Sam Mendes Open to Directing ‘James Bond 24′?

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Sam Mendes Might Direct Bond 24 Sam Mendes Open to Directing James Bond 24?

Sam Mendes’ Skyfall had the biggest box office opening in James Bond history – not adjusted for inflation, of course – and is one of the most well-reviewed Bond films of the past two decades (read our review). So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that some fans would want to see Mendes return for directing duties on James Bond 24.

After initially indicating that he would probably not direct subsequent Bond films, Sam Mendes has now walked back his reluctance. Plus, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade – co-writers for the Bond franchise going back to The World is Not Enough - have officially confirmed that they won’t be returning for Bond 24.

Sam Mendes recently told Time Out (via Contact Music):

“I’ve enjoyed it enough to do it again. I think the choice is in the audience’s hands. If people love the movie and they want to see another one from the same people who brought you ‘Skyfall,’ then that would mean a lot to me. I would feel like, ‘Well, actually there are people who really want to see it’.”

The last time Mendes spoke about possibly returning to direct future Bond installments, he was seemingly much less keen on the idea. Here’s what he said in October:

“It’s been a fantastic experience, but it’s been completely exhausting. Do I want to do another one? I’m a shadow of my former self. [laughs] No, I don’t know. I felt like everything I wanted to with a Bond movie, I put into this film. So I would have to be convinced that I could do something that I loved and cared about as much if I was to do it again. I think the great risk of repeating oneself is that one doesn’t have the great store of ideas that you have when you first tackle a project.”

Obviously, he wasn’t totally sure that he wouldn’t be directing James Bond at the time – just like he’s not totally sure he’d be willing to return for the next one now – but it’s interesting to see how far his position has moved in just a few short weeks. If the decision to direct the film is wholly dependent on whether or not people have enjoyed Skyfall, then there’s a very good chance he’ll be directing the film.

Sam Mendes Directing Skyfall Sam Mendes Open to Directing James Bond 24?

Meanwhile, five-time Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have officially declared that they’re departing the James Bond franchise for good. James Bond 24 (and possibly 25, if rumors are to be believed) will be written by John Logan, co-writer of Skyfall.

Here’s what Wade had to say about it:

“We’re very happy to have done five Bond movies, I think we’ve gotten it to a good place. I know that John Logan and Sam Mendes have come up with a plot for another one, which takes the pressure off because these films take up a lot of time.”

The buried lead there seems to be that, yes, Sam Mendes is working on the next Bond film, even if he’s not officially signed on to direct it yet.

It’s worth noting that Skyfall was only the second Bond film co-written by Purvis and Wade that has been mostly well-received, the other one being Casino Royale. And both Casino Royale and Skyfall had other writers working on them (Paul Haggis and Logan, respectively). Everything else Purvis and Wade had a hand in writing – from The World is Not Enough to Die Another Day to Quantum of Solace – was pretty much universally panned. In short, the Bond franchise will probably survive without them.

Could Blofeld Be in Bond 24 Sam Mendes Open to Directing James Bond 24?

But what of the next Bond film’s plot? Will it be the first part of a two-part film, as has been rumored? Will some variation of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (possibly Quantum) play a role? And will an updated version of Blofeld make an appearance, as writer John Logan has hinted at, time and again?

As much as I enjoyed Skyfall, I have to say I was a tad disappointed we didn’t get a follow-up that explored the lingering threads left by Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Sure, Solace was an extremely forgettable Bond movie, but not because of the evil organization that was first established in Royale. Perhaps we’ll see more of that mysterious criminal syndicate in the next film – or even the next two films.

Would you like to see Sam Mendes return to direct James Bond 24, Screen Ranters? Let us know in the comments.

Skyfall is currently in theaters. James Bond 24 is expected to hit theaters in fall 2014.


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Sources: Time Out [via Contact Music] & Coming Soon

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  1. Yes please! :)

    • Yes, please go with more 007. I would love to see it.

  2. Definitely would like to see Bond 24 by Mendes and Bond 25 by Nolan.

    I think they should deal with finishing off Quantum in the next two films if the plot is up to it. However if the chose to go for the Skyfall approach and we get a one off, enclosed story of better quality than we would get if they put Quantum in for the sake of it I’d rather that.

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ……… MENDES and LOGAN , and CRAIG … another guaranteed critically acclaimed blockbuster in the making :D

  4. It’s time for Quantum to return in a big fashion.

    It’s def time for Wade and Purvis to leave. The World is not Enough and Die Another Day are two of the worst Bond films ever.

    • Despite the fact that TWINE has one of the best Bond pre title sequences? It’s miles better in comparison to QOS.

      • Erroneous. Erroneous on both accounts.

        • Really? I think you’ll find the TWINE pre titles are considered amongst the best by Bond and cinema fans.
          The film itself is a turgid mess. But the boat chase is excellent. You can’t deny that.

  5. Most fans were more than happy that the Quantum angle was dropped. Bond film should be standalone adventures, Skyfall proves that conclusively.

    • False, you would be wrong. Again. If you read the boards many fans were surprised this film had zero connection to the previous nor any mention of Quantum. It seems most Bond fans, especially those of the Craig Reboot, would actually like a proper conclusion to Quantum network.

      • They were surprised were they? Despite everyone in the production being painstakingly clear that Skyfall was a standalone adventure and had nothing to do with the films that preceded it.

        The Bond formula works, it isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing. It doesn’t arc plots and sequels. That doesn’t work.

      • And I’m not wrong. You and people on the ‘boards’ simply have a different opinion.

    • Because Skyfall was good as a stand alone adventure doesn’t prove that continuations can’t work.

      From Russia With Love was in many ways a continuation of Dr. No. Does that prove something?

      • In what way is From Russia With Love a continuation of Dr No? The fact that Sylvia Trench is in both? That’s a bit weak.

        The only other Bond that was in any way a continuation was Diamonds Are Forever from OHMSS. And that only extended to the pre title sequence.

    • I also disagree.

      Although neither of can speak for “most fans”… I feel that there should be some thread of continuity from film to film regarding the “big bad”. They could have easily made Silva part of Quantum and have him drop a line or two on Bond about Vesper (instead of the questionable bisexual connotations… although funny).

      Skyfall, even as a “standalone adventure”, really didn’t feel like a Bond movie to me. I blame the writing more than the director… but how familiar is Mendes with the Bond legacy anyways?

      I do like that they went into what motivates Bond, but part of it felt like Never Say Never Again (esp the test failing). A bit too early in his career to start calling him a has-been.

      • Yeah, it was a strange thing to be still setting up reboot things like Moneypenny and Q – and yet it was also a movie about Bond in his (pseudo) twilight years?

  6. They can’t use Blofeld. MGM/Sony don’t have the rights to the character.

    • I think I’ve actually had this conversation with you before.

      According to Wikipedia: “In 1997 the Sony Corporation acquired all or some of McClory’s rights in an undisclosed deal,[118] which were then subsequently acquired by MGM, whilst on 4 December 1997, MGM announced that the company had purchased the rights to Never Say Never Again from Schwartzman’s company Taliafilm.[119] Eon now currently (as of 2012) holds the full adaptation rights to all of Fleming’s Bond novels.”

      So no, it’s not so clear that they don’t have the rights to Blofeld, and in fact I would assume at this point that they do.

  7. I love “Skyfall” and would be overjoyed to find out Sam Mendes is doing the next Bond movie.

    As for finishing the Quantum storyline, I feel like that’s going to confuse the hell out of a lot of people. That’s my only concern. Also, Greene told Bond everything he wanted to know. My guess? Quantum was easily shut down afterwards. “Skyfall” doesn’t look like it takes place soon after “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” because he seems more experienced and less reckless. It wasn’t that the Quantum story wasn’t unfinished. Just time itself has moved on

    • As you say, Skyfall is set many years later. So bringing back Quantum doesn’t work.

      • Does it really matter that Skyfall is set many years after Quantum, no….. They could easily bring back the plot of Quantum by James getting on a new assignment, that is similar to what happened in quantum and he starts to remember, and that they are the quantum people, just doing something else, or something….. so yeah they can (and btw i know that was a poor example but i just made that up on the spot)

  8. More Mendes please…

  9. Um.

  10. I was kind of hoping they would let Christopher Nolan get in the chair as he is chomping at the bit to do a Bond flick.

    • Sam Mendes isn’t confirmed to do “Bond 24″, he’s just thought things out and would be happy to do another Bond film. Odds are, he will do it and Nolan will have to wait though. No one knows for sure

    • There is no doubt we will see a Nolan Bond film at some point, I just hope that he gets to do one while Craig is still Bond

      • I don’t think Nolan wants to do a Bond while Craig is in the role, I’m sure I’ve read that he wants to do it when the current run of films has come to an end.

        While I think a Nolan Bond would be enjoyable I can’t see him returning to a well established franchise and would rather do something new

        I think the Quantum organisation was a good idea with the potential for more installments with numerous villains, if they don’t pick up that thread than it will be no big deal, a side from From Russia with Love, some of the best Bonds were when the villain did things for their own reasons, Licence to Kill, A View to a Kill, Goldfinger etc

        Like M said in Skyfall, our enemies aren’t countries and don’t wear uniforms, they hide in the shadows, Quantum fits into this ethic but so does the lone mechlomaniac

        • Thanks for letting me know that. I guess if Nolan wants to do it after the Craig Bond films are over then he will as he has his plans and sticks to them e.g. no one likes 3D in every film, which I think is great as he is the director so he directs the film not the studio. If he is involved in the first one after Craig at least we can be confident that he’ll have good ideas about who should be Bond as he is brilliant at casting his male leads :)

      • I’d personally prefer to see Nolan do one or two more smaller, more intimate pictures before going back into the big budget action adventure film arena, maybe more. Besides, Mendes may have rendered a Nolan directed Bond film redundant.

        • Nolan would also want to write his own bond

  11. I want to see more gadgets and a nice Aston Martin car chase

  12. Bond films pretty much direct themselves anyway. There wasn’t really anything in ‘Skyfall’ that made me sit back and think about what a great Sam Mendes movie it is. The only difference really is the level of preparation and command of the set. So kudos for that.

    • No way you could totally tell in was a Sam Mendes movie! The whole final act in Scotland fought in the shadows and then by firelight was amazing!! Reminded me of Jarhead during the burning oil fields in Iraq, the whole tone and feel felt like a proper movie and just another generic blockbuster, I loved it

  13. Dear Sam and Daniel, why don’t both of you do two more films together? A bond trilogy by yourself then hand it all over to someone else.

    • Bond should get married in the next one and the one after could be how he deals with his wives death. Would be a great trilogy with this one

      • Hm, I wonder where you got those original ideas.

  14. How many car, boat, foot, rooftop, motor boat, airplane, helicopter, ski chases can they do in a Bond film before it has ZERO effect except those viewers bornaa y yesterday? Not just Bond films, of course. Try the James Bond “origin” story with a young James Bond. Otherwise…more of the same, and then some more (of the same). It would be the drama Chris Nolan should busy himself with and one that could show the first signs of Blofeld. But they won’t. Lots of money in repeating yourself.

  15. Sam did an awesome job. If the writers don’t return, then it’s definitely an opportunity for Nolan to write and work close with Sam.

  16. I reckon they should use the director again, something I felt when Martin Campbell did Goldeneye (He did good bonds, Casino Royale and Goldeneye, why didn’t they use him again instead of Marc Forster)

    • I was bummed he didn’t return for Quantum to man, but I dont think Forster was the cause of Quantum’s forgettable ness I think that was really just the writing for the story which got really messed up because of the writers strike and all.

  17. Sweet

  18. I’d love to see quantum come back into the movies and I think Mendes would do a muh better job working with it as a director than Forster did, I really liked Skyfall and I really want Mendes back, I would also like to see a rebooted blofeld he’s a great classic unforgettable bond villain, I think Cumberbatch would play him really well but id find it really cool if Ralph Finnes actually reveals himself to be Blofeld in the next one because he makes such a great bad guy to me and I just picture him in that role I also think he’ll make a fine “M” as long as they make a special addition to Bond’s life like how Judi Dench was really a motherly figure to him. I think Quantum of solace had some awesome fights in it and it hand thousands of fights in it but as many say and I agree with them, it lacked a lot of story that we as an audience were expecting to see and really wanting to see maybe if they do decide to bring it back and I hope they do, I hope it serves as a rebooted specter type story element headed by a brand new Blofeld played by an awesome actor like Cumberbatch or Finnes. Hope Mendes comes back I know. Said that already but just couldn’t help it lol

  19. Once Daniel Craig has left his role of 007 and Christian Bale is cast as Bond…. Then Christopher Nolan will direct a film. He will probably cast Gary Oldman as the main villian and Tom Hardy as his henchman.
    This would be wicked…

  20. Die Another Day was kinda fun. Quantum just felt random as hell. Too uneven too hectic too unpolished. Just please no Christopher Nolan as the director for the next one. He’s good in smaller movies like Insominia and Prestige but his Batman stuff and Inception lack good non-fantastical action scenes. All the action that happens without the crazy mindbending stuff of Inception or zany antics of Batman fall flat time and time again and Bond is far more grounded than either of those properties.

  21. I have enjoyed all of the James Bond movies, didn’t think I’d like Daniel Craig in the role of 007 when he came on the scene my reaction was “not another Bond” but was pleasantly surprised upon viewing Casino Royale. Quantum was very fast paced, one needed to pay close attention to keep up with it, still I liked the story and Bond catching Dominic Green and leaving him to his own devices in the middle of “nowhere”.
    Really enjoyed Skyfall, Mr. Mendes and the cast were outstanding in my estimation. yep, you’all may have to work pretty hard to top Skyfall, not going to tell you how many times I’ve seen it. Will miss Judy Dench as “M” but feel Ralph Fienes is a good replacement for the part.
    Looking forward to see what you do with Bond 24.

  22. Can i just start off by saying at first i hated every single Bond film, i thought they’re rubbish but when i saw the Craig reboot, in which i suddenly fell in love with Bond after Casino

    I really do hope that they continue with the Quantum story because personally i feel that it got unfinished, and yes they’re disputes that Skyfall is many years after Quantum and they’ve all grew older by then, but they could easily connect a new one to quantum but of course it’s so many years later, because maybe James thought that he stopped Quantum but he got an assignment that seemed like what Quantum footsteps would do. Finally they have to continue the story with Vesper and her Boyfriend
    (Please if you don’t agree with my opinion, don’t hate because it is my opinion)

  23. Oh and also i do personally think that they will do a next bond film from quantum because i read that one of the writers, had interest to bring Camilia back (Bond girl in Quantum) and that M could come back even if she’s dead so maybe a prequel if brewing up.

    • That Sam Mendes is back for B24 and likely B25 is the worst news to have hit the JB series since Skyfall was released. Casino reset the Bond franchise in a much more realistic and Bourne-like world and finally done away with the gadgets which, whilst we may have all liked them during the Connery and Moore eras, come the Brosnan films they were just making the franchise look silly (invisible DB9? Oh come on). Royale is a masterclass of Bond story telling and Quantum of Solace perfectly picked up the fallout from Bond’s loss in Casino and was a thoroughly enjoyable film in it’s own right.

      Then comes along Skyfall and Mendes put it firmly back in the sily category with pointless gadgets and god-awful story telling. The only thing going for Skyfall was the action, but the best of that happened in the first 15 minutes.

      I am convinced Mendes bribed all the press into saying this is the best Bond ever because it ranks amongst the very worst (not THE worst, that’s TWINE, but this is definitely the most disappointing). But I am shocked that fans of the franchise have been cajoled into thinking the same thing. Please tell me, what exactly did you like about a camp Bond, and pointless villain, convenient plot points and pointless gadgets? Bond the ladies man turned into Bond the bi-man’s man.

      And you can bet Mendes is going to give us more of the same for the next two installments. And then Craig’s Bond will be gone. At least we have Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace to watch and remember how good Craig’s Bond *was* before Mendes…