New James Bond Film Goes From Stalled to Canceled [Updated]

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james bond theme blood New James Bond Film Goes From Stalled to Canceled [Updated]

[This is all hearsay. Go HERE for the definitive answer on Bond.]

According to AICN, all development on the next James Bond film has been canceled as MGM continues to deal with its financial problems.

This news shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has been following MGM’s ongoing troubles. In April, we learned that production on the film was delayed indefinitely.

Still, just because we all saw it coming doesn’t make it sting any less. With Sam Mendes signed on to direct and a “shocking story” from the mind of screenwriter Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon, The Queen), the latest Bond film was shaping up to be one of the franchise’s best. After the relative disappointment of Quantum of Solace, I was very excited to see how Daniel Craig would fare in his third outing as 007.

The bright side is that the Bond franchise as a whole isn’t going anywhere. It’s simply too popular (and too big of a moneymaker) to disappear completely. If someone swoops in to save MGM, we may yet have a Bond film in the near future. If not, then the franchise will end up somewhere else.

the hobbit bond New James Bond Film Goes From Stalled to Canceled [Updated]

Movie fans are feeling the burn of MGM's financial breakdown.

The bigger issue here is that the poor business decisions of MGM execs have messed up the company so badly that fans are now feeling the pinch. Besides the Bond franchise, MGM’s woes have also caused numerous delays to Peter Jackson’s version of The Hobbit. Not only were the delays responsible for scaring off Guillermo del Toro as director but as we reported yesterday, Ian McKellan might not return as Gandalf. Hollywood is about business first and foremost, but it’s never good when bad business gets in the way of good filmmaking.

MGM has always had a complicated relationship with the James Bond franchise (read about that long history HERE), and I am hopeful that this too shall pass, but that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about it for the time being!

Are you angry that MGM’s financial problems have forced the next Bond film to halt production completely? Let your righteous anger pour out in the comments.

Source: AICN

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  1. i couldnt care less really…the bond movies should have died off ehen connery quit. though, moore was entertaining, he was no connery, no one since has even come close.

    • I, personally, have always championed ‘one-time-wonder’ George Lazenby… but he just didn’t see a future for Bond and dropped out after one movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”… so Connery came back. However, in modern times, Daniel Craig has topped Lazenby.

      • Lazenby was bought out after the poor box office performance of OHMSS, his poor acting skills and the overwhelming cry for Connery. OHMSS is actually one of the better movies, both because of staying true to Fleming’s novel and because of the emphasis on story rather than gadgets and explosions. Lazenby held his own, but had Connery done that film, it would undoubtly had been the best Bond in the franchise.

        • WRONG! Lazenby WAS NOT bought out. The producers were planning on continuing with him as Bond, but Lazenby got a big ego during the filming and thought of BOnd as “Connery’s gig” and announced that he would not be returning to the role BEFORE THE FILM WAS RELEASED!

        • I completely agree. OHMSS is one of the best films of the franchise (and one of my personal favourites, together with Goldfinger, Licence to Kill and Casino Royale), only it should have been done with Connery as Bond. If it had, I would have no doubts in choosing it as the best in the franchise. I also think Lazemby’s run as Bond would probably have been a longer one, if his first film had been Diamonds Are Forever or Live And Let Die, it would be easyer for him to establish himself as Bond if he didn’t end the film crying over his dead wife’s body. That was just something Connery’s Bond didn’t do, and to combine that with a new face as Bond, it was too much for audiences back then to accept. A pitty, realy, since Lazemby was a better Bond in that one film he made than Moore ever was in all of his seven.

    • That’s not true. I thought Timothy Dalton played an edgier, grittier bond without all the romantic intrigue B.S. and actually played the character closer to Fleming’s rendering. Dalton (and Craig) play a more realistic character witout alot of pomp and circumstance.

  2. couldnt care less, the movies should have retired long ago when connery quit.

    • Good for you. Now do us all a favour: go watch the Connery films and stop bothering us with your repetitive nagging! Thank you!

  3. It’s already time for a new Bond. Chewitel Ejiofor should be the new Bond.

    • Why do people keep saying that James Bond should be changed and played by a black actor? I have nothing against any black actor, some of my favourite actors are black.

      However there are certain characters that should remain as is, James Bond is a white spy, always has been and always should be. The character “Shaft” has been played by two wonderful black actors, so do we now change that character and perhaps make him white? Or Chinese perhaps?

      So quite frankly this nonsense of having an ethnic actor playing a traditionally white character is just rubbish, you wouldn’t do it with other characters which are traditionally a specific racial type. It has nothing to do with racism, James Bond is a white character.

      So leave him alone already.

        • You make a lot of assumptions, to say I’m blatantly racist when you don’t even know me, and because I express my opinion that the character is historically white, mainly because Fleming based the character on himself, and I think he should remain that way.

          So anyone who doesn’t agree that the next actor should be black is a racist? You really should think before you write.

          • @Pedosaurus, That was the most abrasive comment that I have ever made on here and I apologize for that racist accusation, it was totally uncalled for. I’m not aware of Flemings writings on Bond’s ancestry so if he laid it a certain way were the character could only be Caucasian then I would respect that and leave it as so because HE created it to be that way. Your comment was a little abrasive at the end that’s why I responded like that but it still wasn’t an excuse for my harsh response. I just thought of the Black British actors out there that would do a good job and I had never even thought about Bond being black until Daniel Craig said it. With that said i do apologize for my very harsh remark.

        • Ulik, you’re completely ridiculous. James Bond is known as a white man and that’s the way it should stay. He’s always been portrayed as one and should be from now on. You can whine that that’s a racist point of view until you’re blue in your liberal face, but it doesn’t matter. To change it just for political correctness is a gimmick pure and simple.

          Ian Fleming laid out Bond’s ancestry pretty clearly and even drew images of what he had in mind. Suffice to say that Bond is clearly a white man, beyond a shadow of a doubt. So you’re totally wrong.

          And what is Craig supposed to say — that James Bond should be portrayed only as a white character? Then we would have people like yourself running for the pitchforks and torches.

          If black people want a black spy, then it is their responsibility to create one.

          So keep your bating strawman arguments to yourself.

      • 007 sucks, but i actually would watch a new one if they gave the role to that black dude Kid with the 12 inch high hair, from Kid and Play. Now that would be funny. lol.

  4. Like Death and Taxes I could always count on “Bond”….. Connery didnt quit he got to old…. and overlooked. Why did he try “Never Say Never” if he quit…?

    Anyho Timothy Dalton was a great “book” Bond. People just missed the gadgets and Humor.

    Daniel Craig seemed to me a worthy book bond also… yet the franchise may pass him by…

    • I thought the Pierce Brosnan James Bond movies were the most entertaining ones. same with the newer ones, me and my dad loves james bond so this is bad news:\ hopefully someone saves mgm or someone else picks it up :)

      • Thank God someone is voicing my views for once. I always thot Sean Connery was the Incomparable Bond, but for me coming close are bothe Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan. Pierce comes closest to worldly wise Sean albeit in a very sexy, suave manner.
        Pierce doesnt seem to get the credit he deserves as a Bond in my opinion. People seem to forget he it was that revived Bond after the waning days of “A view to a kill”.

    • That’s an interesting question with an equally interesting story. Starting out if I remember correctly with the Broccoli company not wholly owning the story to “Thunderball.” “Never Say Never Again” was actually a competitor who owned a portion of the script that became “Thunderball” exercising their rights to make a movie from that script. For a time he and then his family attempted to make still another movie version based on that script but it was tangled up so long that the family head, who actually owned partial credit died and his family lost interest, the legal wrangling was costly, and the whole thing was dropped. Connery agreed to do “Never” partly because it was based on his favorite script “Thunderball,” so the story goes, of all the James Bond films he’d done. At that point in his career it probably wasn’t a bad payday either. There were other reasons that movie with Connery came together but I’m not sure of the details but I bet It’s out here on the net…

  5. Daniel Craig was an excellent Bond and wanted to see him on the big screen again.

    Still love Casino Royale.

  6. I didnt mean to reply to anyone btw..

  7. Very, very sad news. Casino Royale was great and I where I agree that Quantum of Solace was not great, I feel that it was a decent bridge film for the first and the third installments. I think that that MGM will get their act together and hopefully this franchise will be back on track within the year. I think that Craig did an EXCELLENT job in portraying a darker, edgier, and more ruthless Bond and I would liek to see him in another Bond flick; and I am sure manyy other people would as well. I think that this will just push back the film release date to 2013-14.

  8. SOOOOOO MAD! I just died a little – this is an EPIC FAIL. If MGM does anything they should be making more Bond movies to say in biz not stupid sequel like another Meet the Parent sequel. Seriously. This is just terrible news!

  9. i keep saying this. MGM should sell James Bond and The Hobbit to the highest bidder. that way the movies get made for the fans and MGM stays out of the red. everyone wins

    • That’s what I don’t get. They could give the rights of Hobbit over to Warners/New Line and/or the Wienstiens. As much as Bond is connected to MGM/UA, the last two films were co-produced by Sony. Give the rights to Sony; Sony will love you for it.

      • Actually, Sony already owns the Bond Franchise, MGM/Eon are responsible for making the movies, but MGM is only a sub-set of Sony itself.
        Sorry to hear that the film has been cancelled, but I can’t say I’m totally surprised.
        As they say at the end of the films – BOND WILL RETURN, he’s survived lawsuits etc in the past.

        • Actually no, Sony does not own MGM, they only control 20% of MGM. They are one on MGM financiers and part of that deal was they co-produced and distributed Bond #21 & #22 (CR & QoS). With Bond #23 full distribution rights revert back to MGM. I’m sure EON wished Sony had full control over MGM because I know Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson had a great working relationship with Sony.

    • Here here. Timothy Dalton the bond for me followed by Lazenby. Grit and looks and some acting talent. Dalton in particular. OHMSS the best storied bond. Helped having Diana Rigg too!

  10. I herby resurrect my motion to launch an official SCREENRANTER’s attempt to pool our dimes & quarters and buy MGM from the idiots ruining it. The new MGM leadership will be a BORG-type unit composed of ScreenRant’s official writers. We will trust you to think as one. You’re collective life depends on it.

  11. It truely is a shame they can not muster up a new Bond film quicker, especially after Quantum of Solace’s disappointing follow up to Casino Royale’s worthy reboot. I was never sold on Daniel Craig, but his performance has proven quite worthy and perfectly echoes today’s world of fast paced, in your face action. That being said, the franchise could really do some good with diving into the “SPECTRE-esque” organization introduced in the Craig Bonds. There are plenty of good story ideas out there that don’t involve hijacked nuclear missiles or a madman with an underground fortress.

    Hugh Jackman would have been a great cast for Bond, but obviously his commitments to the X-Men franchise were just too big. You can’t be Wolverine and James Bond, rightfully so.

  12. This sucks. I loved Daniel Craig’s two films, and I was so looking forward to Bond 23.

    Thanks a bloody bundle, MGM. :(

  13. Personally, I wouldnt care. I dont like Daniel Craig as Bond…I find him cold and unfeeling and thats not just because of the script. He has been like that in other films aka Tomb Raider. I saw Casino Royale with him in it and I was NOT impressed, I have no intentions of seeing anymore Bond films with him as 007. To me, the series ended after Brosnan quit. Connery and Brosnan were my favorites…Moore I was okay with…Dalton was a waste of talent and I wont even comment on Lazenby’s portrayal of 007.

  14. I am very sorry that it has been delayed, hopefully someone else will take it up. Daniel Craig is the best Bond, far better than Connery who makes no effort to act, just speaks in the same accent even when he plays a russian.

  15. So, the bolt does strike twice! MGM almost died during the 70’s, now it’s own stupidity has spawned death-stroke sequels. Dream your dreams and keep your hands out of everyone else’s pockets, darn it! I am so IRATE about their cancelling the new BOND film, etc…etc, I’ll just say… that they (MGM) should die already, and get it over with!! Perhaps, some other studio can carry on with Bond and more?! Anyone who still cares, should direct a flood of emails and letters to MGM!!!!

  16. Daniel Craig and Sean Connery were the best Bonds ever. Moore and Dalton were awful, and all of their movies were awful, too. Lazenby’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is not only a classic bond, but a great movie. Brosan’s Goldeneye was a classic to the franchise, and Tomorrow Never Dies was an alright movie, and when he made his last two, the frnachise started steering towards the Moore and Dalton movies, and becoming fantasy, comical, action movies. An invisible car? Hallie Berry? Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist? An ice palace? Then Craig steps in, and the producers turn the whole franchise around. This is a new type of Bond film, and character. He creates a gritty assassin with feelings, and we have real spy movies, with entertaining action that isn’t over the top, and fits in with the story, and exceeds our expectations as a Bond film, but still, it is more than a regular Bond film. Casino and Quantum were real movies, with real stories and real actors. The franchise must be complete.

  17. Those effin basterds.. This WAS shaping up to be one of the franchise’s best, i was really looking forward to this…

  18. You did read the AICN ‘article’ right? You did note that it was more of a rant from Harry Knowles about how MGM is run by complete retards and it in no way said that the new Bond movie was canceled? Must say, I have never been to this site before, but judging by the quality of your ‘journalism’, there is slim to no chance I will be back (which you will interpret as scripture that I will be blocking this site from ever being able to be accessed on any computer I use).

    • ashtaroth,

      From Harry Knowles, a guy with deep connections in the studio system:

      “Apparently all development on the next James Bond flick is dead.”

      But of course you’ll never read this since you’re “blocking this site” (whatever that means).

      Have a nice day,


      • From what I read, I’d say it’s a blessing (for you and us) that he/she will block your site.

  19. I am still waiting for an announcement, which says, “Stargate: Universe” has also been canceled.


    Please, please, please…

  20. I liked James Bond. I am a big Pierce Brosnan fan. I could careless about this new guy. Casino Royale was extremely boring.

    Another franchise that has become ‘too serious’.

  21. Good decision.
    Bond was always weak sauce and uninteresting.

    • Blasphemy! Bond is classic never dies no matter how bad they portray him (COUGH Timothy Dalton)!

  22. another good dependable franchise bights the dust… :( are we not aloud to have nice things in hollywood?

  23. If MGM partnered with another studio, like Sony, the next Bond could start rolling before cameras next year. But that would take a complicated licensing deal whereby one studio would have home video rights for a period of years in the overseas market.

  24. So, what did I do to deserve this?

  25. We’re in a golden age for Bond movies at the moment. “Casino Royale” was a superb piece of entertainment that reinvigorated the franchise with a perfectly cast Daniel Craig. “Quantum of Solace” was a huge disappointment, but I’m still willing to give the producers the beenfit of the doubt. Craig could walk as 007 if this drags on too long like Timothy Dalton did with the 6-year break after “Licence To Kill” and that would be a shame.

  26. Question: What’s a cooler and more exciting spy type character, James Bond or Jason Bourne?

    • @ intelliq,

      Good question. Each one of them has a unique style, which talks to a different side of my psyche. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is a suave, intelligent, cunning, and classy secret agent (British Spy). Jason Bourne is a gritty, intelligent, and energetic assassin (US Agent).

      Good question. I will have to think about that one.

  27. I like Daniel Craig as Bond. He should be given at least one more. I remember when people were “up in arms” saying “They cast a blond haired James Bond?!! “Oh hell no!” James Bond is supposed to have dark hair only. Daniel Craig is a great BLOND BOND! 😛

  28. I’m totally bummed. Sure hope MGM’s problems get solved so the franchise can get back on track!