‘Jack Reacher’ Spoilers Discussion

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Jack Reacher Spoilers Jack Reacher Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Jack Reacher review, this is the place where you can discuss Jack Reacher spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Jack Reacher episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Jack Reacher for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Jack Reacher is Rated PG-13 for violence, language and some drug material. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. My girlfriend won some advanced screening movie passes for this flick. What a total disaster. Probably the worst movie I’ve seen in the last couple of years. If I had paid to see this mess, I would demand my money back. It’s not even worth a rental. He just cannot act like a tough guy/dirty Harry. Just awful.

    Although this film clearly is setting up a sequel, if not a franchise, I can’t see why after watching this.

  2. why does tom cruise have to play some bad ass ass kicker tough guy in 90% of his flicks…who the f is he kidding. maybe he is real big in guam or thailand … or something.

  3. Jack Reach Around.

    • lol

  4. Spoilers? Just the mention of Tom Cruise can spoil anything!

  5. So only 1 person in the comments section has actually seen the film? I’m trying to gauge whether or not to drag my arse over to the local AMC & die slowly with popcorn, fake butter and the slushies of death. Odds don’t appear to be in my favor at present. Zero dark is playing in the village ,and no way I’m running down there in this cold. looks like it’s time to fire up the Xbox.

  6. warner herzog is terrrible in this

    • Whoa, whoa, show some respect for the milk-eye.

  7. The film was good and plausible. Wish the Rock had played the part but TC did a good acting job. Don’t think he will pull off a franchise.

    • The Rock would have been a good casting.

      Only problem is he is in like 19 other movies that are coming out, the previews had the Rock all over the place.

  8. Just came back from seeing this and it was Freakin AWESOME. Tom cruise is a total bad ass in this movie. I think he totally pulled the character off and the Mystery/Crime element was ust as good as the Action. People were literally

  9. I think the sequel will get a greenlight. People seemed to REALLY like this film. The ENTIRE theatre was totally engaged & the Room Erupted in laughter together at all the jokes and one liners and Clapped in. Unison whenever TC beat the crap out of a bad Guy.

  10. How about an actual review that contains spoilers like the page was made for, guys? Bottom line on the movie – it is like a throwback to 80’s action and not necessarily the worst (think Diehard 2). It can’t decide whether it is an action flick or crime thriller. Zero realism, but that might be good for some. This movie could have been made in 1987 starring either Bruce Willis and did OK, or Jim Belushi and been a VHS hopeful. So, for simple, straight, run of the mill fun (not ha ha) cop flick, it’s a nice change from overly ambitious mega-movie (Thank heavens Nolan/Cameron/Jackson didn’t direct). Spoilers: For book fans, not even close… I mean not even in the same galaxy. Cruise does not pull off Reacher in the least. If you haven’t read the books, no prob. If you dig the written character, save the dough. And the Zec is almost comical and how he “gets it” is poorly executed (pun intended). This movie is like a nerd trying to be cool. Some of us can pull it off, others can’t. You be the judge… or like Reacher add jury and executioner to the resume too.

    • I agree with your point that it doesn’t try to approach the lofty heights or serious tone as some other movies in the same genre. This one doesn’t really say anything big, which was a welcome relief.

      Except for that scene looking out the window at the office cleaner…that was weeeeeird.

  11. I loved this movie. It has its flaws but it is still solid. I have also read most of the Reacher books and while Cruise looks nothing like Jack he pulls it off; also the movie follows the book quite well though there are the few changes to the story that always happen. I was sold on the movie when the intro’d Reacher and the show a glimpse of him in his signature Hawaiian shirt and following his hobo ways. I think if you like the books and get get past Cruise, or at least give him the benefit of the doubt, you’ll enjoy the flick.

  12. I am a big Reacher fan. I was willing to give the movie a chance with Cruise instead of a big guy. However, the movie was very disappointing. The character portrayed in the movie was a typical dime store hero. Very mediocre. They just took Cruise, put him in an action movie with a big car chase and scary shoting scenes, and called it a day. No creativity.

    The sister was left out of the book. OK. The Pentagon ex-girlfriend was left out. OK. But how do you leave Ann Yanni out. How do you delete the car scene in the garage where Reacher scares her, or the alibi scene? How do you delete the scene where Reacher is being followed and he turns the tables.

    In fact, the entire ending was left out. The incredible “Go ahead and shot” “I’ll help you by counting to three”. That was the high point of the book. Instead, Cruise drives a car backwards into the trap where guys are shooting high powered guns at him. Great plan Reacher. No, let’s leave out his walking through the freezing water in the aquifur to avoid the thermal sensors as he approached the enemy house. His interaction with Marine Cash was an empty imitation, no “thanks for not mentioned your championship when I came in third…Don’t worry my competiton was lousy. These things made Reacher unique.

    Instead of the scenes which make Reacher great, we are left with a crazy car chase which was not even in the book. Sorry, but the movie loses credibility when 20 cops cars are avoided. There was no fight at Jeb’s Mother’s house…and the fight in the movie was a joke. Plus Reacher would never let a guy shoot at him and let him go. He does not leave “enemy ordinance” in the field. He would have at least broken the bad guy’s wrists. Also, Reacher would never throw his gun down at the end to personally beat the bad guy. He’s got nothing to prove and nobody to beat…he justs wins the fight as soon as possible. He would have shot the guy and that’s it.

    This movie was not about Reacher. It was about making a quick buck off Tom Cruise’s name.

    • Absolutely agree with this review. Did you spot Lee Child’s cameo role behind the counter – an Alfred Hitchcock reference?
      Tom Cruise does not cut it, and the opening scenes revealing that James Barr did NOT commit the crime, lost much of the tension that builds up in the book. Ann Yanni is also a central character in the book, as is Barr’s sister, and cutting out these characters was not good. Not good at all. That’s another thing we lost from the book. Reacher’s signature expressions. Bad move.

      If one had not read the book, then the movie probably does work as a stand alone piece of film making, but please, don’t let Tom Cruise take on further outings of Reacher. When you create a 6’5″ character weighing 250 pounds, a little guy just will not do. No matter how many dollars he brings to the table. There’s a New Zealand actor who’s appeared in Neighbours – he’d more than fit the bill. It’s not as if Reacher has to ACT much! His physical presence carries him through, just like the Dirty Harry character.

      So next time, Lee, get some more believable villains, don’t allow too much messing with the book, and DON’T use Tom Cruise again. Apart from that, it was perfect entertainment for Christmas in Dubai!

  13. I haven’t read the book but what was the motivation for the villains? Seems like a construction deal wasn’t enough to warrant killing so many people, turning a cop and risking their lives.

    • That’s my only real beef with the movie. The introduction of the Zec was great… But their motive just didn’t seem like enough.

      I didn’t get what made him pull the trigger on the Zec at the end? Maybe I didn’t hear the dialogue, but I thought that Helen was “in on it” for a second… Like she was put on hold with 911, and he turns around with a huge “Oh s***” look on his face. What was that?

      Last thing, I didn’t get the thing about the quarter at the end when he says “it was staring him in the face the whole time”. What was? The fact that the cop KNEW to look in the meter? Was that the crazy thing… Too perfect?

  14. I am a fan of the books so to speak, more so the character. This was the first Reacher book I read and almost did not go back to the series because i didn’t think it was all that good to worthy of the praise i had read for it. I kept up with the series due to boredom more than anything and found other books in the series that were much better storylines and the same great Reacher. When i saw that One Shot was going to be the movies basis and tom cruise was playing reacher i threw up my hands in exasperation. I ended up seeing the movie and it was true to the spirit of the books, save for the dropping of the gun for the fight at the end. The books are just fine for skeletons to build a movie on and One Shot was not memorable at all so the film was just fine for me. I still wish someone else would have played Reacher, but TC did well in the role and i would love to see them take on Killing Floor next.

  15. OK, never read the books, no preconceptions.

    Why does zec or whatever his name is say that it will be reachers word against his, when rosamund pike is sitting there to verify his story?

    I was sure at this point that she must also be in on it.

  16. Seems that I’m in the minority with this one, but I thought it was awful.

  17. I thought Cruise pulled of Reacher very well. Tried hard on the role and it paid off. Cinema was really getting in to it and although not the same as the books, still not a bad movie! Great starter of a franchise.

  18. I noticed the alleged sniper was tied up in the scene where the swat team burst into his place then you see the van and bullet machine. My hubby said he didn’t see it. I knew then he was innocent in the 1st 10 mins.

    • Tried to see this movie last night but had to walk out (I live in Connecticut-it’s only been a couple of weeks since the shooting, and it was very uncomfortable in the theatre with scared children being shot at on the screen).

      But, I’m curious as to what happens. Since this is a spoiler-welcome page, can someone give me the run-down? Obviously the sniper in custody was set up…someone above mentioned it had to do with a construction deal? Where the victims random, or perhaps after the construction woman getting the loan?

      And Mrs.–perhaps your husband missed the first scene where they show the sniper’s face before he starts shooting and it’s clearly different than the guy they pick up (he’s so handsome!). That’s the only reason why you know the guy in custody is innocent (of that particular crime). Was he, by any chance, innocent of the shooting of non-uniformed men in combat that Reacher tells us about? If not, are we really supposed to feel sorry for the guy?

      And I liked the blonde lady as the lawyer, but would she really run out of a house thinking she was going to get shot by a victim’s father and then have a heated conversation with her father right outside the guy’s door?? Not me, man, I’m outta there!

      Anyway, I left after the bar fight scene and during the close up, slow motion shots of people being randomly killed, with a mother running by holding a child desperately trying to get out of there. (don’t know if there are other flashbacks after that).

      And what was up with the cool aid jug shooting? Is there something to the fact that there were 6 shots and 5 dead, was it a cool-aid vendetta? Would the sharp shooter really miss?

      • I think Wiki has a good plot outline.

        The sniper was after the woman getting the loan, the rest were randoms to cover it up. It was some construction deal but I don’t get how important it was so that they would kill so many and even make a cop dirty (the investigating detective is in on it).

        As for the Kool-Aid shot, it was explained so that the police could recover a less damaged bullet to match the framed suspects. It was one of the cues that set off Reacher because a sniper doesn’t miss.

  19. I’m a faithful Lee child fan, and one shot is right where I stopped in the series, my goal was to read everything up to and including one shot before I saw the movie, and I had.
    I want to start by stating the obvious, “the book was better” line, however I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
    As …”short” as cruise stacks up physically to reacher, I think he pulled off the character perfectly. The attitude, confidence, and humor.
    I gave it 4/5 stars. I understand the story changes to adapt it to a movie, pittsburgh made sense. However leaving rosemary barr and anne yanny out, although it made sense for a movie, would’ve been better I think if they kept a bit tighter to the story with them. General hutton, eh I don’t miss her. But the manson scene is one of my favorite book endings. That would have been amazing to see, I believe.
    Still a very good movie though. It’s funny because out of the 150 oor so people in the theater, I could tell every one who read the book, and who didn’t, based on what they were saying.

  20. What is the significance of Jack Reacher buying clothes from a Value Village-type store and then dropping his purchases in a donation bin after paying for it?

    • May…he dropped his OLD clothes in the donation bin, not the new stuff.

    • That is a big part of Reacher’s character. He only keeps/carries what he needs. He did donate his old clothes. This scene actually sold me on the movie.

  21. I saw the movie with my dad last week and LOVED it! Tom Cruise is the perfect person to play Reacher.. He’s the perfect person to play in an action film. The movie was bloody brilliant and I hope there’s a sequel.

    • Are you kidding me. Have you even read ONE Child book? Heavens. What am I gonna do with you?

  22. Thank you. It solves the mystery to me.

  23. The action scenes were tight, but too much, for lack of a better word, misandry in this film made it impossible for me to enjoy it.

    I mean men are routinely depicted as cheaters, abusers, thugs, drug dealers, killers, rapists and even corrupt public figures and patronizing Fathers. When men die in the film, every effort seems to be put into the film in order to communicate the idea that we really don’t need to feel bad about those men dying…because they ALL seemed to have a backstory that made killing them okay.

    The irony is that the only time I really wanted to see a guy roughed up…was in the last scene…and the ending is only implied in that! Who knows…maybe an alternate ending/deleted scene where Reacher beats on the abuser?