‘Thor 2′ Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern ‘Wonder Woman’

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Thor Jaimie Alexander Wonder Woman Thor 2 Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern Wonder Woman

Here’s an undeniable fact: in today’s climate, making Wonder Woman a live-action property is a tall order. Well, making it happen is possible – but doing it without accusations of sexism, misogyny, or simply ignorance seems nearly impossible. But just because the task is a difficult one, that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile to attempt, with possible rewards for female audiences both old and young.

Women with actual superpowers are sparse even in Marvel’s stable of films, but Thor: The Dark World‘s warrior goddess Lady Sif – played by Jaimie Alexander – doesn’t think Wonder Woman is impossible to adapt to the screen. She has her own thoughts on what a modern Diana could bring, even if the versions of the character most recently seen are, in her words, “embarrassing.”

David E. Kelley has since defended his cancelled Wonder Woman TV pilot as a flawed effort, laying much of the blame on his own inexperience with the comic book genre. Of course, that failed attempt doesn’t seem to have damaged Warner Bros. or DC Comics’ plans for Diana, Princess of the Amazons. With a CW TV series already being cast, and Wonder Woman all but guaranteed to make an appearance in Justice League (2015), female comic book fans have likely never been more excited – or nervous.

When it comes to casting Diana for that big screen incarnation, Jaimie Alexander may have a few supporters already, as one of the few current actresses with experience playing an immortal goddess. But with Lady Sif becoming even more important in Thor: The Dark World, that camp may soon grow exponentially.

wonder woman movie writer Thor 2 Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern Wonder Woman

Alexander, a self-professed comic book fan, explained to MTV that while time has dashed her hopes of playing either X-23 or Jubilee in Marvel’s X-Men universe, she’s up for more comic book roles. When asked if she was still interested in portraying Wonder Woman, Alexander explained that previous attempts have dampened her interest:

“I used to be, and then I’ve seen how many failed attempts they’ve tried at remaking it. It’s embarrassing for me as a woman, to see what they did with that TV show. Had nothing to do with that amazing actress Adrienne Palicki. Absolutely not, she’s fantastic.”

Her position is not a difficult one to understand, since most people who ever saw David E. Kelley’s pilot were embarrassed themselves. There’s no need to kick a TV pilot when its down and out, but we’ll just say this: making a live-action Wonder Woman without being insensitive or chauvinistic demands that the creative minds tread lightly. Kelley and company didn’t.

wonder woman costumes palicki carter Thor 2 Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern Wonder Woman

For Alexander, the problems and criticism heaped on the TV pilot (and in many ways, somewhat applicable to the original Lynda Carter version) stretch far beyond DC’s leading lady. In her opinion, the success of a Wonder Woman film shouldn’t rest on how revealing her costume is, but how compelling a character she is presented as. In her impassioned response, Alexander even named some other major properties that inspiration could be drawn from:

“You know, let’s talk about this for a second: you’ve got very few female superheroes that are dominating films these days, unless they’re in a skintight outfit and their boobs are pushed up to their chin. And it’s not OK. It’s not. There needs to be a positive role model.

“If you’re going to make Wonder Woman, make it like The Bourne Supremacy. You know, let’s do something awesome like that. Alias was a fantastic show. Why can’t we do that? Why does she have to be in hot pants and spandex and all this stuff? And yeah, I get it, it’s visually stunning for…half of people. But at least make her grow a pair. All she does is eat ice cream while she’s crying over a boy. I know it never aired but that’s what the script said.”

To be fair, Kelley’s pilot wasn’t the only time studios have had problems adapting Diana to a modern setting. Even Joss Whedon’s planned Wonder Woman movie failed before lift-off, and while DC may have a stand-alone Wonder Woman film in the works, those plans have been put on hold until post-Justice League. But Alexander’s points hit the nail on the head.

As an unknown person of interest with a US government-issued liaison (Colonel Steve Trevor), the opportunity to explore the more clandestine aspects of the character (a la Alias) is there. While that’s partially the direction taken with DC’s New 52 “Justice League” comic series, things are much different in the current “Wonder Woman” line. Greek gods and goddesses abound, with Diana’s origins re-written as (SPOILERS) the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta.

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman Thor 2 Star Jaimie Alexander On Her Hopes For A Modern Wonder Woman

Whichever path DC and WB should choose to go down – either with the Amazon TV series or Justice League movie – we side with Alexander in our belief that what fans (and female fans in particular) want more than anything is simply a strong character, free from stereotypes or eye candy exploitation. Alexander may not be as interested in playing Diana as she once was, but her passion for what the character should represent may earn her a bit more attention from Warner Bros. after all, assuming they share her frustration.

What do you think of a Bourne or Alias vibe for a possible Wonder Woman project? Should they update the story, or use what worked best about the classical mythological source material? More importantly, should Alexander reconsider the role if pursued? Sound off in the comments.

Fans will have the chance to see Jaimie Alexander’s combat prowess when Thor: The Dark World releases on November 8, 2013

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  1. Take inspiration from Xena, greek mythology and 2009 animated Wonder Woman and you got a great modern Wonder Woman movie. It’s important to remember Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Warrior not a superheroine.

    • @ignur rant well she does start off as a warrior then becomes a superhero

    • Seriously, always thought the same as you. Xena was perfectly acceptable costume wise, her typical suit, showed some skin but nothing overtly exploitative. I rememebr watching that block for tv pgramming (hercules/zena) and just thought she was everybit as much if not more a badass as the guys.

    • With all due respect…. you’ve completely missed the whole point of what that article just said in regards of the Wonder Woman problem. I don’t think you read the classic WW comics based on the comment you’ve posted. I highly recommend you to do your research because it’s important to get these facts straight before making a misunderstanding.

  2. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Looks like Henry Cavill and Gina Carano are dating.

    So, are we looking at Superman and possibly a future Wonder Woman in a movie? 😉

    • i thought gina was a lez?
      well not only is the dude my hero for being superman .. but no he is also nailing gina carano .. all bow to cavills greatness ..

      • I wouldn’t know.

        Just do a Google/Bing search on the topic, and you’ll find out more.

  3. Damn, Jamie Alexander would make a great Wonder Woman.
    I hope DC/WB gets the character right for ‘Justice League’.

  4. No stupid invisible jet. Pls and thank you.

    • Agreed. No invisible plane. I want to see Diana soar through the skies with the gift of flight blessed by Lord Hermes himself.

  5. I’m all for a Wonder Woman blockbuster film – but I don’t think they should totally change her look. That would make her un-recognizalbe. And while Jamie Alaxendar may have been a good actress to fit the role – she’s already in a super-hero film. So she shouldn’t cross over.

  6. I think Jaime Alexander nailed it on the head. WW with pants? Might aswell cover her arms too where theres only clevage showing. J/K, the chance WB!. Have WW’s costume be like Lynda Carter’s bare legs costume.

    I always thought Jaime Alexander would be one of best actresses for the role of WW btw. I hope she would reconsider. But who knows what other female comic book heroine she’d be great as whether a Marvel or DC character.

  7. i always thought they should do wonder woman in a 300/gladiator style .. not so much focused in a real world setting ..

    • Yeah I agree. something much more realistic to a character who has trained as a warrior her whole life. It should definitely be something like what sif has in Thor.

  8. How about Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Wonder Woman?

    • – 1

    • She’s got the look…..

    • that’s pretty classy….

    • 2 years later, but its crazy how accurate this was. (Sans the sandals)

  9. I think Alexandra Daddario would make an excellent younger version of Wonder Woman, as she should be younger if she is just being introduced to the world beyond her amazonian country.

    • I agree that Alexandra Daddario shall play the Amazing Amazon like she did played AnnaBeth Chase from PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF. Jamie Alexander is ok I dont see the difference.

      Here is the Supporting Fictional Character “Casting-Call”:

      Cate Blanchett as Queen Hippolyte
      Paul Walker as Steve Trevor
      Naomi Watts as Etta Candy
      Kate Winslet as Antiope
      Gabrielle Union as Phillipus
      Hugh Laurie as Ares
      Meryl Streep as Julia Kapaetelis
      Amanda Seyfried as Vanessa Sandsmark

      • You offer a wonderful suggestion for the cast (Though Laurie would have to bulk up significantly to be the God of War), though I saw a re-trained Linda Carter as Hyppolyta.

        Therer are a few questions any writer for this movie will have to face:

        1]Which version of WW are they going with. This will not only affect her portrayal, but the powers she is given. Is she the only Amazon like herself, and thus Extra Strong because she may be Demi-God, or simply the strongest amongst a race of near-perfect warrior women who live on the enchanted island and are thus immortal?

        Will she be able to fly, or use the invisible jet?

        If so, how is the technology of the jet to be explained if they’ve had no contact with Mans world?

        Will she be called to action due to the sudden emergence of other heroes (set up for the JL movie), or is it purely through a chance meeting of Steve Trevor?

        Are she and Steve Romantically involved [as in the past] or is she more into Superman [current]?

        So first thigns first, they need to get the VERSION down.

        2]Do they focus on her back story— where they can delve into Xena-like mythology and do vast locations shoots— or go into her details of her Super Heroine debut—which means they have to set it up in the SAME world as Man of Steel, at least, if not the Dark Knight?

        if the later, HOW do you make this introduction with a viable threat that will require her powers in a beliveable way?

        Is this going to be present day, or the past [where the Nazi invasion offered a REASON for her to get involved in the battles]?

        3]How do you balance off the strong and the naive? Remember, the “prejudice” Diana will see will come from her being OUTSIDE the culture of Man’s world; she won;t see lesbianism as freakish, understand gender roles in this society, get that women are often lauded for the power of their beauty, femininity and virtue, where men gain power through status, or even understand the basics of boy/girl friendship interaction. As a Princess, she will already have a sense of entitlement, even if she is noble and compassionate—-so this “treatment” can be something she expects, to a degree.

        On the other hand, while keeping her strong, you don;t want to make her totally “bad ass” or “man hating”. This is where Carter did such a good job; her Diana was a savvy, but compassionate warriror and scholar, as well as a bit of a wide-eyed innocent that allowed her to be feminine and strong while not “threatening”. But that was good for THAT time; today;s audiences might want more “Edge” but you can;t do that without having some people worry you are going aginst the core of the character [hence the whole backlash of Superman killing Zod in MOS]

        4]How do you tell this “Fish out of water” story on one hand, and the awesome kick ass, warrior girl adventure on the other….and make it appealing to both men AND women? a few movies have tried this (successfully)…

        Blood Rayne….
        Tomb Raider….
        Resident Evil (1,2,4)
        Kill Bill

        and others have NOT been quite so successful…

        Ultra Violet, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life, Point of No Return, Long Kiss Goodnight, Barb Wire, Sucker Punch, DEBS, BloodRayne 2, Aeon Flux, Resident Evil 3&5, Day of the Woman, Supergirl… I’ll stop here.

        suffice it to say its hard to make a woman strong, sexually appealing, none threatening, AND likable in JUST a 2 hour stint [most of the mgood movies listed had a longer run or easy to follow backstory in other media]. diana has a LOT riding on her BECAUSE her back story is so deep, and because she’s been successful in other forms [Thank you, Linda]. But again, that was for a simpler time. Trying to fidn a balance between the Bad ass, the Babe and the Buddy Girl guys want to root for is not going to be an easy task.

        and again, we’re talking about a SUPERHERO movie; generally, this is NOT the easiest genre to make a GOOD script for.

  10. There should definitely be a Bourne/Alias vibe. I understand the value of being classic mythological, but it would fit much better now if it were updated. Whoever does it should avoid the Thor-style of it being space.
    And please no skin-tight suits that will make her more suitable for stripping than crime-fighting. I always figured they’d (they being whoever) would make a Wonder Woman TV show like Smallville.

  11. I personally think the two best kinds of WW costumes should be brought to film. Kinda like how Captain America had his WW2 costume & then his Modern Costume in The Avengers. Same should go for WW as having her modern costume in Justice League,then when her solo film comes out we see her Amazon costume.

  12. Someone is suffering from Thor-envy…Wonder Woman has always been a lump of clay given life by gods….now she is the daughter of Zeus? Oh DC…your characters really have to be better, stronger, faster, and more powerful than characters from other comic book publishers, huh?

  13. Well Jamie makes a good point, plus Percy Jackson 2 is coming out this year. so the Greek Mythology is not to far out from the mainstream?

  14. I wonder if Alexander is hoping that her character Sif could star in a movie one day. Lady Sif: Goddess of War?

  15. Really like the look she has in the picture for this promo. Also like the costume look she has…sort of has that Amazon warrior/Xena look to it. But definitely want to keep it the red, white and blue – and NO PANTS!!

    And WW was a superhero BEFORE a warrior!!