Jackie Chan IS Mr. Miyagi: Please, No…

Published 6 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 7:21 am,

jackie chan Jackie Chan IS Mr. Miyagi: Please, No...I realize there’s been this whole resurgence of 80s nostalgia going on lately (what with properties like Transformers and G.I. Joe becoming major film franchises and a possible resurrection of Ghostbusters to name a few!)

But the fact that The Karate Kid is getting remade makes me feel…old. *Gasp!*

Considering that Jaden Smith has been cast as the lead, it was only a matter of time before the filmmakers found an actor to fill the shoes of the late Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi.

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly have confirmed that Jackie Chan will play the new Miyagi to Smith’s Daniel-san (or whatever character he’ll be playing!)

Mind you, I have nothing against Chan personally.

I was always “Meh!” towards the Rush Hour films, and haven’t sat through too terribly many of his action films from Hong-Kong.

But, I digress, ladies and germs.

Does anyone really care about a Karate Kid remake?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I certainly don’t.

    I imagine this is geared towards 7 year olds though, kinda like the Mighty Ducks films from back in the day.

  2. Stop ruining my childhood!!!!

  3. There can only be one Mr. Miyagi. Pat Morita was Mr. Miyagi. The man, to my knowledge, only had this one iconic role. Everyone knew him from this role and this role alone. Let the role die with him, in dignity.

    “The Karate Kid” in itself isn’t so great a film that it’s beyond doing a remake, but since Miyagi’s name was never connected directly to the film’s title, it’s pointless and stupid not to just re-name the mentor character as someone else.

    I’m not opposed to seeing a re-make of this, but the way it’s shaping up so far, it’s less than promising, and I smell bland mediocrity in the air.

    If you’re gonna do a re-make, you gotta as high, or preferably higher than the original. I don’t sense that here.

    And, here’s a thought: What’s Ralph Macchio been up to since… forever? Why can’t he reprise his role as mentor this time around? I heard he’s actually turned professional at martial arts. He’s surely capable of handling the physical demands of the mentor role now.

    Dang, did I just out-smart a Hollywood screenwriter?

  4. What I meant was that this was Morita’s only real iconic role, not that he only was in one movie.

  5. Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi i’m totally fine with my problem is with the casting of Jaden Smith
    I mean wasn’t the original Karate Kid a 16 year old?

  6. I’ll just answer the question with possible follow up maybe tomorrow… “NO”

  7. I will DEFINITELY be skipping this one.

  8. Don’t worry, it seems like this will be another stinker remake. So Pat Morita will still be the real Mr. Miyagi.

    Although I HATED the kid that played Daniel… He was OK in the first one, but soooooo bitchy and whiney… but then it got worse and worse in the sequels. And you would have thought that he would stop being so whiney once he starts growing up and after he gets some self confidence because of his training. But he just stays sooo whiney and so stupid…

  9. can’t the just say that he is RELATED to Miyagi? A cousin?

    Jacki doesn’t look old and wise enough!

    than again, I will probably not see this, only have seen the original and none of the sequels so …

  10. Should this film now be called ‘The Kung Fu Kid’ then?!

    Chan is not Japanese.

  11. Back when the original came out is was great. But to be honest, I can’t watch them anymore they seem like an ABC after school movie now (that’s dating myself.:))and I don’t know how a remake would change that impression.

  12. How the hell did I not see this coming?!

    Gah! Another nail in the coffin.

    I don’t really like the idea of remaking good films anyway, but once Morita died, the franchise should have died with him.

  13. “What’s Ralph Macchio been up to since… forever? Why can’t he reprise his role as mentor this time around?”

    Maybe because he’s more smarter than he’s given credit for. I’d even accept Thomas Ian Griffith (evil instructor part 3) to return having learned his errors. Maybe he’s smart too. Personally, I like Hilary Swank to reprise her role. Well, only now she’s this super hot karate instructor…’cause women in gi’s are extra hot. Why didn’t they try to ask her…oh, that’s right. She’s also very smart.

    Seriously though, if they ***really** were serious about recasting Mr. Myagi. forget Jackie Chan. Nothing against Chan -and I have liked some of his films, Rumble In The Bronx, Supercop, the Shanghai Knights films, and the recent Forbidden Kingdom. But… wasn’t Sammo Hung not returning phone calls? Heck, not a postcard to Sonna Chiba either?

    What’s that? Smart? Oh, right.

    There were some things about the first film I liked. But I’m sorry, folks. Karate Kid Part II was the better film. The remake of the first is for the younger set, and while it will be a thorn in the side, that’s the target audience. I should not say this is a bad idea and that it will be harmless.

    But I’m smarter than that.

  14. Sometimes remakes are not for the origial fans. Its made for a new generation of kids/teens – that would not be bothered to watch some 20 year old Karate kid movie cause their dad says it it cool. The new karate kid movie will be for kids of today, and they will likely love it.

    I dont care about the Karate kid remake, but its a good story for kids to watch, and sicne the dont want to watch old movies. Make them a new one, why not..

  15. Why a remake though? It’s a cliche story, some kid, gets bullied, then some old wise man comes along and teaches him how to defend himself and the wisdom of some form of martial arts training and suddenly everything’s gravy. Loads of movies have done this and not been called a Karate Kid Remake. If they wanted to make a similar movie for kids, there’s no law saying it has to be a remake.

  16. “The world will look up and shout ‘Stop remaking movies from the 80s!’ And I’ll whisper ‘No.’”

  17. Agree with Joshi, why are remake when it is a basic story? Didn’t Never Back Down take this exact same concept?
    This is a weird one, why even name it as ‘The Karate Kid’?
    Obviously this movie is targetted to kids, kids that were not even born when the first movie came out! The name value only applies to us, our age group. I doubt even those that still like the first one, myself included (its 80s factor) would even want to see this movie and people involved in it. So, again back to what Joshi said, why even call it the ‘karate kid’ in the first place?
    Didn’t someone do any market research on this? Like, does anyone under the age of 11-teen know that there was a ‘Karate Kid’ in the 80s? Does anyone know what ‘Wax On, Wax Off’ means? Do any of you kids know that there was a decade called the 80s?

  18. @Joshi/SK47

    Why a remake? To cash in on the name recognition of the original, that’s why.


  19. @Vic,

    Yes, name recognition but who does that apply to? Us, right? Not to the kids that this movie is made for!
    Unless their parents made them watch this movie but do you honestly think any adults who were fans of the flick, after watching the first trailer for this remake would sit there and think ‘Well, I loved the first movie, I’m going to watch this one’?

  20. Then again, what kind of remake is this? Is it one of those remakes where they just do the exact same thing like in the Psycho remake? Or, they take some plot points from the first movie, plus the name, and add their own spin on it? If it is the latter, why not just continue the franchise? Similar to Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift? You have the name, just use different characters and a new story while keeping the basic idea, a whole new film under the franchise.

  21. @Vic.

    Well, yeah, on the money side of things, of course that’s why crappy sequels and remakes are made. But purely on the artistic or ethical side, is what I’m discussing here. I will relish the day an big movie studio comes out and says “We’re remaking The Godfather because we want money.”

  22. Well, its offical. This is no longer a remake, it Karate kid 5. prove me wrong on this

  23. @G.K.

    Doesn’t work like that. Prove yourself right.

  24. As long as we don’t see the return of this dialogue from the Rush Hour movies:



    I never saw Rush Hour 3, so afraid was I of hearing “DO-YOU-UNDERSTAND-THE-WORDS-THAT-ARE-COMING-OUT-OF-MY-MOUTH??” again…

  25. I think ill stick with my classic movies. This is really inteded for the younger audience but Im still really against the remake, especially who they picked for the cast. I have nothing against Jackie Chan or even Jaden Smith but just the idea of a remake of this movie is horrifying to me :(

  26. Wow Balasco, I can’t believe I overlooked that, how stupid of me, and I’m actually into that whole thing. Yah, Mr. Miyagi was teaching Daniel Karate (duh) which is Okinawan (Japanese took over Okinawa AFTER they already knew Karate, and Japan adopted it and pretended like they came up with it). Mr. Miyagi actually have stated this. Jackie Chan is CHINESE. They originally taught the Okinawans martial arts that was called Karate, but the Chinese don’t call it that, since that’s not a Chinese word…

    Wow, how stupid Hollywood is, hire a Chinese guy as the teacher of an Okinawan martial arts… Niiiice…

  27. The casting is just insane. I love the Karate Kid. Its way to early to dedo it!


  28. They really should stay away from recasting Mr Miagi, and Jackie Chan Should know better, he should Karate chop his agent for this one.