want to complain its a reboot of smurfs while in your coke induced haze. go back to watching transformers 2 kids.
    Its not camerons finest work, but its not god awful on the level of cloverfield,etc. I’d watch this before batman ninja spam charisma bale begins anyday.

  26. Mr. Cameron you are a Genius!!! People (especially Americans) want to run, if not hide from the truth! What you did with Avatar was to reveal the arrogant, greedy & fear of the unknown spirit that lives in most of us. It was exciting as well as informative, but mainly it “SHOULD” have caused all who viewed it to look within ourselves, through a truthful eye and pray for a change mentally, emotionally and a heart that’s willing to love and embrace all! I am an actor and I love to be challenged as an actor. Most importantly, I love movies that challenges the mind, body and soul, like you did in Avatar! I’m sure you will do the same (if not more) in Avatar 2 & 3. Take care and God bless!

  27. Mr. Cameron, we need you to use “Belo Monte” as the next Avatar story plot!!!! Please we need to stop this project!!!!! I URGE YOU TO WATCH THIS VIDEO: http://vimeo.com/14536995

  28. While my nomadic heart and soul cheer on for Avatar, my analytical mind writhes in disgust at the reality behind the film.

    First, the Avatar pros called out to natural innocence and purity. Not many people remarked on this but I found one scene quite sobering. It was when the Skypeople witnessed the destruction they unleashed, showing how a few actors played that scene pitch-perfect with their stifled emotions. This scene goes against that hippy or liberal drivel that states that all corporates are evil. Still, the corps went thru with it, much like most modern people and their employers and/or employees do nowadays.

    As I see it, most of the personnel were just performing their jobs to provide for their families. Even the head honcho (who btw acted very well to make me hate his character) of the Pandora Unobtanium (clever, punful name for a materialistic object of want/need, showcasing that in the end all material objects are never obtained, even if they are obtained, only at a price and never last) mining operation still answers to higher-ups in the company and the shareholders back on Earth or whatever the government they’re part of (never really fleshed out, mentioned “some mean bush” in Nigeria by Steven Lang’s character, so mostly Earth-based, I reckon).

    Second, the Avatar cons stem from the awareness, and for some, realization, from whence this 3D extravaganza was achieved – the very corporate sector bashed in the film that provided such cutting-edge technology that allowed to completely immerse audiences into the escapist, idyllic, Eden-like world in the first place. This gets to another crucial point I’m going to make – all in all, Avatar is a very disturbingly hypocritical piece of work. More than just scraping up a tally on hypocrisy, Avatar wrenches at the guts by offering a cathartic conclusion to the story (victorious natives Na’vi and world brought back into balance) that serves to quell our collective guilt and conscience rather than propel them into action. I’d much rather liken a grim ending with the victorious Skypeople and native Na’vi brought into utter submission and destruction of will to fight – that is what really happened in history, time and time again (check Trail of Tears or Bury my heart at wounded knee). The success stories are far and away.

    Perhaps this archetype story arc is so prevalent in films like Ferngully, Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves because such stories occurred in a rare set of cases or ideal fictional cases, in contrast to what happened overwhelmingly in majority of historical, authentic cases. That’s why I liked Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto much better than Avatar – both were equally preachy, but one aspired to be more brazenly truthful while the other towards the idealistic. Also, District 9 was far more original in its execution of this archetype’s story arc, imho.

    Herein lies the problem of the modern world and society. How to progress and move on living on this planet (and others, ifwe’re lucky) sustainably and preferably independently and self-sufficiently yet collaboratively, peacefully, and in accord with one another?

    I don’t have an answer to that – I am no genius or prophet – I’m equally torn between my current reality of being a cog in the greater machine of modern society and modes of employment and aspiring to idealism of a more traditional mode of lifestyle and operation. As of now, I would like to establish myself financially stable first, then work on becoming self-sufficient and as least dependent on others or society as I can possibly make myself. At the same time, I would aim to be always ready with a helping hand and open invitation to friendship and dinner to all who wish successful, productive lives. Still, I can not ignore the reality that there are individuals out there to harm others, and that there are entire institutions set up to enslave you financially (loans, credit, interest rates) to have as much control over how your life is run as possible. To me, the real enemy of humanity has not changed from day one. It is the greatest trick of the Devil that he perfected in modern times – that he doesn’t exist, everything is chance, and just go out and enjoy yourself with no worry or care for this life or the next. One doesn’t have to look far for examples – any Lady Gaga or Keisha or Jay Z “music” video would fast persuade one of current moral degradation and media direction of shaping new Satanic societal norms. Again, voices against this mainstream garbage are either spread thin (The Offspring “cruelest dream – reality” epic line, Everlasting, Immortal Technique) or are dying out (great Johnny Cash, especially his last single “Hurt”, very poignant).

    Thus, as the escapist ploy in Avatar urges me to do, I sometimes just wish to abandon all, live a simple life out on the American Great Plains or the Eurasian steppes with just my family, and the cattle, sheep, and horses for subsistence, beholden to nobody, yet immediately helpful to anybody with friendly and good intentions towards me and my family. But then, I know there are borders and land rights and farmers backed by government-subsidized corporations scraping for each and every inch of land away from independent, small-time farmers, ranchers, or nomads (China and East Turkestan/Uyghurstan/Xianjiang and Inner Mongolia provinces). It’s sad to find the current state of the world and US, when founding fathers like George Washington imagined a completely different vision for the great American experiment with freedom.

    But perhaps that is the beauty and curse of the human condition – knowing full well our presence is destined to end for both our mortal selves and that of our world. And perhaps the greatest capacity human beings possess (is not love, honor, or other silly, overused conceptual tropes) but only that of redemption and the transformative power it holds. As long as movies like Avatar tug at our heartstrings and compel us to redeem ourselves, time and time again, we still stay human.

    And yes I’m a young spiritually guided (hopefully sufficiently devout) man in a world all for breaking every rule, law, moral, and tradition out there with globalism and all other poisonous -isms, if you haven’t figured THAT out by now ;D

    I’m also against conservatism, nationalism, or traditionalism as well, they seem just reactionary to me (not to mention very useful tools for Divide & Conquer strategy). I just stick to the original source material for best humane interaction and lifestyle (Ten Commandments, three holy books, other spiritual work, literary classics) and aim to be as best a human being as I can be, which I deem what all religions preach to anyways, since they all came from a singular cosmic source, whatever be its name, entity, or conceptualization. Our limited human minds can grasp only so much. And later generations will understand more than we ever do now anyways.

    Who knows, but maybe every our action, spoken word or utterance, are after all physically represented as vibrations and all vibrations travel throughout the 3-dimensional fabric of currently recognized universe and end up sooner or later in black holes and other deep reaches of space – maybe those black holes and nebulae are like cosmic recording devices of the Big Bang Creation Entity, whether it’s called God, Jehovah, Diu, Bog, Khoda, or Allah? Who knows, nobody knows, but the coding for goodness/innate recognition of good and bad and redemption back towards goodness is undeniable in our human condition (whether the etiology is genes, soul, or whatever remains to be determined or may forever remain undetermined). Uncertainty is an ever-present component of human condition. Anyways, that’s enough for my screen rant…

    Best regards, peace
    PS: In b4 wall-o-text crits u over 9k troll posts :P
    Flame on! We Didn’t Start the Flame War: http://www.collegehumor.com/video/3980096/we-didnt-start-the-flame-war

  29. AVATAR is the best movie of all time i loved it i cant wait for the second and thrid to come out