Jackie Earle Haley Is The Next Freddy Krueger

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[UPDATE: This has been confirmed - Haley is definitely playing Krueger.]

The guys over at Latino Review broke the story a very early couple of months ago that Rorschach himself, Jackie Earle Haley, was in the running to play the new Freddy Krueger in the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street remake. However, at that point it was just that Platinum Dunes were looking at him as a possibility.

Fast forward a couple of months and it looks like Haley is, indeed, strongly in the running to play Freddy. In fact, he’s reportedly in absolute final talks to don the striped sweater, adorn the hat and slip his hand into the famous razor glove. If Haley gets the gig, he’ll be directed by Samuel Bayer (previously a music video director) who has already been chosen to helm this remake, and he’ll be shooting by the end of the month.

Haley has officially been cast as the classic horror icon. They need to step to it now that he’s been cast, as shooting is mere weeks away. Haley has been rumored for the role for a while and finally, he’s got it in the bag, and I have to say it’s a damn near perfect choice.

Haley has proven he is a fantastic actor, so there’s the acting chops box ticked. But can he be creepy enough to be Freddy Krueger? Well, in case you haven’t seen it and need evidence that he can do creepy-as-hell, check out 2006′s Little Children. In that he played a pedophile-type character, and although it’s not as black and white as that in the film, if you boil it down, he now technically has that type of character on his resume.

And let’s not forget his performance as the mysterious Rorschach in the recent Watchmen adaptation. He had that gruff, tough and intimidating (despite his relatively small stature) thing going on, which is exactly what you’d want in the guy who’s going to be Freddy Krueger.

And if nothing else, he has the look for the character. Although he’ll hardly be recognizable once the burn make-up is applied, just something about the shape of his face and the way his eyes look – he just gives off the appropriate Krueger vibes.

It looks like the recent teaser trailer that was created by Elm Street mega-fan Christopher Johnson in an attempt to get him in the running for the role, didn’t work. If you haven’t checked Johnson’s fan-made trailer I urge you to do say right away – Johnson played a pretty convincing Freddy! However, it looks like this news debunks any chance he had of getting the role.

So you have your probable Freddy Krueger – Mr Jackie Earle Haley.

BTW, if anything happens to Jackie, our very own Vic Holtreman (owner of Screen Rant) is available to step in to take over:

Separated at birth: Jackie Earle Haley and Vic Holtreman

So what do you think about Haley playing this iconic character? Is he a good pick?

A Nightmare on Elm Street is set for an April 16th, 2010 release.

Sources: BloodyDisgusting and Latino Review

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  1. i think Haley would be a great Krueger

  2. I hope he gets the role, simply for the serendipity of it.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard that Haley went to the auditions for the original NOES to see if he could get a part as one of the kids. But he brought his friend Johnny Depp along, and Depp got the part instead.

    So I think it’d be pretty cool for Haley to finally make it into NOES, and this time playing Freddy, no less.

  3. @ Josh

    If that story is true, that would be the most awesome story of irony I have ever heard. lol

    I do hope he gets the role though, I hadn’t known of any of his work until Watchmen and now am on the lookout for any movie he is involved in because his performance in the was so good.

  4. Haley or Johnson ? So hard to chose! NO! I want it all! freddy on fire or lean mean freddy? i cant chose!have Johnson do special effects? yes and Haley as Freddy!

  5. If someone has to be the new Kreuger, would rather see him do it.

    That would be one very cool story.

  6. @Josh,

    Wow, I hadn’t heard that about him but the other commenters are right – that would be a kick-ass full circle story for the movie ages! The more and more I think about this (possible) casting choice, the more I like it. As I said, damn near PERFECT.

  7. Stephen, I completely agree. I hadn’t really seen Haley in anything either until Watchmen… and did he ever blow me away. He nailed that part. A great actor, so I’d love to see him get more roles in really big films.

  8. Wouldn’t he have been a little bit too old to be considered a “kid” in the original movie? I always assumed he was at least about 14 or something when he was in Bad News Bears which came out in like ’77 or sometime around there.

    As for him being the new Freddy, I’m cool with that. If they’re not going to have Robert Englund play Freddy then this would be an awesome choice. With that news I may actually want to see this movie.

  9. JEH would probably make a good Freddy,but is this a movie that actually needs to be remade?

    Just another flick that’s perpetuating Hollywood’s unoriginality.

  10. @Longshanks,

    You’re telling me…..

  11. @ Longshanks

    Of course it doesn’t need to be remade, does anything ever need to be remade? No. But since the movie corporations make money off of these remakes they are going to go ahead and make them. That’s why they still come out with awful movies like Disaster Movie and Epic Movie, cause some morons(probably young teens) still go and spend their money on them and they somehow turn a profit.

  12. Actually I think someone who would be good would be Screen Rants’ very one Vic H. Vic and Jackie look alike lol. Vic could totally pull it off!

  13. @Mike

    LOL, you think so? Check out the post again – I’ve updated it with a comparison pic. And an update: Haley got the role so it’s confirmed.


  14. Sweet, I think he’ll do a good job. Does the movie have promising writer/director so that we should look forward to this or is it very “up in the air” as of now?

  15. Well it’s a “no” on the directing front. The guy’s name is Samuel Bayer but he’s only ever directed music videos (and I think a couple of shorts films). Everyone’s gotta’ start somewhere I suppose, but should it really be with the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street?

    And it’s not looking all that much better on the writing front either. One of the writers wrote Doom a couple of years ago (yeesh) and the other has only ever wrote one episode of the TV series Strange Adventures.

    Why don’t they get people more experienced to make sure that if they HAVE to do this remake, that it’s in experienced hands?

  16. Well it looks like we’ll be waiting for a trailer and some word of mouth from my intelligent friends to see if it’s worth watching. But yeah, that director/writer combo doesn’t sound too promising but hey, maybe they are good and just didn’t get much of a chance to show their talents before.

  17. holy crap! they are twins! Haley is perfect for the part

  18. I told ya you could pull it off Vic lol. I at least hope to see you in a cameo in the film that would be great!

  19. Great … now I’m scared of Vic …

    Anyway, if there’s ever a screen version of ScreenRant … there’s an A-List actor to portray our fellow webmaster.

    Anyway, I think Rorschach will be frickin great as Freddy. Even if the script sucks.

  20. Meh. Good, name actor can’t save any modern horror remake.

  21. I just don’t get why Robert Englund isn’t cast as Freddie.

  22. LMAO!!!! Vic, grow out some hair and dye it red please :) I wanna see if you can pull it off.

  23. Haley as Freddy? nice. Is it just me or has he been getting the freaky roles since he came back to Acting? He was………odd in Little Children.

    Off topic: My Aunt just recent moved to Elm St.

  24. Haley was sublime in Watchmen. Here’s to hoping its a decent restart to the series. And Vic, wow that’s almost frightening how similar you two look. You sure you’re not related?

  25. Cant comment on the man himself as i have successfully avoided the Watchmen movie after having fallen asleep while reading the books, but all these remakes are a terrible idea. Pardon the gross metaphor, but Hollywood is like a dog eating it’s own vomit, and then it wonders why people turn away in disgust.
    The irony of course, is that i will end up watching the remake just to see how it turns out.

  26. Why does this need to be remade ?

    I’m happy for Haley, but I’m not watching this. I’ve already seen it, all 6 versions. 7 ?