James Bond 23 Moving Forward Again; Daniel Craig Will Return [Updated]

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James Bond 23 moving forward James Bond 23 Moving Forward Again; Daniel Craig Will Return [Updated]

[UPDATE: Sam Mendes is said to be directing James Bond 23.]

MGM’s financial issues caused quite the headache for Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit and prevented production on the next James Bond movie from moving forward, which forced star Daniel Craig to unleash his pent up rage on a fleet of extraterrestrials instead of diabolical humans bent on world domination (kidding – sort of).

Rumors that a new James Bond will arrive by 2012 popped up last month and now someone closer to the project has revealed that work has recommenced on 007′s 23rd big screen venture, which is tentatively scheduled to arrive in theaters by November of 2012.

Composer David Arnold sat down for a chat with Film Music Magazine and had the following insight to offer concerning the next James Bond flick:

“I haven’t thought about it yet. We only just got the news that we’re back on. But ‘there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip’ so I will keep quiet until I get a script and then start writing ideas.. All I can say is that I’m looking forward to a great script for it, alongside every other Bond fan in the world!”

Arnold also praised Daniel Craig, whose return as the ruthless but charming spy Mr. Bond was a no-brainer before the MGM fiasco, but gave no indication as to whether Sam Mendes (American Beauty) is still onboard as director.  Mendes’ schedule is seemingly clear right now, so he’s a viable option – and considering that MGM’s bankruptcy plan has been approved and the studio’s restructuring is now officially in progress, you should expect to hear an official statement on Mendes being in or out sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Kate Winslet reportedly confirmed to The Daily Mail that Mendes will begin work on the new James Bond movie next year at Pinewood film studios. An official studio statement on the matter has yet to be released.

James Bond 23 will be directed by Sam Mendes

Both of the Craig-starring Bond entries (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) were grittier in tone and featured a darker take on the man himself, who was re-imagined as more of a hard-hitting secret agent able to hold his own with the likes of Jason Bourne. Craig’s Bond is still capable of being the charming ladies’ man when he wants to be, and is easily the most physically-intimidating (re: able to punch you out and not blink) incarnation of the character as well.

The last two James Bond adventures were hits at the box office and sat well enough with moviegoers (more so with Royale than Solace, admittedly), so we imagine that the filmmakers behind the new one won’t deviate much from the design of its immediate predecessors  - not to mention, the franchise has been around so long that the delay in production shouldn’t be an issue (a similar holdup happened back in 1989).

Daniel Craig as James Bond James Bond 23 Moving Forward Again; Daniel Craig Will Return [Updated]

Craig will be back on the big screen as Bond.

The 23rd James Bond pic is now expected to begin production in late 2011 and will hit theaters in November 2012, so stay tuned for more updates – in the meantime, feel free to discuss your thoughts and feelings on the franchise in the comments section below.

Source: Film Music Magazine

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  1. How many are they planning on making?

    • I reckon they’ll be making Bond movies for a long time to come, hopefully good ones.

  2. Quantum Of Solace did not sit well with movie goers at all. It was a grade A stinker.

    And David Arnold, his scores are all over the place, Casino Royale score perfect, QOS score was abysmal.

    • Havent seen Casino Royale. *hides under a rock*

      • I prefered Quantum over Casino, I thought Casino was just boring.

        • I liked the pace of Quantum over Casino’s pace, meant to put that.

          • dude they were both awsome the pace of solace felt like it was just the end of royale like just one whole film. craig is the best bond in my opinion and the realism of his cold expressions when hes kicking ass is one of the best aspects of the way he plays bond. im looking forward to this

            • I think he is one of the best, wont say best.

        • yh i liked quantum more

  3. I dont know Sam, It didnt score that badly on the reviews, was it as good as Casino, not really , but I still think it is better then more than half of the other Bond movies. The action and pacing was great , the dialog and ploy was weak and the ending was a little lack luster.

    • The reviews weren’t great.

      The direction was appalling.

      The CGI was like something from the 80s.

      The action was over edited.

      Bond was turned into a mindless thug.

      The plot was absolute drivel.

      The theme song made me want to be sick.

      They foolishly killed off the only two characters who could have been big players, Mathis and Fields, both were great.

      The script was nonsense.

      Need I go on? I could, because I hate that film more than anything.

      • Quantum of Solace did well enough with critics (enough to score a fresh rating over at Rotten Tomatoes, at least), but most everyone agreed it was a step below Casino Royale – likely in no small part because director Marc Forster had no background in the action genre at all.

        A lot of people disliked QoS because of its overuse of shaky cam and its approach to Bond as a character (among other things), but it was nowhere near the critical bomb that was (dare I say it) Transformers 2, for instance.

        • To me QoS painted Bond as no more than a vengeful murderer.

          Zero appeal to me as a Bond film.


            • thats what was awsome about him a man whos got a license to kill and does kill would have to be a hardend trained killer iv known navy seals my whole life and when they are in action mode they are expressionless and ruthless thats why the new bond is so real to me when he kills he has to do it with no hesitation

      • I agree with Sam. QoS was a lesser film when compared to Casino Royale. Hopefully the next will be more Bond, less Bourne.

        • Wasn’t as bad as Die Another Day with the surfering intro.

          The immediate sequel (first ever for a Bond film) didnt’ feel right. Thought the way CR ended, they could’ve jumped a few years, though I did like the immediate pick up.

          I think it’s normal to have a good Bond movie followed up by a bad Bond movie ie GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies

          • Actually Diamonds are Forever is a direct sequel to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the pre title sequence is Bond hunting down Blofeld for having killed Tracy. It would have been even more of a sequel had Lazenby decided to stay in the part, involving Bond murdering Blofeld in a salt processing plant.

      • The direction was superb, the opera intercut with the action, the grandmother and child in the cemetary near the end for background, a dog on a tin roof, the thirsty people, the wrapup. It was short brutal and sweet, I dunno what you witnesses, the film was designed to tie up the loose ends of Casino and I thought it did so masterfully.

  4. Have not seen either Casino Royale or QOS nor do I plan too, I stopped watching Bond after Die Another Day.

  5. Chris, you haven’t seen a Bond movie until you’ve seen “Casino Royale”. Die Another Day might as well be a Sesame Street episode…

  6. Quantum of solace starts where casino leaves off. It continues casino’s story. He’s supposed to be a man enraged and different than what we know about bond from the Connery-Brosnan era. It wouldn’t make any sense if he just saw the woman that he loves die, and then he goes and sips martinis with a bunch of ladies by the pool. I understand if you never saw casino and you see quantum, then the movie isn’t that great. It was meant as a part 2 for casino. It’s a good film in context. Remember this is supposed to be Bond in the beginning; he’s not quite as polished. This is supposed to be the story of how he came to be the bond the general public knows. I hope Bond 23 can live up to the hype. I’m ready for another one!

    • Glad somebody gets it…

    • I completely agree in every way. Glad someone could put it into words for me lol.

  7. I’m not even going to argue the point anymore, QOS is the only time I’ve come out of a film shaking with confused anger, how they turned something as good as CR into that utter slosh.

    I could pull a better Bond script out of my @ss

    • My two cents…let it die

      • I want Craig gone and the entire creative team gone, it’s been the same writer and producers for over a decade, the fact that Judi Dench has been M since 1995 is a sign it’s going stale.

        I still love my idea of Tom Hardy playing Bond, set in the 60s, bring back the gadgets, the one liners but keep the harder edge to the character, bring in a genuine world threatening supervillain. Now that’s how to reinvent a franchise!

          • I’m gonna agree with yall two on this, I like your idea Sam of a 60s Bond.

  8. Casino Royale is the most badass Bond film made to date. I thinkt he reason QoS sucked was b/c the villain and his plan were just plain dumb…”Oh no, he’s stealing…water.”

  9. There are 23 Bond films (if you include Never Say Never Again and exclude the original Casino Royale, which I choose to do) and QOS is the only one I don’t own. I saw it for £3 the other day, wouldn’t buy it to complete my collection, the only use I would have for the disc is as a coaster.

    • Never say Never Say Never Again again…OK? Haha, horrible movie.

  10. QoS just proved why bond sequels don’t work, it was too much of a different type of film to connect to Casino Royale. Felt like two different stories.

    • Very good point, they were trying to make a sequel and instead made a film that felt so different it could have been from a different franchise. It destroyed everything good they built up from CR.

  11. I recently read the original Casino Royale by Fleming (written in 1953 when he was 44). I have to say, I appreciate the movie adaptation even more. They kept all that was good, changed what they had to because of the 50+ years difference since the novel and added just enough new/different elements to improve on Fleming’s ideas. It’s also cool to compare Bond himself (from the source material) with the films. His car was a 1930s Bentley and he looked like Hoagy Carmichael. Oh, and everybody smoked like a greasy BBQ.

    • Plus the Bond of the books drank whiskey rather than Martini.

  12. I miss the cool bond gadgets. I know that sounds childish, but that to me is what made some of the Bonds kinda cool.

  13. I have been a Bond fan for a very long time. I grew up watching these movies, but now that I’m older and very into making films, I can’t help but analyse the technical aspects of the films. The first thing that I picked up on a while ago was the fact that each movie has a different director. In Casino Royale’s place, Martin Campbell was a great choice of director, and considering that Casino Royale was a worthy revival of the Bond franchise, also commercially and critically successful, I don’t see why they gave the directors role to Marc Forster, who is little more than a over ambitious arthouse director. If they had just kept Martin Campbell on, everything in Quantum would have been so much better. I think so anyway.

  14. I will say this, I really enjoyed Casino Royale…a lot…because Bond was without his gadgets (excluding a couple of items) and was a fresh arrogant double O who made a lot of mistakes and screwed up here and there. I thought that was good to see in a way how he became Bond.

    While I like straight up sequels that pick up where the other left off and I did think it was going to work with this one; it doesn’t work with Bond because there’s never been one. They’re all set alone stories and it works with Bond because he is more of a mythical character (in the narrative sense).

    I really do like Daniel Craig as Bond and felt that he was actually able to kick your butt and handle the activity of Bond. He’s my second favorite, Dalton will always be my favorite because Living Daylights was the first Bond movie I ever watched. I hope this new Bond movie introduces a couple of gadgets (nothing over the top, a laser in the watch is good enough for me) as well as explore SPECTRE…and the return of Blofeld…thougH I would miss Telly Savalas…

    Either way, I’m game for Bond

  15. Daniel Craig is the best Bond so just do the best to keep the franchise energy pump up.

  16. I think Bond returning was a bit of a no-brainer. After the Potter films Bond is the most surefire box office franchise in Hollywood.

    I haven’t yet seen Quantum of Solace but I really enjoyed Casino Royale and have to give credit to Daniel Craig in terms of keeping the character relevant in the cinemas and he has created a different persona for the character, a more tougher, physical side to the character.

    I probably still preferred Brosnan over Craig though, just felt he fitited perfectly the iamge of James Bond, he has more the smooth talking ,charisma that I expect from Jmaes Bond. I actually Tomorrow Never Dies was his best Bond outing, much better that The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

    We discussed on other threads, the music for the Superman reboot and it would be nice to get another decent Bond theme song. Since Tina Turner’s Goldeneye they’ve just got progressively worse.

    We also need another memorable Bond villain, someone more imposing with a lot more personality. The last villain of any sort of impact was the one in Licence to Kill.

  17. Hopefully they will get a talented action movie director to direct this and not someone like Marc Forster… *barf*

  18. @lebsta – I agree about the villain part. I thought there was a lot of food left on the table in QoS. Casino Royale was such a good reboot that the stakes were high for Bond 22. The shakey cam/quick edits/and same stunt team as used on The Bourne Ultimatum didn’t help. (Haven’t I seen that rooftop chase somewhere before?)

    I hope Barbara Broccoli reads these threads.

    @Ken J – agreed.

  19. Why must everyone be so negative? MOST of the Bond films are light years ahead of MOST of the horrible movies that are somehow greenlighted and released! Casino Royale was a great return, and Quantom of Solace was at least decent. Leave Die Another Day and the rest of them alone! They were good to great movies with exciting intros! Besides, even if it happens to be a bad Bond movie, if you’re a Bond fan, then you just enjoy the fact that you’re watching him! The car chases, the fights, the theme song… Everyone just has to type something so clever and funny about how awful something is, instead of mentioning what’s good. And it doesn’t matter what you think anyway you wannabe famous critics; They get plenty of good reviews, they make plenty of money, they will always have plenty of fans, and Bond films will have plenty of incarnations long after you’re dead! Yeah, smoke on that.

  20. yes bring back bond the world needs him

  21. QoS theme song is annoying when the first time I heard it in theater. But after repeated hearing on MTV and radio, it’s actually not too bad.

  22. All the action sequences were so slow in QOS, the directing was awful, the opening car chase should have been ace but it was dull and hard to follow.
    I’d say I’ve seen most Bobd films 10-20 times in my life, having been a fan since I was about 6 and started reading the books, then I discovered the films, this was in the very early 90s, and there was no new Bond, so I caught up on all the old films and waited until 95, but I knew those closing words “James Bond Will Return” would come true.
    But after QOS, it was the first time those words tasted bitter, like ash. I didn’t want Bond to return.

    • Yet you enjoyed the Pierce Brosnan era? They went a little “extremely over the top” towards the end, wouldn’t you say? Is your preference to continue that trend?

      • Brosnan was Bond while I was growing up, Bond in general was a sort of dubious role model for me.
        So yes, I did enjoy the Brosnan era, Goldeneye is faultless, Tomorrow Never Dies has some of the best action sequences the franchise has ever seen, The World Is Not Enough has…some very funny one liners. And as for Die Another Day, as a film its ridiculous, but as a tribute its perfect.

        Brosnan era Bond was no more ridiculous than Moore’s tenure, I think Brosnan got very close to the character, in some ways his Bond was definitive.

        Dalton was, for me, the closest to the Bond of Ian Flemming’s novels that I fondly recall reading as a child.

        Every actor to take the part brought something different, Daniel Craig brings a brutal energy to the part that served him well in Casino Royale but was woefully misplaced into thuggish violence in Quantum Of Solace.

        • Wow, I think I have had exactly the opposite experience with the films. I enjoyed them in the past for what they were, but they were always to me a bit off, too silly, and just a huge stretch for my suspension of disbelief. (I hold off on judging TWINE too much because it had Sophie Marceu, and… well.. heh.)

          But Goldeneye? Dear god what a pile of crap. I rented it and returned it half watched.

          Now I’d become a fan of Craig’s before the announcement, and so I was excited to see what they’d bring us in this new Bond. Expecting more supergadgets and world-blowing-up themes and all of that crap, and basically to have fun while I shut my brain off, and then I got Casion Royale.

          In between I had discovered Flemming’s books, and this Bond was as close as had ever been to Flemming’s original man.

          Likewise, QoS didn’t bug me in the least. I quite thoroughly enjoyed it.

          YMMV I guess.

          • Flemming’s Bond was never a thug, he never killed without thinking, he was a thousand times more intelligent than Craig’s brutish Bond.

            And you don’t like Goldeneye? Seriously? It’s considered one of the best Bond films ever made.

            • DSB, that’s why I asked about Flemming’s books with Bond starting out as OO7. What I like about Craig’s Bond (much like Daltons) is how he doesn’t have it all together. He’s like a rookie learning on the job. Dalton’s Bond didn’t have all together but his intellignece was there. I’m waiting on Living Daylights and License to Kill to come in the mail to rewatch Dalton; who is still my top Bond.

              My hope for this next film is to watch Craig grow into the Bond we know in the form of Dalton and Connery. I think with CR and QOS being 1st year type movies, this new one will have to showcase a Bond who has grown, keeping the brute strength but adding the intelligence into the mix. Along with the introduction of Moneypenny and Q while keeping the gadgets realistic like a laser watch. That’s the one part that bummed about the new GoldenEye game…no laser watch.

              • Dalton is my favourite Bond also.

                Is there really no laser watch on the new Goldeneye? I’ve only just started palying it!

                • Yea, no laser watch. However, the tech phone you use is pretty sweet. I liked the game overall and it was definitely different than the original but a good different.

                  BTW, watching QOS and one of my frustrations with Marc Forester is where he chose to start the theme music after the car chase when Bond hanging from the rope and shooting Mitchell would have been the appropriate time for the sight to show up and blood run down the screen.

                  • Or the fact that the gun barrel sequence was at the end og the movie, and was the only time the Bond theme was used.

                    I’ve been enjoying Goldeneye quite a lot, I think a lot of the charm is gone (which is true of Craig’s films, but it is great, the graphics and game engine are great for the Wii, its certainly an exciting game. i’m just doing Runway at the moment.

                    It would be cool if they had included the original game as an extra.

            • I found the older Bonds (Pierce Brosnan ncluded) to be too “GQ Magazine” and unrealistic. A Bond that doesn’t get bloody and simply wipes the dust off his jacket? It’s entertaining to the point of being laughable. Also, the introduction and use of specialized gadgets into the beginning of the film, creates a film that’s WAY too predictable for me. The recreation of Bond through the induction of Daniel Craig into the series, is far superior version of the film. This new direction brings with it a Bond, one that must rely on his survival training instincts over the “weaker” reliance of predictable gadgets as seen through many of the Bond predecessors.

          • @Tim

            Wow, Goldeneye is crap but Quantum of Solace was good… Yaahhh….. I’ll be sure to ask for your movie reviews when I’m wondering what to watch next, yah, don’t call me, I’ll call you… :-D

            • There really is no accounting for taste, or common sense in this case.

    • I agree. They need to make it more like the old Bonds, and have him use gadgets and play the music theme throughout the movie with great cinematography.

  23. I hate James Bond movies, the character is awesome but the movies suck…….:p

    • I don’t entirely understand that statement.

  24. “there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip’ so I will keep quiet until I get a script”

    Try saying that 3 times in a row!

    • you and that cup… the script just doesnt stand a chance….

  25. There were many rumors swirling around about the possibility of a Black man playing James Bond. I am not entirely against this in the eventual future of the series, but I am FAR from finished watching Daniel Craig. I hope he does at least 3 more.

    • I would nothing against a black actor taking the role of Bond, except for one small thing, Bond isn’t Black. It would be like making Superman black.
      i think it would be cool to have a spy/action thriller franchise that did have a black actor in the lead, but Bond, no.

      • Be careful with saying no to the idea of a black man doing anything. You’ll get overly sensitive people crawling out of the woodwork calling you a racist. Same thing happened with the black spider-man rumor.

        • Well I was trying to be careful, I think my point is completely valid though.

          • I think a black Bond would work, I know you’re not saying it wouldn’t but that Bond is not black. To extent that’s true, Bond has been portrayed over the years as white. So has Felix Leiter until Bernie Casey and Jeffery Wright played him.

            This is where I think artist interpretation comes into play and why roles do not need to be limited to a certain color. Argument can be made that even Superman could be played by a differnt color because he’s a character, not a real person, and can be interpreted in many ways. Techinically, Superman is an alien and so I would think his skin tone would be different but that’s just me.

            I should say that I wanted to see a black Captain America because I thought that would have brought on a whole new element to the character and to the story. I can’t say the same about Bond. In other words, I’m not sure a black Bond would add a whole new element to the character or story in a way that would benefit the tone of the story as a black Captain America would.

            I guess all that to say, just because a character is written to look a certain way does not mean he always has to be interpreted to look that way (race wise).

            • I see your points but there has to be a cut off point for artistic interpretation.

              You know what, if they made a black Bond, I’d still watch it, if it stays true to the character then in principal I don’t have a problem.
              But it has to be for the right reasons, not just as a semi publicity stunt to get press attention.
              They mentioned Colin Salmon taking over after Brosnan quit, he might have been good in the part.

              • Absolutely. It shouldn’t be done just be done.

                • Bahhh Humbuggg… pulling out my sawed off Christmas spirit here… I love the idea of a Black Bond

                  Not that I am through with Daniel Craig but I am purely open to the discussion of allowing Bond to go Black… you know what they say about such things really and I think we can all have a great time discussing how he will fit in as a matter of other cultures where he might get by…

                  Lets just consider Judy Dench gets a look at him coming back from an assignment and would like to inspect the full package for viability and complete review of the extent which the insurance claim must be filed to start the Micheal Jackson skin lightening treatment … lurv it!

                  Lets just say that Bond gets in an accident and they need to graft skin to him on one of these carribean islands in a hurry… do they have a dead white man handy?? heck no… more likely to have a dead black man handy to donor his skin… terrible terrible discussion to be sure

                  Get this… Bond figures out that he likes the play he is getting with his enhanced image and keeps his color… Ultimately there is no harm in Bond exploring race as long as he doesnt wind up being that horrible Binks character from Star Wars… that would be the end of Bond entirely

            • Well in the movies, anything can and will go. Make a traditionally white character black or the reverse. Heck, they could even make Nelson Mandela a white character in a crazy movie say based on some crazy alternate history premise or whatever. I don’t care. As long as the story is entertaining and satisfying. In fact I challenge the film makers to pull off a black Bond. Almost nobody thought Daniel Craig could fill Pierce Brosnan’s shoes. Heck not with Craig being almost always potraying the vicious thug and all. All anti-hero. But he did well didn’t he ? It’s the quality of the story and the strength of the acting in the end. Anything else will not matter.

          • Dude I agree.
            It’s not racist at all. It’s like when the rumors started about will smith playing superman. That would be fine if there was ever an indication that superman was black.
            Or when Beyonce said she wanted to play wonderwoman.
            It just didn’t make sense.

  26. Daniel Craig makes a pretty good Bond, and Dame Judi Dench is an absolutely magnificent M, so I hope she’ll be back too. My BIGGEST hope is that the next 007 installment includes something that “Quantum of Solace” was entirely missing: A sense of humor.

    • I think the best way to view QOS is as the conclusion of the story begun in CR, rather than a stand alone movie, but yes Bond should be allowed a little more fun.

      • Finally! Someone who understands QOS for what it was, a revenge flick, and a darn good one. The deep pain that Bond felt losing the first woman that he loved and was actually willing to quit for… well that would eliminate any sense of humour I had. The scene when Mathis dies is gut-wrenching too.

        • Agreed! You watch CR and QoS back to back and they make for quite the good block.

          • yeah, block ‘o’ crap.

    • Totally. A little bit of humour would have harmed QoS.

  27. hope there is :D

  28. I feel like I should have known that there were 22 Bond movies before I read this

  29. I didn’t like QoS too much, because it seemed so dull and lacking a sense of humor.

    Having said that, I’m looking forward to Bond 23, and I have one wish for Bond 25… Christopher Nolan directs it and Hans Zimmer composes the score.

    • Well, I’d be happy with Nolan directing a Bond flick, he’s a huge fab, and the entire third act of Inception was a homage to OHMSS.
      However, Nolan is also devoid of humour, and I want Bond to make me smile again.

      Tom Hardy for Bond!