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Jason Bourne beware: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is growing ever closer. The brainchild of the late author Tom Clancy, the analyst-turned-CIA field agent Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) has spent years away from the big screen, but with a crowd-pleasing leading man and surrounding talent looks poised for a comeback.

It’s bittersweet that the marketing for Shadow Recruit should begin in the same week of Tom Clancy’s passing, but serendipitous as well. The first poster for the film was a fitting tribute to the franchise’s loss, and now, the very first trailer for Shadow Recruit reminds all of us that Clancy’s creations won’t be going anywhere as long as talented filmmakers wish to craft an intelligent thriller.

The film casts Chris Pine (Star Trek) as the young financial analyst who, as the title of the film implies, is recruited into the CIA under the tutelage of William Harper (Kevin Costner), an idealist who helps shape Ryan’s intellect as he ushers him into the larger world of international intelligence. Both Ryan and Harper will be put to the test when a Russian financial mastermind (played by Kenneth Branagh, who is also directing) hatches a plan to crush the American dollar, and send its economy into a tailspin.

Jack Ryan Shadow Recuit Chris Pine Kevin Costner First Trailer For Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Little has been revealed beyond that basic premise, so the first trailer is also the first major indication of the film’s plot and storyline. It tends to be a bad thing when someone can claim to know a film’s plot ahead of time, but in the case of a Jack Ryan story, it’s more of a given than usual. After all, we all know that Jack Ryan will save the day (Shadow Recruit is aiming to be the first film of a new franchise) – it’s how he manages to do it that’s always marked a strong Ryan film from a poorer one (look no farther than The Hunt for Red October for evidence).

During our set visit of the film Chris Pine went so far as to claim that in the best Tom Clancy stories, “the lead is the story itself,” so the plot will face serious scrutiny if that’s the case. Pine’s no stranger to the spotlight either, but how the story manages to reboot a spy series without standing in the shadow of the Bourne series will be interesting to see. So far the answer looks to be making the action bigger, and bolder.

What do you think of the first trailer? Does it look to have the makings of a budding franchise, or will Pine and company need to show a bit more before you buy in? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Jack Ryan is set to hit theaters on December 25, 2013. If the date changes, we’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Iola the trailer look forward to seeing the movie

  2. looks pretty cool, might actually fork over some money to see in the theater.

  3. Finally!

    • I hope Clancy got to see the film before he passed. This looks great! I have high hopes for the future John Clark film and how it could tie into this one. Speaking of which does anyone know who the contenders are, to play John Clark I mean.

      • I feel like I heard somewhere that Tom Hardy was cast as John Clark but I’m not sure

        • He was thought to be but it turned out he won the role of Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell).

    • Thats what I said! looks good, Not the biggest jack ryan fan. Only watched Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games because of Harrison Ford. And the Hunt for Red October just because i heard it was really good. I enjoyed them all. The Sum of All Fears was ok. Hopefully this one is better then that, which it looks to be and i like the talent that is in it.

      On another note, its weird to see Keira Knightly in a present-day role. She seems to only ever do period films.

  4. I grew up watching Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. I can’t wait for more Jack Ryan!

    • @Huntress

      Me too, so what I don’t really understand is how he is so young… I remember him being a retired Marine who becomes an analyst with the CIA. Now they seemed to have completely cut out his history, so how do we explain how he seems to know how to handle himself if he’s just an analyst if he wasn’t also a seasoned US Marine??

      • If you read the books on which the movies are based, the timeline makes perfect sense.

      • Actually, Ryan was fairly young if you’ve read the books. He was medically retired after he was in a helicopter crash and injured. The problem is this doesn’t look like a brainy Ryan, it’s more like a brawny Ryan and Pine really doesn’t carry it off that well. the character looks more like John Clark, the spook who helps Ryan all the time.

        • @Rod

          LOL, yep, I agree about John Clark. Read my comment below where I joked about how this should be renamed to “John Clark: Shadow Recruit” :-D

        • Actually, he’s not young in the books. Ryan has two degrees, is an officer in the Marines, makes a killing on Wall Street, quits, and then teaches at the academy. All of this happens before he gets involved with the CIA.

          His wife is also a renown eye surgeon and teaches at John Hopkins which means medical school, residency and time to earn a reputation and be capable of teaching medicine.

          He’s not ancient by any means but he’s not young. The fact that this is about how he is recruited by the CIA, which is what happens in Patriot Games, tells you this won’t follow the Ryanverse.

  5. Seems a little too… I dunno, didn’t care for the trailer. Sleek action instead of smart CIA thriller. Could be wrong, but that’s just my opinion.

    • @Brett

      I kind of got that too. Seemed like a little too much action. Not that action isn’t part of the character, I man, that SUV ambush scene in Clear and Present Danger alone has more intense action than several straight up action movies can provide, but it’s always been political intrigue and battle of the minds with some action scenes to keep the sense of danger and urgency. This one seems like a straight up action movie…

    • I agree… It really doesn’t look to be Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. This trailer makes Jack Ryan look like an Operator… Not an Analyst who gets thrown into situations that are above and beyond his job description.

      It does say “Based on ‘Characters’ Created by Tom Clancy”.. I have read all Clancy’s books… wish it was based on one of those instead.

      • This movie needs to be renamed to “John Clark: Shadow Recruit”…

  6. Looks like Branagh saved the best role for himself. The rest made me feel like I was watching the Young Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Chronicles, which is not meant to denigrate the trailer.

  7. Thusfar there’s not really been anything to look forward to-until this winter. I mean I don’t know how I’m going to get around to seeing this, American Hustle, The Counselor, Monuments Men, and Anchorman 2. I’ll give my prediction, from what we’ve seen on these films in press releases. I believe Jack Ryan: Shadow One will be a very solid action film. Not really The Bourne Ultimatum but I’m thinking around The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy. Chris Pine’s career is really up and coming and I think this film will eventually get him even more recognized. Keira Knightley also is a pretty good actress. I hope there’s more in this role for her but I don’t necessarily see it as a break out. I actually didn’t really care for Kevin Costner at all, with the exception of Field of Dreams but I was actually surprised by his work in Man of Steel as well as what I’ve seen here. Kenneth Branagh doesn’t really impress me acting or directing. I think Gary Oldman would be better suited for the role. As for American Hustle, I think it’s going to win Best Picture. It will be David O. Russell’s best film to date and the best of this year. Each actor will have their best performances yet. Christian Bale will be even better than he was in The Fighter and go into the upper echelon of actors, as he deserves to be. I wasn’t impressed with Bradley Cooper until Silver Linings Playbook and it seems as though the guy does have some untapped potential. This film should further that development. Amy Adams, after performances in The Fighter and The Master, should go into the upper echelon of actresses, as she deserves to be. Jennifer Lawrence also belongs up there and she should be able to go there. Jeremy Renner was alright in the action films he’s been in the past few years but none have showed his acting prowess like The Hurt Locker and The Town did. This should also get him back to where he was. This won’t be Robert De Niro’s best performance but it will be his best in a decade. Truly a tour de force for all around. The Counselor will be good but not as good as American Hustle. Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, and Brad Pitt should have great performances but they won’t compare to American Hustle. The Monuments Men is honestly the biggest competition for American Hustle. But I don’t see George Clooney as Ben Affleck but he’s an alright director. Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray, and Jean Dujardin should have impressive performances but it’ll be just a tad off American Hustle. As for Anchorman 2, I really think it has a chance at being even funnier than the first but it obviously won’t be an Oscar competitor and neither will Jack Ryan

  8. Already interested just because of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Throw in Chris Pine to bring new life into franchise is an excellent move. Excited to see new trailer, but it sort of underwhelmed. Looks to have high quality special effects, but it just did not register on the drama scale.

  9. This looks very promising! I loved the novels. I hope we get to see Clark pretty soon in one of these.

  10. I’ll be watching this on Netflix when it becomes available.

  11. Good trailer. It already looks like a solid action movie, but I hope it doesn’t fail to deliver on the thriller part either. I really hope there’s a smart plot and some good twists and turns (as opposed to many of the more generic action movies that we’ve had recently that uses the same formula again and again).

  12. Also, one thing that does give Chris Pine an advantage is that Jack Ryan fans don’t really have a definitive “look” that they think Jack Ryan should have (as opposed to characters like James Bond). I’m just saying, we’ve had actors like Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin play the part (both great) but neither really looked like each other at all, and fans were surprisingly fine with that. Chris Pine probably won’t be getting a lot of backlash by fans who think he isn’t right for the role is all I’m saying. Plus it has a pretty good director, so this movie shouldn’t have a lot of people going into it with negative feelings.

  13. I’m game. Clancy, Branagh, Knightley, Feore, Costner, Pine – that’s a big pile of win if the script is good.

  14. Holy s***…Keira Knightley sounds so unreal with an American accent.
    I don’t think she’s ever had one before.

  15. I think the fact that it’s the first one of the series to have Jack Ryan in the title and a very action oriented trailer indicates the direction they want to follow: action instead of brainy intrigue.
    And Jack Ryan is no longer just an analyst but a field agent…

    The serie might lose it’s personality.

  16. looks good I sincerely hope that they don’t push the whole super spy thing, or turn him into Jason Borne, it does seem to be a little heavy on the big action set pieces from the trailer but that could easily be a rouse, which i hope it is. To me what makes Jack Ryan a brilliant character is he is an everyman who uses his brain to save the day and not a gun. Branagh looks like he’s done a good bad guy though, and Costner looks in top form so I’m excited to see it.

  17. I honestly think there might be too much action… One thing I really enjoyed about the other good Jack Ryan movies is the fact that Jack Ryan isn’t really an action hero. He is flat out an analyst, but when he’s cornered, he knows how to act because of his history as a US Marine, but he’s always the analyst first. Like that opening scene in Patriot Games, he clearly hesitates but gets it together and acts to save the member of the Royal family. He doesn’t run around blowing up the terrorists, he acted out of necessity. I think that might be lost in this movie if he’s all of a sudden a “field agent” now…

    Man, I feel like watching one of those movies again now…

  18. oh…another action movie where the the shooters always miss thousands of bullets flying at the main character…that and the trailer was so long, it showed the entire plot, characters, villains and villain’s goal, relationship, bullets-missing-main-character action, etc…

    I cant believe how many times hollywood recycles the same script and people still go to watch these things…

    sad days indeed

  19. I’ve read all Clancy’s Jack Ryan’s novel since Patriot Games until The Bear and The Dragon. Saw The Hunt for Red October and all the other movie incarnation (Ford and Affleck) which I found it all lacking but still rather good interpretation. What I’ve seen in this trailer is not a thinking, analyst Ryan who many times just got stuck in a hairy situation and most time will only used his brain and not his trigger finger. Hell, in most of the novels he doesn’t even issued a gun. I don’t know who this person is but he is surely not Jack Ryan I know and love from the novel. Better slap some other name as the title and be better off with it.

  20. I thought Jack Ryan is taller not that I care of Chris Pine being cast but just curiosity?

  21. Come on, why make a movie that doesn’t even come close to telling Jack Ryan’s story? Use the Clancy books and get them in the right order. They were more thrilling and intelligent than this garbage. The studios are again going for the copycat, even having Bourne mentioned in this article. Forget it.

  22. All this action is NOT NOT NOT Jack Ryan. It’s MAYBE Jack Jr. and that’s pushing it. Even for him this much action is too much. They should rename all the characters and make this into the next Bourne film… better than disgracing Clancy’s work.

  23. I can’t help but wonder if the makers of this film have read even one of the nine novels that comprise Tom Clancy’s brilliant masterpiece known by millions of fans worldwide as The Jack Ryan series.
    Outside of the name, the CIA and the characters brief Marine career, there is nothing of the original story that Clancy readers would recognize. The movie might as well be titled: John Smith joins the CIA.
    Given the current economic disaster that has been brought upon America from within, the plot is just as ridiculous as the claim that it is based on Tom Clancy’s work. As a fan of the books, (all nine) this film is nearly as disappointing as the last equally horrible adaptation/butchering of a Tom Clancy storie, “The Sum of All Fears”.
    In all fairnessIf, if you haven’t read the books and you don’t know who is really responsible for rampant unemployment and the devaluation of the dollar, you might actually enjoy this movie a little.
    If Tom Clancy were still alive, he would just be pissed.
    I have to wonder, if they thought enough of the original stories to use the name Jack Ryan, why not just make a Jack Ryan movie?

    • “most Americans don’t like anything cerebral. If you want a film that tries to be believable, watch The Hunt for Red October.” And The Hunt for Red October was an American film, loved by many Americans… You managed to contradict yourself in the space of one and a half sentences…

      I agree that this movie doesn’t look interesting from the trailers because it looks like they turned Jack Ryan into an action hero instead of his real character, which was so much more interesting in The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger. But I’m an American, I guess I’m supposed to favor this version??

    • BTW, I’m well aware that you’re likely to be an American too, I realize the way I worded the reply it kind of implies that I do not think you are…

  24. I am hoping that with the release of this crappy jack ryan movie, they might do proper blu-ray releases of the old jack ryan movies…