James Cameron Entering the Abyss for Science & Avatar 2 Ideas

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James Cameron Avatar 21 James Cameron Entering the Abyss for Science & Avatar 2 Ideas

James Cameron wowed audiences with high-flying 3D action in Avatar – many of the film’s premiere action scenes were set in the clouds of Pandora, the Hallelujah Mountains, or on the back of Banshees.

However, it’s looking increasingly likely that, as we reported back in April, Avatar 2 will also showcase the oceans of Pandora.

The Australian reports that Australian engineers are hard at work on a “deep sea vessel” that would enable Cameron to shoot 3D for Avatar 2 – at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. With the vessel, Cameron and company could shoot 3D in theĀ Mariana Trench (West of the Philippines) a 2, 500 kilometer trench – and the deepest spot of Earth, with known depths exceeding 11 kilometers below the ocean’s surface.

Cameron wasn’t shy about his trip to the Mariana Trench, which is tentatively scheduled for later this year:

“We are building a vehicle to do the dive. It’s about half-completed in Australia.”

That said, the director wasn’t quite as open to Pandora-related speculation about the trip – asserting the dive is intended to raise environmental awareness – not necessarily part of Avatar 2 pre-production.

According to The Australian, the submersible will be a “two-seater, finned cylinder fitted with the latest 3D cameras and a heating system.”

There has only been one successful manned descent into the Mariana Trench, in 1960 by the United States Navy deep-sea submersible, Trieste. Upon reaching the trench, the crew were surprised to see vertebrate life including Shrimp, as well as a type of Flatfish (they speculated could have been Sole or Flounder) – because of the depth (estimated atĀ 10,916 meters deep).

Trieste Mariana Trench James Cameron Entering the Abyss for Science & Avatar 2 Ideas

Whether or not the footage Cameron collects in the Mariana Trench will directly be used in Avatar 2 pre-production is debatable; however, it’s impossible to imagine that diving to the deepest point on the Earth isn’t going to give him some ideas.

Earth’s oceans are some of the most mysterious places on the planet (credit to BBC’s Planet Earth series); however, if Pandora’s forests are any indication, the oceans of the alien moon will probably put whatever Cameron finds at the bottom of the Mariana Trench to shame.

Until then, we’ll just have to settle for the upcoming Avatar: Special Edition DVD/Blu-ray releases.

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Source: The Australian [via The Playlist]

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  1. maybe he’ll get lost…one can hope lol

    • Wow Anthony I’m no fan of the genre bending that was done to describe “Avatar” by the critics and fans or the lack of exploit of the opportunity to tell a more awesome story but to wish he gets crushed or lost at sea?! That’s hard man, lol.

      I think I’d probably attempt to put together robot submersibles first. You never know what you could encounter at those depths. Perhaps a pocket deeper than encountered on the previous exploration! Could their be unknown monsters of the deep down there? Maybe not at the very bottom but who knows what could be just passing through…

      • um i never said anyhting about wanting him crushed LOL “lost” he what i said lol. and the fact there was the good ol’ lol at the end, i didnt thnk anyone would take me serious haha. and im sure there are still MANY mysteries of the ocean that have yet to be even tapped for discovery, its soo vast and a lot of it unexplored still

  2. I still say he should make Battle Angel first, then Avatar 2.

  3. Definitely sounds cool. Even if his shots aren’t for the movie. My favorite episode in the planet earth series is the ocean one.

  4. That’s awesome. It’s cool that he’s not using all his money to by a “phat” crib or some nice wheels lol. He’s using it to explore and possibly find ideas for new films. I don’t care what you all say. The man is good at what he does!!

    Personally, I’d like to see other things than just Pandora (eventually) in James Cameron’s Avatar universe! Maybe another moon or something?

    But, the seas of Pandora are sure to be filled with some interesting things lol.

  5. I don’t get the intense hate for Avatar. Yes, the story was very predictable and done before but he really did bring something new to cinema. I appreciated it. Hopefully he can bring us something more unique and creativ

    • I agree. The story was predictable, but very well told. That’s really all that matters nowadays.

      • I second that as well. I think most of the hate comes from the price tag. Most negative stuff said is: oh they spent 300 mil on ferngully. Ignoring anything else about the film. If cameron wouldn’t of made so much of titanic and it was a no name director i bet half the criticism wouldn’t be there.

    • Roguex,

      Wow, I hasd to do some editing on your comment and considered doing even more. “Lot rich bastards”? Really? Have you done research into how much wealthy people donate to charity? Cameron is a good man? I’ve heard and read LOTS to the contrary. I read an interview with him many, many years ago where he was asked what the average person was supposed to do if movie ticket prices kept climbing – and his answer was basically “so what?” It was like “let them eat cake” (you DO know what that means, right?) kind of answer.

      Also recently after saying pretty rude things about people who don’t believe in the whole global warming thing and saying he’d WELCOME the opportunity to debate some of the bigger folks on that side, he BACKED OUT at the last minute.

      I think he’s a egomaniac, personally.


      • wow Vic, i would have never thought we saw eye to eye on Cammy.

      • James Cameron IS an egomaniac. But, it is a well deserved ego in my mind Vic.

        Titanic, Avatar, Aliens of the Deep & Ghosts of the Abyss, True Lies, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Abyss, Aliens. With that list of movies, I say it’s a very well deserved ego. The man is brilliant and I don’t believe he has released one bad movie in the last what 20-30 years?

        I DO understand where you are coming from though Vic. But, I admire the man. Especially with this whole deep sea adventure thing he’s doing now.

        • I don’t care how talented someone is in any venue – arrogance is never a good thing. Many, many talented people in the world who are humble and that makes them all the more appealing as fellow human beings.


          • Okay Vic.
            I just really don’t care how arrogant or how big his ego is. As long as he keeps putting out these well made movies, I will keep seeing them. As will many other people.

            • southafricanguy,

              Wow, thanks SO much for educating me. I had NO idea how Hollywood or the world in general works. And to think I’m a grown man and this secret has escaped me all these years…

              Gee, let me see if I can think of ANY successful directors who are humble and just nice people in general who don’t seem to look down their noses at everyone they consider beneath them, including the very people who paid for the tickets who allowed them to make all the money they made.

              Jon Favreau
              Clint Eastwood
              Joss Whedon
              Edgar Wright
              Guillermo del Toro
              Peter Jackson (he made this little billion+ dolllar trilogy you may have heard of)

              I’m sure there are many others, but those were the first ones that came to mind.

              You don’t HAVE to be a douchebag to make it in Hollywood, although the town does seem to breed the type more often than not at every level of film production.

              Have a nice day,


              • Lol! Awesome Vic. You forgot the Coen brother, Tarantino (eccentric but still nice), and Sodeberg.

              • Vic. Usually, I respect peoples opinions and all.
                But, did you just seriously compare the likes of Jon Favreau, Edgar Wright and Joss Whedon to James Cameron? Clint, Guillermo and Jackson are all okay to be compared, but the other 3 aren’t really. I love the movies/shows Favreau & Whedon make, but come on they are nothing like anything Cameron has made.

                I do agree that you don’t have to be a “douchebag” to make it in Hollywood, but really he might be a “douchebag” at times, but at least he’s not spending all his money on material items like a lot of other celebrities. He spends his money working on new ideas and exploring the sea which is a hobby of his.

                I don’t really think Cameron is a “douchebag” per se. I honestly just think he doesn’t really think before he speaks.

                I agree with southafricanguy, but at the same time don’t. What matters is the movies he makes, not the things he says. But, at the same time he shouldn’t be saying some of the things he says. That’s where he doesn’t think before he speaks comes in.

                Sorry about my rant, but I just wanted to get my point out. Hopefully, you won’t rip me apart too much haha.

                • Sin,

                  Of course not. :)

                  My point is that I think it’s crap to give people a pass because they’re “so awesome” for WHATEVER reason. You can be successful and still treat people with respect and not be an arrogant SOB to boot.

                  I think it’s ridiculous to say “oh it’s OK if [insert name here] acts like a prick, they’re SO talented.”


                  • Haha.

                    Well, I agree with that totally. I just don’t let what he says overpower the films he makes. I don’t care what someone does or say. If they are a musician, filmmaker or movie star that I admire, then I will respect their works.

                    I feel the same way with Roman Polanski and he raped a girl 40 or so years ago (a little more serious that an over sized ego Lol). But, I respect the man tremendously for the films that he has made. And I’m sure if I think about it there are more people that I can list that I feel the same way about.


                  • Ummm, calm down Vic, I in no way educating you, or anyone else for that matter. Merely pointing out that much of the great art, and mavrick artists in various fields have been arrogant/egotistical/hard to deal with.

                    As Sin pointed out rather well, its kind of ridiculous to compare half of those names to Cameron as they have not pushed the technical side of film making through sheer force of will as Cameron has. So why bring them up when I was making the point about Mavericks in various fields. And my point still stands Vic, to push things in as risk averse an enviroment as Hollywood means you have to have insane belief in yourself to the point of arrogance.

                    Which of those directors you mentioned (sans Jackson) have taken such big gambles as Titanic (which lest us not forget Cameron gave up his salary and all profits to stop the studio cutting his budget for a film where everyone already knew the ending), or Avatar which was being laughed at after people saw the teaser trailer and has 10 foot tall blue cat people as the main characters? Or pushed FX ala The Abyss, T2, or Avatar? etc…

                    And heres one last question for you Vic, If Cameron is such a giant douchbag, then why are Del Toro, Jackson, and Soderbergh such good/close friends with him? What does that say about them then?

                    The only problem is your inability to seperate the work from the person who made it, which is fine if thats your thing, but for many of us, we are able to do that just fine.

                    And btw, there are many stories that have been told and recounted in various books and magazine articles about Eastwood being less than “a nice guy”…

                    • southafricanguy,

                      First, sorry for the tone – just don’t respond well to what I perceive to be condescension.

                      In answer to your “why are these guys friends with him” I’d say it’s because he considers them at his level, and not “the little people.”

                      I haven’t met any of the ones I listed except for Wright (briefly) and Favreau (who strikes me as a genuinely nice guy. Oh, and Whedon is being given this little movie to direct called The Avengers. 8)

                      I just think people, no matter what their accomplishments, shouldn’t elevate themselves above others in their own mind.

                      And for the record, some of my all time favorite movies have been directed by Cameron.



        • I always thought the whole deep sea thing was his brother’s oceanographic research company.



  8. Everytime theres a james cameron thread no matter what ppl start talking about HIM and not what hes done like tgey say they hate him or like him i think its pretty funny lol!

  9. LOL yeah same here i never thought vic thought this of cammy last i remember it sounded like vic defended cammy,but yeah.

  10. Well…I don’t have to share an apartment or neighborhood with the guy, and he does come off as a tad controversial and self centered. That being said, I really loved the Abyss and regardless of who it is that is undertaking the endevor, going into the trench and (hopefully) returning with true 3D shot footage is a pretty cool notion for those of us who enjoy diving and reviewing our own videos. I would presume at this point that if successful, the result may be an IMAX 3D documentary…who knows?
    I wish him luck and a safe return.

  11. Sin
    I agree,hes a brilliant guy,and ive just seen 2 of his movies lol! I havent had time/money to see his other films but i will im sure theyre good hes just a good director!

    • Go see the other dozen that he has made lol. They’re all fantastic!

  12. Yeah all i care about are the movies so all i want are more of his well made movies i dont care about him.

  13. James Cameron is building a sub so he can shoot a movie? And our nation is in an economic crisis???

  14. I don’t mean to come off as arbitrary or insensitive to the question of our current economic state, or your right to voice a VERY real concern, but sometimes even during tough times someone or other undertakes an endevor that will hopefully inspire us while taking our minds off of our concerns. I share your concern over the economy, but I’m kinda refreshed that the spirit of adventure and interest in the wonders of the planet we live on still carry importance and get our attention.

  15. No insult was intended Vic, I was merely just offering a very valid coun ter point and argument to yours…..

  16. Nice arguments!

  17. This all about cocktail party bragging rights of the Rich and Famous

    Woods Hole Oceanographic just sent a remotely controlled submarine vehicle (ROV) to
    the Mariana trench 2 years ago and the Japanese government ( Jamstech )
    sent an ROV over 15 years ago , There are over 20 hours of footage of just a few small
    Sea creatures , and miles of jello like mud with and few rocks for entertainment .

    This is all about Ego and in some way’s pointless with todays remote technology.
    An ROV equipped with 3D HDTV cameras and other sensors can take the whole
    world on a dive. This is not exploration but Ego adoration !

    OIl industry ROV’s working world wide put in over 1.5 million underwater
    working hours a year at depth’s deeper than 2000 ft. Many are clueless about these facts

    What ever happened to the sacred term of: To explorer were no man has gone before.

    Lot’s of other Earth bound undersea places to go and explorer , why the trench ?