‘Thor 2′ Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern ‘Wonder Woman’

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Thor Jaimie Alexander Wonder Woman Thor 2 Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern Wonder Woman

Here’s an undeniable fact: in today’s climate, making Wonder Woman a live-action property is a tall order. Well, making it happen is possible – but doing it without accusations of sexism, misogyny, or simply ignorance seems nearly impossible. But just because the task is a difficult one, that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile to attempt, with possible rewards for female audiences both old and young.

Women with actual superpowers are sparse even in Marvel’s stable of films, but Thor: The Dark World‘s warrior goddess Lady Sif – played by Jaimie Alexander – doesn’t think Wonder Woman is impossible to adapt to the screen. She has her own thoughts on what a modern Diana could bring, even if the versions of the character most recently seen are, in her words, “embarrassing.”

David E. Kelley has since defended his cancelled Wonder Woman TV pilot as a flawed effort, laying much of the blame on his own inexperience with the comic book genre. Of course, that failed attempt doesn’t seem to have damaged Warner Bros. or DC Comics’ plans for Diana, Princess of the Amazons. With a CW TV series already being cast, and Wonder Woman all but guaranteed to make an appearance in Justice League (2015), female comic book fans have likely never been more excited – or nervous.

When it comes to casting Diana for that big screen incarnation, Jaimie Alexander may have a few supporters already, as one of the few current actresses with experience playing an immortal goddess. But with Lady Sif becoming even more important in Thor: The Dark World, that camp may soon grow exponentially.

wonder woman movie writer Thor 2 Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern Wonder Woman

Alexander, a self-professed comic book fan, explained to MTV that while time has dashed her hopes of playing either X-23 or Jubilee in Marvel’s X-Men universe, she’s up for more comic book roles. When asked if she was still interested in portraying Wonder Woman, Alexander explained that previous attempts have dampened her interest:

“I used to be, and then I’ve seen how many failed attempts they’ve tried at remaking it. It’s embarrassing for me as a woman, to see what they did with that TV show. Had nothing to do with that amazing actress Adrienne Palicki. Absolutely not, she’s fantastic.”

Her position is not a difficult one to understand, since most people who ever saw David E. Kelley’s pilot were embarrassed themselves. There’s no need to kick a TV pilot when its down and out, but we’ll just say this: making a live-action Wonder Woman without being insensitive or chauvinistic demands that the creative minds tread lightly. Kelley and company didn’t.

wonder woman costumes palicki carter Thor 2 Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern Wonder Woman

For Alexander, the problems and criticism heaped on the TV pilot (and in many ways, somewhat applicable to the original Lynda Carter version) stretch far beyond DC’s leading lady. In her opinion, the success of a Wonder Woman film shouldn’t rest on how revealing her costume is, but how compelling a character she is presented as. In her impassioned response, Alexander even named some other major properties that inspiration could be drawn from:

“You know, let’s talk about this for a second: you’ve got very few female superheroes that are dominating films these days, unless they’re in a skintight outfit and their boobs are pushed up to their chin. And it’s not OK. It’s not. There needs to be a positive role model.

“If you’re going to make Wonder Woman, make it like The Bourne Supremacy. You know, let’s do something awesome like that. Alias was a fantastic show. Why can’t we do that? Why does she have to be in hot pants and spandex and all this stuff? And yeah, I get it, it’s visually stunning for…half of people. But at least make her grow a pair. All she does is eat ice cream while she’s crying over a boy. I know it never aired but that’s what the script said.”

To be fair, Kelley’s pilot wasn’t the only time studios have had problems adapting Diana to a modern setting. Even Joss Whedon’s planned Wonder Woman movie failed before lift-off, and while DC may have a stand-alone Wonder Woman film in the works, those plans have been put on hold until post-Justice League. But Alexander’s points hit the nail on the head.

As an unknown person of interest with a US government-issued liaison (Colonel Steve Trevor), the opportunity to explore the more clandestine aspects of the character (a la Alias) is there. While that’s partially the direction taken with DC’s New 52 “Justice League” comic series, things are much different in the current “Wonder Woman” line. Greek gods and goddesses abound, with Diana’s origins re-written as (SPOILERS) the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta.

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman Thor 2 Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern Wonder Woman

Whichever path DC and WB should choose to go down – either with the Amazon TV series or Justice League movie – we side with Alexander in our belief that what fans (and female fans in particular) want more than anything is simply a strong character, free from stereotypes or eye candy exploitation. Alexander may not be as interested in playing Diana as she once was, but her passion for what the character should represent may earn her a bit more attention from Warner Bros. after all, assuming they share her frustration.

What do you think of a Bourne or Alias vibe for a possible Wonder Woman project? Should they update the story, or use what worked best about the classical mythological source material? More importantly, should Alexander reconsider the role if pursued? Sound off in the comments.

Fans will have the chance to see Jaimie Alexander’s combat prowess when Thor: The Dark World releases on November 8, 2013


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Source: MTV

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  1. wow sounds like someone really wants the role

  2. I love to read the words of actors when they are fond of the source material. She may be off the map for a WW movie but her input seems pretty sharp to me.

    Hope Marvel let some of their women shine too, it’s time for Wasp, Ms. Marvel an maybe Wanda Maximoff to come over, I’ve many girl-friends that really enjoy superhero movies but lack characters to click with.

    • Wasp is appearing in Iron Man 3 and will have a larger role in avengers 2

      • As far as I know, her appearence in Iron Man 3 is still just a rumor

  3. Wonder Woman works best in stories steeped in Greek Mythology. In my opinion, the George Perez run in the late ’80′s and Brian Azzarello’s run in the New 52 are by far the Star Trek Enterprise season 1 is coming out on Blu-ray March 26th.

    Sent from my iPhonebest depictions of the character because the both embrace her Greek mythological origins. Although I disagree with Jaime Alexander’s vision for Wonder Woman, I would totally welcome her as the new live action Wonder Woman.

    • I think I agree with about half of Dave’s post, couldn’t understand the other half :) Greek mythology and DC/WB should do their best to get Jaimie on board.

    • Well said Dave…. You’re right. They need to connect her to her Greek mythological origins.

      • Yes and no. Tread lightly. We do NOT want a female Perseus. There are other ways to do that and keep it modern, but no with a Clash of the Titans remake…

        • Lol agreed. I think the balance struck with Azzarello’s run should be a strong influence. Maybe not a carbon copy, but gods and goddesses in the real world is something that would help Diana’s films stand apart.

    • I’m down with Enterprise on Blu-Ray and a good depiction of Wonder Woman on screen…

    • ” Brian Azzarello’s run in the New 52 are by far the Star Trek Enterprise season 1 is coming out on Blu-ray March 26th.

      Sent from my iPhonebest depictions of the character because the both embrace her Greek mythological origins.”

      Thanks for demonstrating another reason for never getting an iPhone. :D

  4. Wonder Woman can work as a property that is not ridiculous and/or embarrasing, but it will require just the right approach. I know that not everyone liked it, but the “new” comics WW costume with the jacket and the long pants seems like a great way to go aesthetically. Much more practical than the old one, while still being cool. And yes, sexy, but in a less demeaning, exhibitionist way.

    • That’s over already. There was enough opposition to the new costume that with the new 52, they went back to the more traditional look. I hated that pants look. A Xena battle outfit in the WW color scheme would be kinda cool. Sort of like the “New Frontier” look.

      • I kind of like the pants idea (that’s sad that we set the bar there) but then, skintight clothes aren’t really that much different – for men or women. In all honesty, I think it’s how the character is presented and written, not just how they look.

        • ^^This

        • There is a difference with skin tight clothes for men and women because the shape/contour of what’s poking out up top is shown in women’s outfits, but not shown down below for men (not that I’d want that).

          I’m glad to see Jaimie Alexander speaking out about this, since women have taken the eye candy role for far too long in sci-fi/comic book movies.

      • Yeah, I was afraid of that. I love the look, but I could buy a Xena-like costume. I just cringe at the thought of Lynda Carter’s costume. Cute and sentimentally lovable, but utterly ridiculous in the context of a modern film. Her depiction in New Frontier was good.

  5. It is sad when you look at a superhero team (like the JL) and you see heaps of men in full body suits and a few women wearing undies and a tube top. When people try to make those kinds of costumes in a live action format, they are shown up to be ridiculous.

    I look forward to seeing more from Sif in The Dark World.

    • They are most likely going with a Xena Armor look

    • Female Gymnasts and athletes pretty much wear similar costumes. Well, at least they have their legs out.

  6. I wouldn’t mind Alexander as WW. But let’s be careful and not go to a 60′s Wonder Woman. That’s what lead to the Cathy Lee Crosby fiasco. And say what you want about feminism and whatever, but WW costume is as iconic as Superman’s and Batman’s. What’s batsy without the cowl with the ‘ears’? They already took away Supes short shorts, but you can’t mess with the cape.
    And besided, this ‘clandestine’ scenario was already explored in WW season 3. That’s why I contend that WW works better as a series. A real WW series. I don’t want to wait 10 years before I see someone in a costume.

    • Fingers crossed for ‘Amazon.’

  7. I love Jamie Alexander as Lady Sif she is a good actress and she is 100% right about heroines in movies, they need to be characters there for the movie not characters there for sex appeal. I actually hope she doesn’t play Wonder Woman just because i honestly don’t care for the character that much.

  8. Hell I say cast here.

  9. If you want a Bourne-type movie, the best DC heroines to choose would be, say, Black Canary, Manhunter, someone like that. Someone a bit more grounded than Diana.

  10. I think she’d make an awesome Wonder Woman :)

  11. Wonder woman is easy, just do female thor
    just change
    asgardians to amazonians
    norse mytholgy to greek/roman
    Jane to Steve

    Shell be tough and proud and be amused with our culture/society just as thor was and make commentary.

    • Good idea… add in the Angela Bassett character from Green Lantern and you can do a little of the bourne identify chase type stuff instead of Shield.

    • Get rid of steve he’s anoying.

      • Well someone will be needed to link/bring her to the U.S. and no character if done right is annoying.

  12. I believe Jaimie Alexander was born to play Wonder Woman. Perfect casting here.

  13. Remember Xena Warrior Princess? That was Wonder Woman. Sexy but strong and tough.

    I don’t want politically correct woman’s lib Wonder Woman nor do I want James Bond, Alias Wonder Woman. She’s a warrior goddess.

  14. You would think it wouldn’t be so difficult to create a strong woman character these days. It shouldn’t be rocket science.

    • Exactly. Just ask Joss for some phone numbers of people to hire. It breaks my heart that he is one of the only people I can automatically think of for writing strong, inoffensive women.

      • and his take was shelved by WB… They have to re-thinking that.

      • Terry Moore. Dan O’Bannon. Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez. Nicholas Winding Refn (his proposal was superior to Whedon’s).

  15. They need to do Wonder Woman starting in the Greek/Roman times. Similar to the DC animated movie did with her. Her origins are deeply rooted in Greek/Roman mythology. Why not start her story in 1000 BC?… then find some way to bring her to modern day. Heck, if Captain America can sleep for 70 years on ice, why can’t Wonder Woman do something similar….

  16. Wonder Woman is a Greek goddess. Giving her the big screen treatment isn’t that difficult at all. Have her be the daughter of an army of Amazonians who is sent to “Man’s World” to basically survey it. Diana thinks she is going to possibly become an ambassador for her people to humankind, but unbeknownst to her she’s just a pawn for one of her Amazonian sisters and the god of war, Ares, who are plotting to conquer Man’s world and set up their own kingdom to rival Olympus itself.

    There. WB, f****** pay me. I’ll write the goddamned thing.

    • I’d watch that.

    • +1

    • -1. Diana the insurgent? Eh… no. What about post-apocalyptic Wonder woman? She could arrive in man’s world after Hitler blew up several parts of the world and work to rebuild it. Diana Conner chronicles. :)

  17. I would want to see a Wonder Woman movie, the real question is if enough people would watch it to make a profit for the company’s involved.

    Shame, because I agree with her about there being no positive female role models in the world of superheros these days. Love to see her play Wonder Woman because she is lovely, good actress and is passionate about the character.

  18. They have already made a great Wonder Woman movie. They just need to remake the Wonder Woman animated movie, scene for scene.

    • Buffy the Greek Slayer….

    • They should have done exactly that with the Green Lantern film.

  19. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this woman NEEDS to be Wonder Woman. Although she seems pissed off and turned off by WW in the media, she does seem extremely passionate and has great ideas. So if a writer comes along sharing her ideas, (looking at you, Will Beall, better not screw it up), maybe she’ll realize that it’s exactly like she wants WW (a bourne-esque badass woman).

    Also, as a guy, I regretfully give her a standing ovation for her impassioned words. She’s definitely right. She should be a badass fighter, not a sex symbol.

    • @ezra: Bullseye.

    • Diana needs to be a little bit of Leonidas and a little bit of Achilles, but always be a women and somewhat attractive. Not saying booty shots and a corset, but more like a Greek warrior of old. She is a great character and should be treated with care and respect.

  20. WB messed up by not SERIOUSLY concentrating on WW. The BIG 3 are Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman. It’s equivalent to Marvel’s Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. Why would WB try and make a Green Lantern movie, Flash, or even Aquaman movie BEFORE doing their best to bring the most iconic female heroine come to life on screen. WonderWoman is “THE” most iconic female superheroine of all time in ALL comic book lore. Her not having a movie after Superman and Batman is quite ridiculous. Just give her movie a very “EPIC”(Immortals/300/LOTR)feel and DON’T bring her to modern Earth until Justice League.

  21. Cathrine Zeta Jones would have been a great Wonderwoman 10 years ago if she worked out and had curves, now she’d probably be a great Hypolytta.

  22. The thing to do would be to tweak the costume and make it believable for a movie audience, and burn ten seconds of screen time giving a nod/tribute to the time honored comic book outfit. Back it up with a great story and there you are.

  23. She pretty much just described Haywire…Gina Carano is still the best pick for wonder woman, but Jamie Alexander is a very close second I would not be disappointed at all in seeing. The exact suit is not necessary, but she should be beautiful, brunette, independent, powerful and intelligent (not necessarily in that order). But, it is certainly a good concept to build off of, as I had thought when I saw Haywire (Gina made me excited for the possibility of a Wonder Woman movie).

    • I appreciated Haywire, but still do not think Carano is anywhere near as skilled an actress as Wonder Woman would need to be to pull audiences in or silence skeptics. That’s honestly just my opinion though.

      • I’d like to see GC as WW also! i thought her acting was pretty good for a 1st timer, and can only get better with more experience.

    • Didn’t see Haywire. Is Carano any good? I know she looks the part and she can kick ass, but can she act? I mean, she’s an MMA fighter, not an actress.

      • She did good in Haywire and her acting was not bad in the context. But she is not a name at al, but she did have a more of a Greek, dusky look than the white girls that are considered so far. With the right director and acting coach, she would not be bad.

      • imo, she was good. couple of scenes she seemed kinda wooden, but that could have been the 1st ones they shot and she was warming up to it. i think she will get better. she has the look and screen presence, i think. damn hot too. yes i’m a pig.

        • LOL. Pigs are welcome, Wonder Women needs men that are attracted to the character. But we need more that just Sucker Punch T and A attraction to make a good story and spectacle. Make her an Achilles type warrior that fights like a “god” but also have the Thor fish outta water stuff to make it a litte comedic and yet deliver a little commentary on 21st America. She is a warrior class thrust into the 21st century American culture. There has to be some commentary and culture shock/humor there.

  24. Lynn Collins from Wolverine and John Carter would be a good Wonder Woman too. Maybe even Evangeline Lilly.

    • I can’t see Evangeline Lilly. Too short. After Real Steel, it was obvious she’d never wear the tights.

    • That costume looks awesome. Cobie Smulders for Wonder Woman?

      • Cobie is pretty, but she seems a little fragile and light. Lynn Collins could wield a sword in John Carter.

  25. I think Jaimie Alexander would be a good match for the role. In Thor, she doesnt wear a revealing or skin tight suit but is still a sexy goddess and makes you love her. She also has proven that she can do super hero type scenes with the frost giants and destroyer.

  26. personally i thought the outfit in the 1st pic was the better one, if it had like a jacket or something would be better. i think the pic looks silly because she’s in mid-run and it was a bad freeze-frame. i’d like to see the pilot myself. oh well

    • I thought that too. Then I watched it. I’ll never get those minutes back.

  27. If you’re going to make a Wonder Woman movie, make a compelling origin story. The 2009 animated DC movie has been the best definitive example of her origin so far. Hope the producers of the feauture film do their research as much as they did for this film. Many people only know Wonder Woman from the TV show. Exploring the realm of Themyscira gives a chance to show who she really is as a character and give a grand definitive introduction of the world she’s from. She’s a powerful warrior, and a beautiful woman, and this presents a great opportunity for a well rounded character. I think Jaimie should go for it as long as the script is good. In my opinion, Thor and Wonder Woman have a lot in common. The both come from mythological realms, and come to earth and have to learn their surroundings, cope, build relationships, and become heroes. The other thing that is an inherent problem with Wonder Woman is finding a dynamic and believable adversary. The comic books were hit and miss here. Ares- maybe, Cheetah- hope not. Hoping to see an awesome Wonder Woman movie soon.

    • Yeah, I loved that animated movie. However, where is Themyscira? How much action can happen over the Agean sea? The South Pacific idea is good but not realistic, of course so is Arthur Curry’s Atlanis. Its a tough sell. But I love the character and hope they do it justice.