Hugh Jackman Speaks Out About Wolverine Reshoots

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wolverine edited Hugh Jackman Speaks Out About Wolverine Reshoots It was only yesterday that I wondered why Hugh Jackman was keeping so quiet about the production difficulties that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is facing. Jackman has finally broken his silence over the film stating that the reshoots taking place have been planned all along. He also passed along a new publicity still from the film.

In an email to Harry Knowles Jackman said:

Hey everyone -

It’s Hugh Jackman, sending this note from freezing Vancouver. I have read a lot of your online comments regarding the footage that we are currently shooting and I share your passion for the Wolverine character and the movie – I owe it all to you guys!

I wanted to reach out and let you know that due to scheduling conflicts with certain cast members and location/weather considerations, we had to wait until now to shoot a couple of scenes. Please rest assured that WOLVERINE will be badass and hopefully meet all of your expectations. I am stoked by the positive response to the teaser, which clearly reflects the tone and scope of the film. If you like that, we’ve got much more in store!

In the meantime, here’s an exclusive shot of some characters you may recognize…



wolverine2 Hugh Jackman Speaks Out About Wolverine Reshoots

Okay, so it looks like Jackman is towing the party line, but at least it’s something from the producer/ star. Now, it could be damage control or it could be true and it’s too difficult to know which way to swing considering that 20th Century Fox has a heck of a lot riding on this film. Not only does the studio have the $100 million budget, but also merchandise, sequels and spin-offs so they need this movie to be a hit. A big hit.

At least Hugh Jackman is being proactive and telling the internet fraternity what is going on. I’m sure everyone wants Wolverine to be good (even if it’s being made by Fox) and Jackman is a likeable chap who most people are rooting for. There’s a lot of negative buzz on this film but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, for now.

All will be revealed when X-Men Origins: Wolverine is released on 1st May, 2009

Source: AICN

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  1. FOX needs this to be a hit or they can forget anything else from the X-Verse in the future…

  2. I liked what I saw from the Wolverine teaser, far more so than the first Watchmen and Iron Man trailers.

  3. Cautiously optimistic,
    But I wont believe its good until I see it for myself.

  4. So far the story seems pretty consistent that these shots were scheduled. So I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully this movie will be good. I’m not a comic book reader, but for some reason I like comic book movies. Well, the ones that were done well at least, the Fantastic Four movies were ridiculously stupid, the first Hulk movie I call Brokeback Hulk, and the Tom Jane Puninsher was boring as heck… But I really liked Batman Begins, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and The Incredible Hulk. I’m on the fence about the X-Men movies so far. I thought the Rogue and Wolverine relationship in the first one was kind of a cute father/daughter type thing, but actually don’t remember too much from the 2nd one, think I should rent it and watch it again, I know I thought it was pretty good when I saw it…

  5. Hugh is a solid actor…& seems to be a stand up guy. Let’s hope this is better than the last “X” adventure… meaning “X-files”.

  6. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt on this. Jackmen seems like an all around nice guy and the only X-men movie I was dissapointed in was the third and even then I didn’t totally hate it. I am still on the fence of deciding on how well this will turn out but I guess I wont know till I see it.

  7. Regarding the still: Everyone but Jackman seems to be disgusted at the state of the floor they’re standing on.

  8. They must be at a movie theater, the floors are always sticky there…


  10. I understand those who didn’t like The Abyss after seeing the original theatrical cut. Without that ending part that was cut out (the wave), the story didn’t really make any sense.

    I saw the original theatrical cut on tv once and thought it was interesting, but the ending didn’t really make much sense. It didn’t make sense why they all of a sudden decided to intervene, save Bud, and then expose themselves to the world.

    But years later, I bought the special edition DVD set and saw the extended cut and it was one of those “Oooohhhh, it all makes sense now, this movie is pretty bad ass.” I really like the extended version of The Abyss but don’t really like the way the ending was cut in the theatrical version. But my favorite Cameron movie, well, my favorite movie *period* is Terminator 2.

  11. @Darren

    I think it’s more of a case that most people think that Fox is going to screw it up – not that people WANT a Wolverine movie to fail. I know that everyone here at Screen Rant would love for it to turn out to be awesome.

    And who knows? Maybe these “reshoots” will end up helping the film and in the end make it better. Is it a case of wrapping duct tape around a tailpipe on a clunker or is it instead them putting another coat of candy apple red clearcoat on a killer car?


  12. This film should turn out okay. However I still think that the producers are not giving enough respect to the plot line and origin of wolverine. I know that they are going for a PG rating because they want to attract more of an audience, but Marvel studiuos will respect the plot line more by making Wolverine a bloody film as Wolverine just-according to the comics, seems nothing of the PG material on his own. His bloddy past and his tortured mind can only possible be well reflected in a movie skiting on the border of PG and R ratings. I still have some hope for this movie to turn out okay, but not fantastic. Possibly turn up $600-$650 range for Fox’s case of needing this movie to be good. If this movie does well, then it is only because Hugh Jackman will carry this movie on his shoulders the way Robert Downey Jr. did for Iron Man.

  13. I’m hoping the weather conditions means we will see some forest snow fights. When I think of Wolverine and all the comics I read, I remember the snow fight scenes drawn by the Kubert brothers the most.

  14. I’m really hoping this movie turns out good. When I 1st saw they casted Hugh as Wolverine, I thought they casted wrong, I thought he was to calm for a wild beast like Wolverine. But after the X-Men movies he’s grown on me. I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since I saw it on IMDb like 2 years ago.

  15. i hope that they fix Gambit’s Eyes.

    PS:Wonder What there Look’in at ?

  16. @ War-Machine

    Spilt Milk?

    and I wrote about the lacking of colored eyes in my article about gambit a month ago

    I’m more concerned with his accent to be honest – If they screw that up like they did Colossus in the X films then I’m not seeing this movie.

  17. @Rob

    “If they screw that up like they did Colossus in the X films then I’m not seeing this movie.”

    Really? Because of an accent?
    Wow … tough crowd. I’d rather see no accent than a crappy one.

  18. I can’t believe Sabertooth is shorter than Wolverine in the movie… big big mistake…

  19. You guys shouldnt be worried about stupid things like accents, or eyes, or height. The things that matter are the acting and the storyline. If the acting is perfect it’ll cancel out all those little concerns. Its like all the idiots that want someone big and muscular with no brains to play Sabertooth, id rather have a talented actor give life to that role.

  20. I very much agree with you Oscar!

    Good acting is better then some big dude that cant so im not complaning with the casting decisions or how the people look.

  21. Is it wrong to want to see more of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool than any of the other charactors??

  22. if this movie was coming out after x-2 i think the buzz for this film would be better.

  23. @Metallicat79

    No, it’s not a bad thing. In fact, if Wolverine (the film) is a success, there is that chance that Deadpool (and Gambit as well) may appear in Wolverine II or a spinoff film of their own. It will also help forward the long talked about Magneto film.

    Note: despite the title, I (and many other folks) still call this thing X-Men 4.