James Bond 24 & 25 Will Build on ‘Skyfall’

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Daniel Craig in Skyfall2 James Bond 24 & 25 Will Build on Skyfall

The fifty-year-old James Bond franchise is one of the most durable movie properties in existence, having reinvented itself with a new lead actor and new creative direction for each generation since Sean Connery originated the role in 1962′s Dr. No. Current franchise star Daniel Craig’s first outing, in 2006′s origin-story/reboot Casino Royale, was a critical and commercial success and for the first time in Bond history was followed by a direct sequel, Quantum of Solacewhich was commercially successful but seen as a disappointment by many fans and critics (but not us).

2012′s Skyfall, on the other hand, was a huge hit and received near-universal acclaim from all quarters. Directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty) and written by John Logan (The Aviator) along with franchise veterans Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, Skyfall was a pitch-perfect distillation of the Bond mythos, filled in the Daniel Craig-era back story, and even had possibly the finest cinematography of the entire franchise (courtesy of the legendary Roger Deakins).

After some back-and-forth on whether or not Mendes would return for 2015′s Bond entry – currently known only as Bond 24 – it was confirmed that Mendes will direct the film for a 2015 release.

While speaking to IGN to promote his new Showtime horror series Penny Dreadful (which Mendes is an executive producer on)Logan offered some insight – but few details – on the progress of the next Bond film. According to Logan: “All I can say about Bond is that I’m happily writing it,” though he did joke about what might happen if he were to spill any secrets at this stage:

“Sam [Mendes] would rappel through the window and kill me.”

sam mendes director james bond 24 James Bond 24 & 25 Will Build on Skyfall

According to Logan, the next two entries in the Bond franchise will continue to develop the character and universe based on the events of Skyfall, which Logan instilled with themes and aspects of the classic films. Logan had this to say on the goal’s of Bond 24‘s creative team:

“My goal is to write a great movie that’s appropriate, to build on what we did on Skyfall, but make it its own unique animal.”

The ending of Skyfall seemed to restore much of the classic elements of a James Bond movie, from the inclusion of Moneypenny and Q (both of whom were left out of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace), to the design of M’s office echoing that of the older Bond films. While the events of Quantum of Solace were dependent upon those of its predecessor, Skyfall‘s influence may be indirectly felt on the next two films.

According to Logan:

“The themes, ideas and the characters from Skyfall can obviously continue on, because it is a franchise, and it is an ongoing story. So I think there’s resonance from Skyfall in the new movie.”

Given Logan’s deep love for the character and franchise (“I grew up on the Bond movies,” he says), it’s no surprise that he went back to Ian Fleming’s source novels for inspiration. With this in mind, one more interesting bit of news could hint that a major villain of the Sean Connery-Roger Moore era might be returning.

Silva Blofeld James Bond James Bond 24 & 25 Will Build on Skyfall
Eon Productions recently re-acquired the film rights to the character Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the super-villain who appeared in seven Bond films -  From Russia with Love (1963), Thunderball (1965), You Only Live Twice (1967), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), For Your Eyes Only (1981) and Never Say Never Again (1983). Blofeld was played by several actors over the years, including Telly Savalas, Donald Pleasance and Max von Sydow. His mannerisms and appearance were parodied by Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers franchise.

Given the absolute need for a memorable villain in a James Bond movie – and with Javier Bardem’s terrific performance as Silva still fresh in fans’ memories – could we see a modern update of Blofeld? Logan was coy on the subject of the next film’s bad guy:

“You know, I think our villain’s appropriate to the story we’re telling.”

And that’s all we’re likely to get for now. With Daniel Craig wanting to re-capture some of the franchise’s “old irony” with Bond 24, could this also mean re-visiting the notion of a world-wide criminal organization (which QUANTUM was meant to be)? If so, that would mean someone has to be in charge. When we know more, so will you.


Bond 24 will be released in the U.K. on October 23rd, 2015, and in the U.S. on November 6th, 2015.

Source: IGN

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  1. I’m one of those who does not think very highly of Skyfall at all (I definitely prefer Quantum of Solace, between the two) but this makes sense. I mean, I don’t know how much Skyfall actually left on the table for a specific story to continue, but of course it’s logical to continue with the new M, Q and Moneypenny.

    As long as the forthcoming films are well-written/good stories, then this seems like good news.

    • There was that scene near the end of the movie where Silva laughed at the grave of Bond’s parents. There could be something in that. Of course, he could’ve just been laughing at the fact people were going to die near a grave.

  2. You meant ‘Quantum’ rather than ‘SOLACE’ right?

    Anyway if they are looking to bring back Blofeld in any capacity, picking back up with the Quantum storyline seems like the best way to do it. Since I think we can assume they don’t want to make Bond campy again, they’d still need an updated, modern version of SPECTRA and Blofeld – Quantum fits perfectly.

    After all even though I’ll admit Quantum of Solace wasn’t a great Bond film, it wasn’t the Quantum part that pulled it down, and I was a little disappointed that Skyfall seemed to drop it. If they bring it back for the next one I’ll really be looking forward to what they do.

    • Agreed, although I actually liked that Skyfall was more of a stand alone story. But I do hope the next two go back to Quantum.

      • Totally.

  3. QUANTUM, not SOLACE. Just saying, it was called QUANTUM.

    • Quackdum :)

  4. As a “Bond” aficionado who knows all the EON films like the back of his hand, I believe “Skyfall” crystallized all of the key ingredients that made previous Bond flicks so good.

    In my book, Daniel Craig IS James Bond. Very glad that the next two flicks ( Craig’s last ) will follow in Skyfall’s direction.

    Sam Mendes for the win. He’ll probably sign on (if he hasn’t already) to finish along with Craig on Bond 25.

    And maybe Chris Nolan and our next 007 will commence on Bond 26….

    • Nolan for Bond 26 would be spectacular. It could be the best Bond ever, and it’s not even close to being made.

    • I would like to see Tarantino at the helm.

      Perhaps Michael Fassbender as Bond.

      • Absolutely, Michael Fassbender has been my choice for a while to be the next Bond.

    • I agree! I’ve seen all of the Eon James Bond movies (and those 1967 Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again movies but ehhh), and Skyfall is actually my favorite of the 23 (which is crazy, because Goldfinger is my #2 now). Hoping Mendes sticks with it, and that Craig continues being a great Bond.

    • yes, thank you. I mean I get to each his own but I’m not sure how anyone can say Quantum was superior to Skyfall.

      • Well, for me, I do not suggest that Quantum is a great film. I think that it’s okay. But my key point of perspective is that I don’t think that Skyfall was very good itself. I consider it one of the most overrated films in recent memory.

        And I love Daniel Craig as Bond. My dissatisfaction with Skyfall comes almost entirely down to the story/script/screenplay. Sure, most 007 are none too realistic when it comes to splitting hairs, but even at that, I could not buy this one.

    • A trilogy of Bond from Nolan would be awesome. We already know that both Nolan can write a good espionage story (Inception and Person Of Interest.)

      Also would like to see Duncan Jones got his hands on James Bond.

  5. I would really like it if Blofeld returned.

  6. Wait when did eon get the right back for Blofield? That’s awesome but can they use SPECTRE as well?

    • Last year/yes

  7. The best thng that could happen to bond is :
    They need to make it in the 45-89′s the era of spies. It does not make any sense it is happening in our era.

    • Yes, it does. What you just said made absolutely no sense. Care to elaborate a little?

    • It makes perfect sense like M (Judi Dench) said in Skyfall, our enemies are no longer lines on a map.

    • How the hell does it make no sense. you make no sense. Are you even aware what’s going on in the world right now? I think you’re confusing Austin Powers with what a spy movie should be like. Seriously, you’re really in outer space or a cave. How are spies irrelevant in todays world?

      • No need to make a kerfuffle out of it. I think there was a lack of clarity in the statement that “made no sense”, and at least 1015 invited the other poster to elaborate the point. That’s part of conversation and doesn’t need to be an argument, or even a competition. Resist the impulse to insult people and the forum is more fun. If your point is valid then it can stand on its own without the contempt. I see all your points, and they could make up an interesting debate…or a tedious flame war. Just a thought.

  8. Blofield might be nice, and a restructured Quantum could rebrand themselves as SPECTRE, I can see that.I wouldn’t rule out Dr. No or Largo either however.

  9. While I appreciate the villains of old…I’d rather keep Bond, his villains and the stories as progressive as our times (we live in).

  10. I hope they reboot blofeld for the new movies i bet they’d do an amazing job with that loved skyfall can’t wait for this :)

  11. I said this about two years back—Kevin Spacey as Blofeld. He and Mendes have worked together in the past. Either that or make him black, and Idris Elba would be amazing.

    • i’m gonna start a Idris Elba drinking game each time his name gets mentioned

      • Hahahaha

  12. This is great news. My favorite films were always the ones with Blofeld and SPECTRE. Which ever direction they go concerning Bond’s nemesis, I do hope they get back to having really good, memorable henchmen and -women as well.

  13. Now that they have the basic elements back in place (Q, Moneypenny), bringing Blofeld back would be the obvious next step.

  14. Tom Hardy as an original villian would be pretty awesome in my opinion.

    • He’s cool, but I wonder if Hardy and Logan might have a sour association on account of the weak box office of Trek 10 and subsequent limbo of that franchise? And yeah, I know they still make trek movies! but that was a dark time for the franchise’s future, and Hardy took the flop hard enough to become a heroine addict if I recall correctly. On the other hand, maybe they’d love to work together again. Who knows?

  15. I could stand to see Blofeld return. Spectre?….. guess they sorta tried in Quantum of Solace…. so probably not. But Blofeld, like Bond, can easily be adapted for the times :D

  16. Yes…. I’m totally down for Blofeld to return. One of my favorite original Bond villains. They gotta make him darker and way creepier though. No room for camp in these new films. Not sure if he should be petting a fluffy white cat either, but definitely hide his face for most of the movie. Or hide his face for the next movie, making him the shadowy overlord, then show him in the film after.

  17. I don’t feel any warmth at the notion of revisiting Blofeld. Reinvention requires leaving some things behind, and countering that strong trend may be dangerous to the new integrity. So long as it is strong on its own merits it won’t matter much.

    People forget that quantum of Solace was thrown together during the writers strike, written in at least some small part by Craig himself! and was never originally intended to be a direct follow up of events. As is I feel that it became a solidly entertaining adendum to the vastly superior Casino Royale. They swung for the fences with Skyfall, and in many ways delivered, but as a whole I was not satisfied with it.

    The biggest problem with Skyfall, in my and other folks’ opinions, is Judi Dench. I’ve always thought she was pretty good, but I have never agreed with the idea that she should be a central star of the films. The shoehorned her right into the middle of the movie, from the opening moments. Since when does Bond need the moment to moment guidance and judgement of M to carry out his mission? As soon as I heard her voice issuing commands and demanding updates I knew that the movie was compromised by the apparent need to make the story about her. That feeling never let up, and even though she had some solid scenes I was greatly relieved that they wrote her out at last. Her part, and the movie itself, would be stronger if there was less of her.

    Gadgets seemed like a reasonable gimmick to retire for Casino Royale. I miss them, but the realistic tone and unhealthy adherence of past bond films to the bond checklist made me willing to adapt. I await a non-cheesy introduction of some cool devices in the future, but recasting Q as a boring tech nerd with a little self-satisfied grin is especially glaring and lame when accompanied by no cool gadgets. Furthermore, the radio he gives bond is used in a big victory moment, complete with famous bond victory music, despite the obvious fact in my mind that there is NO victory. Bond was outsmarted and manipulated into capturing the villain, but we are still supposed to be fist pumping our approval to the theme music. Clunky moment! And speaking of the checklist problem, shoehorning in a love scene with a traumatized, owned woman was tacky and old fashioned.

    Getting under Bond’s skin was intriguing, and turning the formula on its head by having the villain assault Bond’s private compound instead of vice versa was neat. Skyfall had many redeeming moments, it just made some off putting missteps in my mind, leaving CR as Craig’s best by far. Go ahead and disagree, it’s just one fan’s valid opinion.

    • Count me as one who actually preferred CR and QoS to Skyfall, which looked good and had all of the right elements, but didn’t feel quite right. Hopefully the next 2 will get things exactly right. As for gadgets, a spy like Bond can do more with a phone and various apps than he could before.

    • Totally get what you mean. Perhaps as the Bond fans say this was a great Bond film – I’m hardly a Bond aficionado so I can’t dispute that. But as a standalone film in its own right, it’s weak on the points you mentioned. I’ll only add that I found the plotting a bit… contrived (with perhaps a bit TOO much derivations from TDK and TDKR) and tried to do a little too much. We were only with Craig for two films in Bond’s earliest days, and suddenly after almost an hour in Skyfall he’s made to look like he’s been there years and has ‘lost it’ because of the accident – but of course by the film’s middle he’s absolutely back to normal. To me they could’ve done just as well without most of the beginning.

      Plus I thought the Severine character actually had some great potential for depth… then they just killed her off, no second glances. Bit of a waste.

      Overall though I did had an awesome time watching Skyfall, and although I like it when we get new directors and fresh takes on Bond with every new instalment I’ll still be looking forward to what Mendes comes up with, especially if he’s planning ahead with his next two films now.

    • Dude, I think you missed a lot of the points. Bond wasn’t tricked and manipulated into getting caught. He did exactly what he wanted and needed to do – found out where Silva was hiding and get him captured. It’s a sign of Bond’s badassery and “blind loyalty to the service” both that he allowed himself to get caught in order to get the radio signal to the secret base (i.e. when he turned it on before walking to the front of the boat) and also that he’s confident enough to let himself get caught and not panic because he knows exactly what he’s doing, even if we don’t.

      This goes on to serve my thought of how the radio vs “exploding pens” use seemed to send the message that “elegance in simplicity and effectiveness” – with the radio basically being like a mediating ground between the fantastical gadgets of past and the very cynical age we live in today. Skyfall was a movie about a lot of pointed statements balancing old and new, so I think that there’s a lot of room to make the gadgets more interesting – and that they will. I have to say that the gun thing was pointless though.

      As far as Judi Dench’s involvement in the movie, I think one of Mallory’s line sums it up best – “retirement planning”. Basically Judi Dench had to go (she talked about how she could hardly even read her lines any more), and since she’s been such a classic and beloved actress in her role, they wanted to pay a solid and fitting homage to her “retirement”. That’s how I see it, and in that light – and only for this film and her exit – I found it quite appropriate. It should be back to business with Ralph Fiennes’ M though.

      • I see your points, however it was not Bond’s capture I was criticizing , but rather the villain’s. The idea that he intended to be caught to suit his purposes is fine, as is outsmarting Bond. We need worthy adversaries after all. The problem in my mind was the combination of a predictable story twist (the hero’s underestimation of the villain) combined with the most pronounced and musically iconic “victory” moment I recall from the film. If you know or suspect a ruse, then the heavy handed victory music falls really flat, and I feel overly manipulated.

        As for your assessment of Judi Dench in the film, I almost totally agree. But despite sharing our basic sentiment, I thought she was overused. Furthermore for a film that overuses her it seems a glaring error to have her presence shoehorned into the opening moments of the film as a blow by blow advisor to Bond in the field. That intro would have been strengthened by her absence I think. In fact, given a thoughtful re-edit and minor deletions it might well be her best film in my opinion, but the prominence of her character became a distraction immediately and never let up much. I guess they just failed to find the balance I would have liked. Still, a cool and promising film, just not in the same league as the elegantly constructed Casino Royale.

        Nice to trade comments with some civilized people! I raise my martini to the mature posters.

        • Haha and I to you. Glad I took the comment earnestly. I do agree that she was pretty prominent and it would have been better to focus on something else. I guess I’m just saying that since that’s what they wanted to do, it’s forgivable. But I am much looking forward to the next all-Bond’s-business take.

          For now, Casino Royale truly is the best one so far, I agree. My favorite movie overall.

          Toast of a shaken martini to you too, good man.

  18. Who would have thought Bond in any incarnation would still be going after all these years? I’m not a huge Bond fan, but have seen quite a few of the flicks. I hope someone gets Man From Uncle rolling soon, and it garners at least a modicum of the same success.

    • It’s filming now with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer in the lead roles, and Guy Ritchie directing.

  19. So… bond 24 will be a sequel to Bond 23? Duh. Of course it will “build on” Skyfall.

    • And yet Bond 23 was not a sequel to Bond 22. I guess it had some of that “old irony” after all.

      • Uhm… Bond 23 is a sequel to Bond 22, what the hell are you talking about?

  20. Am I the only one who thinks Skyfall was the most boring James Bond film out of the recent 3? I fell asleep in the movie theater kid you not.

    • Skyfall was ok.. Casino Royal, in my opinion, was head and shoulders above the other 2
      Craig outings. Actually, head and shoulders above any other action movie

    • You fell asleep in a theater during a movie that you paid money to see? You must have the most oblique and disabled attention span in the world.

      No tell me, how do you even stay up in classes? How do you concentrate on your work? How many naps did you have to take while writing that comment, much less to read this ENTIRE article? It must have taken Herculean effort to stay focused and stay awake, and I applaud your noble efforts.

  21. How to update Blofeld? Why not create an organization which is a private contractor along the lines of Blackwater. This gives the organization legitimacy and provides cover for all manner of nefarious international dealings of a military nature. An updated Blofeld could be its head, operating in the background. And if a group can call itself Blackwater, then why not SPECTRE?

  22. I can’t be the only Bond fan that had a “HUH???” moment in Skyfall. We are to believe that from Casino Royale the Craig era rebooted the character and even showed him being upgraded to “00″ status in the early scenes of the film. They then threw the usual sop to the fans by having him win the Aston Martin DB5 in a card game. An Aston, I may point out, that was just a regular classic car. Then 2 films later it somehow morphs into the 1964 Q special with the array of gadgets all intact. Gadgets that had a major influence in determining the eventual outcome of the story. I felt that was a poor plot twist and undermined the rest of the film(s) for me… I still don’t know why people had such a problem with QoS. I found it to be an effective thriller the mould of From Russia With Love. It tied up all the plot strings from CR and set us up for Quantum as the modern era’s SPECTRE. I for one would like to see a handsome actor play Blofeld totally straight, and have Bond cause him to be burned/injured, prompting the “classic” disfigured Blofeld look with the bald head and the Donald Pleasance scar and a burning feeling of revenge against 007 for the final Craig outing…

    • You know, you just might be the only Bond fan who had that “HUH???” moment in Skyfall. That moment is yours, and yours alone, and special in that uniqueness. Cherish it, and keep it to yourself from now on forevermore.

      But really though. It’s a movie with HIGHLY improbable action sequences, logic and technology, and you’re absolutely perplexed and perflubbed by a change in design. I looked them up – in regular Google images they look absolutely identical – I’m pressed to see how they are not, in any kind of capacity. And rest assured, I very much doubt that many of us are car aficionados to whom a single car change (if not slightly changed model stamp) would completely throw us out of the loop with a resounding “HUH???”.

      Besides, who is to say he doesn’t or maybe, you know, just have two cars? The car he had in the Caribbeans was a left-hand driver’s seat anyway, and Skyfall was right-seat, in accordance to region. That alone should be enough – why would he pay a boatload of money to have the wheel and instruments switched sides instead of just buying a new car overseas? The government got him a modern Aston Martin in the same CS movie, and he seems relatively well-off from his salary. It’s a simple purchase.

      Finally. I assume like 3-5 years passed since Quantum of Solace. Even if it was the same exact car that for some reason he paid to have the driver’s seat moved from left to right, 3-5 years is an exorbitant amount of time to throw a few gadgets into a car. Honestly all we had proof of was an ejection seat and two machine guns, which amounts to putting a spring in the passenger seat and sticking a couple of stolen AK-47′s in the headlights.

  23. “IN THE mould of From Russia With Love…”

  24. I kinda thought Mr. White was supposed to be Blofeld.

  25. Oh its a super good news for me that Q will starred in Bond 24 and 25 because most of the people like me grown up seeing Bond movies and do you know the scene when Q master show different spy stuffs to Bond is the favorite scene of my generation. I really missed Q in first two movies but when he finally emerge, he looks more updated then Bond .. LOL
    Well i guess they will give some more shots to Q in the next movie .. And I am damn sure that Ben Whishaw will play Q again!

  26. In this article it states that for the first time there was a sequel with Quantum Of Solace following Casino Royale. Surely this is not the first time as Diamonds Are Forever is a sequel to On Her Majestys Secret Service with bond on a revenge mission from the opening credits onwards against Blofeld for killing his wife. On a note for the future bond film Caro Emerald must surely be inline to do the theme song?