‘James Bond 24′ Production Delayed by Script Rewrite?

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james bond 24 daniel craig James Bond 24 Production Delayed by Script Rewrite?

James Bond 24, as the next 007 movie is being referred to in lieu of an official title, remains on track to make Fall 2015 release date, but director Sam Mendes may start production a little later than originally anticipated. That’s because the script is apparently going to be getting a rewrite by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade – two veteran Bond franchise scribes, who originally planned to retire from Bond films after having co-written the last installment, Skyfall, with John Logan (the only confirmed writer for Bond 24 thus far).

This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but The Daily Mail is citing an executive “associated with the Bond films” as its source – with the latter claiming the project is merely experiencing some “polite turmoil,” which may cause the start of principal photography to be delayed until this December (it was previously expected to get underway by October), but won’t affect the release date(s) in the process.

Purvis and Wade have supposedly been asked to “punch up” the Bond 24 script, by injecting more witty dialogue and interactions between Daniel Craig’s James Bond and characters such as the new Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), “Q” (Ben Whishaw) and “M” (Ralph Fiennes), who were introduced in Skyfall. Former “Q” actor John Cleese made headlines this week for his criticizing the recent Bond films as being overly-serious, but the timing of those comments and the aforementioned script changes, is apparently just a coincidence.

Indeed, it was almost a year ago that Craig made his comment that “Hopefully, we’ll reclaim some of the old irony” in the next James Bond movie, so including more humor in Bond 24 is clearly an idea that’s been getting kicked around for a while. Likewise, Mendes previously revealed his intent for Bond 24 to finish the story that began in Skyfall – properly concluding Craig’s 007′s journey from Jason Bourne-esque government killer to a more traditional version of James Bond (e.g. older and more suave and fined in his tactical approach).

skyfall naomie harris daniel craig James Bond 24 Production Delayed by Script Rewrite?

Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig in ‘Skyfall’

Logan is currently knee-deep in writing the second season of Penny Dreadful, so the idea of two scribes with experience writing Bond being recruited to handle rewrites on Bond 24 instead of Logan, doesn’t seem all that unreasonable, if at all. The script’s narrative structure would likely remain the same as Logan had originally planned, even with Purvis and Wade attempting to incorporate more witty exchanges into the mix, as appropriate.

Hopefully, should this story prove to be accurate, then Purvis and Wade’s Bond 24 script contributions will bear a stronger resemblance to their work on Casino Royale – where the pair scripted the generally clever and catchy interplay between Craig and Eva Green – rather than their more campy work on the Pierce Brosnan-era Bond films, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Let’s skip on having Craig make any cringe-worthy Christmas puns, shall we?


James Bond 24 (not the actual title, obviously) remains scheduled for arrival in the  U.K. on October 23rd, 2015, followed by its U.S. premiere on November 6th.

Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. I remember reading somewhere that Logan’s scripts for Gladiator had to be completely rewritten as it was not something that could be filmed.

    We know the guy has penned some brilliant scripts but then the other extreme is Star Trek nemesis.

    As long as the film is as good as the last I’ll be happy.

    I would like to see Craig’s Bond lighten up a little without defending into camp. I liked what Connery once said, something to the effect that originally the humour diffused the moment but eventually everything was done to serve the gag. I hope they do it well.

    • *descending

  2. Well, as much as no one should trust Daily Mail on ANYTHING, this does make sense.

    I actually have pretty high hopes for B24 after Skyfall effortlessly saved Craig’s Bond, so having the same writing team is good news.

    • I don’t think Craig’s Bond was ever in danger. Just the franchise, due to MGM’s financial crisis.

      QOS may have received mixed reviews, but Craig still gained praise for it (and the movie itself isn’t all that bad). People love him in the role. I’d say he’s the best since Timothy Dalton.

      Craig is also the most committed IMO. The fact that a lot of what you see on-screen is him doing his own stunts is mind-boggling. Not all the time, but most of the time it is him.

      • Oh, I think Craig is made for the role. He’s the best we’ve had since Connery (and I say that as someone who enjoyed the campfest that was Moore’s Bond).

        And Quantum was not a bad movie, just a terrible Bond flick as far as I’m concerned. Too serious, too brooding, trying to hard to be the aforementioned Bourne. And the worst thing about it was that it did not mesh at all with the tone set by Casino Royale. It just didn’t feel like a good start to Craig’s tenure on the franchise.

      • The problem with QOS was that it was during the big writers strike and the director and craig ended up acting as writers. As craig once said, he is not a script writer. He also doesn’t want to do movies without first seeing scripts as a direct result of that experience.

        • I had no idea it happened like that. Kinda explains a few things about Quantum though :P

          • Yes that, and Mark foster is a terrible director.
            everything he touches, turns to chaos. ever time he directs the studio needs to step in, and hold his hand, and you end up with a so so movie.

        • Exactly. There was an entirely different movie planned, but then the strike happened.

          Personally, I think QOS had some of the best emotional moments in the franchise, the Vesper subplot didn’t get enough time or credit. That’s what fuels the movie: Bond fighting to regain his quantum of solace and be human again. It’s this inner struggle to accept the reality of his job.

        • To me, the problems with Quantum were the shaky camera and editing that made it hard to tell what I was looking at – after the success of Casino, I couldn`t understand why they did this. Also, there was nothing really interesting about the villain – he was lacking any features, characteristics that the great villains have on offer. I think he was one of the worst.

      • Agreed.

  3. I know that many/most people really enjoyed Skyfall, but it did not strike me as a particularly well-written film. It certainly had its strengths, but the screenplay was not one of them, in my opinion. Hopefully, whatever changes they’re making bode well.

    And it would be a good move to lighten up a bit. I enjoyed the seriousness in Casino Royale and to an extent in QoS, but I think that they’ve taken it about as far as they can at this point. Of course, we don’t want campy ridiculousness, but charm and wit have always helped the medicine go down.

  4. Oh God, not the hold overs from the bad Brosnan movies. Was looking forward to see what Logan could make without those two and their spotty history.

  5. Skyfall was one of the better of the recent bond films but i think everyone can agree that the last few films have lost the spirit of the original bond films we definitely need more gadgets and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring back spectre and along with spectre a really good bad guy with a really cool high tech secret lair bent on world domination.

    • The recent Bond films regained the spirit of Ian Fleming’s novels, something that was lost for long periods of time. EON took on “Casino Royale” to get the act together, start over, and do it better a 2nd time around.

      “Skyfall” is the best of both worlds because it combined new and old for the perfect 50th anniversary film. But it was fueled primarily by the new era.

      People don’t understand that Bond was Bourne before Bourne, and his characteristics were never taken from another character. He is the definitive spy and assassin. What you see today is what has always been a part of him, things the old movies shut out a lot of the time.

      And yet, “Casino Royale” is the most warmly received film amongst the Bond fans. It was voted to be their favorite film of the franchise thus far on the official 007 website.

      That just shows you that anyone has to have faith in what they want to do with these films: go back to where it all began. Not with Sean Connery; with Ian Fleming.

      • Get mendes to deal with the story character development ext, and have Martin Campbell, casino royal director, to do the action/fight scenes.
        Cos lets face, it as good as mendes is, hes a Chris Nolan when it comes to directing action, clueless!

      • THANK YOU

        As a kid I had read all of Ian Flemmings stories before I ever saw a minute of the movies. I grew up with the rough Bond of the books, who applied whatever element of himself was best, the brute, the lover, the suave gentleman.

        Then I saw Connery and said, “ok.”

        Then I saw Moore and said, “who is this daffy bastard?”

        Its a fine balance. I prefer the rough Bond of Connery, Dalton, Craig and even George Lazenby.

  6. All I can say is don’t go the way of Quitoum Of Solace and other examples of this type: The Scorpion King, Transformers, or any movie with no dialogue, character development and all those boring parts people seem to b**** and moan about. Skyfall was perfect in the sense of that and if you make a slower Bond then Skyfall I’m all in. Not too slow but not so fast you can’t get a breath in.

    • I disagree in regards to no dialogue meaning it is terrible. Having no dialogue can work wonders but it depends on how it is done and what the context is – some great examples of this would be Wall-E and No Country for Old Men and even Skyfall in some parts. Telling a story and particularly showing feelings and emotions can be done beautifully without dialogue. It just needs the right people to do it- Coen brothers can but Marc Forster couldn`t.

    • Also, please never include that Bay movie in the same conversation as a Bond movie.

  7. Well, for once in my life I am not very excited about watching this New Bond Man. It was very [popular last time as it was the Anniversary.
    I saw the very first one. This Guy is way too serious, more like a London Thug. Not James Bond at all.
    He feels he has to change him by killing of “M” and blowing up his Aston Martin and going all Computerized.
    We need “Q” and his one liners, or it is not a Bond Movie at all.
    These are the worst I have ever seen