‘Bond 23′ Plot Details Revealed: Spy On a Train

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James Bond 23 India Trains Scene revealed Bond 23 Plot Details Revealed: Spy On a Train

[Update: Indian Railways officials have demanded changes to the Bond train sequence. Go HERE for details.]

India is apparently trying to lure a big-budget Hollywood movie into shooting within its boarders – namely director Sam Mendes’ new installment of the James Bond franchise, which is still going by the tentative title of Bond 23 until a more fitting subtitle can be found for 007′s 23rd cinematic adventure.

The Times of India recently did a report on some logistical hurdles that are currently standing in the way of Mendes’ Bond film shooting in the far eastern country, and in detailing that report, ToI also revealed a big action sequence set piece that has been planned for the film.

Here’s what we know so far about Bond 23: not a whole lot. Mendes is directing and Daniel Craig will be back as Bond, with Dame Judi Dench returning as Bond’s boss, “M.”

Beyond that there have been rumors of varying degrees of believability, with some of the most likely speculation pointing to a female supporting role being snagged by actress Naomie Harris (possibly playing Moneypenny), and Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem possibly playing a mastermind villain and ruthless hitman villain, respectively.

The rumored new additions to 'Bond 23'

Will the new Bond film attempt to tie-off the storyline about the clandestine and villainous Quantum Organization, which started with Casino Royale and (sort of) continued in Quantum of Solace? Or is it going to transition into a new Bond adventure? These questions have yet to be answered.

One thing we do know today: there will be trains involved. Check out the report from The Times of India regarding the particular sequence that could be potentially shot in India, as told by Pravesh Sahni of Take One Productions:

“This could be one of the biggest Hollywood movies shot in our country. Trains are the backbone of the film. We’ll pay for the shooting and also mention Indian Railways in the credit line. The shooting was supposed to happen in October-November. Now, we’ve postponed it to January-February. For the past three months, we’ve been trying to get things in order. The film has Daniel Craig doing stunts on a freight train. While the Indian Railways has given us permission to shoot, I need to meet someone and explain how important it is for us to block two tracks for eight hours a day over five to six days. For the past 15 days, I’ve been trying to get someone to hear me out. South African authorities are waiting to provide everything that is required to support this movie. If we can’t get this cooperation from India, the film will no longer be shot here.”

While there’s not much to go on there, this description does leave room for a lot of fun speculation. If the story of Bond 23 does still revolve around Quantum, it’s conceivable that the evil cabal could meet on high-speed trains, as they did in an opera house audience during Quantum of Solace. It’s also possible that trains could be turned into dangerous weapons (see: Unstoppable), which Bond must then disarm. Or, this train sequence could be just one of many chase sequences that come with a Bond film. The only thing worth really noting is Sahni’s claim that “Trains are the backbone of the film.” Your guess is as good as any as to how exactly that backbone will function.

It’s highly unlikely, but it would be interesting to see the globe-trotting Bond movies contained to more limited setting for once (like on a train or several trains). It’d be tricky to pull off while still giving fans that James Bond-brand experience they know and love – but it would be interesting, is all I’m saying.

We’ll know more soon as Bond 23 starts production this fall in order to meet its November 9, 2012 release date.

Source: The Times of India via Coming Soon

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  1. If this has anything to do with QOS, this will be the first Bond I haven’t seen in the cinema since 1995.

    • After they switched to the new actor, I stopped watching James Bond in theaters. I did end up wanting them as a rental. Bond went from cool, stylish, and suave to dull.

    • In my opinion, QOS was largely misunderstood by the public. Upon repeated viewings, I actually like that film better than CR.

      • I think it’s the worst Bond film ever made. I use the dvd as a coaster and keep the box on the shelf to complete the set.

      • Agreed, except for the part about it being better than Casino Royale. It’s not even close to being as bad as the one with the Jaguar that flips itself over.

  2. I think they’re just exaggerating the importance of the train in order to get the approvals needed to shoot the sequence. If not, I can’t help thinking of Under Siege 2. And that’s not a very pleasant thought :D

  3. Having been in India, I can tell you that being on one of their passenger trains usually results in some dark territory of not being able to communicate with the outside world. I am not sure India really wants to promote that.

  4. One of the books is set mostly on a train and the new line of bond seems to draw a lot more from the books, which is defiantly a good thing IMO.

    in any case, extreme close-quarter combat at high speeds ? sounds like classic bond.

  5. good because the last two bond movies have sucked. the franchise has not been same since pierce brosnan donned the character, more action and last card playing or jabbering about what these clowns are going to do to each other.

    • Really, you mean the over the top Bond that Brosnan played who never resembled the literary Bond in anything but name only? Those films were a characature of the original intent of what Ian Flemming ever wrote about the Bond character.

      • Agreed Brosnan was the complete opposite of the embodiment of what Bond is, in my opinion Craig has come the closest to Fleming’s Bond and I have thoroughly enjoyed both Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace.

        • Goldeneye was maybe, the greatest bond movie, in my opinion… But his other bond movies sucked and I refused to watch after the next one… and closest? I thought that bond was suppost to say charming stuff that got women to go wild, but not so much that he would jump from rooftop to rooftop Jason Bourne style…

          If anything (and again, my opinion) this is a reimagined version of bond… I never seen connery do half of what craig does…

          That being said, I enjoy these new bond films much more now then I have before craig…

          • Craig’s Bonds is gritty as the Bond’s are meant to be and deals with things that no other Bond movie does such as showing how Bond doesn’t like to kill, the action is, I think, to make it more modern however I believe Craig’s to embrace Fleming’s Bond the most :)

            • How Bond doesnt like to kill?

              What about the ridiculous bit in QOS when he throws that guy out a window for no reason, not getting the needed information and killing him in the process.

              • I don’t know without a doubt however I thought Quantum of Solace overall shows the evolution of Bond from the 1st film how what happened to Vesper effected him making him a harder individual, like I say thats just my opinion however I believe Craig offers the closest representation of Fleming’s Bond

                • I think Dalton got the closest to the true hard edge of Bond.

  6. I enjoyed both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I hope Bond 23 is like a third installment of a trilogy with 007 going after the head of the Quantum organization.

  7. Oh no!!!!!

    HARRY POTTER SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  8. I hope it is as good as Casino Royale and Goldeneye.

  9. i hate trians. no movie should ever shoot any scenes on them. how many places can you hide on a train its stupid.

  10. Wasn’t the big action piece of Lone Ranger supposed to be trains? This might be another reason Disney shut down that movie.

  11. Arguably the best fight scene on a train was filmed for “From Russia With Love” which had a lion share of the story happen on a train. Does anyone else think they might go with a true spy/espionage story with this film, rather than a big action picture? After all the studio did just come out of bankruptcy…

  12. Og good more people saying Craig’s Bond is like the Bond in the books. He really isn’t. Flemming’s Bond would never be so thuggish, so stupid and so irresponsible. He was refined killer, Craig’s Bond is ruled by emotion.

    • I wouldn’t describe Fleming’s Bond as a refined killer he is referenced by Fleming as the government’s blunt instrument, and as for being ruled by his emotions Fleming’s Bond also acted upon his emotions many times.

    • I’m just waiting for you to post your opening scene again ;)

      • I think everyone has read it by now. lol

  13. I never said Craig’s Bond was “like in the books.” I sincerely hope the man is an actor though and can perhaps put forth a performance worth watching, especially if they’ve went to the trouble to construct a good story…

  14. “borders”, not “boarders”

  15. QOS was awesome compared to “on her majesty’s secret service”. QOS was a short story turned into a film so i will be interested in seeing this one. CR was the first bond movie to showcase James in the true light he was actually written, rough and suave. I love CR for a bond story but entertainment wise it didnt hold up to the old bonds. But i loved it for what it is and it was awesome! Cant wait for this one!

    • Sorry, did you just compare Quantum Of Solace to the classic OHMSS? Seriously?

    • “QOS was awesome compared to “on her majesty’s secret service”.”

      Please tell us your joking…

  16. WOW… Daniel Craig the best Bond ever!

  17. So really, this guy has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about….”potentially could be shot in India”? C’mon.

    As for Craig, I don’t like him as Bond, I’ve seen his last 2 but only when it comes on cable. Pierce Brosnan was awesome and I wish he could’ve done a couple more as James Bond. Also, I really don’t like that they’ve dropped that line from last 2 movies. That is an iconic line just like the 007 music is iconic (which has also apparently disappeared). They’re ruining what most of us love about James Bond 007 by omitting those two classic pieces!

    • “A Bond that uses wit instead of gadgets” Definitely not Craig then.

  18. It’s Murder On The Orient Express meets Under Seige II:Dark Territory. The main problem is the lead actor should be portraying a train conductor, not an iconic spy! It’s still all speculation and behind schedule for a November 2012 release. Mendes’ muse must be From Russia With Love which will turn out to be From India With Curry with Danielle, the PSA’s drag queen, still in the role. It’s time to ditch this turnip and replace him with Henry Cavill before the franchise goes bust financially!

  19. Wouldn’t India’s reputation for frequent train derailments leave the director shaken AND stirred enough to shoot elsewhere?

  20. Wouldn’t a reputation for frequent train derailments leave the director shaken AND stirred enough to shoot elsewhere?

  21. QIS was probably the best bond so far.
    1. If he does make a pun, then the characters realize the seriousness.
    2. The script is concise- Bond doesn’t say one thing that doesn’t help to move the story or prove that he is a human being that is affected by what he does.
    3. He kills a guy and enjoys it? Would you like to say that he dropped a guy onto a car after the guy told him “piss off”, and didn’t kill him?
    4. Some other Bonds do well with real-world issues, QOS continued that. Issue that also moves the plot along, shows Quantum as an organization of power.

  22. “Voldemort” as a Bond villain? Yeah, he brings the necessary menace.

  23. I love the new Bond, it is best ones yet. I have watched all the others having seen most in theaters since 78. Evolution of the seris is a good thing for Bond movies keeps it interesting. Somtime change sucks but in this case it does not for me.

  24. In defense of the last two movies:
    It’s all been about Bond becoming Bond, so all the elements of the character and his environment are still falling into place. CR was a brilliant adaptation of the novel. QOS less enjoyable, mainly because it followed the character through a pretty dark period. Now that he’s made peace with the events of CR, I think and hope we’re going to see a more rounded 007.

    On a different note, I really feel I must step up for Roger Moore. For Your Eyes Only, IMO is one of the true greats. Sir Roger lightened things up for sure, but don’t we go to Bond movies for some silly escapist fun anyway? Must every movie be dark and gritty?

  25. I would put the cast of this bond film up against the cast of any previous one!

  26. If Bond 23 does involve trains,they could be taking this scene from the book The Man With the Golden Gun, which included a battle on a train. Also, they had a great scenario in that book that never was used in any Bond film. Having Bond being brainwash and trying to kill M. I would love to see that on film. It brings a different element to the franchise that haven’t been done in any Bond film. It will work well now since M has trust issues with Bond, and having Bond overcome being brainwash and gain the trust and respect of MI6 brings another element to the film as we watch Bond become Bond as we know now.

  27. Never understood why Quantum gets thrashed all the time. I for one, love Quantum of Solace, name and film content. One of the best Bonds I feel. Very sparse, very dry but so very enjoyable. For once, Bond didn’t feel so episodic. It had a special tone to it that was much more subtle and less spelled out for the audience. I really appreciated the mindset that went into creating the finished product. The visual attitude and look of the film were insanely cool as if you could take a single frame of film from any part of the back half and hang it on your wall as purely iconic art; ie, the plane chase and a fight-thrashed, black-clad Bond against the backdrop of a blinding, golden desert looking cooler than James Dean and Steve McQueen combined. It also avoided cliches, such as how it played with the main Bond girl. Damn cool film that was more of a piece of art than a popcorn night out. This film will grow on people in time the way Blade Runner took a while to get it’s due.