Jack Black Talks Being Cast as Kyle Rayner in ‘Green Lantern’ Comedy

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jack black talks green lantern comedy role Jack Black Talks Being Cast as Kyle Rayner in Green Lantern Comedy

Come June 2011, Green Lantern will hit movie theaters with action, bombast and millions of dollars worth of green special effects. Sadly, it’s only the third DC superhero property to be adapted to the big screen as a major, semi-serious blockbuster – the other two being Batman and Superman, obviously – but it almost didn’t happen that way.

In fact, in 2006, Warner Bros. wanted to make an insanely different sort of Green Lantern film. Whereas the most recent trailer for GL was criticized far and wide for its over reliance on cracking jokes (a la Iron Man and its sequel), the version from a few years back, which would’ve starred Jack Black, would’ve been all about cracking jokes.

Jack Black was cast to play artist Kyle Rayner as opposed to test pilot Hal Jordan, who, in the comics, became Earth’s Green Lantern after Jordan sort of went crazy and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps. The screenplay was to be written by Robert Smigel, famous for his SNL TV Funhouse shorts, which probably would’ve made it a lot like The Ambiguously Gay Duo. Or something?

Jack Black talked to MTV Splashpage about the once-upon-a-role, but seemed somewhat reluctant to do so. Check out the video below:

It’s better this way, Jack Black – better than being loathed by every Green Lantern fan on the face of the planet.

Usually, I’m all for comic book adaptations being utterly unlike the source material they were derived from, especially after a fairly faithful first effort. For example, not only do I love Batman Returns, which is basically the darkest, weirdest, and most entertaining Tim Burton film ever (guest-starring Batman), but I also would’ve loved to see Burton’s strange-as-hell Lite-Brite iteration of the man of steel, otherwise known as Superman Lives.

However, a full-on comedic Green Lantern film starring Jack Black – probably making fart joke after fart joke after fat joke after fat joke – would’ve been downright infuriating. Maybe that’s just because I’m a massive fan of Green Lantern and have been for going on two decades, but there’s something about that equation that just offends me to my very core. I just can’t help it!

jack black as kyle rayner green lantern Jack Black Talks Being Cast as Kyle Rayner in Green Lantern Comedy

Thankfully, it offended almost everybody on the internet to his or her very core, too, because the fan backlash to this idea was so harsh that Warner Bros. decided to scrap it immediately. Now, instead, we have Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Mark Strong. Only time will tell if it’s a worthy adaptation.

Green Lantern hits theaters July 17th, 2011. Gullivers Travel’s, starring Jack Black, hits theaters December 25th, 2010.

Source: MTV Splashpage

Header image from Green Lantern: Reborn, drawn by Ethan Van Sciver

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  1. That…. would’ve been bad.

  2. Would of been bad, but we already have a comedic GL it’s not like it would of been that much different. Only difference is that this GL comedy at least has a decent actor rather than that the awful Jack Black. Other than that no really a difference it’s already a comedy I suspect the script is mostly the same.

    • I’ve read the current GL Script, it’s going to be a lot darker than you think.
      But I agree about Jack Black, how he keeps getting work is totally beyond me.

      • Sorry Sam, but I don’t buy it. I know who Reynolds is as an actor and I’ve already seen the trailer. It’s so much of a comedy the entire film is a big joke.

        • That was only a few scenes within a 2.5 mins trailer. Guessing the movie’s screen time would be just about over 2.5hrs for the most.Besides there was an inkling of seriousness in it as well.

    • Well the Green Lantern isn’t as popular as Superman or Batman. They need comedy to draw people in.

  3. There has already been a comedic green lantern, starring Duck Dodgers, and it was damn brilliant. It’s included on the “First Flight” DVD from DC Animated. From wikipedia :
    “On the animated TV series Duck Dodgers, the episode entitled “The Green Loontern” includes appearances by many members of the Green Lantern Corps. In this episode, a mixup at the dry cleaners results in Dodgers (Daffy Duck) getting Hal Jordan’s outfit and ring. Filmmaker and comics fan Kevin Smith provided the voice of Jordan for this cameo. Other Green Lanterns that appear in this episode are Kilowog (voiced by John DiMaggio), Katma Tui (voiced by Tara Strong), Boodikka (voiced by Grey DeLisle), Ch’p (voiced by Frank Welker), and Sinestro (voiced by John DeLancie), as well as nonspeaking appearances by John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and Alan Scott.”

    • Aw man I forgot about that Duck Dodgers cartoon and I remember that Green Loontern episode,great stuff.

  4. Bullet dodged. I love Green Lantern, but I can’t stand Jack Black (or anyone else in who starred in Bio-dome. Even if it was just a cameo) most of the time. The only time he hasn’t annoyed me was with ‘King Kong’ (yes, I liked him in that role), and Kung-fu Panda.

    • I think he was funny in Tropic Thunder as well.

      • Yeah, I very much enjoyed his character in Tropic Thunder. He was awesome.

        • I have the movie and haven’t watched it yet..

          • lol me 2 ive had the movie for over a year and still haven’t watched it

  5. The comedy doesn’t bother me at all. I really don’t see the problem everyone is getting or not understanding.
    I know Green Lantern is suppose to be taken serious, but he is learning to become a Green Lantern and so I believe by the end of the movie he won’t be cracking jokes at Sinestro.
    Plus I think we can use a laugh here and there during the movie.

  6. Wow. If that had made it to the big screen, it would’ve been a LONG time before a studio would’ve ventured a real GL movie.

  7. Jack Black would have set GL to the back burner for DECADES before a proper movie would have been made. The man is an awful, awful, AWFUL actor-even Seth Rogen is better. I am SO glad that this was never made; now I just wish that Jack Black would never make another movie.

    • I generally don’t like Jack Black’s films (though I DID enjoy “School of Rock” and “Kung Fu Panda”), and he would have made a HORRIBLE Green Lantern.

      That said, he will NEVER be as bad as Seth Rogen…!

  8. Jack Black can be somewhat entertaining but I agree that he wasn’t right for this.

  9. Just think that if the jack Black movie would have been made we may have been denied the outstanding Sinestro Corps & Blackest Night story lines that have come out the past years. There may have been a deal struck to keep the book lighter.
    Also, I have quit coming to this site multiple times a day because of your commercial that I have to watch. I have cut to once a day and sometimes not at all.

  10. If he were playing Guy Gardiner I could believe that more than this..I like Rayner’s character in the books and am glad Johns didn’t kill him off when he brought Jordan back…C’mon..Black would make the Gardiner character annoying enough to make it as annoying as the books..

    • Greenknight now I’m sorry, but no one could be as annoying as Guy is in the comics lol no actor could pull off that… Maybe that dude from Twilight lol he’s the only person both annoying enough and tool-y enough for the part lol.

      In seriousness though I’ve always seen Guy as a straight faced very little laughing kind of guy. He has a massive ego and an inferiority complex and he is straight up crazy but no really funny. I’d probably give the part to a straight face actor who is fine with not talking much like Jason S from the Transporter films. He’s fairly low key and kinda looks like Guy.

      I still Think Nathan Fillion and David Borianaz would of been best for Hal and for Kyle I think the new Spiderman would of been a good fit Andrew Garfield fits Kyle decently well. He has that awkward unsure of him self young kid look and that’s kind of what Kyle was in the beginning.

      John Stewart I don’t know who I would cast. Common really looks the part, but isn’t a good enough actor. They would probably just give it to Will Smith lol

      For me Hal and John are my faves. I could only just barely tolerate Kyle and I mean barely and I hated Guy with a passion.

      • I liked them all and they all have their merits..Idris Elba would make a good John Stewart I think..Kyle’s history in the comics is just the worse luck of almost any of the Lanterns and he endured(thanks to the writers :) ).. I really like Guy too…big mouth and arrogant but has a big heart…

        • GL would be a lot higher on my list if I liked Kyle and Guy, but I just can’t each for their own reasons.

          However, I’ll see this probably my Fave guy moment is when he’s The Warrior (I think that’s what he starts calling him self) anyway hes going off about something and Batman just looks at him and he shuts up and cowers in fear lol then they flash back to a moment in the watch tower where he is talking trash and Batman knocks him out. Can’t remember the story it’s packed a way, but it was somewhere in the 96-2006 run think it was one of Grant’s books.

          • Yeah I remember that…Bats can intimidate the best of them..I remember during Hal Jordan’s come back he punches Batman in the face and in a later issue Batman returns the favour in kind..That’s why Bats is one of my faves because he is NOT intimidated by any of the big guns and as a regular guy he IS one of the biggest guns..

            • Actually in one of the recent Green Lantern Corps issues Kyle, Kilowog and John still give Guy a hard time about it..he brushes them off by saying it was BATMAN and that he’d like to see how they would “handle” Batman

              • In the last issue of GL Corps I just read Kyle got his @$$ kicked in a fist fight with Sinestro..Kyle was actually shocked Sinestro was able to do it and then Sinestro makes a comment about Rayner being no Jordan

                • Green Lantern Corps has lost some of its quality since Peter Tomasi left for Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, which is pretty awesome, in my opinion.

      • John makes a cameo in the GL movie. He and Hal get into a barfight,same as in the comics. Hopefully they’ll use that guy.

        • I’d love to hear how you know that for a fact.

      • @Daniel…

        A few years ago, Michael Dorn would have been perfect as John Stewart.

        • That is very true!

  11. “There’s about 12 seconds of humor in a 2 and a half minute trailer! That’s enough for me to make a judgment about the movie as a whole; it’s a comedy! BURN RYAN REYNOLDS AT THE STAKE!!! RAWR!”

    I just don’t understand people these days.

    As for Jack Black…bullet dodged.

    • Ditto.

  12. I look forward to the Green Lantern movie and will laugh when everyone actually says “I take it back, the trailer was the only thing that sucked but that movie was great!” People are naive in thinking Ryan Reynolds will mess up the movie because he’s only a comedic actor. If you think that, then you obviously only watch Van Wilder. He has been in serious movies and action movies and the guy is a great serious actor. I think he’s a perfect choice for Hal.

    • Agreed!!

    • Daft actually he hasn’t been in very many serious movies at all. I can think of two and only one of them was any good. The majority of time he only does comedy because that’s his preferred.

      However, I actually like Reynolds as an actor and despite the fact that he was wrong for this part I think he’s pretty good at what he does and I know he can do serious, but clearly doesn’t like to very much and is VERY CLEARLY not doing a serious role here. They wrote the script almost as if it caters to Ryans preferred style which means GL Is just a joke to them.

  13. If everybody thinks Ryan Reynolds is not a serious actor then go watch Buried that will change the way you think about him, I mean you can’t judge the movie just by it’s trailer I don’t have a problem with this movie at all.

    • I don’t think anyone is really question Ryan Reynolds ability to be a serious actor. The issue is that he appears, in the trailer, to be just playing ‘Ryan Reynolds.’

      • Is that worse than George Clooney being George Clooney in Batman& Robin lol

        • I don’t know how comparing Green Lantern to one of the worst superhero movies ever is supposed to make me feel any better?

  14. This just furthers the stereotype that Jack Black is funny…

  15. You ALL need to just RELAX! Firstly, you need take in what RR said about the role, he likened it to who? HAN SOLO. Han was funny/sarcastic in most trailer footage but in the movie balanced it well. Ryan has been able to be full on goofy/sarcastic while also being balanced. Secondly, look who is DIRECTING the movie. Again.. James Bond had its funny/sarcastic moments but was fully balanced in action and drama. Of course the FIRST trailer of the movie is ONLY going to draw the “WHAT IS GREEN LANTERN” type in.. I’m MORE then sure the SECOND and THIRD and FORTH trailers will be designed and targeted to “US” comic book folk and to “US” action folk etc etc. So take a pill, realize this movie is MONTHS and MONTHS away and stop bashing something that isn’t even completed yet.

    That is all

  16. I think I read somewhere that the idea with the Jack Black lantern was to do a rip off of Jim Carrys The Mask. Green mask, powers that let him do all kind of goofy sight gags, physical comedian in the role. Gotta be a hit right? That’s the way these guys think. Why do something original when you can rip off something that’s already been successful.

  17. Might have worked if Jack had played Guy Kyle really wasn’t a comedic Lantern. Had some snappy comebacks.

    So who’d play John Stewart. Wayne Brady? Will Wayne Brady have to Ring a….. Hehe