‘Jack Reacher’ Sequel Unlikely to Happen

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cruise Jack Reacher Sequel Unlikely to Happen

Many assumed that last year’s Jack Reacher would be just another Tom Cruise blockbuster. After all, the star’s last leading role was in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which earned nearly $700 million at the worldwide box office.

The film is based on One Shot – the ninth novel in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series – and director Christopher McQuarrie had already discussed his plans for following the character into future films. However, with its current box office take, Jack Reacher may not end up even getting a sequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the fate of any potential Jack Reacher follow-up depends on how the film performs in “key Asian territories.” It has yet to open in nations like Korea, Japan and China, and Paramount is reportedly waiting to see if the film earns $250 worldwide before green-lighting a sequel.

cruise21 570x317 Jack Reacher Sequel Unlikely to Happen

Thus far in its run, Jack Reacher has brought in $153 million worldwide, with only a $72.6 million domestic gross. With a modest budget of $60 million, the film will certainly see a profit, but has yet to establish itself as a credible long-term investment for Paramount and co-financer Skydance Productions.

This all begs the question of why the film failed to find an audience this holiday season. The most likely answer is that it simply got lost in the shuffle of a crowded period that included the release of more hotly anticipated films like Django Unchained, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Les Miserables. It probably didn’t help that the film hit theaters at the same time as marketing for Cruise’s next vehicle – this April’s sci-fi actioner Oblivion (in which the actor also plays an action hero named Jack) – began to heat up.

Given this latest news, are you disappointed that Jack Reacher 2 is unlikely to happen? Or would you rather Cruise focus on Mission: Impossible 5 instead? Sound off:

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Stay tuned to Screen Rant for further developments on the progress (or lack thereof) of a Jack Reacher sequel.


Source: THR

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  1. Wouldn’t say it failed to find an audience,it’s just a matter of measure !
    Movie was good,and a lot of people watched and liked it ! But yeah,some greedy people never have enough,its all about money !

  2. Movie wasn’t a hit because the movie just looked…. Blah. One Shot is a much better title. Second the trailer didn’t do anything to separate itself from all the other plain Jain action movies. What was the difference between this and shooter or Bourne or the other 1,000 movies I can compare it to. And Luke warm response from critics didn’t help it either.

    • @jQ

      I know you are talking about how the commercials and trailers made it look and not about the films themselves, but regarding the film, it’s very different from Shooter or Bourne. Shooter had a lot of technical details on long-range shooting correct, but the whole over-the-top conspiracy theory plot was pretty poorly thought-out in my opinion. I know Reacher had a conspiracy within it as well, but it was far more believable and far better executed than Shooter in my opinion. And with Bourne, those movies are all flash no substance in my opinion. The fighting was fake, the plot was unbelievable, the action was too Hollywood, basically, it was all drama and nothing based in reality unlike Jack Reacher which, in my opinion, had its feet firmly planted in the ground and seemed like something that could actually happen. Nobody had magical powers to beat people up with one hit or perform any other crazy super-human feats…

  3. I loved the movie. Definitely one of my favorite movies of the year. Incredible car chase, incredible detail in the guns and the effort that go into long-range shooting, and finally a crime thriller where the details really mattered and were actually very accurate. I hate watching a movie where investigators or law enforcement talk about a case but half of the things they talk about are wrong and inaccurate… A lot of thought really went into the investigation process in this movie and I really appreciated that attention to detail. And of course the humor was great, especially Robert Duvall. If they do have a sequel he better be in it…

    • If its a true sequel, as in from another book, then he wont be in it. Very few characters are in 2 books.

      • Very few characters are in 2 books? You must not read very much, because your comment is wrong. There are very many book series, very popular books in fact, that span over multiple books with the same characters. Not trying to be a troll but this comment was so blatantly false, I had to issue a response.

        • EH, what Mcshea meant was there isn’t a lot of character cross over in the Lee Child – Jack Reacher book series. Out of 20 some books, maybe 3 characters reoccur and it’s not with any regularity. He’s a drifter that just goes town to town and coincidentally finds trouble (a lot). You can’t expect Robert DuVall to show up in Pittsburgh, small town North Dakota and then small town North Carolina. Wouldn’t happen. All reoccurring roles are military related.

        • @EH

          Yah, I was going to say the same thing Capcity Adam said. I think you simply misunderstood what Mcshea meant EH. :-)

    • I went to the theater to watch another movie but since it was sold out I saw Reacher instead. I do not regret it. I was pretty shocked how much I enjoyed this film. I hope they make another one. One thing I liked was in the fight scene in the end they were actually getting tired. I hate movies where there’s a fight scene for like 10 mins people getting tossed through walls and falling and they aren’t even winded. Just my two cents.

      • @Papa

        Yah, this movie I was impressed with their attention to details such as what you mentioned. But there were a lot of details that most movies would completely neglect…

  4. I would like to see both JR 2 and M:I 5. and i dont see why it wont get a sequel, it has almost tripled its budget which, last time i check, was well into the profit territory. If they can do something with the sequel to make it stand out more I dont see why a sequel wouldnt do well either.

  5. As an impartial movie-goer I really liked this movie and think Tom Cruise did well in this role. I don’t understand why people seemingly protest his films because of his recent publicity issues and I’m sad that good films are suffering because of it.

  6. Jack Reacher was fantastic but I think I would only want a sequel if Chris McQuarrie returned to write and direct. Can’t wait for the Bluray to come out though. :)

  7. I just think that the movie came out a bad time, that’s all

    • @Norrin Radd: Agreed! Bad timing and I would say the trailers ‘undersold’ the crime drama that played out on the silver screen.

  8. It seems like the problem with the film was that it “appeared” to be another James Bond spy type movie which came out right after Skyfall… not to mention, not everyone want to pay 12 bucks to see Tom Cruise. It will be interesting to see how well it does on DVD/BluRay and rents tho.

    • @Your Mom: I have seen the trailer a dozen times and I didn’t get that this movie was a spy movie….I say it more like a Walking Tall, Billy Jack kind of movie.

      I believe the movie struggled in the box office because of the timing of its release and it is kinda hard to compete with the Hobbit and Les Mis and Daniel Craig as 007.

      If they had waited to release it right about now it would have seen better numbers in the box office IMHO.

  9. I thought JR was great, which was a very pleasant surprise after watching the uninspiring trailer about half a dozen times. I’m glad I gave it a shot, and I’d very much like to see a sequel. Mission Impossible is another story altogether: I’m ready for that franchise to be laid to rest after the last outing. I was terribly unimpressed with the movie. In fact, I’m having a hard time remembering any key plot points. The one thing that comes to mind is how much I think that Renner was miscast and that he gets way too much work in Hollywood.

  10. I think this failed to live up to its full potential for a variety of reasons, but the main one being: In the Jack Reacher novels, the main character is tall and very imposing (6′ 5″ tall with a 50-inch chest and weighing in at about 250 pounds). This is in total contrast to the movie though, in which they got Tom Cruise standing 5′ 7″ tall and weighing in at about 150 pounds, to play the part. It seems to me they could have found someone more fitting for the role rather than grabbing someone for the sole purpose of having their name in the credits. I am a fan of Lee Child and his Jack Reacher novels, but, because of the choice to use self-proclaimed superhero, Tom Cruise as the main character for the movie, I have no desire to see this, or any other movie to follow.

    • I couldn’t say it better myself. This movie looks like another Tom Cruise ego trip…why would I want to pay to see that?

    • My Wife, Loves Lee Child, and she is into that genre in books. She has red the entire Tom Clancy series of books, more so than me. When she found out Tom Cruise was playing Jack Reacher, she was livid

      • Definitely one of the worst casting decisions I have ever seen – The leading lady is a foot taller than Jack! I’ll wait for the DVD.

      • @Jeff W

        Well, that’s expected from your wife, but not from you…

        • @Ken J


          • :P

            Although I take it back after reading what Unscholastic critic wrote. If his size was really such an important factor in the books, I guess I can see how it can bother you. But I still think if you can somehow forget that part and just watch the movie for what it is, you’ll really enjoy it.

    • I think this comment is key, plus the ones about the film being a bit so-so and not standing out from the crowd.

      Lee Child had a large fan base ready to get excited about the movie and give it some presence in the marketplace. By allowing the stupid casting of Cruise (which he technically had no control over, but both he and Cruise acknowledged that the casting choice would *not* have proceeded without his blessing), he insulted those same fans. Their annoyance and continued outcry, which appears to have led to reduced ticket sales and buzz around the movie, is a pretty just reward.

      Maybe the good outcome from Cruise enabling any movie of the Reacher series to be made, is that in some years’ time another studio or director will make a movie of another of the books with a properly cast protagonist.

    • I am just curious, which seasoned actor would fit the bill of 6’5, 50 inch chest and 250 lbs?

      I am no Tom Cruise fan and agree that he doesn’t fit the build of the characters stature.

      I saw the film and it was excellent and I will own it when it comes out on Blu-ray.

      I will say this for Cruise, what he lacked in stature he made up for in acting chops.

      • I agree, it isn’t such a huge deal imo that he didnt look exactly like the character in the books. I saw this movie, expecting another boring Cruise action movie and I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this one.

      • Why does there have to be a well known actor out there placed in the role? There’s nothing wrong with casting a relative unknown who can portray the role and then doing some smart, creative marketing for the movie, rather than casting a known actor who doesn’t fit the bill for the character and marketing the movie around his name.

        • @Dani: I agree there is nothing wrong with casting an ‘relative unknown’. I also think that you want the best actor possible to play a certain role too. What Cruise lacks in stature he make up for in acting ability. I think Tom in his personal life is certainly weird but so are most Hollywood actors so in a weird way it’s a wash.

          Like I asked before name the guys you would have like to see play the role of Jack Reacher. You won’t find that many 6ft 5 guys in Hollywood that can actually act.

            • @ramona

              I don’t think they would have hired Brad Pitt for the role. Mainly for the fact that he isn’t good at weapons handling. From any movie Pitt has been in with weapons, he’s pretty typical of a Hollywood actor and doesn’t compare to Tom Cruise. And while with most action movies that isn’t so important, I could tell the makers of this one are shooters and care a lot about the accuracy of how guns are portrayed in this movie. I guess they can train Pitt, but Tom Cruise is already practically a weapons expert thanks to Michael Mann and the movie Collateral…

      • One word; Hemsworth.

        • @EH: Hemsworth?! Hemsworth DOES NOT have the acting chops of Tom Cruise. Hemsworth is decent but can he really be the lead in crime drama shoot em up flick? At this stage in his career, I would say NO.

          Go see the film and then tell me what’s up.

        • One word: wrong! Hemsworth? Hemsworth?! The guy’s practically a teenager, and you think he can pull off Reacher? Get serious.

    • @Scholastic Critic: I thought the same way you did about the casting, but I have to say it was far better than I imagined and in fact is the best movie out right now in terms of a true crime drama with a few nice twist and turns which I suspect are from the book.

      You have to see this movie if you are a fan of good cinema. But in understand in principle what you are saying.

      • @vegabomber

        I think that the casting actually makes more sense than the way the book describes it. Seriously, if he was 6’5″, would some hot-shot in a bar really pick a fight with him?? It makes sense for someone with Tom Cruise’s stature that these people would think they have an easy fight ahead of them…

        In my opinion, Tom Cruise nailed the role. I couldn’t care less how the book described the character physically. He played the role and played the role well. That’s far more important in my book. But some people seem to care more about physical appearance. Maybe they should have hired a pro-wrestler for the role. Yah, then it would have been awesome…

        • Well said. I didn’t read the book(s) and had no knowledge of what I was *supposed* to see on screen. I thought Cruise’s casting was perfect, and I’m no fan of Cruise (I thought the last MI movie was terrible, btw). In fact, I can’t remember that last movie where I really enjoyed Cruise’s performance. Maybe Collateral, and maybe that was because in it he played the perfect “anti-Cruise”.

        • @Ken J: I think we are in agreement. You have to remember that the people who are all put off by it haven’t seen the movie like you and I have so that’s why it is easy for them to say what they are saying.

          I agree Tom diminutive stature actually makes more sense that he would get into more trouble because everyone underestimates him. Who doesn’t like to see the underdog win anyway?

          Jack Reacher = good cinema!

    • You must be a girl if you let something like his physical height be the deciding factor in whether or not you liked it… Even the author himself have said that the height is actually not really important in a physical sense, but more in a symbolic sense…

      • @KenJ, this is a fairly unique situation which is why the outcry has been so sustained.

        Lee Child writes Reacher’s size into the heart of his books. It is mentioned continually. How he can’t find decent clothes to fit. How he fits in around furniture, cars etc. How people react to him. How it affects his physical movement. How he plans his fights (which Child details carefully, and I think the movie may do a good job of showing that side). It goes on and on. There is not a chapter that doesn’t have one if not many references.

        It is because fans have been hammered with this information time and time and time and time again that the movie is wearing the backlash. Lee Child could not have set up the discord more carefully between book-Reacher and movie-Reacher.

        For non-book readers it seems that it is a good movie. Not great, but good.

        For readers, Lee Child has made it very very difficult to accept a breathy/honey voiced short man with cheesy good looks to play reacher.

        We’re not trying to be mean. This is the inevitable consequence of how Child wrote the books. It’s a testament to his writing. But not his love of money.

        • @Unscholastic critic

          Alright, fair point. I didn’t realize it was such an important part of the story. But even so, I think if you would watch the movie without that viewpoint you’ll enjoy the movie for what it was. Imagine if Dirty Harry was based on a novel (not sure if it was or not) but they got the facts about his appearance wrong, does that make Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry any less of a movie or a character?

          But again, I watched the movie without reading the books. So without any of these expectations, I really enjoyed the movie and found the attention to detail in the movie was great and the humor was very good as well, especially Robert Duvall’s character…

          • @ Ken J, in return, I will be on a long haul flight next month and on the basis that I will not be putting ticket money into supporting the movie, I will watch it. My objection really is specific to the casting. I read the Bourne books, which I found increasingly poorly written, and thought the movies a huge improvement on the books! So I can live with wholesale changes for the screen. I enjoyed the Daniel Craig movies a lot while also thinking he is a total disaster casting wise, as Bond should not look like a working class street fighter. But that is personal opinion, as there is nothing written about Bond that renders his casting ridiculous, and some written that supports it. But TC was too much for many Reacher fans, because the physical is so central.

            I do expect to find the movie enjoyable. Just not right! And by the way, I am literally a girl for finding TC’s casting offputting!

    • Agree 100%, big fan of Childs books and having someone the size of Cruise play Reacher doesn’t seem right. Wonder if the person in charge of casting, director and producer even bothered to read the book and marry it up to the script. I mean come, there are so many other decent actors that are closer in size and demeanor why pick Cruise? Clive Owen, Gerald Butler, Hugh Jackman and Dwayne Johnson just to name a few.

  11. Well truth be known, Jack Reacher is not the stature of Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise just not that intimidating. If you are a fan of the Reacher Novels then you know, Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher. Some people tend to want their heroes to be close to the source material

    Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible franchise, I can relate and like, Jack Reacher, no. Not even in the same arena.

    • @Jeff

      Well, I’m glad I never read the novels then, so I was able to enjoy the movie for what it was instead of being all girlish and letting his physical traits be the deciding factor in whether or not I enjoyed the movie.

      I wonder how believable it would have been for some 6’5″ guy to have random thugs in a bar pick a fight with him… In real life, when there’s an argument between someone and a 6’5″ dude, the argument ends verbally. If the guy was Tom Cruise’s size, that’s when the whole “let’s take this outside” business happens. People pick fights they think they can win, nobody picks a fight with someone a foot taller than them…

      • @Ken J

        Actually, “Liquid Courage” always gives people the ability to pick fights with people twice their size.

        I like to go to bars, and watch football games. sometimes there are a group of friends who start it like this.

        “Dude, I bet you 20 bucks, you would not go pick a fight with that guy, or grab his wife on her behind, or insult them.”

        “DUDE YA ON!”

        Next thing you know, he is pacing back and forth sizing me up, and one to many drinks..I walk away from people like that, because there is nothing for me to prove, but I have seen people who should not pick fights with Kindergartners start one with flat out hardcore Marines.

        • @Jeff: LOL! You act as if the scenario you described is the rule and not the exception. I believe Ken’s point is well taken, most people are not going to bars picking fights with people who they believe can kick their @ss.

          “Liquid courage” leads to getting your @ss kicked when fighting sober people who are trained to kill.

  12. It’s time to get out of the comfort zone & find a truly original script/premise; avoid the comic book genre altogether.

  13. Kinda sucks that earning $12million more domestically than its budget means it was a failure.

    I guess that’s the one major thing I hate about Hollywood, they make great movies like Jack Reacher and Dredd but because they didn’t make a certain amount at the US box office, it’s considered bad enough to not warrant a sequel even if the rest of the world loved the movie and helped make it a high grossing flick.

    It’s about time the studios got their heads out of the sand and realised that there’s an entire world beyond the Staples Center out there.

    • A movie has to earn more than twice it’s budget to break even. If it doesn’t, then it has lost money. That’s why a movie earning only $12 million more than its $60 million budget is considered a failure. It had to earn about $140-150 million (once you factor in promotional expense) before it made a profit. It barely did that internationally.

      • @jetgyro: Last I heard the movie is still in the theaters so I’m not so sure we can say it is a failure yet. Besides it hasn’t opened in Korean, China etc. yet!

        • plus it has grossed more than 150 worldwide which is more than twice its budget so im sure they are making good profit. less than 30 million more and it will have TRIPLED its budget. now if that doesnt warrent a sequel i dont know what does.

    • amen

  14. I’m totally uninterested in anything Cruise does. I just don’t like the man. Wonder how many people his daft Scientology antics have alienated?

  15. I saw this movie back in December on a weeknight, no less, where there was still a packed theater. It was enjoyable and, though I respect the source material, I didn’t mind seeing Cruise in the role. That said, he often seemed like he was doing a Jethro Gibbs impersonation. The supporting cast of actors were quite good, it’s a shame the studio has placed such drastic profits upon the first outing when it’s much more clever than several of the popular franchises out there these days.

  16. Typo in your article: If Paramount only wanted $250 worldwide they’d have got it by now.

  17. If Hollywood would get on board with providing new releases on demand I’m sure they would see more revenue.

  18. there is only one reason why this movie failed to break out big. and that is: it looked like a generic action movie. and then got reviews calling it just that.

    tom cruise being in it is the sole reason why it even grossed as much as it did.

    saying that it hasn’t taken off because cruise isn’t 6’5, with a 50 inch chest, at 250 pounds is ridiculous. why? because frankly, most people haven’t even heard of the book, let alone read it.

    this isn’t me taking a jab at the book. i have read it. and i have enjoyed it. but these are the cold hard facts.

    the movie didn’t get big because it looked generic. but didn’t bomb because tom cruise is a big name.

    • in case someone mentions: rock of ages bombed even with cruise in it.

      yes it did, but that film was geared towards a niche audience.

      action movies are a different story with a much larger potential audience, not to mention it is the genre cruise is famous for. so bringing up rock of ages in discussions about cruise’s (action) bankability, is really like comparing apples & oranges.

  19. This movie sucked from the start. I got free tickets or else I wouldn’t have gone. There is no way they can make a sequel to this mess. Just watch any other Tom Cruise movie, and bam, there’s your sequel. He plays the same guy in every movie, only now all the characters are starting to have the same names. This is just another Tom Cruise bomb!

  20. I’d LOVE a sequel…only not with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. As a fervent Jack Reacher fan for YEARS, I could only stand to watch about 20 minutes of the film before I had to leave in disgust – and before it totally ruined my love of the Jack Reacher novels. I could never enjoy them again if I had to picture Tom Cruise in the role. He was eminently unsuited for the role (and 90% of the book fans agree with me)…let us have someone else, someone bigger, stronger, bulkier, more menacing and intimidating, and we (the fans) will help make that sequel successful.

    • @Jae

      Oh well, your loss, the movie was awesome and I was glad I was able to enjoy it without having the novel get in the way. I saw it twice I liked it so much, and all of my friends also agreed that it was an awesome movie. Too bad you were not able to look past physical appearance to enjoy the movie.

    • Agree with Jae. Tom Cruise is NOT Jack REacher. I can’t believe Lee Child either approved the choice or defended his selection. Cruise’s ego makes him think he can play anything, but Child should have known better.

  21. Obviously you have never read a Jack Reacher novel, or heard the flak over casting the diminutive Tom Cruise as the 6’5″ Reacher. This would be like casting Larry the Cable Guy as Sherlock Holmes. The lousy casting kept away just about any true fans of the REAL Jack Reacher. And we feel like the author sold out.

  22. Would love to see further movies of Jack Reacher but having seen Gerard Butler in Olympus has Fallen he would portray a better Jack Reacher. More nearer physical to novels character than Tom Cruise

  23. Ok, I didn’t go see this movie in the theater but waited for Redbox. I only rented it because i have seen all the other movies and the fact Tom Cruise was in it didn’t help but i needed a movie to watch. I have not been a cruise fan for a long time, but after watching this movie i am back…and i want more Jack Reacher. This movie was great. I have no clue about its release date or who in competed with or anything about who the Jack Reacher Character was…but after seeing it…all i could say was that I wanted more Jack Reacher. What a great Character and what a great story…and Tom Cruise knows how to act…I thought he did an amazing job…no overacting like i am used to from him. He nailed it perfectly…i was impressed big time.

  24. Obviously you have never read a Jack Reacher novel, or heard the flak over casting the diminutive Tom Cruise as the 6’5″ Reacher. This would be like casting Larry the Cable Guy as Sherlock Holmes. The lousy casting kept away just about any true fans of the REAL Jack Reacher. And we feel like the author sold out.

  25. “Obviously you have never read a Jack Reacher novel, or heard the flak over casting the diminutive Tom Cruise as the 6’5″ Reacher. This would be like casting Larry the Cable Guy as Sherlock Holmes. The lousy casting kept away just about any true fans of the REAL Jack Reacher. And we feel like the author sold out.”


  26. Two words: Ray Stevenson. What would you think of him being cast as Jack Reacher? He has the size, the looks and attitude etc. Based on his stint in Dexter he also has the acting and action chops. Thoughts? Don’t leave me hanging!!!

  27. I do not disagree with some of the good casting suggestions. I have read all of the Jack Reacher novels thus far, without fail and sometimes more than once.
    My completely uncalled for, uneducated opinion is to cast Chance Kelly as Reacher. Not only does he have the acting ability (opinion) but also appears to possess the physicality and physical description as well. His character, serial killer Kyle Marsden in Law and Order, season 15, episode 3 (‘The Brotherhood’) was spot on cornering that dark sde that Reacher posseses. If you get a moment, pull up that episode and watch the interaction between his character and the Judge, played by Candice Bergen. Frightening.
    Just an idea.

    • Looks good to me. Now if the powers that be will make another Reacher movie — this time WITHOUT Tom Thumb. I just looked up Kelly. 6 ft. 4 and 235, with attitude. I’ve seen several good suggestions. And Lee Child said there was no one who could play the big guy. Huh.