‘Skyfall’ First Image & Casting Announcements; Ralph Fiennes as Blofeld?

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In spite of being the third film in Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond, Skyfall has already received an unusually large amount of fanfare and media attention (especially considering it’s a year away from release).

Perhaps that’s due to the fact that it’s the 50th anniversary of the very first Ion Bond, Dr. No?

Now, days after the official announcement, we have additional casting announcements, the very first set image, and hints from co-star Ralph Fiennes that he’ll be playing either “Blofeld” or someone Blofeld-esque.

First, check out the first official image from the set of Skyfall (via Skyfall’s official twitter account):

Skyfall First Official Image 570x427 Skyfall First Image & Casting Announcements; Ralph Fiennes as Blofeld?

It’s incredibly reminiscent of the filthy bathroom from the black-and-white beginning of Casino Royale, wherein James Bond killed his first target (one of two kills on his way to gaining double-o status).

Check that out below:

Also from the official Twitter account come two casting announcements – Helen McCrory and Ola Rapace have joined the Skyfall cast. McCrory previously portrayed Draco Malfoy’s mom in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, while Rapace is a Swedish actor that was previously married to Noomi Rapace (Sherlock Holmes 2, Prometheus).

Meanwhile, Ralph Fiennes – who has shaved his head for Skyfall – talked to Indie Wire about his upcoming role in Bond 23.

On how he got into the film, Fiennes said:

“Because [screenwriter John Logan] wrote this really interesting part which is really quite fun.”

Keep in mind, Logan was recently quoted as saying “Bond should always fight Blofeld.” When directly asked if he would be playing Blofeld, as rumors have suggested, Fiennes smiled and said:

“I can’t say anything more.”

When pressed further on the issue, he said:

“I can’t say anything, [but] I will not be stroking a white pussy!”

Sounds like a non-denial denial, if you ask us. After all, it pretty much goes without saying that if Blofeld were to appear in a Daniel Craig James Bond film, he would do so sans kitty-cat.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to envision Javier Bardem as the more brawny James Bond villain (not unlike Robert Shaw’s Donald Blake) and Ralph Fiennes as the mastermind or a sort of background villain – a la Blofeld.

Of course, the question then becomes: If Fiennes is indeed playing the mastermind — the head of, say, some evil organization – is that organization Quantum? After all, in conjunction with Skyfall’s official announcement, it was indicated that the plot of the film would not be connected to ether Quantum of Solace or Casino Royale.

Indeed, a James Bond movie about M’s past coming back to haunt her doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for Quantum, Blofeld, and the like, but anything is possible – especially considering this may very well be Craig’s final Bond film.

Frankly, the filmmakers have no reason to prematurely announce Blofeld’s appearance – if such a thing is going to occur – especially when they want it to be a surprise. Perhaps saying Skyfall has little connection to the previous Craig films is just misdirection?

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Will Fiennes be portraying Ernst Stavro Blofeld? Do you want him to? Drop us a line in the comments.


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Skyfall, helmed by Sam Mendes — the first Oscar-winner to direct a Bond film — hits theaters November 9th, 2012.

Source: Official Skyfall Twitter Account, Indie Wire [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. i would have thought fiennes as bond….he has that fleming darkness…..

  2. I thought Craig had signed on for 5 films in total!

    • His contract is for 3 with the option of a fourth if he wants it. Same deal Brosnan had.

  3. Due to Kevin Mclory’s lawsuit against Flemming, Blofeld and Spectre cannot be used in the new films, why do you think they came up with Quantum. I’m sure it would be cool but it is quite simply impossible.

    • It’s actually unclear at this point if that’s still the case.

      According to Wikipedia: “In 1997 the Sony Corporation acquired all or some of McClory’s rights in an undisclosed deal…” Sony is co-producing Skyfall.

  4. Why is Craig being rushed out the door? He’s great!

  5. I read DANIEL CRAIG can do 5 JAMES BOND movies if he choose’s to and he’s always saying that he loves making these movies and that he will continue to do them if they allow him to..so I dont think its up to him..but I do think he wants to do as many as he can..I do hope there will be atleast 5 JAMES BOND movies with DANIEL CRAIG cause he is fantastic as JAMES BOND!

    • Henry Cavill was on the running for James Bond before Daniel Craig; he mention that on Leno last night.

  6. SKYFALL is on my Top 5 movie anticipations for the year 2012!

  7. Thank god
    Now we can get Fassebender in the role

  8. With all do respect, Danny Boy is not getting any younger. And knowing the producers they will probably go in a different direction after Skyfall. Don’t get me wrong, Craig is a bad a$$ and probably the best bond since Connery; maybe better…

    • Who ever said Bond was supposed to be a young guy…?

  9. Oh I really hope Fiennes isn’t going to be Bloefeld. They should really go back to doing basic espionage stuff and not keep having evil corporations to fight.

  10. Unless there’s still the whole copyright/lawsuit issues at stake, the producers would be foolish not to have Fiennes playing Blofeld, not to mention bringing back SPECTRE proper. Fiennes would be the perfect Blofeld. Why not have a Bond universe with both Quantum and Spectre in them…?

    Skyfall is theirs to either screw up or get perfect, there are no excuses for anything less than a great Bond film at this point. And with that said, it seems that all indications and hints point at Blofeld being brought back into the films in a big way.

  11. Fiennes is gonna be Blofeld for….. ONE MILLION DOLLARS! HAHAHAHAAHA!

    • Oh shut up he is not gonna be blofeld he will be the head of quantum and also spectre won’t be in the latest James bond flick skyfall it was in from Russia with love and ohmss

  12. What I find funny is that 007 killed Blofeld twice yet everyone wants him back for this one. Besides I thought you only live twice so I don’t think Blofeld is going to be back. See what I did there?
    Besides in the novels Smersh was 007′s main antagonist, and SPECTRE and Blofeld were in three novels total and Bond only fought Blofeld in two of them, plus he killed him the last time they fought. Strangled him with his bare hands I believe.
    And the only reason the producers didn’t use Smersh was because they were afraid it would make the Russians angry. So IMO they just need to quit with the big evil corporate group and have Bond do some regular field work for awhile.

    • But…these movies don’t take place after those films. If we can say they take place in the same continuity at all.

      • Bond movies only exist in the continuity of the actor playing the role. Connery killed Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever, and Moore killed him again in For Your Eyes only by dropping him down a chimney. Epic stuff.
        So a new Blofeld could exist within the continuity of Craig’s films. If it weren’t for those pesky rights issues.

        • I think the FYEO death was the final death of Blofeld. Side note, the best thing about DAF is that the dude who played Blofeld also played a good guy in You Only Live Twice. I like that the Bond flicks use the same actors for different characters.

          I would think the first two Craig movies take place before Dr. No. Which means, if there was any continuity, this one (if Blofeld was used (if DSB is correct then he won’t, and he normally knows his Bond stuff)) then this one would have take place after HMSS.

          I think it’s best to think of these films as you would with the Teenage Mutant Turtles stories, they all take place in different universes and are, as DSB, only continuims of the actors in the role.

  13. Daniel Craig enjoys being James Bond. He has said so himself, look it up!

  14. If you consider the fact that Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are technically one long movie, they are!!! -Quantum picks up less than 1 hour after the end of Casino Royale- If you disagree you are STUPID and need to go re-watch them both RIGHT NOW before you argue. -Anyway, if you consider that fact, then THIS is technically his (Daniel Craig’s) first real 007 adventure outside of the origin story. Making SKYFALL the “Dark Knight” of Bond films. And paving the way for AT LEAST one more Daniel Craig starring picture.

    • Who are you responding to? If you were responding to me, I was saying that CASINO and QUANTUM don’t take place after (or even in the same continuity as) the films that starred Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Daulton, and Pierce Brosnan.

  15. @ Ben and Dr. Sam
    Yes but the film For Your Eyes Only referenced On Her Majestys Secret Service and OHMSS referenced all the films before it. And Diamonds Are Forever picks up right after OHMSS therefore all the films tie into one another.
    And as far as how Casino Royale ties into the rest of the movie franchise the only thing that I can think of is that James Bond has to reearn his 00 status after he was interred by the North Koreans and the whole Die Another Day movie. I know it doesn’t make much sense if any at all but it is the only way I can think to explain to myself, and I come to this reasoning by the simple fact that if Brosnan had stayed on to play Bond for Casino Royale this would probably be the way they described it in the film. IMO hope that makes sense.

  16. Hello all JB fans here is my thoughts on the aforementioned topic you can bring Blofeld in as the new heavy he can either be the son or the man himself for the DC upcoming Bond film you could have S.P.E.C.T.R.E. actually be the organization behind Quantum which could make a lot of sense remember Blofeld had agents working anywhere and everywhere his organization could pull people from any agency such as what Quantum has done so this can all tie in and close out Quantum and open the door for S.P.E.C.T.R.E. which would give DC one or more movies to do and give us all the opportunity to see his JB evolve into the suave agent we all know and love so thats my thoughts and have a great day folks

  17. Ralph fiennes should be the head of quantum and the hitman of quantum is javier bardem Aka the muscle

  18. Craig’s final bond film? lol..someone is skipping their research..Craig, when he was first signed as bond, was given a 3 film deal with an option for a fourth..same as Brosnan..But, after the success of Casino Royale, they gave him a new contract, which would result in a total of 5 Daniel Craig Bond movies starting from Casino Royale..His pay was doubled making him the highest paid actor in U.K. But,the five film deal works only on the condition that all the films get completed within a span of 10 years starting from 2006,the year of the first film..Now, SkyFall has got delayed by about 2 years..So, if they complete the rest of the 2 films within 4 years after 2012 (the year of SkyFall), they are good. Else, a new actor will be in, probably for Bond 26..This contract hasn’t been officially announced by MGM..Got in from the internet..Probably true.

    • correction..i meant “Else, a new actor will be in, probably for Bond 25, not 26!