James Bond 23 Titled ‘Carte Blanche’? Plot Details Revealed?

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james bond 23 title James Bond 23 Titled Carte Blanche? Plot Details Revealed?

The latest rumor concerning Sam Mendes’ upcoming James Bond film (tentatively referred to as Bond 23) suggests that the flick may indeed have an official title – and will be based on previously-published Bond literature, a la Casino Royale.

Bearing in mind that although the following should be considered strictly RUMOR until further notice, this particular story fits in nicely with the few tidbits of information we’ve been given about Bond 23, up to this point.

A recent article from Blic Online has revealed that Serbian cellist Jelena Mihailovic was approached by Mendes and his fellow Bond producers to work on the opening theme for 007’s latest venture. However, the juiciest piece of information revealed in said article is contained in the following paragraph:

At one of the many concerts [Mihailovic] held in France during the Cannes Film Festival, the producers and the director of the next Bond film were in the audience, who were staggered by what they had heard and on the spot offered Jelena a chance to write the opening score for the new James Bond film, entitled Carte Blanche.

So here’s the million dollar question: Is Carte Blanche the title of Bond 23, the opening theme to Bond 23 – or is this just a bit of a mistranslation, as Mikailovic just meant she would have total freedom while working on said theme?

Well, as it were, a James Bond novel titled “Carte Blanche” was published just earlier this year. However, the “coincidences” don’t stop there.

Check out the following excerpt from the “Carte Blanche” plot synopsis on Wikipedia (tip of the hat to Bleeding Cool for pointing this out):

[Bond] starts his assignment on the outskirts of Novi Sad in Serbia where an Irish sapper-turned-enforcer named Niall Dunne is planning to derail a train carrying three hundred kilograms of methyl isocyanate, dumping it into the Danube. Bond is able to prevent the catastrophe by derailing the train himself at a much safer place along the line. He is unable to detain Dunne, who kills Bond’s Serbian contacts in the course of his escape.

Remember that recent report from an Indian newspaper about Bond 23 featuring a major set piece that involves a train?

kevin spacey almost played james bond 23 villain James Bond 23 Titled Carte Blanche? Plot Details Revealed?

The “Carte Blanche” Wiki synopsis also reveals that Niall Dunne is the “trusted confidante” of Severan Hydt, the Dutch-born owner of an organization called Green Way International, which is responsible for waste disposal. It is also mentioned that Hydt is a very twisted character, whose obsession with death “borders on sexual fetishisation,” and that Bond eventually travels to South Africa, in order to infiltrate Hydt’s operations there.

So, let’s examine how these plot and character details seem to gel with what we already know about Bond 23:

  • It’s been officially revealed that Bond 23 is partially being shot in South Africa.
  • It’s all but official now that Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem are both playing villains in the film.
  • We’ve long suspected that one of the bad guys in Bond 23 would be a pretty nasty fellow, given how all the actors (Bardem, Fiennes, Anthony Hopkins, and Kevin Spacey) that were reportedly being considered to portray one of the film’s antagonists have previously portrayed memorably sinister serial killers – ones who are both brilliant, but undeniably warped.
  • Quantum of Solace also dealt with an “environmentalist” in the form of Dominic Greene, who was actually a member of the shady Quantum organization introduced in Casino Royale.
  • Carte Blanche is thought of as “Bond 2.0″ – i.e., a modernized take on the character, a la Daniel Craig’s Bond.
Does that mean that Bardem and Fiennes are playing Dunne and Hydt (or vice versa) in Bond 23? Will the script change things up by having Hydt be a member, or possibly even the head, of Quantum – thus tying the film into the events of its predecessors?
Daniel Craig as James Bond in Quantum of Solace James Bond 23 Titled Carte Blanche? Plot Details Revealed?

There’s a lot more to the plot of the “Carte Blanche” novel than what’s been discussed here, but that doesn’t mean Bond 23 won’t be a looser adaptation of its (theoretical) source material than Casino Royale was. It’s also possible the film will go in a different direction and drop the whole Quantum organization subplot, which admittedly was only semi-progressed in Quantum of Solace.

Of course, all of the previous speculation should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, it’s hard to not be intrigued, given how well all these puzzle pieces seem to fit together.

Bond 23 is slated for theatrical release on November 9th, 2012.

Source: Blic Online (via Bleeding Cool)

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  1. Yeah, I doubt this is true. Heard the rumour a few days ago seems unlikely.

    And Carte Blanche is an absolutely awful novel, I nearly fell asleep. I reviewed the book below

    [Link removed by request of owner of destination site. – Ed.]

    And does everyone want to know the main reason this won’t be the title of the film?…… It doesn’t have any O’s in it for them to put the 007 logo through. There are only 2 Bond films that dont have a O in there somewhere but all the new ones have them and they are a big part of the image.

    • Stop using our site as promotion for your own stuff. Seriously. And try to be a little more in depth with your “reviews.” I don’t even let my students get away with “it sucks” in their book reports.

      • Ever hear the phrase if you havent got anything nice to say, keep your nasty mouth shut?

        You want to talk about being more in depth with your reviews, maybe re read your Green Lantern review. And I posted that because it was relevant to the topic.

        You’re reviews are shoddy. Don’t presume you can have a go at mine, I’m ten times the writer you will ever be.

          • Sorry, but I don’t think a personal attack from someone who should frankly know better, should be mocking me.

            • Haha. Got nothing to say DSB? I wouldn’t either. They just KOed you. lmao. get out.

        • Yeah, sorry – I’ve read your writing. Nowhere near the quality of Kofi’s. Your book review is full of grammatical errors – never mind the fact you finally get around to actually reviewing it in the final three paragraphs of a 10 paragraph post. It reads like a Harry Knowles movie review, where he spends the first 2/3 describing everything from his childhood to the drive to the theater before he actually gets to the movie review.


          • Vic – can you please remove the SH link above? Whatever arguments those two have with each other has nothing to do with my site. Thanks.

            • Jennifer,



              • Much appreciated.

                • Wow, Sam, that’s quite arrogant.

                  Not to suck up or anything, and whilst I agree the Green Lantern review wasn’t great, I happen to think Kofi’s writing is otherwise good and informative.

                  All I’ve heard from you in the previous 3 years of coming reularly to this site are quite forceful, arrogant “opinions”.

                  Just tone it down, man.

        • Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. But Kofi has a little more class.

          • “But Kofi has a little more class.”


    • It’s actually three with no- “0” (four, if one counted Never Say Never Again): Thunderball, Live and Let Die, The Living Daylights.

  2. I cant see them no using a book based on the fact that it doesnt have enough “O” in the title.

    • That’s what I thought. But they would probably be better off using an original title like the Brosnan era.

  3. I hope they keep the Quantum subplot in Bond 23. After Quantum of Solace, I wanted to learn more the organization. Stuff like who’s the leader, what are their objectives, etc.

    IMO, it would be kinda silly to drop it for the third film. The last one ended with Greene telling Bond “everything he wanted to know” about Quantum, so they can use this film to tie up the loose ends and then start something new for Bond 24.

  4. I’d like to see Kurt Angle and Gary Daniels as villains in this film. There would be amazing fight scenes between each of them with Daniel Craig.

  5. I only have one request: let Michael Buble do the theme song. Would take us back to the original mood of the movie. :)

  6. Yeah more Evil anti Planet Al Gore Sh(tlist villians!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!
    Because we know that evil white industrialists are the true terrorists

    What Balls on the part of writers and production team to go after these mother earth hating monsters once again *because the last film was such a big success*

    Bond has no business going after poor misunderstood Islamic fascists because super spys don’t deal with that sort of thing and of course there really arent any Islamic Fascists anyway. Fox news made it all up.

    • LG, you mean you’d like the movie more if it conformed to your personal “real life” prejudices?

    • Are you one of the guys who feels that your own countrie’s leaders and/or officials can’t have any bad guys in it?

  7. I seriously doubt they will use the ‘Carte Blanche’ novel or title as the basis for Bond 23. For starters, why would they base a movie on a recent non-Fleming novel that everyone can read two years before the film is released? My guess is that they’ll be using ‘From Russia With Love’ as the template for the next Bond film, it has Blofeld/Spectre (Fiennes), the great Bond nemesis Red Grant (Bardem), and one of the great action center pieces ever shot for a Bond film, on a train no less. And Risico, Bond In New York, and Property Of A Lady are the last remaining unused Fleming titles. No way they’d choose ‘Carte Blanche’ over ‘Risico’…

    • My take is that they may have found influence from the book as it may mesh with the storyline they came up with, could fit well into the Quantum arc. I actually would not be surprised if Eon chose to look at some of the Bond novels post-Ian Fleming era.

  8. I vote for Risico…


    I would definitely like a modern From Russia With Love…that could really work. Javier Bardem as the main bad guy and Fiennes as a Red Grant. We all know that Fiennes vs. Craig would be a hell of a fight. Or Aston vs. Jaguar again. haha.

    • Risico: 007, exactly…

      Though I would think they’d cast Fiennes as the mastermind of Quantum/Spectre and Bardem as the Red Grant heavy type, but that’s interesting that you’d prefer to see it cast the other way around? No Country For Old Men made me instantly wish for a similar type of villain in a Bond film, especially in light of how anemic the villains were in Quantum Of Solace, although I think overall it’s an underrated film. The ‘Elvis’ henchman in particular was a botched opportunity…

      • I didn’t see No County for Old Men yet. I will soon. But that would be kind of interesting to see Bond vs. someone who is actually after him. More like a spy/agent then say The Man with the Golden gun. Scaramanga was pretty good, but someone like say…Clive Owen or the guy who just played Magneto in X-Men First Class. That would be a hell of a fight. It would also put a new spin on it. Bond gets his a$$ handed to him and not getting his ball scratched by LeChiffe.

  9. Fr0m Russia
    With L0ve

    Yeah baby!!!

    • Okay that failed. Screen Rant posts should come up how they are typed, please don’t move all my characters to the side. Jeez!

      • Haha. I tried something like that a while ago. I was just as upset. :)

        • Let me try it…

          ____From Russia
          With Love______

          Fingers crossed ^-^

          • DAMMIT!

  10. I sure hope that isn’t the name of the movie. Very dumb title, worse than Quantum of Solace.

    I also have to disagree with DSB. Daniel Craig is, IMO, the best Bond since Connery.

    • Better than Connery, especially if you’ve read the books. Disagree about Quantum Of Solace being a bad title tho’, but I do hope they revert Quantum back to Spectre in the next film, ultimately Quantum as the name of a terrorist organization doesn’t really work the same way…

    • I totally agree about Craig but I’d say he’s better than Connery. I believe him when he emotes more than I believed Connery. To me, he’s the best Bond by far and the reason why I will see every Bond that he’s in on the first night it’s out. No other actor has done that for me.

  11. Hope this is more like Casino Royale and Goldeneye.

    • Or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. There’s so much great material in the books they’ve never touched on, the novel You Only Live Twice being a good example…

  12. anyone know were Rick went?, havent heard from him in a while now on post’s. I think the Harry Potter win sent him in to potter overload.

    • HAha Im here bro :)

  13. While I’m intrigued by the concept, I want Bond 23/carte blanche/whatever they call it to serve as a better bridge to understanding Quantum, and now that might tie into Spectre. At some point, the producers need to start thinking how this series will tie in with Dr. No, which I hope will also find its way into this film. Aren’t they releasing it on the 50th anniversary of Dr. No?

    Obviously this version of Bond is an origin arc, so why shouldn’t they try to dovetail it with Dr. No, or from Russia with Love? Relating Quantum to Spectre as much as possible is a smart move.

    How many more movies did Craig sign for? If three’s the magic number, then they need to wrap this version up with Bond 23.

    IMO, I won’t even read Harry Knowles’ articles anymore – they either put me to sleep, or cause me to wanna scratch my eyes out.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but legally they can not mention anything that has to do with SPECTRE. They guy who owns the rights to Thunderball/Never Say Never Again can sue the producers for that. Hence, that’s why they created QUANTUM, to bring back the idea, but not so much in a cold war setting.

  14. I truly hope they do not drop the Quantum subplot. While it didn’t build up a head of steam like some would have liked to see, I genuinely liked the idea of a master organization pulling the strings from behind the curtain. When you think about it, there are virtually limitless story possibilities they could cultivate from this.

    • I totally agree. I didn’t think Quantum of Solace was all that bad, really – while I agree that it somewhat lost the charm and wit that Casino Royale had, I thought the advancement of the Quantum subplot was its greatest strength. Very intriguing concepts, and as you said has immense potential in the numbers and kinds of stories they could tell. Adds a layer of conspiracy/big-picture themes to just about any villainous plot. Plus it gives us a larger overarching story over the films.

      I mean, all they have to do is make this film with the same pace, humour and wit of Casino Royale, the same level of action in QoS and ramp up the Quantum plot, which to me is a lot classier and a more modernised, updated version of Spectre.

  15. There he is, are we gonna be hearing from u less Rick? know that the epic Saga is over. at least u got the DVD post to look forward to. I’m Defenitly counting down the days until I can get the Blue ray box set and watch it all in a single sitting.

    • @KanTstandYa

      Well, I will always be looking at comments and reading entries of this site no matter what so Ill be here for a LONG time man, I still have The Hunger Games to look forward and TDKR and spidey, so Ill definitely stick around :)

  16. It’s fake. Comepltely fake:

    1) Despite supposedly being a musical genius, Jelena Mihailovic has no presence on the internet aside from these reports. She’s not a member of any of Serbia’s orchestras the way the article suggests she is. She has no resume as near as I can tell.

    2) BOND 23 is currently looking to film in India, with the shooting permits coming through for a train sequence. India is not featured in CARTE BLANCHE, and while the novel does feature a train deraiment, it happens in Serbia and the article claims filming will take place there, too.

    3) EON have officially denied the reports. Which might not sound that big, but they have a long-established policy of not commenting on reports like this. Half a dozen websites have reported it, so they’re clearly keen to kill it off. They’ve also never adapted a continuation novel, or used the title of one.

    This isn’t an unusual practice in the Bondverse – an aspriring actor (usually in conjunction with their publicist or agent) releases an article about how they’re in contention for the next Bond Girl role. It’s a quick way to get instant credibility. Mihailovic has taken this to the next level.

    • You do realize that the fact India is not in the book doesn’t mean they can’t pass it off as another country???


  18. The train sequence in Carte Blanche is completely different from the one in From Russia With Love, and my bet is the producers of Bond 23 are thinking of the latter as an influence for the next film. The one in Carte Blanche can be summed up as a Bond introductory sequence, in other words irrelevant to the film as a whole, whereas when the next Bond film says it will have train scenes, they mean that the trains will be the centerpiece of the film, as in there will be a murder mystery, a chance for Bond (and lady) to get decked out, and some sort of high speed physical confrontation. Of course, most of the next Bond film will also hinge on what kind of woman they challenge with, he needs to be emotionally challenged in every film as well as physically challenged by his opposite number, it’s really what these films are all about, otherwise go see a real spy movie like Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy…

  19. Well then the Naomi Harris casting makes more sense now. Because in the novel their is a south African police detective who aids Bond.

  20. I for one, love Quantum of Solace, name and film content. One of the best Bonds I feel. Very sparse, very dry but so very enjoyable. For once, Bond didn’t feel so episodic. It had a special tone to it that was much more subtle and less spelled out for the audience. I really appreciated the mindset that went into creating the finished product. The visual attitude and look of the film were insanely cool as if you could take a single frame of film from any part of the back half and hang it on your wall as purely iconic art; ie, the plane chase and a fight-thrashed, black-clad Bond against the backdrop of a blinding, golden desert looking cooler than James Dean and Steve McQueen combined. It also avoided cliches, such as how it played with the main Bond girl. Damn cool film that was more of a piece of art than a popcorn night out. This film will grow on people in time the way Blade Runner took a while to get it’s due.

    • Quantum Of Solace, from what I read, had one major strike against it and that is that there was a writers strike looming and the script for the film had a deadline it had to meet to comply with the writers strike and once it was turned in (an hour before the deadline, I think I heard…?) there couldn’t be any changes made to it. So any plot holes, characters that weren’t quite fleshed out, etc., there was nothing they could do once it was filming, they had to make the movie as is. Juxtapose that with the JJ Abrams Star Trek, who chose to postpone their film in regards to the strike in order to be able to make improvements and rewrites, and it’s a better film for it.

      All in all tho’, I’d have to say Quantum Of Solace turned out pretty well considering…

      • Ha! I like by the way that you mention Steve McQueen, there’s no question in my mind that as Bond Daniel Craig is channeling not only the Fleming books, but also Steve McQueen’s performance in The Thomas Crown Affair, and probably Bullitt as well. A true heir to McQueen’s great physical acting, brilliant…! He’s even wearing the same three-piece suit at the end of Casino Royale…

  21. I hope there is closure on Quantum just to drop it and go in another direction would be annoying…

  22. A second thought maybe the Illuminati doesn’t want their secrets told so the producers are forced to go into another direction and drop Quantum – The Illuminati…