Penélope Cruz to Play a Bond Girl in ‘James Bond 24’?

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penelope cruz james bond 24 movie Penélope Cruz to Play a Bond Girl in James Bond 24?

One of the more unique qualities of Skyfall – which sets it apart from the previous twenty-two installments released in the 50-year old James Bond movie franchise – is that the film does not pair 007 opposite either a (sexy) younger woman or some other age-appropriate female counterpart on his adventure; instead, the story explores the relationship between the secret agent and MI6 head ‘M’ (portrayed by Dame Judi Dench).

Skyfall director Sam Mendes was originally going to pass on directing the 24th Bond movie, but he is reported as having changed his mind after the Bond series producers decided they are willing to wait for Mendes to become available. Mendes is still not confirmed, but right now all signs point to him being the person who will call the shots on Daniel Craig’s fourth on-screen appearance as 007 (despite other filmmakers being rumored to take the job).

So, in what respects will Mendes’ approach on James Bond 24 differ from his Dark Knight-esque take on Bond with Skyfall? Well, if Yahoo! is to be believed, then one such difference is that Craig will share the screen with a more conventional type of Bond girl, as portrayed by the 39-year old Spanish bombshell – and Oscar-winning actress – Penélope Cruz.

The site’s insider claims that “they are working out the contract details now,” so it might be best to take the customary grain of salt with this unofficial announcement (at least, until a formal confirmation/denial is released). Nonetheless, Cruz makes sense to play someone who can keep the horndog 007 on his toes in the film – and she already has a real-world link to Mendes through her husband Javier Bardem (who played Silva in Skyfall) – so this casting possibility seems reasonable, either way you choose to cut it.


skyfall harris moneypenny Penélope Cruz to Play a Bond Girl in James Bond 24?

Skyfall concluded with Naomie Harris formally assuming the role of Moneypenny, in order to (among other things) handle the office side of work – and have sexually-charged banter with Craig’s 007 in future installments. Meanwhile, Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) came onboard as James’ new boss, when he took over the ‘M’ title from Dench’s character (following her onscreen death).

The purpose behind all that – as reflected in the film’s narrative (read our review for a more thorough analysis) – was to move the Bond franchise into the future, by showing how the character (in his traditional form) is still relevant to our concerns in the present-day – even in an age of superheroes and Jason Bourne-types – despite passive-aggressive quips made by people like “hipster ‘Q'” (Ben Whishaw) to the contrary.


berenice marlohe skyfall bond Penélope Cruz to Play a Bond Girl in James Bond 24?

Bérénice Marlohe and Daniel Craig in ‘Skyfall’

However, there was one aspect, in particular, where the film (arguably) failed to do that – as was discussed by the Screen Rant Underground crew in their Skyfall episode – and that was in regard to updating Bond’s chauvinistic attitude towards women; indeed, in Skyfall, Craig’s Bond barely seemed to like them, which is not in line with his traditional portrayal. (Moreover, that did that seem to be an entirely intentional change made by the screenwriters.)

Hopefully, James Bond 24 will improve in that area, now that Craig and Harris have the chance to build on the dynamic they established in Skyfall; not to mention, the potential addition of Cruz playing a more experienced woman – who knows how to keep Bond at bay (while arousing his interest) – should only help, in that sense.


The 24th James Bond movie is expected to begin filming next summer, as to both provide Mendes with enough time for pre-production and let Cruz take a break after she gives birth to her second child (sometime in the near future). As always, we’ll keep you posted on the situation as more information becomes available.

Source: Yahoo!

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  1. She’s just too hot… Javier is a lucky man

    • I know I thought Silvia was an awesome villain but now I’m glad bond killed him off because I’m so jealous of him

      • Silvia ??

        You’ve just given a whole new dimension to Bond’s latest villain!

  2. Possibly the most overrated movie I’ve ever seen. I did not get what all the hype was about after I watched it. I actually liked Casino Royale better. I will say that Skyfall featured the best villain of the three, by far.

    • Hey, I agree with you, Skyfall is overrated…

    • I agree, I also liked Casino Royale better, but I think Mr White was a bit more challenging…

  3. That first sentence says it all.

    I thought “Skyfall” was phenomenal. I never tire of watching it.

    But there is only ONE thing I didn’t like about it: There wasn’t a formidable, sexy Bond chick. There wasn’t enough S E X.

    Hopefully, Bond 24 will make up for that.

    • Sex is boring, it’s overrated. I’m glad they skipped the sex in Skyfall.

      • If what you say is true, then I am VERY glad I have such a “boring” life.

        • You could always watch porn?

          There’s *alot* of sex in that! lol

  4. No.

    I like Penelope but not for Bond.

    How is Jane March looking these days.

  5. Casino was awesome, Quantum was ok, Skyfall was good, Bonds biggest challenge seems to be getting production started!

    Daniel Craig is amazing as Bond but the poor guy hasn’t had the chance to shine due to all the set backs, hopefully Bond 24 will be the best one yet!

  6. Yeah skyfalls bond girl was terrible, and i hated the scene where she talked about being in sex trafficing, and craig popped up in her shower like a creeper

    • Heh. Actually, Bérénice Marlohe’s Severine was very exotic but unfortunately her character was written as nothing more than a throw away plot point in order to get Bond to meet Silva.

      I don’t think the shower scene was creepy. I’d do the same thing.

      Maybe I’m creepy…. ( but chicks don’t seem to mind )

      • If a girl was in sex teafficing you dont pop up in the shower you smooth talk her lol

        • Severine didn’t seem to mind…. heheh.

  7. I guess this means Bond 24 will be based either in Europe or in Latin America?

  8. She would’ve been perfect as a Bond girl…in 1999.

    • No no no… Mature women are THE best.

      Come on, man. Penelope is a hottie. Would you prefer Daniel Craig to seduce a twenty year old? Craig will be 46/47 by the time Bond 24 comes out.

      The last thing we need is for the Craig Bond flicks to wind up looking like the Roger Moore flicks.

      • Don’t misunderstand me. I’m saying that her career was hotter in 1999 than it will be come 2015. Cruz appeared in the last Pirates movie and was largely forgetable. Halle Berry was closer to forty than thirty when she played a Bond girl, so I’m not hating on older actresses.

  9. Daniel Craig, prior to the release of CASINO ROYALE, made a point to express his disapproval of those Bond predecessors who enjoyed women as disposable pleasures: Craig prudishly commented how much he hated Bond’s purient habit of going from woman to woman.

    And this in the face of author Ian Fleming’s own analysis: “All hstory’s sex and violence, and I think it’s ridiculous to go on writing thrillers in the old Bulldog Drummond, John Buchan way, when life has come up fast and past us.”

    In CASINO ROYALE, Bond (Craig) entertained moments of sincere romantic interlude in the arms of Vesper Lynd that ran deep…and well into the story’s continuation, QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

    By the way, 007 did have a somewhat mandatory fling in bed with a Mi6 employee named “(Strawberry) Fields” in QUANTUM; and in the shower with the (alleged) femme fatale, “Severine” in SKYFALL. In other words, there has been sex in the latest tripartite adventures of James Bond, just not the witty banter or character development (except for Vesper in CASINO).

    NOTE: Angelina Jolie had been offered the role of Vesper Lynd in CASINO ROALE, but reportedly turned down the offer when the script did not call for her to “kick ass” alongside James Bond.

    Character development of females in “action” movies effectively de-sexualized the male characters who surround them. Generally speaking, audiences for these films have endorsed such a decision — or, rather, Hollywood is satisfying the demographic that apparently embraces the apocrypha which infers fictional male characters have no honest interest in sex, preferring to beat down a woman (then beat something else) over any desire for her.

    I don’t know what to tell you; but I shouldn’t wonder.

  10. If Penelope Cruz plays a Bond Girl in Bond 24, then I hope that does not effect her being in Pirates 5. I really really want to see her in Pirates 5, after she had been in in Pirates 4.

  11. Cruz would be perfect for a bond girl

    • A 40 year old “girl?”

  12. Hmmm, if she’ll come over to my place for dinner, I will tell her I’m Agent Double-Oh-Nothing!

  13. If i’m not mistaken I think Skyfall was the first Bond flick where you actually saw Bond having sex with a girl.

    In that early scene where he was hiding on the island and he was doing a girl up against the wall.

    Not that I want Bond to become porn but it seemed funny that his sleeping with women was always implied.

  14. They should bring back gadgets, sex and humor. Let Craig have some fun.

  15. I see no reason to update Bond’s attitude towards woman. PC can go suck an egg.

  16. No thanks, I will pass on this one. Who cares about her. So what.

  17. I think the next bond girl should be Kathleen Turner

    • You’re terrible. lol

  18. Falabella Debora should be the best choice…!!