Paramount Developing ‘Jack Reacher’ Sequel with Tom Cruise Returning

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jack reacher sequel tom cruise Paramount Developing Jack Reacher Sequel with Tom Cruise Returning

Just over a year ago, Tom Cruise was headlining the film Jack Reacher: Oscar-winning writer/director Christopher McQuarrie’s hard-boiled crime mystery/thriller, based on author Lee Child’s Reacher novel One Shot. The movie earned a respectable $218 million worldwide ($80 million in the U.S.) in addition to solid reviews (like ours), but that wasn’t enough for Paramount to give the green-light to a second installment… not right away, that is.

Cut to the present-day and now a Jack Reacher sequel is no longer an unlikely proposition; it now appears to be a matter of when it shall happen, not if, since both Cruise and McQuarrie currently have a lot of items on their plate.

Deadline is reporting that Paramount and Skydance Productions have fast-tracked development on a second Jack Reacher movie (featuring Cruise), with the project now in search of a screenwriter or two. McQuarrie wrote the original film, but he is hunkered down in pre-production on Mission: Impossible 5, which he and Cruise are on course to begin shooting in Europe by the first quarter of 2014 (in order to make a December 2015 release date).

Rumors persist that Cruise might attempt to finish one of the multiple in-development projects that he’s attached to before he reprises his role as Ethan Hunt in M:I 5 - like the true-story sports car drama Go Like Hell, a recently-announced potential reunion for Cruise and Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski. However, unless the Jack Reacher sequel has progressed much further than is being reported, Cruise won’t be returning to the eponymous character’s dangerous world in the immediate future.

jack reacher sequel 570x294 Paramount Developing Jack Reacher Sequel with Tom Cruise Returning

The basis for the Jack Reacher sequel is the Child novel Never Go Back, a book that was only just published in September 2013. Story-wise, this installment – the 18th full-blown Reacher novel authored by Child – follows our (anti-)hero, as the ex-military cop travels to Virginia to meet up with one Major Susan Turner, only to wind up being thwarted by thugs, arrested for a crime that he doesn’t remember committing – and, to top it all off, to discover that he may’ve fathered a child some years ago.

When Screen Rant interviewed McQuarrie last year, he had something else in mind for a Jack Reacher sequel:

“What I’d like to do next is cut rural – go for one of those books that takes place in the badlands, out in the Dakotas, something like that, where the terrain reflects the character of the next movie… The next movie can begin with [Reacher] right there on page one walking in; there’s going to be less dialogue, and it’s going to be a tougher, grittier, sparser movie… And then, if we’re lucky, we’ll get to go to a third movie, and then you blow it open, you go to a big city…”

A Reacher novel like Worth Dying For (which takes place in rural Nebraska) sounds closer to McQuarrie’s proposed vision for the movie sequel than Never Go Back does, though the latter has the advantage of having been published by Child after the first movie was released (i.e. from a studio perspective, it’s a more bankable story to adapt). That said, this project is clearly just beginning to take a solid form, so it’s best not to assume that anything is set in stone just yet.

Well, besides Cruise’s return in the Jack Reacher sequel (assuming it actually goes into production).


We shall keep you posted on the status of the Jack Reacher franchise-to-be as more information is made available.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I surprisingly enjoyed Jack Reacher. Looking forward to another.

  2. The first film was a pretty solid action flick. I enjoyed it. Wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel if they can make it as good as the first.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I’m afraid I didn’t. I thought it was so bad I turned it off before the end and mailed it back to Netflix, disgusted. Well, you take a chance on a movie you don’t know much about, you are likely to get burned. Seemed like it was mainly about how many times characters could say the name “Jack Reacher” (like it was some *gasp* important thing or something). I saw another flick with that syndrome once, in a totally different genre. Think it was “Pollyanna”, where they used the little kid’s name at least a frigzillion times to the square root of pi throughout the movie until it was the only line I could remember.

  3. Hated this movie. Thought it was terrible compared to the book. They botched the reveal in chapter 1 and it went downhill from there.

    • That’s what you get for reading books instead watching movies. LOL, I liked it and I’m glad they are making a sequel.

  4. Very good. I really enjoyed the first one.

  5. Enjoyed the first, been saying all along that there should be a sequel. I think the badlands type setting for a sequel is a really interesting Idea. Cant wait! though I doubt we will see anything until at least 2016 which is a shame.

  6. Like a few others have already said I enjoyed Reacher for the most part.
    For me Reacher was like a late 80′s to mid 90′s action flick in the same relm as Lethal Weapon or Die Hard.
    So I’d be all in for a sequel. I’ve read the first 5 books and if I’m remembering correctly Die Trying could be an interesting book to adapt.

  7. As a big Reacher fan, I’m kind of disappointing they’re going with Never Go Back. I really would love to see Bad Luck and Trouble or Persuader made into films

  8. I love the novels and enjoyed the first movie but I really wish they would go back and do some of the earlier novels. I’m not sure why they picked Never Go Back. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

  9. This is great news! Having not read the novels, I loved the first movie. Very smart and refreshing.

    Say what you will about not sticking to the source material; having Tom Cruise play the title role meant the movie got made. Different from the book, but in the end it was an excellent movie, deserving of a sequel.

  10. Blah blah blah, he’s not tall enough, blah blah blah. I’m glad they are making a sequel. The movie was pretty awesome. It was VERY detailed about how long-range shooting works, showing reloading equipment in the guy’s house because anyone who practices a lot would need that in order to afford it, not to mention, loading your own rounds guarantees consistency over factory loaded ammo which are mass produced and can have deficiencies. The way the told the story was very gripping and emotional at times while being humorous at others. The characters were fairly well fleshed out and their actions and reactions felt organic and not forced in order to push the plot forward. There’s a lot of good things I can say about the movie, but yes, haters will gripe about the one thing, that the main character isn’t as tall as the main character is in the book. Ok, so let’s just ignore all of that and say the movie sucks. Makes sense right?

  11. Yeah, but Tom is literally an entire foot shorter than the character is supposed to be. So if you’ve read the books, this just wasn’t Reacher.

    • Sorry, physical appearance is probably at the very bottom of my list of priorities when it comes to deciding if someone played a role well. Acting and portrayal are at the top. And in my opinion, Cruise did an awesome job at both of those in that movie. Plus it made the bar fight scene more believable since guys don’t tend to pick fights with 6’5″ guys…

  12. I liked Cruise as Jack Reacher, in the books you need a description of a huge man to know he’s intimidating, but one look a Cruise, and you’d get the same effect.

  13. Ray Stevenson for Reacher pretty please!

  14. Ok my favorite Jack Reacher novel is “Nothing to Lose” but “Bad Luck and Trouble is not bad either so, I would be okay with both of them but not Never Go Back, too new. I initially thought Tom Cruise was going to be terrible as Jack Reacher, but I tried to keep and open mind, went to the movie because I really like the character and ended up thinking Cruise did a decent job. Ray Stevenson may be a great JR but given the economics of the movie business it really takes a Tom Cruise to get something like this made. Sad state of affairs in Hollywood but the publishing business is in almost as bad a spot.

  15. Really? Tom cruise again? They couldn’t figure out he sucked the first time? Jack Reacher is supposed to be immense, a huge, hulking figure that is badass. Tom cruise is nothing like Reacher. Please oh please make a better cast!

  16. i just finally convinced myself to watch the Reacher movie this week, as I too could not at all no way ever picture Tom Cruise as Reacher. Not a fan of Tom Cruise in general, and height notwithstanding, felt he was too much of a pretty boy for the part. However, I must say I did enjoy the movie. Tom Cruise did a good job, loved the visuals and the dark harshness of it all (and I am from Pittsburgh, so loved that it was my home towwn on screen).

    Bottom line though, I believe strongly that Liam Neeson is Jack Reacher. Since Mr. Cruise is so busy on numerous upcoming projects, perhaps he could consider passing the torch?

  17. Tom Cruise is not a “Jack Reacher” by any means. Reacher is blond, over 6 feet and Cruise is dark headed and short and is not a Reacher individual by any means of the imagination. Someone taller and blond would be more believable. I have read all of the Reacher novels and really like them and Lee Child is a fantastic writer. It seems to me that the movie makers take too much liberties with a lot of the fictional characters.

  18. Great film one of the best movies I ve seen with Tom Cruise!
    A lot of people I know liked it a lot and can’t wait to see a sequel!
    I sure hope they do !