MGM Promotes 50th Anniversary ‘James Bond’ Blu-ray Collection at Comic-Con

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Bond 50th Anniversary Blu ray MGM Promotes 50th Anniversary James Bond Blu ray Collection at Comic Con

James Bond – the suave British super-spy who has captivated audiences for more than 50 years – will be making a splash at Comic-Con this year thanks to MGM and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Sadly, there won’t be a Hall H presentation for the new Bond film Skyfall (for more information on that film, check out this behind-the-scenes video discussing the costumes). However, Comic-Con attendees can still spend some time savoring the character’s greatest moments at a special booth set up to promote the 50th anniversary Blu-ray collection – Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection.

According to Variety, the Bond booth will feature a host of props and vehicles from throughout the history of the Bond franchise, giving fans the opportunity to take pictures with their fingers pointed in the air like guns. Quoting Variety, here are just some of the props and vehicles that will be featured at the booth:

“The vehicles include the flying Parahawk from ‘The World Is Not Enough’ and the gadget-filled Aston Martin Volante from ‘The Living Daylights.’ MGM and Fox are keeping the other cars a surprise for fans. The mine bomb from ‘GoldenEye,’ a first-edition hardback book of ‘Dr. No.,’ an ax from ‘A View to a Kill,’ a Bollinger champagne bottle from ‘License to Kill,’ a nerve gas vial from ‘Moonraker’ and a fillet of soul menu from ‘Live and Let Die’ will be among the props displayed.”

MGM will also be taking pre-orders for the Blu-ray set at the booth, which will be released officially on September 25th. While there are certainly some duds in the Bond series, the opportunity to own all of the films on Blu-ray for the first time ever will be pretty tough to pass up for serious Bond fans.

What do you think? Is this a purchase that you’ll be making to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise?

Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection will be available on Blu-ray September 25th, 2012. The 23rd Bond film – Skyfall – hits theaters a short time later on November 9th, 2012.

Source: Variety

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  1. Pre ordered this a while ago. 22 films for £89? Bargain. I can always use QOS as a coaster.

    • LOL, hopefully Skyfall will be better than QoS…

      • Just watched Skyfall.
        It is a terrible Bond movie.
        They are getting worse.
        I don’t think they know who James Bond is supposed to be,\All they want to do is change him
        So sad

  2. Agree with Dr. Sam, I will be getting this and will use QOS as a tray to eat my dinner off of while I watch the other flms.

  3. I already own all the films. Besides I think blu-ray is terrible. And guys QOS was a great chase movie. I mean they had car, boat, foot, and plane chases!!! What more could you ask for in a chase movie.

    • “What more could you ask for in a chase movie?”

      Something that was actually watchable. Action/chase sequences should feel exciting and kinetic. QOS was so badly directed and edited that the action scenes felt slowed down.

      I already own all of these films too. I had them all on VHS too. I used to think Blu ray was pointless, until I saw one.

    • @Brandon

      LOL, that’s exactly what I’ve been telling everyone, QoS wasn’t an action movie, it was just one chase scene that leads to the next chase scene…

    • But I don’t know why you think Blu-Ray is “terrible” unless all you’ve seen are the really bad transfers, because there have been some. But if done correctly and the movies are transferred correctly in high-def the movies look great without any blocking like even DVD’s had sometimes…

  4. QoS isn’t even in the bottom half of the Bond lexicon. Almost every Roger Moore Bond is nearly unwatchable due to the outrageous cheese factor/Moore WAY too old by the end, Dalton’s Bond’s are way too melodramatic, and even some of the Connery ones towards the end are pretty boring (Diamonds Are Forever). Compared to Casino Royale, yeah, QoS is bad, but that’s an extremely unfair comparison. I thought as a straight up Bond’s version of a revenge actioner, it’s pretty good, despite some parts like that terribly directed and edited plane sequence. Zero suspense. But if you watch CR and QoS back to back it’s better as a continuation of the ‘to be continued’ ending of CR. Though I’m 24 and grew up on Brosnan Bond so that’s the basis of my Bond taste spectrum.

    • Exactly. Every Pierce Bronsman film minus the great GoldenEye is infinitely worse than QoS.

      • I actually like Tomorrow Never Dies a lot, the media-mogul plot is lame but it’s got a pretty classic Bond feel with some great action sequences, even more so than Goldeneye in a lot of ways.

        • There are scenes i like andi love Pierce Bronsman as Bond but as a film overall…it kinda sucks lol

    • @Reavus

      Well, I agree, if you look at every movie with the same standard, there are definitely plenty of cheesy Bond movies that are technically “worse” than QoS. And I have to agree that I definitely only liked Goldeneye out of all of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies and that Roger Moore was just too goofy to be taken seriously. But I guess the reason why QoS gets more flak from me and others is probably because of the high standard of this new universe set by Casino Royale. I had really high hopes for QoS and it just really let me down. And plus, some of the really cheesy Bond movies I still enjoy because they were kind of meant to be that way.

      I just hope Skyfall is more Casino Royale and less QoS…

      • When you get a chance sometime try watching CR and QoS back-to-back, it actually makes QoS a lot better, plus it’s kind of cool that it’s the only direct sequel of all the Bond films so it’s more like one singular movie viewed in that light. Not saying QoS is great, but it makes it more worthwhile as a Bond movie.

        • CR & QoS as a single story is awesome. The opening scene of QoS was great. I lovehow it picked uo immediately after CR and the effects of CR are still fresh.

    • I like all of Brosnan’s films except for Die Another Day, which was just stupid in every regard.

      • Why was it stupid?
        Have you seem the latest one.
        Just another spy movie

  5. QoS suffered in it’s production due to the writers strike at the time (2008) and it’s director, Marc Foster, who was ill suited to direct a Bond Film. It wasn’t the greatest but it doesn’t deserve so much condemnation.

    Save the hate for the one Bond movie that is truly THE WORST: “Die Another Day.”

    “A View To A Kill ” and ” The World Is Not Enough ” also make ” Quantum Of Solace ” look like a classic.

    • Yea, everyone forgets about the writer strike. Movies were already in production and directors/and actorsm had to do the best they could without a writer in the Guild. QoS gets too much s ***. Far from a great Bond film but NOWHERE near the worse.

      Die Another Day is (technically) awesome for two reasons lol. Torture Bond in the beginning and Halle Berry doing her best Honey Rider ..giggady..

      • Quantum Of Solace isn’t near as bad as everybody says, especially the chase scene at the beginning, makes the movie worth it right there. And Daniel Craig singlehandedly makes a bad Bond film great. But it should have been a great Bond film, not a misfire. Skyfall’s going to make up for it. Bond’s gonna fight a Komodo dragon for chr@$T sake..!

        And I agree about Die Another Day, bad but in a kinda awesome way, especially Halle Berry’s Dr. No bikini. 😉

        • agreed L4YERCAKE

          Im hoping for something spectacular from Skyfall. CR was so cerebal and really got inoBond’s mind. I love it.QoS is good revenge styledcompanion piece to CR but really weak on its own merits. Despite QoS lack of love, I hope the Quantum (SPECTRE) plot Is atleast hinted or finished up in a fourth Craig Bond film.


          • The original ending of Quantum Of Solace was cut which showed Mr. White assassinating the government official that was affiliated with Quantum. I don’t think they ever included it in any extras but there’s photos and evidence. I think they cut it so Bond 23 could be a standalone if desired, which it will be as far as I know. Especially because there’s the rumor that they’re jettisoning Quantum entirely and bringing back SPECTRE with Ralph Fiennes as Blofeld. Hope it’s true.

    • I agree Die Another Day is the worst film, and A View To A Kill after that; but I disagree about The World Is Not Enough.

      • DAD was surely an embarrassment on all fronts, but if you didn’t like Walken as MaxZorin in AVTAKill then maybe you just dont like maniacal psychopaths with machine guns? Your loss, I suppose!

  6. I already have all of them on DVD. To buy it on Blu-Ray would just be a waste of money seeing as how they rerelease them every five or so years.

  7. Looking forward to finally getting On Her Majestys Secret Service on Blu-Ray.

    • The Thunderball/OHMSS/You Only Live Twice books are the only ones I’d like to see redone modern day as a trilogy the way they were intended.

      Tracy, Tracy, Tracy…

      • Do you think anyone is up for a third Thunderball? :)

        • Ha! No, probably not… :) Although I have a weird feeling that Skyfall is going to be taking some cues from the original Thunderball movie.

  8. Never Say Never Again is not included. Nor the original Casino Royale.
    I can appreciate the myriad justifications but “Complete” is inaccurate.

    It is a bit coersive as nine titles have yet to be released in Blu-ray individually
    and the only way to get any of those on Blu-ray now is to get this collection.

    My guess this will have hard-core but limited sales and
    we will see the individual Blu-rays available after this
    promotion has run its course which might be short.

    • They aren’t included because neither are part of the Bond series or in any way affiliated with it. And isn’t Casino Royale a comedy spoof? It would be weird if they WERE included

      • I said I appreciated the myriad justifications why.
        The primary of all the reasons being the producers
        of the collection do not have the rights to the films.

        Sean Connery starred in Never Say Never Again.
        You just can’t get more James Bond than that.
        Casino Royale was the first James Bond novel.

        • I’m confused by Never Say never Again as well. I know it wasn’t originally released by MGM, but they have the rights to it so it doesn’t make sense not to include it

          • As I recall the maker of Thunderball had the rights
            to any remake or sequel written into his contract
            and those “remake” rights were lost to MGM and
            consequently they do not have the rights now.

            Never Say Never Again was essentially a remake
            of Thunderball with rights held outside the studio.

            • According to wikipedia MGM bought the rights to it after the fact.

              • If that is true, and since there is a legal record I tend
                to believe it probably is, Wikipedia notwithstanding, it is
                curious as to why Never Say Never Again is excluded but
                its existence was a bitter pill for MGM from the beginning
                and MGM has liked to pretend the film never happened.
                Not including it reinforces their view that it was not
                somehow legitimate because they did not make it.

  9. I’m not sure if I want to get this because there will probably be another box set when they release Skyfall on blu-ray about three months after its’ release in theaters.

    • Of course I can’t find it now, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the box is going to come with an open slot meant for “Skyfall”.

  10. Why isn’t Never say Never again included?

    • (I missed this and replied to you above)

      • Here’s the deal with Never Say Never Again (and incidentally Casino Royale): Efforts were made to bring Bond to the big screen for quite a while before Dr. No. Casino Royale not only was the first Bond novel, but was also originally a really bad television special in 1954 (James Bond was American and Felix Leiter was British. !?!?) so when Bond finally took off the tv producers still had the rights to the story and couldn’t come to terms with the current producers of the Connery Bond movies. It’s my understanding that in order to make the 2006 Bond MGM swapped rights with Sony exchanging Spider Man for Casino Royale. So before the film version of Dr. No, Ian Fleming had written a few failed attempts at Bond screenplays, including one co-written by Kevin McLory called Thunderball that was an original idea and not based on any previous books, and it included for the first time Ernst Stavro Blofeld and SPECTRE as opposed to SMERSH. When the Bond movies got popular and Bond books were in demand Fleming was starting to run out of ideas, so he took the screenplay of Thunderball and turned it into a novel, and I think initially ‘forgot’ to give McClory credit for his ideas which created a ‘he said she said’ situation about many of the defining ideas of the cinematic Bond which ended up on the screen. Before they made the Thunderball movie McClory went to court with Fleming and (I think?) won and ended up with the full rights to the story of Thunderball, which also meant that he had rights to the character Blofeld and SPECTRE, which is why Blofeld and SPECTRE petered out in appearances after a few more movies, McClory decided he wanted to make Bond movies to compete with the Eon movies being made at the time. For reasons I don’t recall, Sean Connery also wanted to make competing Bond movies in the 70’s and early 80’s, so after a few misfire attempts, Connery and McClory teamed up and made Never Say Never Again. And that’s why you only see the back of Blofeld’s head in For Your Eyes Only and he’s never mentioned by name in the film. Also, Blofeld was supposed to be the villain in The Spy Who Loved Me but because of the rights issue the character was rewritten as an original.

        Okay, I may have botched some of the details of those facts since I’m going on memory but the basic points are all accurate.

  11. Already own the ones I want on Blu except Spy who loved me which is one of the top five great Bond outings


    QOS Sucked harder than Travolta

  12. Missing film! I assume that the non-MGM bond movie Never say never again, starring Connery ten years after he retired from the role, isn’t included, making the collection incomplete. Of course there is also the old Casino Royale comedy movie with Woody Allen ( never wanted to see that one…) which is technically a bond film too. NSN was not the greatest, but far from the worst.

    For all the silliness of Roger Moore era bond, it was also the era that really escalated the modern spectacle feel that became standard. So even ifhe does seem like a sleazy lounge singer more than a super spy, we owe some thanks to those films, and a few like For Your Eyes Only are actually classic and full of solid iconic elements.

    QoS suffered from writer strikes, a script partially written by the star (!!!) and an unfulfilled promise to really continue the CR storyline. As an epilogue to the previous movie I like it fine, but as a standalone story and a follow up I found it very disappointing. I reccomended only seeing it as an immediate part two with expectations in check. In that context it is fun and maintains more cohesion.

    I don’t think Brosnan films held up after Goldeneye, but after the initial let down there is some fun to be had there as well. TWINE seemed dull and uninspired when it was new, but now I dig the guns, the jet boat, the stealth boat and lots of little details. Not a classic, but without the expectations it gets better in my mind.

  13. How people can like and defend QOS is utterly beyond me. Been watching Bond since I was three/four years old. I know them all off by heart, everything about each one.
    QOS is so far from being a Bond film that it defies belief. It has zero Bond like qualities and is just awful. Someone suggested watching QOS after CR isn’t a good thing, it just shows exactly how CR managed to be pretty damn good, and makes QOS even worse by comparison.

    • Wow. How incredibly arrogant of you to think you are the be all measure of what a good Bond film is. You really cant stand the fact other ppl enjoyed it as a decent Bond flick lol sad.

  14. Thank You! I visit screen rant often, comment occasionally, but this guy just really grinds my gears. Its not his opinion that bothers me but the constant pompous, high and mighty tone of his comments. Im just flabbergasted by his arrogance. Unnecessary.

  15. There is always something to love in all Bond movies, people slated Lazenby at the time of OHMSS but it’s actually a really Bond movie, all the elements are in place, girls, guns, gadgets, chases and mad baddies and crazy henchmen! QOS was no different, in terms of awful Bond movies I have to go with DAD, bloody awful, Brosnan phoned in his performance and Madonna, well the less said about her the better, Halle Berry hasnt made a decent movie since she won her Oscar and was just riding in on the wave of that success, plus an invisible car and ice palace? One step too far me thinks!
    Now Skyfall, this is going to be something special, Sam Mendes is a genius choice, his movies speak for themselves, I hope this will be the trend from now on, world class directors for a world class franchise, imagine what Nolan or Speilberg could do with a Bond movie?!

  16. And A View to a Kill is one of my favourite Bond movies ever! Granted Moore is a pensioner but Tanya Roberts omg hot!! Walken as Zorrin and a sky dive from the Eiffel Tower, awesome!!

  17. I can find any James Bond to have some kind of entertainment value. And honestly while it wasn’t as good as CASINO ROYALE, I don’t find QUANTUM OF SOLACE to be nearly that bad. While it may have been a bit excessive at times the action was good, and there was some really good character development for Bond, something you don’t see in so many of these films. I find it to be MUCH better than some of the other ones like VIEW TO A KILL, MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, MOONRAKER, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, etc.

  18. The blue ray release of the james bond movies is great,with out john barry and the other music directors for the movie soundtrack would the bond movies be
    as exciting.a release of the soundtrack’s during this celebration of bond would enhance this promotion.just a thought.van jay radio programmer of jazz and gospel