Jackie Chan is Onboard for ‘Expendables 3′; Updates ‘Rush Hour 4′

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jackie chan expendables 3 Jackie Chan is Onboard for Expendables 3; Updates Rush Hour 4

Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables sold more U.S. tickets than director Simon West’s sequel, but the latter outgrossed its predecessor worldwide (taking in $300 million) and earned stronger reviews. Hence, Expendables 3 is coming; not to mention, a women-on-a-mission flick that unites hot-shot female action stars – like Expendables brings together crusty machismo men, looking for another shot at screen glory – and a direct (comedic?) feminine spinoff titled ExpendaBelles.

Jackie Chan was approached to appear in Expendables 2, but was too busy at the time (as he admitted back at Comic-Con 2012). However, it appears the Hong Kong martial arts sensation/actor/filmmaker has found some room in his schedule – not just for Expendables 3, but possibly also Rush Hour 4 (more on that in a moment).

Here is what Chan said at a press conference for his next film, Chinese Zodiac:

“Sly had invited me to be in ‘Expendables 2′ but I was too busy filming ‘CZ12′ and couldn’t make a commitment to the film. But he did extend his invitation to the third movie, which I agreed on the condition that I will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes.”

The Expendables 3 script (which Stallone undoubtedly has a hand in writing) is currently being revised so that Chan will appear in a capacity similar to his buddy action/comedy franchise installments (Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, etc.). It sounds as though the original plan might’ve seen Chan to make a winking cameo, similar to Chuck Norris in Expendables 2; fortunately, Chan appears to be interested in something more substantial and (hopefully) satisfying than that.

rush hour 4 developing Jackie Chan is Onboard for Expendables 3; Updates Rush Hour 4

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in ‘Rush Hour 3′

Meanwhile, Chan is prepping for another Hollywood project tentatively titled Skip Tracer. It’s the latest script to pair the 58-year old entertainer with “a counterpart from the West”; moreover, Chan feels there’s a chance it could end up morphing into the fourth Rush Hour installment (though, he’s not over-enthused about that prospect):

“The script is currently viewed by Chris Tucker. Personally, I feel that if he were to pick it up, it would be better if we turned it into “Rush Hour 4″ but I do think that three movies for the franchise is a perfect ending. It would be better to start a new buddy movie with someone new.”

Last we heard, producer Arthur Sarkissian was putting together a Rush Hour 4 that would reinvent the franchise from a genre perspective (much like Fast Five did for Fast and the Furious). However, judging by Chan’s latest comments, it seems as though he’s committed to the Skip Tracer script – and would only be inclined to tackle a fourth Rush Hour, should it incorporate elements from that screenplay (namely, those which Chan approves).

Screen Rant will keep you up-to-date on both The Expendables 3 and Rush Hour 4 as more information is released.


Source: Yahoo! Entertainment (Singapore)

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  1. What purpose will Jet Li serve in the 3rd if Sly and co are roping in Chan?? I mean it’s all so absurd…

    • well… im sure the expendables will have to fight somebody. if chan is the bad guy then they better get jet in it more because those two are my favorite martial artists to do movies and they will have great fights and stunts.

      i was disappointed in jets screen time in the last movie

      • if they do so it better be a more realistic fight than what was shown in the forbidden kingdom. and if they make it realistic Im down to watching it

      • me too. I kept waiting for him to show back up.

  2. I’m so in for Expendables 3 if he is in it :) bring it on!!!

  3. @anubhav
    I agree with you, I think jet li has been so underused in the franchise so far especially the 2nd one.

  4. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best news ever!!! even better then hearing that arnold and bruce would have bigger roles for E2. I wouldve been happy with a JC cameo in 3 but hearing that he wants to be a costar is awesome!

  5. what if Jackie ends up being Yin Yangs older brother?

    • That would be t1ts!

  6. It’s so gonna suck…Nic Cage..now Chan…

  7. Anubhav – what are you expecting man? I don’t think that Sly had a oscar planed out here. It’s one big romp for all the old timers from back in the day to have fun which I give them props for. I grew up watching their films as a kid and enjoyed the first 2 and can not wait for the 3rd Cage or not.

    I don’t think they could top the scale of the final fight between VanDam and Stallone though. That was just epic.

    Looking forword to his next film Bullet to the head. Just take the series as it is. Cheesey one liner fun.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly, Movie Guy. Just as the reviewers said here at SR about the previous two films, they’re guilty, nostalgic pleasure. And Van Damme really stepped up in the last one. He was an awesome villain, and the final confrontation between he and Sly was too much fun. Though, I think a more epic showdown would be Van Damme against Segal! Oh yes!

      As an aside, Cage did a lot of action in the ’90s, and he did it well. Just because he’s made crap decisions in the past (and continues to do so) doesn’t mean the man is useless. But since they’re not killing anyone off (thus far), the cast seems to be getting a little too big. If Chan is going to get some real screen time and character development, other characters are going to have to be shaved.

      • In two movies of shooting people with zero cover etc and none of them have died. What exactly will be required to kill one of them? Prob a nuke.. But then all they need are lead-lined refrigerators….

        • Harrison Ford is the ONLY man to survive that way. ONLY. Can’t be done twice lol.

    • @ThatMovieGuy – what you are saying is true…but i have grown so sick of Cage..especially after Drive Angry and now Stolen…but he could still be fun in this fun…we could wait and watch…as for Chan…well we already have Jet Li dont we? So why not give the existing cast meatier roles instead of bringing in more and more new faces?

      • what’s that supposed to mean?

        are you saying that there’s already 1 token asian guy? :/

        to be fair, I’m a JC fan and even I say JC should stick to a cameo role at most, but then again, asian guys tend to get a bit marginalized and are a afterthought

  8. Most of these “Action” guys are now just clinging to their fading spotlights. Just make way for the new guys & pass the torch already!

    • I think you may be missing the point of these films. The films are not about clinging to fading spotlights (all the actor spotlights have long since faded), but more about nostalgia, grabbing all the famous action actors from the 80s and 90s and putting them in one giant, wild orgy of kickassery. The Expendables franchise tailors more to the last generation, those of us who grew up watching these men (as young actors) kick, punch, and shoot their way into becoming world-renown action icons.

      To say you don’t “get it” would be pretentious, and it’s not like this franchise is deemed as high art. It’s just a fun-filled ride tailored more to those of us who grew up watching these guys kick the snot out of bad guys. You’re entitled to your opinion and I can surely appreciate how a number of people just won’t care for or like this franchise. I personally love it, and I love it because of what I think it’s intending to do. In my opinion, there’s more than meets the eye here. ;)

      • @Tyree. It’s not that I was missing “the” point of these films my friend, it’s that you didn’t get “my” point overall. Sure everyone(including myself)knows why these films exist, or at least everyone should know. I was making a statement based on these guys careers overall. A good handful of them will be still actively working for a good portion of years to come. At this stage of their careers they should have already had their own companies where they could establish, & help build the careers of future Stallone & Schwarzenegger inspired guys.

        That’s why I said they should have pass the torch to the guys who are already lighting it up on the big screen. The Expendables should be made yes, but that should be their swan song after it is over. Unfortunately it won’t be hence the “clinging” reference I made earlier.

        • @Broadway -
          I am not sure what your profession is, but I am betting when you are in your 50′s you won’t be so willing to give up your income for the sake of “passing the torch” to younger guys.

          • to change the subject a little, are there any action stars that can truly replace the guys from the 80s and early 90s?

            I’m trying to think of a few relatively young actors, and only Statham comes to mind

            • Where have you been since “Rock” has been tearing it up for the past few years!? Wake up & rejoin society already. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • And who is the “new breed?” I don’t any good action stars today, and who is there to pass the torch to? These dudes might passed their prime but go look a Sylvester’s work out routine on YOUTUBE that dude is probably in better shape than most of those action stars of today, JCVD and Jacky are not far behind, let the old timers have some fun :D

  9. nicolas cage was never going to be on expendables 3 and i was happy about that but if jackie chan is going to join the cast aside jet li whats the problem with that i dont i think it would be great

  10. Oh no please not another Rush Hour. The first three were bad enough already so a 4th is nit required.

    • if the 3 were that bad, why did you watch ‘em :D

  11. I hope they can get Jet Li back in Ex3. Maybe set the movie in Hong Kong with the center problem lies with Jet Li and Jackie Chan showed up as some sort of local cop/government agent alluding to his previous A Police Story/Supercop franchise. Also get Wesley Snipes if available. He’d make a badass main villain.

    • *Jet Li’s character (Yin Yang). Just to clarify, sorry.

    • @Jed – not a bad idea at all!

  12. i hope he doesn’t replace li, li hasn’t been doing anything of recent and people are starting to think he might be retiring from cinema, which sucks b/c he’s a great martial artist.

    if chan gets a ‘big’ role, then i hope the movie is based in asian and they deal with the triads (they kidnap the asian woman from 2 maybe ?) that way they can get donnie yen and some other asian action starts in there :)

    but most importantly, i would love to see seagal in charge of it all, the guy behind the big ploy, he would make for an epic villain since he’s rarely cast as one :D

  13. wow i guess you`re never too old when comes to jackie chan style

  14. nic cage needs to be the villian he plays those the best like in face off

  15. I hope that both Jackie Chan and Jet Li get significant roles. Then they could get Wesley Snipes and Donnie Yen as bad guys and the story would take place in some Asian country. Since Wesley Snipes loves Asian ladies in real life, they could play tribute to that as an inside joke (kind of what they did for Norris and Arnold) and have him kidnap Maggie (Nan Yu) and then the story would be taken to Asia. Donnie Yen would be Snipes’s partner and it would heat things up.

    Then two highlight fights for the finale could be Jackie Chan vs. Wesley Snipes and Jet Li vs. Donnie Yen.

    Of course Statham would have to fight someone and so would Stallone. Perhaps get Steven Seagal for a bad boss battle at the end for Stallone.

  16. yeah.. i really miss jack movie.. i like police story, and other his kungfu film.. anyway, hope there is other actor having the same skill

  17. I’m such a big Jackie Chan fan!
    I’ll see any of his movies, but please, no more terrible stuff like “the spy next door”.

    • SPy Next Door was a fun family friendly movie. Now the Medallion … THAT is one Jackie movie we should try and forget.

      • I like fun family movies, but IMO the spy next door wasn’t fun at all.
        It was terrible. It had a weak, predictable story, horribly annoying acting (especially from that little kid) and the action wasn’t even that good.

  18. EXPENDABLES 3 to take it EXPANDABLE !

    • hahahah….. yeah you’re right about the Bieber Thing!!

  19. Hell yeah! Wern’t they also talking to Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, and Nic Cage about appering in this too, cuz that would be sweet!

    Wish list for the sequel:
    Robert DeNiro
    Christopher Walken (Potential villain)
    Sean Connery (Cameo)
    Wesley Snipes
    Donnie Yen
    Michael Biehn
    Kurt Russel
    Steven Segal (Again, potential villain)
    Al Pacino
    Danny Trejo
    Vinnie Jones
    Vin Diesel
    Dwayne Johnson
    Mr. T
    Justin Bieber (He has like, 5 seconds of screentime before getting killed).

    • I like the “potential villains” (why not consider Alan Rickman? just to relieve the DIE HARD days of the Grubers :D ) you have in mind but I don’t think Bieber even deserves the decency of appearing on anything shown on the big screen :D

    • Lol I could actually see JB playing a supporting to main villain , perhaps the son of the main antagonist , he would be a vicious spoiled brat that get killed in a dumb way (it would change his image , and the haters would still enjoy his on screen death).

  20. Hhhhhhhhhh Lovely :)

  21. i would love to see wesley snipes, jackie chan, mel gibson, harrison ford, steven seagal, kurt russell, alec baldwin, tommy lee jones, dwayne johnson, michael keaton, armand assante, vin diesel, don johnson, kevin costner, jack nicholson, al pacino, robert duvall, james caan and also bring back mickey rourke for expendables 3.

  22. If its true,Its gonna be awesome.But he told that Chinese Zodiac 12 would be his last action film.According to trailers,yup,thats pretty hardcore.In E3 if he’s playin’ cameo or more than cameo you can expect attractive action sequences,even for a shorter screen time.But Rush Hour 4,I dunno but previous franchise were action-based comedy.If he does it,he’s breaking his previous decision of not doing action film.Whatever,it does not matter,Cause we want Jackie.Hope for the Best.

  23. EXP2 was an insult to the fans ….. I have no reason to believe EXP3 will be any different….

  24. Love to see jackie chan on the expenable but I would love to see rush 4 . I enjoy some Jackie & Chris tucker makes laugh & cry at the same. This morning has always made feel good. I even have some ideas about what rush 4 be about. About Chris tucker character how I’d father died on the has a police officier. Just a idea! Just fan

  25. Patrick Stewart
    Kevin Costner

  26. Costner

  27. Patrick Stewart
    Kevin Costner&
    Is join. The Expendables

  28. Patrick Stewart
    Kevin Costner&
    Is join. The Expendables 4

  29. I haven’t seen the expandables If jackie is onboard I will defenatively watch it and I am also eagerly waiting for the RUSH HOUR next movie.

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