It’s Not Star Trek 11 – It’s Star Trek ZERO

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star trek sci fi mag Its Not Star Trek 11   Its Star Trek ZEROSci Fi Magazine interviewed Star Trek 11 writer Roberto Orci and executive producer Bryan Burk in their latest issue, and there was much pre-damage control directed at long time fans of the franchise.

The upshot is that their idea is to do a completely fresh take on Star Trek while being faithful to 40 years of established continuity (or as fans like to say: “canon”). Once again they reiterated that the goal is to bring non-Trek fans into the world of Kirk and company.

And speaking of Kirk… they continue (at this point, unbelievably) to state that they are still trying to find a way to work Bill Shatner into the movie. I find it unbelievable at this late date due to the fact that they’ve announced that the script is locked plus there’s this pesky thing going on called a writers’ strike which does not allow any changes to be made to the script.

Along the lines of their reboot idea, Orci stated:

“One of the things we fought for is that it not be called Star Trek 11. Because even if you were a fan back then or you haven’t seen the last few [movies], with that title you might think it’s like tuning in to Lost now and that you’ll never catch up. So it’s so important to get out the message that this, in a way, is Star Trek Zero. It’s a reintroduction. We designed it so that if you know everything about Star Trek you will have one kind of an experience, because you will pick up on all kinds of references. But if you are not a fan, those things will be an introduction, and it won’t require you to know anything.”

I continue to be cautiously optimistic about this film, however I realize that I will have to keep a very open mind about what they will be doing to classic Trek. Maybe I’ve mellowed with age, or maybe it’s just that the franchise has been driven into the ground with each new movie/TV show being worse than the last.

Either way I think I’m actually ready for a fresh take on my favorite franchise of all time.

For more details from the interview head on over to TrekWeb (the Sci Fi link is a subscription page).

Sources: Sci Fi Magazine via TrekWeb

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  1. This is,IMO,good news. I think it’s great that they’re starting from scratch,as opposed to building on to the already overwelming (IMO) continuity. I can’t wait to see this film,I’m very excited about this one. I just REALLY hope the Enterprize DOESN’T look like crap. :-D

    Doesn’t the trailer debut before “Cloverfield”?

  2. Yup, the trailer will debut ahead of “Cloverfield.”


  3. Well there you go, if it is a complete reboot, they don’t need to have the same Enterprise do they?

  4. I don’t know, this all sound very familiar. Like I’ve heard this all before from the same writers. Oh, right, I have. Right before Transformers.

    Somebody, please, shut them up, before I decide the only way I’ll go see this movie is with free passes. Every single time they speak, I lose more hope for this movie.

    Maybe I should just learn from my mistakes, give up all hope now, and realize these guys are completely screwing up my second favorite franchise of all time just like they did my favorite earlier this year.

  5. I’m with Flamestrike on this one. The writing staff on Transformers didn’t blow me away at all. This could be great or totally destroy the franchise. I think that’s why were all a buzz about this gambit.
    Then there’s the shatner un-dead that wander the outer fringes of websites looking for hope that the Great Shatner will be in the picture!
    They make me sick.

    All this talk of. working shatner in the film reminds me of the ending of “Star Wars, Return of the Jedi (remastered)”.
    Are we going to see a cgi Kirk or the real full size “boston legal” version? Man could you imagine that ending.
    The shatner un-dead would say “give us more kirk” and the rest of us would be on the floor laughing at such a dumb ending.
    But seriously shat-un-dead, I believe shatner is out and the ending of this magum-opis-zero will be a cliffhanger that will drive us back to the forums and then back in theatres/ or online Streming by then.
    Lastly, this young audience they keep refering too isn’t real. I don’t see them…? All they have to do is change the Enterprise enough Hirogen and the hardcore fans will be PISSED.
    Ok lastly for real, I noticed today in the trades that not one Sci-fi film or tv show has been nominated for a Golden globe.
    I think that’s going to change come next year!!

  6. Yeah I tend to agree with Steve there. This new audience I don’t beleive exists. I mean I also don’t agree with making the flick complete Trekie porn, but yeah I think the main viewers of this bad boy will be old school Trek fans.

  7. It is definitely a risky play, but worth it IMHO. All hinges on:

    A. The marketing.

    B. How good the movie turns out to be.


  8. Steve, true… that’s a big piece. Don’t know how I forgot it!


  9. Lol Vic, its prob that Dark Knight post.
    Its exploding over there.
    KEL’s on fire!!!!

  10. Sorry Paul,
    I didn’t get a chance to check out that site, I’m replying from a Handheld device that has an old Java-script program that dosnt allow me to see moving video. (Its time I upgraded).
    I will try to logon to it tomarrow at work on a real computer.
    I still have to ask what other than his past work makes you think torture will be used in ST11?
    Also I hope you write your local congressmen and let them also know how you feel. Its horrible that we live in a world that this occurs..

  11. Also Paul, how do you plan do deliver this petition? Unless you deliver it to him personally he prob won’t get it.
    He’s soo wrapped up in Star Trek and Cloverfield he prob wouldn’t even read it …not to mention the script is allready complete and prob won’t be altered much….
    Paul, I have a feeling this film is going to be one of the biggest flops ever…..
    I feel bad for Trek but I relesh this on the Studios that own Trek and dis the fans..
    Oh yes I hope they suffer…^^

  12. Thanks for your reply. I think you missed the point a little (and if you see the video clips on the site you may understand better). I am not saying torture was not used on Star Trek, I am saying it is never justified. Abrams does this repeatedly. That alone is worth sending him a message. Please reconsider your signature, and please view the video clips on the site.

  13. Actually, I have an avenue to Abrams, so it won’t be a problem. Just have to gather the signatures first.

    you may be right about the movie, we’ll see.

  14. I have to say I think this is the oddest, out of left field concern possible regarding this movie.



  15. Just a fyi Paul, most hard core Star Trek fans don’t like the term Trekkies. Its Trekkers.
    I’m pondering Kiefer Sutherland as a trek villian…hmmm?

  16. Sorry Paul, but Trekkers is the prefered reference when it comes to hard-core Star Trek fans.
    Also Paul,while I agree with your disagreements on new actors playing iconic roles……
    I find your torture complex illogical at best….
    I’ll say this the government is doing more than torture,,,educate yourself Paul….

  17. Actually many of us are fine with “trekkies” I think it’s those who are self-conscious who need to use “trekkers” instead. I consider myself both. :)

    Oh and Vic… do you think it is odd to worry that torture continues to be portrayed in popular culture as justifiable? Since it is clear that Abrams other shows have done so (the evidence is on the web site) why is it so “out of left field” that he may have a similar scene planned for the new Trek movie? Perhaps Kirk “has” to inflict some horrible pain on some creature in order to “save the planet”. Sheesh, is it REALLY that hard to imagine? So if that is the case, is it not better to send the message to Abrams now rather than after, just IN CASE it happens? If Star Trek fans have proven anything it’s that we care enough to let the studios and the networks know how we feel and won’t be silenced. On top of everything, Abrams should not be glorifying torture in ANY of his projects.

    Oh and by the way, as a Trek fan, I do have a LOT of other concerns about this movie (I think the idea of having new actors portray Kirk, Spock, et al is an absolutely horrendous idea) but none of my other concerns are as important as this one.

  18. ok well as far as logic goes: I am a hard core Star Trek fan and I don’t care if you call me a trekker or a trekkie. I know other fans who feel the same.

    I am well versed in what the govt is doing, too. In fact, I have been investigating a case in Colombia for close to a decade and am currently suing the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act. I focus primarily on Latin America and have been working as a human rights advocate professionally since 1993.

    Not sure what you felt was illogical, but I don’t see how you can argue with the facts that Abrams’ shows have justified torture and that’s the whole point here. And of coure, that Star Trek is no place for the same.

  19. Paul, you’ve hijacked this thread for you own personal agenda and I’m on the edge of locking it.


  20. I’ve got to agree with Vic,that is pretty out of left field,Paul. Besides,as long as only the villains are resorting to torture,there shouldn’t be a problem.

  21. Hey Vic,
    That’s the point. The villains certainly can resort to torture. Abrams usually resorts to BOTH the villains and the heroes. That’s anti-Trek and not only that, it feeds the growing attitude that torture is an acceptable resort in the current arena. Wholly wrong, un-American and detrimental to our society.

    Any way you slice it, there’s no harm in telling Abrams that Trek is no place for his usual form of storytelling and asking him to let s know he sees that.

  22. Paul,
    I (KEL) said that,not Vic. :-) Abrams to me is a mixed bag. I personally have faith in what he’s doing with Trek,but his script for a failed Superman film years ago was,in a word HORRIBLE. It was just SO pathetically ridiculous and B.S. laden I wanted to hunt him down and chew him out about it. So I can understand some of your fears about Abrams. But based on everything I’ve seen about the film so far (other than the casting of Simon Pegg as Scotty) I’ve no reason to doubt that the film will be incredible. :-)

  23. Yea KEL I have to say its not so much that their doing a Star Trek coverband film.
    The thing that bothers me is not only is the idea bad… Its being produced by Abrhams. I have absolutly no faith in his work.
    His previous films are films I don’t even care to see and his tv shows are shows that I don’t watch. Talk about O for 2.
    The team he brought with him from Transformers is also very scary.
    I liked the action scenes but the story was crap on a stick.
    So I guess the main prob I have is Abhrams. Maybe I will find some redemption in his Cloverfield film.
    Although I don’t think he diected it.*? :)