New James Bond Film Goes From Stalled to Canceled [Updated]

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james bond theme blood New James Bond Film Goes From Stalled to Canceled [Updated]

[This is all hearsay. Go HERE for the definitive answer on Bond.]

According to AICN, all development on the next James Bond film has been canceled as MGM continues to deal with its financial problems.

This news shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has been following MGM’s ongoing troubles. In April, we learned that production on the film was delayed indefinitely.

Still, just because we all saw it coming doesn’t make it sting any less. With Sam Mendes signed on to direct and a “shocking story” from the mind of screenwriter Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon, The Queen), the latest Bond film was shaping up to be one of the franchise’s best. After the relative disappointment of Quantum of Solace, I was very excited to see how Daniel Craig would fare in his third outing as 007.

The bright side is that the Bond franchise as a whole isn’t going anywhere. It’s simply too popular (and too big of a moneymaker) to disappear completely. If someone swoops in to save MGM, we may yet have a Bond film in the near future. If not, then the franchise will end up somewhere else.

the hobbit bond New James Bond Film Goes From Stalled to Canceled [Updated]

Movie fans are feeling the burn of MGM's financial breakdown.

The bigger issue here is that the poor business decisions of MGM execs have messed up the company so badly that fans are now feeling the pinch. Besides the Bond franchise, MGM’s woes have also caused numerous delays to Peter Jackson’s version of The Hobbit. Not only were the delays responsible for scaring off Guillermo del Toro as director but as we reported yesterday, Ian McKellan might not return as Gandalf. Hollywood is about business first and foremost, but it’s never good when bad business gets in the way of good filmmaking.

MGM has always had a complicated relationship with the James Bond franchise (read about that long history HERE), and I am hopeful that this too shall pass, but that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about it for the time being!

Are you angry that MGM’s financial problems have forced the next Bond film to halt production completely? Let your righteous anger pour out in the comments.

Source: AICN

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  1. Roger Moore was a great bond. He was suave, good with the ladies and a gentleman. also, Fleming thought he would have made the ideal bond, but he did not want to take Moore out of The Saint so he took connery instead. Nothing bad about connery, he was good.

    I cant belive they canceled this. if i have to wait over 6 years like from license to kill to goldeneye i will have a hear attack. Save Bond someone!

  2. I haven’t seen either of the bond movies craig has been in and while I hear mixed reviews about him, I am still not happy Clive Owen wasn’t the new Bond when Pierce was done. Yes the explosions and all could be less and the story/movie could be more like they were in the old days. Sean Connery is always going to be the best Bond but Moore, Dalton, Lazenby, and Pierce weren’t horrible, it’s just all of them got compared to Connery which just isn’t fair. I feel bad for MGM and hope they figure out something to get everything back on track and it is a shame how badly it affects all the movies and might as well cancel most of the ones that would end up half good and half bad until you can afford to put in the money and get the right people in for an entirely good movie.

    On black actors, not sure why that was brought up, I love Will Smith, Andre Brougher, Samuel L Jackson, LL Cool J and quite a few others, but that being said, James Bond is a british spy and while there may be some black british actors, I just don’t see it. I could say something about how bad and shameful Barry Soetoro and his wife Oprah are being as well as the Clintons but that doesn’t belong on this comment board but it’s too bad Barry Soetoro doesn’t go from stalled to cancelled. I am surprised no one has made several Bond mini series type of movies for tv.

    • I went in to Casino Royale prepared to be thoroughly disappointed but walked out a Daniel Craig fan. It was fantastic! My Dad even liked him better than Connery as Bond which I as a 007 purest still disagrees with.

      Quantum of Solace was a let down but entertaining.

      I’m bummed that the powers that be in Hollywood can’t get their act together on MGM.

      007 is worth the wait…if it has Craig in it.

      • I agree. I was hesitant about Daniel Craig, but he won me over immediately. I thoroughly enjoyed both movies and am extremely disappointed at the delay in getting the next movie out. Sell James Bond franchise to someone who can afford to make it so we are not left waiting too long!!!

    • “The last two were dry, mean, unsexy, and boring.”

      Eh, different strokes and what not. I thought Brosnan’s movies were approaching Moore-era levels of silliness and bloat. For me, Craig was exactly what the series needed; I was let down by QoS, but I thought Casino Royale truly was the best Bond flick since Goldfinger.

      “I’d love to see Pierce Brosnan brought back to do one more…sort of like Connery coming back for Diamonds Are Forever. I think an early Gardner book would be best.”

      Connery quit and was reluctantly lured back with a record-setting paycheck. By contrast, Brosnan was ‘let go’ when the producers decided to go in a different direction. Considering how well Craig’s two Bond movies did at the box office, the Eon producers are pretty unlikely to try getting Brosnan back.

      Besides, at this point, getting Brosnan back would be more like getting ‘Never Say Never Again’-era Connery, and we all know how well that worked out.

  3. Did anyone ever wonder about 001 or 002? If your number 7 man is so great what does it take to be #1???

    • As I understand it, the number you get isn’t a ranking. It’s just where you stand on the list of recruitment i.e. when Bond was raised to double-O status “7″ was the lowest number that was free.

      • pitty that Jason, would make for an interesting story…

  4. @Doug: Pierce Brosnan did not quit, he was fired. Did you not hear about the wounded little-girl comments he made after he found out he would not be returning as Bond?

    Craig is a more realistic Bond, as opposed to the wannabe prettyboy Brosnan Bond (who would not last very long in real life, and would probably meet his end while trying perfect that cheesy expression)

    Too bad about Bond 23, but I doubt it’s really dead: franchises like Bond don’t die!

    • As I recall, he was fired with a phone call.
      That’s like having someone break up with you by text.

    • The “Bond” franchise will return, just like it says at the closing credits of each 007 film. After all, the “Star Trek” franchise came back.

  5. Black people creating a black spy character I agree with that. Has it been done,yes he’s called XXX. If Fleming laid out Bond’s ancestry(which I’m not aware of)showing the character could only be Caucasian, then I could understand that. But there are also good Black British actors out there who would do the character justice. @ Sultan,I do agree that blacks need to create more of their own characters(good ones). @Pedrosaurus I apologize for the racist accusations,that WAS uncalled for. Certain characters DO(but not all) need to remain as they were created. While my comment come off as abrasive,it was in your first response to what I said about Chewitel Ejiofor which I took as also abrasive.

    • Ulik, apologies if my original post sounded abrasive, wasn’t intended to be but looking at it not hard to see how it could be construed that way.

      I have no doubt that a black actor could do the character justice, there are a lot of very talented black actors around, Chewitel Ejiofor is actually one of my favourite’s along with Will Smith and Denzel Washington to name two.

      I have nothing against any actor (well with the exception of Mel Gibson perhaps!), but James Bond aside I couldn’t see anyone other than Vin Diesel playing Riddick for instance, XXX was another, couldn’t quite get into the sequel without Vin Diesel. And Samuel L. Jackson is cool in anything.

      So as I say no offence was intended.

    • Ulik, my comments about Chewitel Ejiofor were not intended to be abrasive although now they appear to have come across that way. I get a little old fashioned when it comes to characters, I wasn’t too thrilled when Vin Diesel didn’t continue in the role of XXX. I certainly wouldn’t be happy if he were replaced as Riddick either, whether the actor was black or white, just wouldn’t be the same.

      But yes Chewitel Ejiofor is a terrific actor, loved the character he played in Serenity, also very good in Children of Men. And interesting that he’s been in two films with Denzel Washington, Inside Man and American Gangster, both good films too.

      Ok, now we are way off topic!

  6. @Sultan, My comment to Pedosaurus was harsh and I apologized for that. As far as Blacks creating black spy characters,yes they do have “XXX” which first started out with Vin Diesel then Ice Cube. But I do agree that Blacks need to create their own “good quality” characters more and stay away from the stereotypical and predictable stuff that Tyler Perry puts out. I also was not aware but DO agree that if Fleming wrote how Bond should always be portrayed and he laid it out a particular(every detail) way then IT should be respected and kept that way being that HE created it to be a certain way.

  7. I hope the film does eventually get made, with the current script and the current Bond. I think Craig is the best bond since Moore.
    If it would take to too long and the end up ditching Craig, or he throws in the towell, it would be an awfull let down for me.

  8. This seems like the long hiatus between Dalton and Brosnan all over again, only this time I think it’s going to be longer, because this huge economical crisis will make it dificult for MGM to solve it’s money problems. If you people remember, Dalton made two great movies that came out back in ’87 and ’89, they even had a third one planed but then everything stoped because of legal problems, and it was 5 years before a new one came out, in ’95, with Brosnan as Bond. Everytime the franchise goes back to it’s literary origins, and an almost perfect Bond is found (if Craig had dark hair, he would be perfect) something like this happens! Now they will have to go back to a more comercial Bond, like when they brought Brosnan in, to win back the audiences after such a long absence from the screen. Man, it sucks!

  9. A black Bond?! Where do you people get these ideas?! Ian Fleming created the character of James Bond as a white british agent, and that’s how he must be played. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great idea to create a Black British spy character, and there are more than enough good Black British actors to play him (or her). But don’t mess with characters that are more than 50 years old, and were created to be a certain way, like Bond.
    TJ, I’m with you – it would be an awfull disapointment if they took too long to make the film and had to end up ditching Craig or forcing him to throw in the towell. I also hope that if this comes to be, they’ll prove my last comment wrong by following up what they begun with Casino Royale. If they decide to go back to the Brosnan era type of films, that will only increase the disapointment.

  10. You’re really using an AICN rant as the basis of a factual article? REALLY? That’s pathetic. I worked at MGM and know what’s happening there– right now they’re sorting out all of their ducks. It’s taking way too long, but it’s not MGM’s fault– it’s the fault of the creditors, who don’t know if they should s*** or get off the pot. The creative execs are completely hamstrung. There will be another James Bond film. And THE HOBBIT will get made. But basing an article that says definitively that James Bond is “canceled” based on Harry Knowles’ fever-dream rambling is the saddest and weakest excuse for real journalism I’ve read in some time. You should be ashamed.

  11. I confess that I find myself heartened at the news of cancellation, in the hopes of recreation.
    Though I found Casino Royale an interesting exercise of cinematic resurection, far too much of the latest endeavor has become state and tiresome particularly Judi Dench’s one note acting— ” You are a dinosaur, Bond. You are a blunt force weapon, Bond”, etc. etc. etc. ( NO KIDDING, really??? That’s why he is a 00!!! ) — and the blatant attempt to create Bourne, James Bourne right down the mindless thousand cut editing and the grunge clothing and the constant state of constipation poor Craig exhibits through his grimaced “acting”.
    Perhaps EON and the Broccoli’s will finally return to the formula that made them famous and very wealthy: Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

    • Actually the franchise started like the newer Daniel Craig movies. Bond as a cold ruthless dude who has a tormented history is what made 007 what he is. Daniel Craig’s portrayal is one of he best (after sean connery of course), and finaly puts an end to the one-liners and gadgets that were ruining the franchise.

  12. Bond should be dead. This bloody series has been on the artificial respirator for waaaaay too long, giving us one sloppy movie one after the other, bloated with hype and bad scenarios.

    I can’t take one more of those “rich and insane man tries to conquer the world” plots! And let’s not forget the unforgettable “US and UK save a world that is utterly unable to save itself”. Ghaaaaa.

    The worse part is … this series has been cancelled not because someone finally figured it out but because of boring accounting “games”. Which basically means as soon as MGM is back in the money, it will produce another insignificant Bond video clip, insulting it’s clientèle once again with some 10ft thick plot involving some vilain au goût du jour; thanks for the lousy political propaganda James! Hope you sink with your ship!

  13. I am quite disappointed about the halt in production of BOND 23. As a career Bond fan since as a high school student, I first saw DR. NO in a theater early 1963, I am floored that MGM would allow their financial affairs to spiral out of control.
    Of course, I agree with most Bond aficionados that Connery was the best Bond ever, having been hand-picked by Ian Fleming himself, but that was the 1960s and this is nearly 50 years later.
    At first, I wasn’t crazy about Daniel Craig as Bond, but after seeing his two incredible performances in CR and QOS, I was like a match ignited in praise of his solid, no-nonsense over-the-top acting and sheer physical prowess and stamina in doing most of his own stuntwork, which is absolutely some of the most physically demanding work in the history of motion pictures. Actually I was surprised he wasn’t injured worse than he was.
    Originally like others I had been raving about Clive Owen as Bond since I saw him in KING ARTHUR in 2004, but Craig has definitely earned my utmost respect as Bond. And a second rave for Judi Dench as ‘M’, an excellent actress capable of solid work like Craig.
    My advice to the management staff of MGM is to offer a leveraged buyout of MGM to Time-Warner, as the latest and last acquisition piece of MGM by Warner Bros., so the conglomerate will have all rights to MGM’s ongoing productions for continued completion and release. AOL-TW already owns the back catalog and Turner portions of MGM’s historical assets, so why not complete the piece of pie and have it all? They have more than enough assets to assume this responsibility.

    D.J. Long
    Associate Producer

  14. I’m one of the older Bond fans from the Sean Connery days and I think after 48+ years of this franchise the character should have been retired after Roger Moore. But Hollywood loves money if and where it can be made and I was impressed with Daniel Craig in Casino Royal but he will find other roles I’m sure. Times are bad for alot of business’s so the Barbara Broccoli, Micheal Wilson clan may have to wake up to the facts but they had some great years with 007.

  15. It’s certainly a set back that the 007 series is put on hold for the time being. It’s been proven that James Bond movies have been able to adapt over time, so there is no doubt they would continue to be successful in the future.

    Certainly Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig revived the series from the early 1990′s. I believe Craig’s popularity greatly assisted the series and it would be great to see him do further Bond films.

  16. A black James Bond? That’s like a female Starbuck… it would never happen!

  17. I hope they would do a James bond TV series as well
    as 3rd James bond film

  18. It disapoints me very much, I hope MGM troubles are solved quick

  19. i m waiting for thw nxt movie of 007. wen it release

  20. To all you “Bond should have retired” people here.. read this and tell me why Hollywood will turn it’s back on James bond? It’s the biggest earner in Hollywood bar Harry Potter and that includes Star Wars et al. So if you were in business making money what would be your reasoning for killing a character that makes you $700,000,000 in the last 2 movies alone and a PROFIT of $4,966,282,453 over all the franchise.
    So what makes YOU as a naysyer close the door on your profits like these figures when there obviously is a market for it still.

    Begs the question if Bond alone has made MGM/UA nearly 5 billion in profits over the last nearly 50 years there must have been some BAD management going on there!

  21. I don’t think the James Bond with the gadgets and the sipping alchy with a hot girl ending is out dated because that is who the Bond character is. If you want someone without the gadgets, whithout the women, without the shaken not stirred drinks, then find another character and another movie and lets keep all the things that make James Bond…well, James Bond

  22. we already saw frodo destroy the ring why the hell do we want to see Bilbo find it? Any one who has actually read the books knows that peter jack-off rapped them don’t let him claim another victim after all this is the guy who made Muppet porn. As to the James bond thing i cant wait for another James bond movie Daniel Craig is a better bond than pierce was for sure.

  23. I’am a huge Bond fan and it is plain and smple that connery was by far the best Bond of them all followed closley by Moore and Brosnan then Craig but Dalton and Lazenby where 2 poor actors who in my opinion ruined what could have been a few of the best Bonds in the franchise. Thank god Lazenby only did one film.