Sam Mendes Still Undecided About Directing ‘James Bond 24′

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james bond 24 director sam mendes Sam Mendes Still Undecided About Directing James Bond 24

It turns out that Sam Mendes isn’t finished dancing around the currently-untitled 24th James Bond movie. The Skyfall director started out by saying that he was open to the possibly of helming the next 007 installment featuring Daniel Craig, not long after Skyfall began its box office run to a $1 billion worldwide total. Mendes later withdrew his candidacy, saying that his upcoming theater directing commitments would prevent that from being feasible.

Then, a month ago, reports began circulating that Mendes is not only essentially a lock to direct Bond 24, but he may also be inking a deal to thereafter direct the 25th franchise installment. The Oscar-winning filmmaker has since gone on record to say that nothing is set in stone at this point, where it concerns his future with the Bond franchise.

Deadline broke the news about Mendes having been re-approached to direct Bond 24 - by the James Bond franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson – last month, based on the claim that the pair are no longer intent on releasing Bond 24 in theaters by late 2014. They’re now looking at a more relaxed production timeline for the 24th Bond movie (i.e. with a 2015/2016 release date target); that would allot Mendes the necessary amount of time for him to make the film the way he wants.

Sam Mendes Directing James Bond 24 Sam Mendes Still Undecided About Directing James Bond 24

Mendes was in attendance at the recent premiere for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stage musical (which he directed), at London’s West End. He was speaking to Hey U Guys on the red carpet – about turning Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s book into a stage musical – when Mendes got the jump on his interviewer and provided the following update on the Bond 24 situation:

“In answer to the question you’re going to ask, I don’t know yet. I’m in discussion over the ‘B’ word and I won’t make any decision until this is open. It’s taken a long time to get ['Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'] open and this has been my focus.”

Question is, does this mean that Mendes isn’t unofficially-locked to direct Bond 24, as had previously been indicated – or, rather, is the director holding off on counting his chicks before they hatch, rather than confirm his return before a deal has been properly finalized? The latter’s a strong possibility, but there still remains a sliver of a chance that Mendes could back out at the eleventh hour (assuming he’s not just lying about still being in the discussion stage for Bond 24).

skyfall trailer Sam Mendes Still Undecided About Directing James Bond 24

Craig is locked in place to portray Agent 007 on the big screen at least two more times; meanwhile, rumors about his female counterpart in Bond 24 have begun to circulate (no-brainer choice Penélope Cruz is the first to be seriously raised). In related news, Skyfall costars Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris are all expected to reprise their roles in Bond 24 as (Spoiler?) the new ‘M’, ‘Q’ and Moneypenny, respectively, drawing from a script by Skyfall co-writer John Logan.

That’s to say, at this point the next major announcement related to Bond 24 should involve Mendes either formally hopping aboard as the director, or handing the task over to someone else. We’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.


In the meantime – do you want Mendes to direct James Bond 24? Or would you like to see another director try their hand at the Bond franchise?

Source: HeyUGuys, Deadline

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  1. Definitely Mendes, cause Skyfall is the greatest Bond movie ever.Keep the writers, keep Craig, keep Mendes and you’ve got winning formula :)

    • Skyfall over casino royale??? Nah… IMO its not even has good as goldeneye

      • Skyfall, to me, was the most overrated movie of the last couple of years. Besides the villain, there was nothing special about it whatsoever. It just didn’t feel much like a Bond movie to me. I actually prefer Casio Royale over Skyfall.

        • This statement is correct. Skyfall is insane overrated. Kinda crazy how overrated. Casino Royal is much, much better. Like the user above me said the only great thing about Skyfall was it’s villian. Craig as Bond is of course good as well, but like the movie showed…he’s old and needs to go. Time for Fassbender to enter the picture.

          • Its villain was so cliche, it was a good performance but he was like a knock off of nolans joker. The whole film was very dark knight like. As far as bond films my favorites are goldeneye and casino royale. I havnt seen the older ones

            • You haven’t seen the older ones? Go, buy a DVD and watch From Russia, With Love right now and then Goldfinger

              • Ill do that thanks for the suggestion

                • Watch Thunderball as well… It’s my personal favorite.

          • Daniel Craig is fine. He just finally needs to agree to dye his hair black.

            Craig looks the most like Fleming’s image of Bond of any of them so far (Moore was close, but from another angle); Fassbender would be a step away from Bond, compared to Craig, both in looks and achievable demeanor. I realize Fassbender is a good actor, but he has never come across w/an acceptably rough edge, even when given darker roles; he can play dark, but he tends to be a bit too refined, no matter the role: despite having a sharply refined edge to him, Bond is a rather rough character, at least in the books.

            As to age, makeup can do wonders, and Bond is a hard drinker, mixes that with drugs, and chain smokes. Tends to take a toll, on top of the hi-stress life.

            Skyfall was overrated, tho; no argument there.

            • Fass has never been given a truely dark character – let a see what he can do woth the counselor

  2. So he went from being very optimistic about returning, to undecided, to not involved, to confirmed… and now to undecided again?
    Colour me confused.

  3. Dude needs to hurry up and make a decision! It’s hard enough knowing that the new one isn’t coming out next year.

    I thought Skyfall was cool, but only for certain elements. Bond looking sharp, good action scenes, set pieces (Chinese Casino), and practical elements, and the return of iconic/original characters and finalization of the Craig Bond into “the Bond that we know”.

    But still – not enough hand to hand fighting, he seemed too much like an agent of the state instead of a secret superspy, not enough heavy female interaction or any “hot girl” scenes besides Severine’s 10 minutes of fame. Not quite enough classy tuxedo scenes. And Bond looking old and struggling for half of the movie. Basically not as good as Casino Royale was. Sigh.

    It was really more of a great set-up movie for whatever is coming up next, rather than a self-contained standalone movie, and with a so-so ending. Bond duking it out with hunting rifles and two old people who run away like idiots with flashlights at night… :-/ I liked it but just doesn

    • Elements with a movie draped over them? Check.

      I disagree abt the fighting. CR and QoS were far too “blunt instrument Bond” for my liking. Good to see Bond chatting instead of shooting or stabbing or throttling everything in sight.

      Bond was hampered far less by age than by acute lead poisoning, possibly of the hollow point variety.

      Ending “so-so”? Not at all; it SUCKED. When you write in a cameo (and clearly weight the last act to lean on it) for Sean Connery, you do not pull that cameo because it is “distracting”. Mendes killed the movie for me there, leaving a pathetic mess of a finale, mostly.

  4. I think this is a question of the accountants
    from both sides working out the percentages, etc.

    Mendes has a case for box office receipts in light
    of the mammoth Bond performance last time
    and I don’t think he had that deal before.

    I expect this deal to get done.

  5. I adored Skyfall and I love Mendes, but he shouldn’t come back. Every Bond movie should have its own flavor and a new director. Plus he still has King Lear to direct

  6. You sense the euphoria Sam Mendes is feeling from the hard work leading up to the opening of his play. When I directed theater…believe me, the spontaneity of a live audience is so immediate and appreciative, nothing you will ever do in any other medium will overcome that.

    And now this director no doubt is starting to feel the pulse of his next theatrical endeavor, King Lear. I’d say that Mendes is far, far from ready to commit to a movie — really, any movie experience. And a James Bond film is a tremendous commitment.

    You may freely blame or praise Mendes for SKYFALL, because the making of a film is “a director’s medium”; but in truth, and especially in the case of a Bond film, the producers and studio executives are not outlier to the script or physical production; they collaborate with the writer and director and approve everything. If you’ve ever seen a film’s budget, believe me, you’ll know how true this is.

    We know what “B-word” Sam Mendes is referring to. I think the producers should move on.

    • Yes, it’s a “Director’s Medium” But The Actors will receive all of the credit from general audiences because they aren’t aware of that.

    • What a great and well-reasoned post there, kudos Frederick, if only everyone on the ‘net was so concise and intelligent in their comments and observations.

      I totally get where Sam Mendes is coming from, he’s only wrapped one theatrical production and is about to start another pretty soon, there’s simply no way he can commit to a film that won’t be released for another three-and-a-half years yet! I would hope he’s told EON in very clear and unambiguous terms that his focus right now is on the theater, and if they want to wait until late 2016 to release the next Bond, then don’t count him out yet, but if otherwise, they should just move on without him.

      If Mendes doesn’t return, I say give it to Martin Campbell again, he’s already made the best Bond film to date in ‘Casino Royale’ so why go to anyone else, Campbell clearly has the knack for making exceptional Bond films, and he’s already in his seventies so get him one more time before he can’t do it anymore…

  7. How about Mr M Mann

  8. Casino Royale was something quite special. An exception. Outside of the rest of the Bond Films timeline, as they shot the story that started it all, and in fact had not been done ‘properly’ before unless you coun’t the David Niven & Peter Sellers comedy from the 60s, or an old black and white uS TV movie where Bond was an AMerican!

    Casino Royale was a perfect film. They should just stop making Bond movies now.

  9. @Gerry Mander

    The thought of Martin Campbell (GOLDENEYE, CASINO ROYALE) also occurred to me, and early on, when Sam Mendes first took that long walk away from returning to direct BOND 24; and, despite the director’s involvement with GREEN LANTERN, Campbell still holds the top spot for bringing 007 back around after QUANTUM OF SOLACE (which Campbell turned down) and SKYFALL (with its explicitly disconnected 3rd Act).

    Enjoyed your analysis.

  10. I liked Skyfall, but killing off Severine so early was just stupid! What were they thinking?

  11. I truly enjoyed Skyfall, but do support giving the next Bond movie to a different director only returning director I’ll accept is Martin Campbell. I also wouldn’t mind the director of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo handling Bond 24, He already worked with Craig and I think he did an awesome job in the movie. Skyfall rocked and was a huge commercial success, but that shouldn’t stop the studio and producers from taking risks.

    • DUDE!!!!???????

      The ‘Director’ who did Dragon Tattoo was David Fincher!!!!!!

  12. Thanks David R, I remembered his name as David Finch not Fincher and it didn’t feel right so didn’t bother mentioning his name :-)

    • That’s Jason R… you have David’s on the brain. ;)