Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web for you. Today you’ll find a time traveling hard drive; a Kara “Starbuck” Thrace art print; a look at a live action Rise of The Guardians; a samurai stormtrooper; and the best book to movie adaptations. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, TheGeekTwins give us 7 reasons why Daredevil was one of the best superhero movies ever.

Best Movies Based on Books (Best Adaptations)

Hollywood churns out movies based on books faster than original ideas…there is even an Oscar category for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay). With thousands of best-selling books turned into movies for the big screen, we found it necessary for Grae Drake, Senior Editor of Rotten Tomatoes, to count down the best movies based on books, or best adaptations.

Alternate Thor Ending

Check out this really cool alternate ending to Thor, which is one of the many special features being released with the upcoming Marvel Phase One box set, which is set to be released on April 2nd, 2013. It will include a ton of extras that includes footage from existing Marvel films, and some sneak peeks at some of the Phase Two films!

Real Life Holodeck

The Holodeck Is Real, and It’s in Stony Brook, NY.

Live Action Rise Of The Guardians

Tell me you wouldn’t go see this.

A Delorean Backup

Delorean 500GB hard drive in stainless steel, from Flash Rods.


Starbuck Art Print

Best Viper pilot in the game.

Mimoco Reveals Star Trek Mimobot Flash Drives

Prices start at $19.99 and each is available now, except Jean-Luc Picard. Apparently, the “Next Generation” captain won’t ship until mid-to-late December. Too late for Christmas, Mimoco warns.

Storm Samurai

Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper as a Samurai Art Toy.


It’s Black Friday, Charlie Brown


‘Black Friday’ has become such a big event that it now has its own holiday special.

That’s all for today folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie related geekery.

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