James Bond 23 Moving Forward Again; Daniel Craig Will Return [Updated]

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James Bond 23 moving forward James Bond 23 Moving Forward Again; Daniel Craig Will Return [Updated]

[UPDATE: Sam Mendes is said to be directing James Bond 23.]

MGM’s financial issues caused quite the headache for Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit and prevented production on the next James Bond movie from moving forward, which forced star Daniel Craig to unleash his pent up rage on a fleet of extraterrestrials instead of diabolical humans bent on world domination (kidding – sort of).

Rumors that a new James Bond will arrive by 2012 popped up last month and now someone closer to the project has revealed that work has recommenced on 007′s 23rd big screen venture, which is tentatively scheduled to arrive in theaters by November of 2012.

Composer David Arnold sat down for a chat with Film Music Magazine and had the following insight to offer concerning the next James Bond flick:

“I haven’t thought about it yet. We only just got the news that we’re back on. But ‘there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip’ so I will keep quiet until I get a script and then start writing ideas.. All I can say is that I’m looking forward to a great script for it, alongside every other Bond fan in the world!”

Arnold also praised Daniel Craig, whose return as the ruthless but charming spy Mr. Bond was a no-brainer before the MGM fiasco, but gave no indication as to whether Sam Mendes (American Beauty) is still onboard as director.  Mendes’ schedule is seemingly clear right now, so he’s a viable option – and considering that MGM’s bankruptcy plan has been approved and the studio’s restructuring is now officially in progress, you should expect to hear an official statement on Mendes being in or out sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Kate Winslet reportedly confirmed to The Daily Mail that Mendes will begin work on the new James Bond movie next year at Pinewood film studios. An official studio statement on the matter has yet to be released.

James Bond 23 will be directed by Sam Mendes

Both of the Craig-starring Bond entries (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) were grittier in tone and featured a darker take on the man himself, who was re-imagined as more of a hard-hitting secret agent able to hold his own with the likes of Jason Bourne. Craig’s Bond is still capable of being the charming ladies’ man when he wants to be, and is easily the most physically-intimidating (re: able to punch you out and not blink) incarnation of the character as well.

The last two James Bond adventures were hits at the box office and sat well enough with moviegoers (more so with Royale than Solace, admittedly), so we imagine that the filmmakers behind the new one won’t deviate much from the design of its immediate predecessors  - not to mention, the franchise has been around so long that the delay in production shouldn’t be an issue (a similar holdup happened back in 1989).

Daniel Craig as James Bond James Bond 23 Moving Forward Again; Daniel Craig Will Return [Updated]

Craig will be back on the big screen as Bond.

The 23rd James Bond pic is now expected to begin production in late 2011 and will hit theaters in November 2012, so stay tuned for more updates – in the meantime, feel free to discuss your thoughts and feelings on the franchise in the comments section below.

Source: Film Music Magazine

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  1. I come from the era where Bond was first introduced to the public. I was a teen and I absolutely adored Sean Connery. I’ve continued as a Bond fan throughout all these years. Personally, I would have to say that my least favorite Bond was Roger Moore. Actually, I loved him as The Saint and I didn’t mind him as Bond, but he was definitely not my favorite. I actually agree with DrSamBeckett that I feel Dalton was really the closest to the Bond of the Ian Fleming books, though I know he only made two. I genuinely enjoyed Brosnan overall in the role. But truly, my favorite Bond has been Craig, at least in Casino Royale, which I thought was superb; QoS not so much for sure, but I’d like to see him come back and finish out his four that I understand he signed on for. If they can come back to the quality of Casino Royale, it would be great! A Bond girl forever, what can I say!

    • Craig’s Bond might be the furthest from Flemming’s original creation (apart from Moore, but damn those were funny, and they had the best villains! Christopher Lee, Christopher Walken, Julian Glover), Craig’s Bond is a mindless thug who kills first then thinks to ask questions.
      Flemming’s Bond may have been violent, even sadistic at times, but he was never stupid.

      • I’m curious about Flemming’s first book, did it seem that Bond had been a double O for awhile? Because the first one and second one of Craig’s made me feel like he was growing into who Bond is as we know him, so I am curious if Flemming had written a book with Bond just beginning as a double O

        • No, in the books Bond was a 00 from the beginning, he was confident, but the Bond of the books is at times a very unlikable character. The wit and charm isn’t always there, he’s more rude and sarcastic. But the stories are great and the Bond of the books is effortlessly cool.

      • The point of these movies is he’s learning. He started out a complete thug, and by the end of QoS, he had gained the wisdom not to kill the man he found in Russia. I thought that was obviously the gist of the Bond reboot so far…

  2. I love all manifestations of Bond, heck, I’d even watch a movie with a black Bond, but it wouldn’t seem right. That being said, why can’t someone just come up with a cool, suave Bond-like character who happens to be black. I think I would like that more, and would open a door to a whole new action character (too bad Wesley Snipes is going to jail).

    • @Doug…

      I like your idea of a Bond-like character who happens to be black. I think it would make the spy movie genre a lot more interesting.

      So, would Idris Elba make a good Bond-like character?

  3. This is interesting news. Looking forward to the 3′rd Bond movie with Daniel Craig. CASINO ROYALE was the most interesting, multi-layered, well made and (even surprisingly) romantic Bond film, to-date.
    QUANTUM OF SOLACE, one has to admit, was quite a letdown after the magnificent ROYALE… However, I hope they bounce back to ROYALE form with this next/third Bond with Craig, directed by Sam Mendes…

  4. I hope they include a new gadgets specialist like Q and call him Q++ in the new Bond movie.

    • The gadgets are what killed Bond to me. As the years wore on the shows became increasingly about the goodies and less about the character.

      • Admittedly they took the gadgets too far, but gadgets are part of Bond’s legacy, ignoring them completely, as well as the characters of Moneypenny and Q, are just stupid.

  5. But isn’t the central question now where will new material come from? Virtually all the Flemming work has been used. One could attempt to adapt one of John Gardner’s novels “Icebreaker” or perhaps “Nobody Lives Forever” but even they would have to be adapted somewhat to accommodate Craig’s style of the super spy. I think the central idea of “Nobody Lives Forever” should be used for Craig’s last performance and put Bond in Suspended Animation, to awaken in the 80′s for “Licensed Renewed,” played by a different actor.

    • There are some good ideas in Gardener’s novels, and Raymond Benson wrote half a dozen Bond novels in the 90′ and 00′s, and they were very good. Maybe they wil take a cue from Jeffery Deaver’s new Bond novel?

    • Totally agree with AG.

  6. I totally agree with Joe K. It has been a while since we have seen Q and Moneypenny and with them around I’m sure we will be able to see more humor returning to the series, which I’m sorry to say that CR and QOS lacked. Maybe if I might make a suggestion, that Billy Conolly be the next Q for he’s so much like the late John Cleese?

  7. Grit is fine. What we need though is more witicisms, tongue-in-cheek humor, and charm that made the previous Bonds so appealing. Otherwise, this 007 is simply an updated reincarnation of Sylvester Stallone’s character, which is fine for First Blood, not for a Bond film.

    • Exactly. What is the difference now between Craig’s Bond and Matt Damon’s Bourne Trilogy? Not much.

  8. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was hoping Craig would return, I think he’s the best Bond, no contest, looking foreard to Bond 23 now!

  9. Craig is the best bond ever!

  10. I don’t know why everybody hates on the new bond movies i have watched all of them people are missing the point pay attention this time frame is when he just received his 00 status; hence he is a newbie mi6 agent and hasn’t gotten all the cool gadgets yet.

  11. It seems that a number of people have missed the essence of the two Daniel-Craig Bond films – a character study, chronicling the emotional and visceral growth/journey of James Bond from his first days in Her Majesty’s Secret Service through the forging and refining of his character (the brutish, senseless violence in Quantum of Solace)to, eventually, become the suave, sophisticated larger-than-life “007″ we’ve come to know and love (in a future film). The journey is not complete, by any means. But if one looks at the character standing in the snow outside the apartment building talking to “M” at the end of Quantum of Solace, one sees a quieter, more-in-control, man than the one who killed the man in the men’s restroom at the beginning of Casino Royale. If one looks deep enough at the character standing in the snow, there are hints of the character that he will eventually evolve into. Daniel Craig’s James Bond is more than the usual superficial James Bond “Save-The-World-and-Get-The-Girl” action movie. The team behind the movies is trying for something deeper, more engaging, than what has been done before. And I, for one, believe that they are succeeding brilliantly. There is so much more of this Daniel-Craig-James-Bond character to develop and explore. My greatest hope is that the writers and directors, and Daniel Craig himself, don’t lose sight of the larger story that they are telling. It is a fantastic re-invention of a franchise that had, frankly, grown long-in-the-tooth. I can’t wait for November 2012!

    • I Think both of Daniel Craig’s James Bond Films I The Franchise with Casino Royale & the Last Bond I’ve got Quantum Of Solace I liked I am looking forward to see Daniel Craig Returns as James Bond 007 in The new Film?

      • I Hope Daniel Craig is to going to make four 007 Films After Bond 23 I my Favourite James Bond Film Is Quantum Of Solace Good Film my Favourite Scene DC3 He fly plane with Camille

  12. As a longtime fan of 007 films, I think to producers should atleast give us a working title to refer to. When the book of From Russia with Love, ended, Bond was apparently killed and fans were left in the dark until Fleming unleashed his next Bond novel. Come on Ms Broccoli, throw us a bone. In these challenging times we could all use some Bonding.

  13. Daniel Craig has done a fantastic job as 007. I have been a fan forever, and love this more realistic and rugged James Bond. Daniel Craig just has that certain something. I preferred Casino Royale over Quantum of Solace. The wrtiting and story were just more interesting to me. Hopefully, Daniel will be signed to a longer ‘Long Term Contract’. It would be a shame to loose him and take Bond in another direction so soon, after finding such a perfect James Bond.

    • Well Renee, I just watched Casino Royals again and you’ve definitely got something there is a certain magic about it. Its excellently written and Vesper fooled me too. The musical score was an homage to John Barry but it had its own identity too. I especially liked the bitter sweet orchestral strings in the scene where Bond and Vesper are sailing.

  14. I am excited…Craig makes an excellent 007…an updated version!! I loved the last 2 versions and will b there on opening night for this one.
    Long live James Bond!!!!!

  15. Daniel Craig is the best bond ever i love him in these movies!!!! he brings alot ore depth to the franchise then ever befor. they do a great job in showing his pain threw out the movies. cant wait for nov 22

  16. I remember when I first saw Mr. Craig, it was Tomb Raider movie… He play badass, with well.. still amazing hunk body- i loved him ever since.
    But when I heard that he’ll be Bond I was like “what? there must be other much dark-haired Daniel Craig or somethin…”
    But after all, Daniel is such a hottie and he gives Bond a realistic, normal-hero feel :)
    I really like new Bond Era with Daniel.
    Skyfall will be huge!
    Love to hear that he will play Bond two more times in the future… I’m like “YES!”