SR Geek Picks: ‘Game of Thrones’ Lightsaber Duel, Supermen vs. Zod & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find out what Walt Jr’s Instagram page would look like; find out how to get out of a pop quiz; see Jamie Lannister and Eddard Stark in a lightsaber duel; and check out some new Harry Potter gear from Black Milk Clothing. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, Tested has The George Lucas Super Live Action Adventure.

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If Walter Jr. From Breaking Bad Had Instagram

If Walter Jr. From Breaking Bad Had Instagram 570x974 SR Geek Picks: Game of Thrones Lightsaber Duel, Supermen vs. Zod & More

A peek into the life of a teenager named Flynn.


Jaime Lannister vs. Eddard Stark Lightsaber Duel + John Williams Score


How to Get Out of a Pop Quiz

Back to school time. Billy is not pleased.

What’s worse than a pop quiz?


Floating In My Mind


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  1. The zod in man of steel was a bigger doomsday like threat than any version of superman had to face

    • No kidding…

      …just like most jabs against MoS, what’s being presented has to be taken out of context in order for it to work.

      • people forget that the “superman you know and love” killed Zod in superman II by exposing him to red light, crushing his hand and throwing him into the icy mist

        • very true.

        • Selective memory comes in very handy for those that have jumped onto the Superman Murder wagon.

          • yeah. guess it does

        • Killed him in the comics as well. In fact, the only incarnation to leave Zod alive was Smallville.

          • What comic was that? The one you drew yourself with magic marker and stuck to your refrigerator with a magnet?

              • There was ONE incident from a book written decades ago where Superman kills an ALTERNATE REALITY version of Zod. Of course that’s considered non-canon at this point. Superman has never actually killed the “real” Zod in ANY of the various reboots of the DC Universe, instead vanquishing him using nonlethal means.

                • Everything before new 52 is non-canon now.

                  And that alternate reality Zod was the only one for a couple decades. So he is every bit as ” real” as any other Zod, alternate reality or not. So your big argument is that it doesn’t count because he wasn’t the main universe Zod. He was still Zod, he was still killed by Superman, and yes it was the Superman you claim to know and love.

                  Although you clearly know naught about the character.

            • If you know nothing about comics and talk smack around here you’re gonna get your A$$ handed to you immediately. Please do some research or read comics if you wanna try again at a later date.

              • Heh-heh. You tried to humiliate me but you ended up looking like a fool when I vindicated my comment. Who got their a$$ handed to them again?

                • How did you vindicate your comment?
                  Because you say it doesn’t count because it was an alternate dimension Zod? Well ,he was the original and only General Zod for DECADES. The fact is ,he was a Kryptonian war criminal that was killed by Superman, not an alternate dimension Superman either, just plain old Superman. Your acceptance is not required to make this a stone cold FACT. The only person looking the fool here is you. The real Zod? You’re bloody lost mate.

                  As far as canon goes it was, indeed ,canon, several story lines are a DIRECT result of this issue. But if you want to really get technical, the Superman you clearly know nothing about isn’t canon anymore. Everything that came before the New 52 is no longer part of canon, nothing from before the Flashpoint storyline is viable.

                  • You were saying motorhead.

                    • Ahhh… proper pwnage…

                      …makes me :D everytime…

    • I’m glad that more are beginning to see that.


    • Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. Zod needed to be stopped by any means neccesary.

      • yeah, its was a more realistic situation compared to most superhero movies, i was zod or more innocent people, and superman chose humanity

      • superman BEGGED him to stop, was trying to NOT snap his neck, and cried like he was marketed towards women who love sensitive guys after the fact.

        so, definitely, that cartoon is dead wrong.

        did I mention he killed the last member of his race besides himself, to his knowledge?

        ’cause, there’s that.

        • I read some of the comments…throwing Zod, who very quickly becomes accustomed to the environment, into the sun, or punching him into the sky, or whatever, are not options, considering that Superman was clearly struggling, Zod is a genetically bred soldier WITH TRAINING, and despite sort-of being Krypton incarnate, there’s a lot that experience and training account for that pure genetics and genetic potential do NOT.

          Long way of saying that you don’t move someone around when they’re firin’ their lazor. Tends to lead to “collateral damage.”

        • no, the rest went back to the phantom zone. not dead.

  2. A lot of people are like “superman didnt have to kill zod” and yet they dont give their answer as to how to stop him otherwise.

    • Exactly so it’s like what would you have had him do? Let Zod kill that family right before his eyes? Yeah that would have been more like the Supes you know and love.

      There is no easy way out. Superman chooses not to kill when he is given the luxury of the choice, but in this case there was no “right” way. Either way, would have had awful outcomes, but that certainly doesn’t make him any less of the hero he is and always was. Cartoons are nice cause you are not really faced with the gruesomeness of death or are presented with the gray areas that the real world has. I applaud Snyder for placing a pure character like Superman in the ugliness of the real world and have him stay true to who he is. Someone who was just as pained to kill a murderer than he was to see his own father killed.

  3. There ARE those people who keep trying to say that Kal could’ve simply flown Zod away from the city OR taken him and tossed him into the Sun OR used his better leverage at that moment to turn Zod’s head away from any nearby humans.

    Of course, these are people I firmly believe did not pay attention to what had been explained and/or established during the progression of the film to that point and/or (more simply) had not listened to what Zod had very clearly stated as his intentions.

    Superman did what he HAD to do based on what he COULD do.

    • Obviously they have no clue what they are talking about if they suggest throwing Zod into the sun.

      • YOU know this. I know this. I’m not sure WHY there are so many who do NOT understand the fallacy of that idea…

        • LOL.

          “Hey Zod, you don’t seem to be super-powered enough…”


          • :P

          • +1

            I will even give it a rare (for me) LOL. Because I actually did!

  4. first day blu-ray buy for me
    loved MoS

    • Me too… and I finally have the digs to check out Blu-Ray.

    • It needs to be out now! So I can stop coming here everyday for my fix and just slap the Blu-Ray in.

      …and then probably come here anyway.

      is it 2015 yet?

  5. Dearest Rawlsy – do yourself a favor and go rewatch Superman II…the superman “we know and love” still killed Zod…only in his case, instead of making it quick, painless, and somewhat merciful with a SNAP, he turned him into one of us, crushed every bone in his hand into a million pieces, and threw him down a seemingly endless ice cliff into an unknown abyss…then laughed it off with lois after watching her kill ursa in the same fashion…but hey, that’s a classic, so it’s different, right? ugh, some people…

    • Yes I agree Zod’s murder should have been depicted differently, I was thinking maybe a completed melt down via heat vision in the same vein of wizard of oz’s wicked witch’s demise

  6. Yes, Zod had to die. The only other choice is Superman lets him kill thousands of innocent people, how hard is that to understand? Some villains begin as good people others might just have a different view, and then others are plain ole evil Zod was evil for just wanting to destroy the Humans.

    • Destroy humans to bring back his people.

      Evil to us, noble to him.

      But you’re right and so are the others touching on this subject. Until I read it on Screen Rant a week after the movie released, I never knew there was any controversy about Zod’s death and – surprise, surprise – the controversy was only taking place in America.

      Seems nobody else in the world questioned the death and accepted it before the credits rolled.

      • Zod only did what he was made to do.

      • Excellent point Dazz.
        I did not take Zod as evil. In his mind, he was doing the right thing for his people. that is why I actually loved this ending. I felt sympathy for both hero and villian in that moment.

  7. That “BatFleck” casting vid is lame and not funny. I’ve no problem getting over BA’s casting as Batman. Besides, why did so called “BatFleck” have Bale’s voice?

  8. Honestly, I hate Man of Steel, but even I think people complaining about Superman killing Zod are wrong. Superman has killed in the comics, the animated movies and Superman II, so him killing Zod when he had no choice isn’t much of a criticism.

    That being said, the way the movie handled it was kinda stupid. Superman has a massive breakdown over killing Zod, screaming into the sky…. and next scene he’s completely fine and never mentions it again. No trying to come to terms with taking a life, no guilt about whether it was really necessary or whether he could’ve taken a third option, nothing. And yes, I’m aware the next scene is about a month or so later, but if you’re going to show this kill having serious emotional trauma on Supes, like it obviously does, then you can’t just skip over the recovery and leave the audience to assume ‘He got better.’

    And before people start assuming ‘I’m sure they’ll address it in the sequel’, that may be true (emphasis on the ‘may’), but at least show Superman in the next scene still showing some after effects of the trauma, no matter how little, instead of giving us nothing and leaving us to assume ‘he just got over it somehow’.

    • Why do we have to assume he got over it?

      Why isn’t that something we are meant to wonder about?

      The movie stands just fine on its own, but does leave you wanting more…

      …and that’s the whole point.

      • There’s a difference between leaving you wanting more because it’s so good and leaving you wanting more because they never bother to develop their ideas and don’t leave you satisfied.

    • I don’t see why they have to have anymore scenes featuring Superman mourning Zod’s death or considering what happened, in the next film. They showed plenty of character reaction in MOS. In the sequel (and any subsequent films in which this version of Superman appears), i would find it quite satisfactory if Kal simply SHOWED his growth and his careful consideration of options by DOING, instead of MOURNING. I did not find stupid in the slightest. I found it appropriately impactful.

      • Sigh…

        *did not fit IT stupid*


        • They did not show ‘plenty of character reaction’ in MoS. They showed 5 seconds of Supes going ‘NOOOOOO!!!!’ Then next scene he’s completely fine and seems to have completely forgotten about it.

          • He had a month after the death scene. How do you know he’s “over it”?

            Some people go through trauma and instantly pick themselves up and carry on with life, never forgetting what happened but never showing it outwardly.

            I didn’t like MOS much either but it seems like you’re trying to find something to complain about.

            • He seems to be completely over it and never shows any sign that he’s not.

              While I could understand that he was keeping his emotions suppressed if he had more of a subdued reaction to Zod’s death, the highly emotional reaction he does have needs some sort of follow through, otherwise it just leaves viewers unsatisfied that his scream wasn’t just for show and that he’s really suffering from having to kill someone.

              I suppose YMMV as to how much it annoys you but to me, it seemed really lazy.

              • He released a guttural scream in horror and sadness at what he’d done and then suppressed it.

                That’s usually the normal reaction to horrific things. Maybe you’d prefer a Superman who languished in his room with the curtains closed for months at a time going through severe depression and refusing to get out of bed or shower or do anything other than try to make the best of it and continue with his life, especially now he has a new responsibility (helping mankind no less).

                • I wouldn’t prefer being shown a Superman who moped around for months, but I’d at least like to see something, rather than Superman seemingly having gotten over it instantly.

                  • you don’t KNOW that he got over it instantly, and that situation may come back to him in a relevant flashback in the next film, maybe even him and Batman get into a debate about killing. i think they showed enough to convey superman’s character.
                    what we missed was him standing naked in the fortress [spaceship] of solitude, crying into his bottle of Jack Daniels, ala` Harvey Keitel in The Bad Lieutenant

            • @ Dazz & Rukaio101

              Just to emphasize Dazz’s point I was 8 when I lost my father, didn’t blink…. popped like a firework during an English class when I was 13.

              Not seen MoS yet so can’t comment on the specifics but people who carry grief, guilt, loss don’t show it day in day out, they absorb it, it becomes part of who they are.

              It may rear it’s ugly head every now and then but on the whole you wouldn’t know.

          • Rukaio…

            Maybe YOU didn’t think it was enough of a reaction. I did. They showed his remorseful shout to the heavens; then, they showed him being comforted by a compassionate Lois. The expressions on their faces and their body language in tandem was much more significant to me than the amount of time or any verbalizations.

            As for what happened after, as you, yourself (and others) pointed out, some time had passed. In the real world, this passage of days or weeks has proven to be enough time for people to behave normally (whether or not they still feel crushed inside…to which we were never privy in this AND most other films).

            I thought it was portrayed and presented extremely well.

            To each, his own…

            • It wasn’t that I thought there wasn’t enough reaction from Supes immediately after killing Zod, it’s that there wasn’t enough of a lasting effect.

              After that single emotional moment, we never see it having any real impact on Supes. While part of that can be put down to the fact that the movie had nearly finished, the filmmakers could’ve at least slipped something in to show that he hasn’t just apparently shrugged it off.

              Honestly, I suspect a lot of the fan anger at Supes killing Zod has to with the sheer lack of caring he shows in the next scene. If we had any indication that Supes really felt long-lasting guilt or felt tortured about what he had to, I bet there’s be a lot less anger at that moment. (Although, obviously, there’d still be some because Fan Dumb.)

              • That’s fair. I saw it differently, but I certainly understand that if a viewer didn’t see it the same way I did, they might feel cheated or even irritated.

                • I suppose, like with a lot of movies, YMMV as to how much it annoys you.

                  • what is ymmv?

                    • nevermind

          • Rukaio, I have to be honest.
            Everytime you show up (usually I picture with you with your fingers in your ears) I am forced to scroll down until your name disappears because I know it will not be a fun conversation. Nothing wrong with disagreeing, but all you tend to do is repeat yourself and rarely directly respond to anybody elses points.

    • The next scene takes place several weeks later. He may not have been completely over it , neither would he be likely to still be completely wracked with guilt 24 hours a day.

    • How long did you want the freakin movie to be dude?
      Leave all that jazz for the sequel.

      I will say I would have left the Daily planet scene out and ended the flick in the flashback of pa kent looking at his son striking the iconic Superman pose. would have left a more lasting impression.

  9. You know he flat out kills Zod in Superman 2 he throws him into the chasm of the fotress of steel. Him and Lois. Are you guys totally forgetting that?????

    • Ummm, did you READ the above comments? Most people already said these very things.

    • Exactly. And he didn’t have to kill them either in Superman II. They were human and helpless next to him. He could have turned them over for crimes against humanity, put them in jail etc. Instead he throws them down an ice chasm and he and Lois SMILE about it afterwards. So you tell me which is more disturbing…

  10. In MoS Supes killed Zodnot just to save one family. Zod was clear that his rampage would only continue until he was head. Superman is responsible for saving the meek people of Earth who are helpless. Zod, with his superior strength and ability, and well as leadership, does not fall under the protection of Superman, and is simply a threat that needed to be dealt with, by being stopped for good.

  11. The Superman “We Know And Love” also made time travel possible by flying around Earth (but for whatever reason that gets a pass).

  12. for some reason, i think Lex Luthor might find zod’s body and make a SUPERMAN clone, i realized that after superman killed him…. but in the comics, the genetic code is imcomplete so lex uses his own DNA to fill in the gaps…. birth of bizarro.

  13. Is that Mac from “Its Always Sunny In Philidelphia” playing Ben Affleck as Batman ?

  14. “The Superman you know and love”

    That about sums it up right there. Was MoS perfect? Absolutely not. But I’ve become convinced that most of the negativity surrounding it can be explained by the phrase above. People went in expecting the Superman they “know and love,” and were simply unwilling to accept anything outside the realm of their preconceived notions and prejudices.