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jackass 3D Jackass 3D Review
Screen Rant’s Roth Cornet reviews Jackass 3D

The whole Jackass gang returns for a series of borderline psychotic stunts, pranks and live-action gross-out jokes in Jackass 3D.

Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Steve-O, Jason “Wee Man” Acuna, Preston Lacy, Chris Pontius, “Danger Ehren” McGhehey, Dave England and of course Johnny Knoxville reunite under the direction of Jeff Tremaine; to bring audiences a gut-busting  (in more ways than one) adventure that was created with an appropriately ridiculous use of 3D.

Jackass 3D is everything you would expect if you are familiar with the series, and a welcome surprise if you’re not. It is nearly impossible not to get caught up in the infectious sense of fun that these guys impart. They bring an element of play and very boyish humor into all that they do, and you simply want to hang out with them… from the safe distance of your theater seat. It’s fun to watch, but I would not want to be a victim of “the Rocky.

“Wee Man” and Chris Pontius have a particularly engaging quality. They appear to be as tickled as we are that they are getting rich and famous with fart jokes, and totally unrestrained daredevilry. Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O seem to be having a good time, though are perhaps feeling a bit of the strain that must result from years of self-inflicted abuse.

jackass 3d cast Jackass 3D Review

Though the more elaborate stunts are shockingly impressive, it is often the simplest pranks that are the funniest – and the ones that stick with you later; “the high-five”, midgets in a bar (you’ll see) and the “please watch my dog” bait and switch, are just a few. One does feel some concern for the animals involved in the stunts, we can only hope that all of the bees and serpents came out unscathed.

The 3D is utilized exactly as it should be for a Jackass movie. For the majority of the film, it is lowbrow, over the top, and in your face. This is not an intimate exploration of the world of the Na’vi, this is a balls in your face, puke-fest. The opening and closing sequences, however, are strangely beautiful, even in their ludicrous hilarity. Fans will particularly enjoy the footage from the original series, and childhood photos of the boys, that run throughout the credit sequence.

As to the gross-out element that audiences have come to expect from Jackass – the film does not disappoint. Surprisingly, it is not the poo-filled porta-potty slingshot that will leave you with a desire to run for the toilet, or the fart fueled projectile dart shot right into Steve-O’s rear end. No. The creative team at “Dickhouse” has managed to come up with a stunt so truly vile, that it inspires a dry heave  just thinking about it days later. Two words:  “Sweatsuit –Cocktail.”

In general, this is a film that is best suited to the previously established Jackass audience; though it will also appeal to those who could have appreciated the series, but for whatever reason, missed the boat.

This movie is not for:

  • People on a first date. Or if this is a perfect first date movie for some couple, please Tweet me, because I’d like to get to know you.
  • The weak of stomach or heart.
  • Those whose DVD collection consists of the entire criterion collection; and not a single Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler movie.
  • Impressionable kids. Seriously parents, I beg of you – you know your children, you know if they are the type to look at something and say “I can do that.” If they have that sort of personality, please do not allow your child anywhere near this franchise. Whether they are 14 or 17… or 40 if it can be helped. It is a bona fide miracle that all of these gentlemen are alive and relatively well.


jackass warning Jackass 3D Review

This movie is for:

  • People with a healthy sense of humor, and an equally healthy sense of self-preservation.
  • Folks who get a kick out of watching other people have a good time.
  • Those who enjoy the idea of bucking the system by making a (sizable) living by doing something they love, even if that thing is absolutely absurd – or particularly if it is. There is something inherently joyous about the idea of a group of people making a business out of just being themselves, aka absolutely fool-headed.
  • A group of friends who simply want to have a good time.
  • Those with a well developed sense of the ridiculous.

Jackass 3D Johnny Knoxville Jackass 3D Review

Finally, if you are a fan of the Jackass franchise, this film will deliver a fresh dose of everything you love about the series, and possibly a little bit more. If you are new to Jackass, you can still enjoy this movie, if you meet the majority of the above mentioned criteria.

It is difficult to call this a good movie in a traditional sense, for this really isn’t even a movie in the traditional sense. It is, however, a legitimately good time; I laughed a lot, exited the theater cheered, and still get a bit of a giggle thinking of certain moments – of course I get ill thinking of others. Such is the “special” (short bus?) nature of Jackass.

Watch the Jackass 3D trailer here:

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Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. Cannot wait!

    I have a truly unhealthy love of the first two films, and the show of course, it doesnt matter how many times I rewatch them I still laugh out loud like a maniac!
    I’ve heard Knoxville isnt in this as much due to the incident with the bull when he got badly hurt.

    What is the 3D like?

    • I think you will really enjoy it. The 3D is used in a fun way that suits the movie, its meant to be silly :). That bull scene is NUTS just really glad he is still alive :)!

    • johnny knoxville was in it the most it was awesome

  2. Im going to try all those stunts i SO cant wait! Jk jk!!

    • hmmm my reply didnt go thru lol. oh well.

      • Auto moderation HAHAHA!!!

        • no, i hit the back click on my new mouse that im not used to here at work.

          • Oh ok. 😀

    • Doh! 😀

  3. I see no dings against it..except for the aging Johnny and Steve.. why just the 3 of 5?

    Is it just rated as such as it is not a movie per se?

    • Steve-O is a freakin madman

    • Aknot,

      Movies like this and Piranha 3D (for example) are hard to score. You cut them slack for what sort of movie they are and what they’re out to accomplish, but to step back and rate it generally as a movie compared to others we’d be hard-pressed to go much higher than this.


      • Roger that. Was just curious more then anything.

        • Yes, its tough with a movie like this, because it is so much fun, but not really a movie you can gauge against other films. For me a movie like City Of God gets five stars, so three is actually pretty high, it means I am saying go see it :) If you meet the above mentioned criteria :D.



  4. wow Roth. im surprised that you’re the reviewer for the film. i would thought Vic would have wanted to review this gem in the making(just kidding Vic!!) Sadly though Roth i think that a large audience will be that of teens…somehow they always seem to “sneak” into these R rated films. hey i was once or twice guilty of it too(Fast Times…Heavy Metal)a lot of parents these days just drop their kids off at the local mall, theater and just go, picking them up hours later with no conversation on what they did or whatever. But yeah..the Jaskass films are NOT to be meant as first date films lol. oh man. BTW the only real member of this troop i cant stand is Chris Pontius. Ryan Dunn has always been a favorite of mine however. yes its a slow day at the office, which is why i wrote a long post, normally something i never do lol.

    • I had zero interest in seeing this, so I let Roth review it. Also I thought it would be interesting to have a young woman’s perspective on this instead of a guy. :)


      • Thats brilliant! 😀

      • i was kidding :) i didnt think you did Vic. my 12 and 13 year old nephews talked to me about this film..they got a hell no from me and my sister. definately not appropriate for kids or early-mid teens.

        • lol good job Ants 😉

        • Yeah, I think its all about the kids, you know. I think there are some teenagers who could watch it and be fine, but some who would be far too inspired — like my brother at that age for example.

          But, I tend to lean toward the side of caution on things like that. So for me, to a 12 and 13 year old, I would say absolutely not as well. :) Though to your earlier point, there is only so much poor parents can do! And then is just out of their hands. My brother and I watched horror movies at our friends houses all the time when we were little :).

          • Roth, so did i lol. i saw The Omen on HBO when i was 8 at my uncles house.

      • Vic,

        Want a woman’s perspective? They just need to retire the Jack A** series of what-ever’s. They are too old and I am certainly too tired to even waste my time on non-cerebral type movies. Again, don’t get me started on the 3D aspect.

        That just put the nail in the coffin!

        • @Rickenstien, @Anthony, I can’t believe you two are even considering this movie.

          My rating ‘0’

          But I do like the review, Roth. You took a bullet with this one.

          • Thanks AIDYs. I can really understand how you feel. I was pretty skeptical and this is not my typical type of entertainment preference :). It’s not a top fifty movies of all time kind of a movie :). And it definitely is not for everyone.

            But for those it is geared towards, I think it delivers. I laughed more than I imagined I would. I do worry about them doing another one :0 and honestly hope that they don’t for the sake of their safety. But I think fans will like it, not that they will assume it is a great movie, just something escapist and silly. Again, not for everyone for sure, and I totally understand your stance.

            For a movie like this — you sort of have to judge it by what it is trying to accomplish, and how well it delivers on that goal.

            In some ways, I would engage a far more critical eye on a movie like Inception, because the bar is so much higher.

            That is also why, in a way, a 3 is really the highest you CAN give on a movie like this. Because even if it accomplishes everything it meant to — the bar is not set at the level of great filmmaking.

            It’s just meant to be a ridiculous ride for those who enjoy Jackass – and that’s just want it delivers 😀

            Thanks again! Good to hear your thoughts :)


            • A very logical way to sum this one up Roth. What you are saying makes total and complete sense. I think you had no choice but to make some sense of the idiocy. Extremely logical approach.

              And you are welcome :)

          • The thing with a movie like jackass is that they do not want to be taken seriously the whole point is to have fun. People get this elitist attitude about movies like this but it is comedy in its most basic primal form. I have been watching these movies since I was about ten years old and I came out just fine haha. People need to understand that and respect it>

        • AIDYs,

          Can’t argue with you, I have ZERO desire to see this.


          • :)

            • Well im just seeing it for the heck of it theres only a couple good movies out,ive seen those done that,i wanna see new movies and i go free so why not? Whoo hoo!

        • That’s *a* womans perspective, as in just yours. Jackass rocked, the stunts were great, the 3D was awesome!

  5. to me the High-5 scene looks to be a serious gutbuster. i laugh every single time i see it in the preview.

    • Honestly it really is — its sooo stupid, and yet really funny :)

  6. I would rather kill myself. I would maybe think this was any bit funny if I knew that they weren’t so hopped on tons of drugs that they could actually feel half the stuff that happens.

    • thats a given with Steve-O

      • Believe it or not, Steve-O has been sober for two years and was in this movie. The rest as well.

      • Yeah, he actually has talked a lot about that, which may explain why he looks a bit more strained than we are used to seeing — he is fully aware of what is happening!


    • Same here. The fact these films make money is proof of how stupid people are today.

  7. In the bottom right portrait… is that… when did Ricky Gervais join Jackass?!

  8. Saw special screening yesterday where Steve-o was present and gave a speach….I though the film was really funny but definately not as good as the 2nd. Steve-o’s head wasnt really in it and Knoxville was not as crazy as he was in the previous films. I think Bam, Wee-man, and Preston (the fat guy) really raised their performances though and were over-the-top funny in this film. That being said I did laugh my ass off on several occasions.

    • I did as well, I was surprised by how much really. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those it is geared towards it certainly delivers :).

  9. You gotta give these guys some credit. They’re making tons of money off doing stuff my craziest friends do for fun.

  10. I’m always torn on these movies. I like the stunts they are fun and exciting, but I really hate the disgusting moments. I tend to wait till they air on TV and watch them on a bored day. They can be entertaining for the most part and on TV the most disgusting of the disgusting gets cut out really not that interested in starring at other peoples poo, but big fan of watching people get hit in the face with a giant hand lol.

    • I pretty much agree – really do not care for the gross out stuff :)

      • not my style either. but seeing Bam Margera get beat up all the time is funny. in No.2 the scene with the Cobra was priceless, i think that was 2 anyway lol.

      • Is there TOO many gross pranks?

    • Daniel F, what happened to you avatar? My niece showed me the first Jackass movie and it just didn’t do anything for me. I guess I’m just an old prude. :-)

  11. You know, I meet the criteria of people who would enjoy this film, and yet I have 0 desire to see this. I think it mainly has to do with the disgusting scenes that Daniel mentioned.

    Plus I could just as easily youtube several videao of idiots doinf hilarious stunts for free.

  12. Bam Margera’s heavy metal alarm clock stunt on his dad was always a big favourite of mine. “Thanks for coming out – keeping the scene ALIVE…”

    • poor Phil!!! he should really turn the tables on his son for once lol that’d great

      • He goes through the wars, that bloke!

  13. My name is Diego, is Brazilian, JACKASS 3D is god,god,god…..

  14. Seriously…I haven’t laughed this much in a long time.

  15. if you have zero desire to watch jackass then you are one

  16. I love jackass soo much and i jerk off to johnny knoxville and steve-o all night

  17. I love jackass! Even though I’m only in middle school, I still love it! 😀 <3 you jackass!

  18. I love jackass sooo much this is my second comment! :) 😀

  19. Brilliant film, Shame there ageing thoough :(

    Im 19 and must of wet myself 3 times at this film.
    One things for sure, i wont be going in a potable toilet for some time!

    Would of liked to have seen another brilliant cooking scene like in Jackass the series with the omlett where he ate the ingredients then vomitted it up and cooked it and then ate it!

  20. really Bad Boy….

  21. This was actually good stupid funny. I even liked jackass 3.5