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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode eighty one of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes and Anthony Ocasio plus special guest Amy Nicholson as we review Bryan Singer’s big budget fairy tale adventure Jack the Giant Slayer, give updates on Prometheus 2 and the Hannibal TV series, as well as discuss sexism in geek culture.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 81 - Jack the Giant Slayer

We review Bryan Singer’s bid budget fairy tale adventure Jack the Giant Slayer, give updates on Prometheus 2 and the Hannibal TV series, as well as discuss sexism in geek culture.

[0:00] News: Noomi Rapace Confirms ‘Prometheus’ Sequel in DevelopmentNew ‘Hannibal’ Trailer and Images, Geek Sexism: Wonder Woman Fan Film & Shailene Woodley Controversy.

[1:07:24] Mailbag: Video Game Movies vs. Comic Book Movies. Plus, are there too many superhero films?

[1:25:03] Review: Jack the Giant Slayer (Read our full Jack the Giant Slayer review).

[1:44:56] Jack the Giant Slayer SPOILERS Conversation.

[2:07:05] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

[2:09:55] Game Rant News Brief: Our thoughts on the PlayStation 4 Announcement

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week’s Review: Oz the Great and Powerful

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Snitch opening):  Sam Howard is our winner!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Dead Man Down – 2,175
  • Oz the Great and Powerful – 3,700+

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • N/A

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  1. Box office battle

    1 oz the great and powerful
    2 jack the giant slayer
    3. Identity thief
    4 dead man down
    5. 21 and over
    10. Safe haven

  2. Yes Amy, I DO hear Ben Kendrick saying you are an upgrade over me – though Benny wouldn’t be able to forget his podcast intro every week if not for me – so I take no offense. ;-)

  3. @Kofi, Ben, Rob, Anthony

    do you think John Hamm would be a good batman/bruce?

    and how would you cast the Justice League?

    • IF John Hamm plays anyone other than Superman I will have a conniption. And I mean ever, if the next movie that he announces is not Man of Steel 2, I will freak out.

    • His name gets thrown around a lot for sure – and he could be great. Probably have to be an “older” version of the character at this point which might not be that likely. The next actor will be signing a lengthy multi-movie deal.

      Dyce put together a feature on this very topic: http://screenrant.com/batman-casting-actors-justice-league/

      • How about Jensen Ackles?

        • I won’t allow Jensen to do anything until Supernatural over.

          • well the jl movie has yet to have a confirmed date and the supposed bat reboot isnt until 2017 which would give supernatural 3-4 more seasons to end.

    • Hey Cody,

      For me, Hamm’s simply too old.

      As for my own casting. If I were WB, I’d keep Reynolds and Bale as GL & Bats, respectively and sign Gemma Arterton for Wonder Woman.

      • forget Ryan Reynolds for GL. its time for john stewart Green Lantern and the actor for the role imo is Chadwick Boseman.
        Gemma Arterton wont work for Wonder Woman she dones not fit the bill for an amazon warrior. also i agree Bale should stay as Batman but if he does not return what about Karl Urban for Batman.

  4. Prometheus I was mostly super hyped for the visuals but for me like Anthony the subsequent sequels kind of diluted what I cam to know of the 1st movie Alien and I began to look at Prometheus as it own movies & even with the plot holes It wasn’t disappointing for me but I think they went away from Jesus thing most likely for backlash of religious groups…

    Rob makes a fair point that this is just something people will do because when you take a character from comic book/fairy-tale lore you put a face & personality to it in written word people usually unfair judging occurs for women & men for many of these roles. I think this is especially topical because many people feel they got Mary Jane wrong the first time with Kirsten Dunst(because of her acting for me), I thought the way people were talking about Shailene Woodley was terrible when she was cast I thought it was a good choice not because I thought she was super sexy but because she’s familiar to me from all the TV work she’s done and I liked her in The Descendants.

    Did you guys check out that spanish language leaked Iron Man 3 trailer it might get you more excited for the movie?..

    • Agree with almost everything Ben said about Prometheus 2. Forget friggin Alien, I want to see the next Prometheus! If I hear any more whining about ‘questons’ and ‘answers’ I’ll bloody scream.

      • I am definitely more interested in that direction – then they can give us a proper alien movie and have it be an entirely separate story that is weighed down by a bunch of origin story baggage.

        • Just a thought on Prometheus. I understand that Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness” was canceled because of story similarities between the two. There were too many story plot lines that were exactly the same. If you want to find out what happens in Prometheus, read ATMOM

          • ATMOM has been on my reading list forever. I really do need to bump that one up.

  5. Isn’t Hannibal going to about the titular character helping FBI agent Graham catch other serial killers on the loose–similar to how the novels are structured? Obviously, the Hannibal killings will be the series’ arc, but wouldn’t the show go by a monster-of-the-week format? Also, the origins of Hannibal have already been covered in Hannibal Rising. I believe this series will just show him in his prime, with the occasional insights into his psyche.

    P.S. Amy Nicholson’s comments were fantastic. Please keep her on the show.

    • It is going to be a procedural with some in-ties to Hannibal’s killings. I just think any real exploration of the character makes him less scary and intense down the line. But, I’m keeping an open mind!

  6. I hope video game films take off sooner rather than later. I want my Assassin’s Creed film series. Directed by Zack Snyder. His visuals and beautiful action in an Assassin’s Creed film would be mindblowing. Plus Michael Fassbender is evidently involved so yay! Also there is no such thing as too many superhero films:)
    Box Office Battle
    1.Oz the Great and Powerful
    2.Jack the Giant Killer Slayer Assassin Beanstalk
    3.Identity Thief
    4.Dead Man Down
    5.21 and Over
    10.Silver Linings Playbook

    • That could be a cool pairing for sure – though Ubisoft would need to throw serious at the project to get Snyder involved.

    • I mentioned Snyder for AC four years ago :)

  7. In answer to Amy’s question about the end of Prometheus:

    Cryo-sleep chambers have been a prominent feature in almost all of the Alien movies. When humans explore the universe in sub light speed ships, it’s a necessity to “freeze” the explorers to travel over great distances.

    The Noomi Rapace character piloted in the engineer’s space craft (assuming help from the robot head)….. it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to also assume the robot head helped Noomi operate an engineer cryo-sleep chamber too.

    Then sleep away the years to reach the engineer’s home world. Waking up decades in the future to have an adventure (sequel) there.

    Now I must return to my own geek-tech cryo-sleep chamber to refreeze myself. Only to thaw out and raise again, many years in the future, when my useless Sci Fi geek knowledge can be of good use.

    Good night.

    • Yeah, I figured that’s what they would do too. Pretty much every other movie ends with someone getting in one of the cryo-sleep pods (and subsequently drifting into fresh calamity).

  8. I think oz will be the first financial hit of the year…. as for the actual film i do not know.

    1. Oz
    3. Identity theif
    4. 21 and over
    5. Dead man down
    10. Silver linings

    • Review up at Screen Rant Friday AM! ;)

  9. Get used to crappy CG effects because if things keep going the way they are for the VFX industry they will probably start looking like this, or worse.

    • Right? I thought that same thing – goes to show how important it is for a “VFX artist” to actually be an artist. No disrespect to the Giant Slayer team but those giants don’t enhance the film at all – beyond their function in the core plot and action.

      • Life of Pi cost $80 million less than ‘Jack’

        • Life of Pi didn’t spend $120 million on a CGI Tucci Kid. ;)

          • Haha. Amazing.

  10. 1. Oz
    2. Jack giant
    3. Identity thief
    4. Dead man
    5. Snitch
    10. Dark skies

  11. 1 – Oz The Great and Powerful
    2 – Jack The Giant Slayer
    3 – Dead Man Down
    4 – Identity Thief
    5 – 21 and Over
    10 – Safe Haven

  12. I’ve never seen Prometheus and probably won’t. I know I’m gonna take crap for this, but the whole Jesus engineer thing does greatly interest me. I always dug the whole ancient astronaut thing.

    • Then by all means, watch it. You have nothing to lose but two hours of your life. ;)

    • Your interest in the engineer is more than enough reason to watch it. The engineer stuff is awesome!

    • It’s definitely worth watching, just don’t think too much about the story.

  13. The assumed lack of human characters in the Prometheus sequel can be easily rectified by a simple trick: the mission was a private one, with some hired scientists and some hired guns, right? So, the government got wind of what they were doing and sent a ship after them to investigate. They arrive shortly after the incidents that have transpired on LV-223, and possibly just catch a glimpse of the engineer ship leaving the planet/moon with Shaw and David. Now, the story can unfold in two ways, or maybe even both:

    The crew of the government ship investigates LV-223 and comes into contact with the Deacon xenomorph from the end of Prometheus (boom, you have your Alien franchise sci-fi horror), or they follow the engineer’s ship and get into all kinds of other trouble at its destination. Or both.

    • Don’t you dare tip them off to the ‘ole military trick. ;-)

      • If it works… ;)

  14. 1.Oz the great and powerful
    2.Jack the giant slayer
    3.Identity Thief
    5.21 and Over
    10-Last Exorcism pt.2

  15. 1.Oz the Great and Powerful
    2.Jack the Giant Killer Slayer Assassin Beanstalk
    3.Identity Thief
    4.21 and over
    5. Dead man Down
    10. Safe Haven

  16. 1. Oz the Great and Powerful
    2. Jack the Giant Slayer
    3. Dead Man Down
    4. 21 and Over
    5. Identity Thief
    10. A Good Day to Die Hard

  17. 1. Oz the Great and Powerful
    2. Jack the Giant Slayer
    3. Dead Man Down
    4. Identity Thief
    5. 21 and Over
    10. Safe Haven

    • You better be right this time, Daniel! ;)

  18. #1 Oz the Great and Powerful
    #2 Dead Man Down
    #3 Identity Thief
    #4 Jack the Giant Slayer
    #5 21 and Over
    #10 Safe Haven

  19. It’s strange that NBC didn’t learn anything from the other successful Wonder Woman series with Linda Carter. That Wonder Woman had an air of nobility and you could believe she was Royalty by the way she walked and talked. From what I remember about the NBC pilot, Wonder Woman was played much more as a Joss Whedon-Buffy clone, with quirky dialogue and zingers. Also her costume looked extremely cheap and the fight sequences looked cheap as well. To be fair, it’s hard not to sensualize a tall, busty woman who runs around in a tight, revealing bathing suit. I think because the internet is so anonymous, you’re going to get negative comments from guys who 1) really have derogatory views of woman and 2) guys who entertain themselves by trolling.

    • No doubt. You are not kidding about points # 1 and 2.

      And… your memory serves you well. That’s basically how the character came-off in the pilot. Which is especially dumb given that Joss Whedon writes great female characters – so if they wanted to clone his work, they did a terrible job.

      • Were the ‘Xena’ and ‘Hercules’ series syndicated? I was thinking that if Wonder Woman is to be played like Xena but in the modern world, the show might do better as a syndicated and purposefully tongue-in-cheek show like those were. There’s no show really filling that niche right now.

  20. Listening to your discussion on Hannibal the series made we want to constantly face palm, and I’m not even that big a fan of the series. Will Graham, the character played by Hugh Dancy, is the character who caught Hannibal, and this was shown at the start of Red Dragon. So the series would end with him catching Hannibal. And the character of Jack Crawford is already in the series. He’s the character played by Laurence Fishburne.

    • Yeah, I think somewhere along the lines, we got mixed up with some of the characters. I remember bringing it back around at one point – pointing out that it was Will Graham in the show but I’m sure other details got lost in the shuffle.

      At the end of the day, I really am more interested in whether or not it’s a good idea to examine iconic characters like that (something we’ll talk about this week in the Oz discussion) but we ended up bogged down in who plays who and where it all fits together.

  21. The wife and I were discussing my hearsay (through this podcast) that Jack the Giant slayer was chock-full of booger, fart, and potty jokes galore. Neither of us understood why anyone would think it is funny. Then I mentioned some of my favorite movies as a kid (Goonies, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters) and tried to think if they had gross out humor like that. Besides the manure in Back to the Future, the slime in Ghostbusters, and Chunk’s vomit story in Goonies…I couldn’t think of anything as ridiculous as what they mentioned on the podcast. Now, I haven’t seen this movie and I don’t plan on seeing it (at least on purpose), but from the description in the podcast I picture the giants acting like the Garbage Pail kids from that horrendous 80s movie. Now, toilet humor at times works…Fat Bastard in Austin Powers 2 had a couple funny lines…but it gets old real quick…Fat Bastard in #3 (tracking device in toilet…remember that scene…yuck!). I am hoping I pictured the giants worse than what they were.

    • You got it.

      It does nothing good in this movie.

  22. I gotta say the fart and snot jokes probably got THE biggest laughs/reactions from the audience during my showing, which was primarily filled with kids and families. So I can see why farts and boogers are the “go to” jokes if your audience is children since they do find it funny. But the harsh off-screen violence, I guess, does call into question exactly what audience they were targeting.

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