New ‘Skyfall’ TV Spot; Benedict Cumberbatch as ‘Bond 24′ Villain?

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The 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards was a prime time indeed to launch a new TV spot for Skyfall, the new James Bond film (23rd, to be exact) that will hit theaters this fall. Directed by Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes (American BeautyRoad to Perdition), Skyfall has looked better and better with every new trailer and TV spot – and the latest one (above) fits that trend.

In other James Bond news: even though 007’s 23rd cinematic adventure isn’t even in theaters yet, rumors persist that the studio is pushing forward with development of “Bond 24.” We already know star Daniel Craig will be back, but it’s now being rumored that The Hobbit and Star Trek 2 star Benedict Cumberbatch could be the next foe Bond faces off against.

Skyfall sees Bond’s boss “M” (Judi Dench) being targeted by a diabolical assassin named Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), who returns to settle an old score against MI6. Along the way, we meet some new franchise characters – young “Q” (Ben Whishaw) and Gareth “M”allory (Ralph Fiennes) a new MI6 advisor – as well as some new Bond girls in Naomie Harris as agent Eve, and femme fatale Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe). We’ll also see Bond complete the origin story arc started back in Casino Royale, developing into the full-fledged, gadget-toting, lady-killer suave agent fans have adored.

daniel craig james bond contract New Skyfall TV Spot; Benedict Cumberbatch as Bond 24 Villain?

As such“Bond 24″ should be something of a return to form for 007, and considering that the film will be the harbinger to the milestone 25th film (both of which are already contracted to star Craig), the choice of villain in the 24th installment will be important at both the story and casting levels.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a pretty in-demand actor at the moment. After breaking out (at least with American audiences) in films like War HorseTinker Tailor Soldier Spy and the popular BBC version of Sherlock, the UK star has snagged huge blockbuster roles in the aforementioned Hobbit Trilogy (voicing the dragon Smaug and the evil Necromancer), as well as the yet-to-be-revealed villain role in the sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. We now hear Cumberbatch’s name being mentioned in conjunction with just about every new film role du jour (see: Marvel’s Ant-Man) – and Bond 24 is no exception.

Ant Man Cast Benedict Cumberbatch New Skyfall TV Spot; Benedict Cumberbatch as Bond 24 Villain?


The rumor comes by way of Express UK, which also claims that production on Bond 24 will begin as soon as next year (2013). This should, of course, be taken with a HUGE grain of salt, as UK trades are nefarious for gossip, Cumberbatch has plenty on his plate for the next year or so; not to mention,  if you were to ask anybody involved with Skyfall they would likely tell you their focus is on launching this installment of the franchise before worrying about who will be in the next one.

It’s not an impossible casting choice – and really, it’s one that a lot of people would be excited to support. Just don’t count this egg in the basket just yet. But in the spirit of fun: Would you want to see Cumberbatch play an iconic Bond villain, or one that’s totally new?

Skyfall will be in theaters and IMAX on November 9, 2012.

Sources: Columbia Pictures & Express UK | Day & Night (via CBM)


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  1. Out of all the classic Bond villains from the Ian Fleming books, I’m going with Hugo Drax. Cumberbatch would be a pretty good fit.

    Most of the other classic baddies are too corny. Dr. No, Blofeld, Goldfinger……. hmmm…. nope.

    Hugo Drax is more grounded. Plus he’s British like Cumberbatch.

    • Well,

      Hugo Drax is a German Nazi with the real name of Hugo von der Drache who pretends to be British. That is exactly the interesting thing about the character Fleming describes from the beginning on: He seems to be almost too British while looking more Southern European.

      On top of that he is 50+ (from my memory that is). The current villain Javier Bardem would have made a more proper Drax.

  2. Yes to everything mentioned in the article

  3. This guy is everywhere!

  4. This is the exact tabloid created the Cumberbatch-as-The-Master-in-DW rumour; completely not trustworthy, plus I suspect Cumberbatch would be willing to pigeonhole himself in villainous roles.

  5. why not have him be the next bond?

    • No.

      • No.
        Cumberbatch as a villain is more better

      • No.
        Cumberbatch as a Bond villain is more better than being the Bond

    • Hell, Yes!

    • Agree with Avenger.


    • Because the next Bond – after Craig’s next several outings – is going to be Henry Cavill. That’s my vote.

  6. Cumberbatch is awesome! everything he does will be awesome! he is the british Kevin Bacon! only better ! extra Bacon!

    • I don’t know who or where you are but I LOVE your statement!!! Forever Beneaddicted… :)

  7. It’d be interesting to see him as a villain for the next bond but..I can’t say if he’ll be better worse or anything like that till skyfall comes out also the fact that there’s already speculation for the next villain for bond seems…out of place ATM considering that 1 the Skyfal hasn’t even been released yet. 2 The film was in development hell for 4(?) years so what’s to say the next one might not get stalled to?(Unlikely but it’s possible) and finally Although craig has signed onto do 8 bond films,something I find kind of over kill, Who’s to say he’ll do 8 films?

    • There was a rumor a while back that EON wanted Craig to do eight movies, but I don’t think that was ever substantiated. As far as I’ve read, he’s officially signed on for only five so far. I’ll be happy to watch Craig play Bond until he’s as goofy and paunchy as Moore was at the end, if he’s happy to be doing them.

      • The rumor was based on comments producer Michael Wilson said, that he’d like Craig to stay on for a total of eight films surpassing Roger Moore’s tenure, but I think he walked back those comments and just wants to make sure Craig plans up to Bond 25 for now. There is, however, no doubt in my mind bar some kind of calamity, that Craig will stay on for more.

        And I doubt he’ll ever have a paunch. At 65 he’ll still be in better shape than the majority of men half his age.

        Cumberbatch would be a helluva choice for Blofeld, assuming he’s not already making an appearance in Skyfall.

  8. Every sequel since Casino Royale has said ‘this will be the return to form for Bond,’ and now it’s being said about the NEXT one? CR already implied he was Bond at the end, then Quantum unfortunately kept it going but finished that story, so he better be Bond as we know him by the beginning of Skyfall or this will be the longest origin story for a character I’ve ever seen. One thing the last two Daniel Craig bonds was sorely missing was the classic Bond suave sophistication with the Bond theme playing on repeat throughout the movie…get to it already.

    • There has been one film since Casion Royale (unless you’re counting the bad comedy film). Get a grip pal, Quantom of Solace wasn’t that bad. Not good either, but not a complete mess.

      I am personally glad Bond is how he is in the other two films. He brings an element of realism and proves to be a character who is grounded. In Die Another Day (I think), there is a scene where Peirce Brosnan jumps off the roof of a train and on to a big bell, dangling from it. When the train is gone he drops to the floor, then says to himself, ‘saved by the bell’. Absoloutely disgusting. If Craig was to end up like that, this franchise would be over.

      • Was “Die Another Day” your first Bond movie? That sort of bad joke has been a tradition since “Dr. No”. As long as they keep them under control, that’s one of the elements that I think should be brought back to put the Craig movies a bit more in line with history.

        • I think that’s where Mr. Craig comes in, he’s made a lot of excellent choices in knowing where the black humor fits in Bond’s world and when it doesn’t. He seems to be just as good at knowing what traditions to leave out as well as leave in with Bond. HIs physicality seems to be much more plausible than the other Bonds, even when he’s adjusting his cuff links after ripping off the back of a train with a tractor. :)

          • Right, I feel like he’s approaching the part from a fan’s perspective. He seems to be interested in following the traditions that have been developed over so many years, but be cautious as to where to draw the line so that they stay closer to Bond than Austin Powers.

            I wasn’t 100% behind the idea of Bond being “rebooted”, but I think that they’ve done a nice job so far. I hope they just move on and leave earlier stories alone. It would be great, several movies down the line, to hear Bond or Q throw out a casual reference to an old case involving Goldfinger or Scaramanga, which could subtly fold his history into the current version without forcing us to relive it with new movies treading old ground.

  9. Cumberbatch, he deserves everything. Sooooo Talented. The MASTER in acting! I worship him! If only I could tell him that. I live in California, and I already missed him when he wa filming Star Trek and I won’t miss him again!! GO CUMBERFANS!!

  10. I love Cumberbatch he is a brilliant actor i could totally see him as the villain in the next Bond film it would be interesting to see him go toe to toe with Daniel Craig i think both are brilliant actors and they’d work very well together in the sequel.

  11. Anyone else catch at about the 20 second mark Bond flips the top of his gearshift to reveal a little red button?

    Aaaaaawwww yeaaaahhhh…. :)

  12. I would rather see Benedict Cumberbatch as the NEW BOND!!!…NOT the villain…

  13. Is he going to be the new Mark Strong? I hope not because he’s way better than him,IMHO. Mmm. How about a Fassbender, Cumberbatch and Hardy movie? Y/Y? All the fanboys and fangirls will spontaneously combust.


    BOOM! KA POW! FIRE AND BRIMESTONE!!! WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!! (last second) We are saved!!!

    See? I can do the thing you call “Plot”…

  15. I’d love to see Cumberbatch play a villain, but not an “iconic” one – unless they’ve got the rights to bring back Blofeld, as he was Bond’s equivalent of Moriarty or the Joker, who managed to keep resurfacing somehow. All of the previous stories ended with the villain getting killed, which means the only way Cumberbatch could play one of them would be in a remake. We don’t need any Bond remakes. Just keep more original stories coming.

  16. Benedict as Bond would be classic — but Daniel is perfect already. Sooo—Benedict as villian ? He would be great, but then he could never play the “next Bond” in the future. What to do?

  17. Is this forum still alive?

    Am i the only one who thinks javier* (Silva) should return as the bad guy. i mean he could plausibly still be alive, he just got knifed in the back. I would love to see him return and make an appearance at the end of bond 24. Say he could be the mastermind behind the bond 24 plot. Just have him get more decrepit and beat up over the coarse of the next two, 3, 4, movies. maybe even leave him out of 24, and have him be the revealed bad guy behind 24, and 25’s plot; you know keep it sort of a mystery in 24 then fully reveal him in 25. The point i guess on my mind is make him like blofeld. He’s already scared like blofeld. just create a new classic villain. I would hate to see such a great character already developed be tossed aside never to be used again.

    • scarred*

  18. Nooooooooo, BENEDICT FOR BOND.. its gotta be him for Bond? I don’t mind waiting for daniel’s 2 movie deal to get over. By then Cumberbatch wud be well over 40 and all the more apt for the role. I dont care… I’d rather wait and have him play Bond than settle with him in another villain role.
    God, pay Daniel off and get Cumberbatch. Get a younger, leaner, meaner, handsome bond.. Please… Please…please…. The entire world is begging for it….
    Better yet, make Daniel the villain…! A new story arc… How about that…

  19. Maybe a villain but he lacks the charm for Bond.