Is Venom Really Getting His Own Movie?

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venom Is Venom Really Getting His Own Movie?We haven’t mentioned the Venom movie since last August here at Screen Rant because frankly, there’s been nothing to say about it.

Back then we reported that Avi Arad said that things are coming along “awesome” regarding the Venom movie, but was tight-lipped regarding casting or any other details. I guess that with the writers’ strike things have been dead in the water, but with Marvel recently cutting a side deal with the WGA it seems that things may be moving forward with this film. is reporting that:

“[They've] confirmed that ‘the studio’ has met recently with several ‘A-list writers’ about a spin-off film.”

There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, so I’m going to take this with a grain of salt.

Getting back to the Venom character – I know that he (it?) is wildly popular with many comic book fans but frankly, I just don’t see the appeal. I mean, he’s the bad guy. And not just your run of the mill bad guy, but a really twisted, vile bad guy.

Oh… ok, sorry… so THAT’s the appeal.

I don’t follow the character in the comics, so I’ll admit I’m not terribly familiar with him, but as far as I know he has no redeeming qualities whether he’s in full-on Venom mode or when he’s hiding in his host Eddie Brock.

I suppose you can create a movie around a villain – They did it quite successfully with Silence of the Lambs, but it doesn’t appeal to me much at this point.

Or am I missing something?


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  1. Well, I’m not an expert on the character, but from what I understand about Venom, he views himself as a protector of those who are victims of injustice. Brock views himself that way, having lost his job because of Peter Parker, the symbiote also feeling betrayed by Parker, they view Spider-Man as the bad guy. Venom tries to protect those who he believes have received similarly “unfair” treatment.

    Could actually make for in interesting movie.

  2. Venom would be a fantastical movie simply for the fact that it couldn’t do him any more injustice than Spiderman 3 did. I had to hold my mouth shut on several occasions during that movie to keep the vomit from exploding out of my mouth. If anyone follows Spiderman they know how huge venom is, and they managed to make him a 45 minute bad guy. And as for Eddie Brock, Topher Grace is NOT an Eddie Brock. Anyway, I’d be thrilled to death if they made the movie. He definitely deserves it. Maybe they can so a version of Maximum Carnage and throw Carnage in there.

  3. Terrible idea.
    I hope it doesnt come to pass .

  4. I agree with Flamestrike and Krodness, a Vemon film could be a megablock buster. Vemon is a nightterror not a kiddy show. Vemon brutely kills most of the criminals that he encounters and is more villian than hero, a truely twisted version of Spiderman. Vemon is in the same anti-hero category as Punisher, Spawn, Ultimate Hulk, and Wolvervine. IMHO, Vemon should be written and handled as a horror / comic film along the lines of HBO’s Spawn series, Hannibal, Saw series or at least as gritty as Blade I. If handle as such, Vemon would aline itself amounst the greats: Predator and Aliens, but if Avad takes the kiddo route like Ghostrider did, the film will bomb.

  5. I don’t know, guys. I know about as much as anyone else about Venom and I don’t see it working as a movie. Venom is vicious, a maniac, but not as bad as Carnage. The movie would scare children, so the demographic would have to go to adults between 21 and 35, some of whom would have a problem with a vicious villian as the star. I would go see it but I’m not sure it would be a big hit at the box office.

  6. Well sure it would be geared towards adults. Look at Punisher. He’s a comic book icon and that was definitely NOT a kiddie flick. Venom takes no crap off anybody, just as Spawn wouldn’t. By the way, good call on that, Gary. So we would have Venom thrashing through the city handing out justice the only way he knows how. Tearing people apart and setting examples. Now as far as people having a villian as a star, I think it would be brilliant since it would be the first to do so. X-Men was toying with giving Magnito his own movie, but I dunno if they’re still gonna do that. Besides, adults don’t want to see characters arresting the bad guys…they wanna see them ripped limb to limb…like Rambo would. Venom would be a great great flick and oh yes, there would be blood…

  7. Adrian, thanks. I didn’t realize that about Venom. I thought he was just a regular baddie. Didn’t know he went after OTHER bad guys.


  8. If this movie actually happens then I am going to kick a bag filled with a dozen fluffy kittens.

    Don’t make me do it Hollywood.

  9. Damn it, people! It’s Spider-Man not Spiderman!! All these supposed fan boys and they can’t even spell SPIDER-MAN right haha :)

    But I’m thumbs down on a Venom movie only because I know Avi Arad will “F” it up just like how he did with Venom in Spidey 3.

  10. Thanks, Vic.

    IMHO, the Venom movie would have to carry the crowd that loves male oriented gritty action. It DOES NOT have to apply to the children! Look a such gritty action films like the following that were VERY successful: Blade I and II (comic film), 300(comic film), Sin City(comic film), Gladiator, Contantine (comic film), Punisher films, Aliens, Predator.
    The twist with this character is that as evil and twisted as Venom is, Venom could still look like a “good” guy when he’s fighting villians worse than he(Carnage). BUT, unfortuantely it will probably play to the kiddos like Ghostrider and belly-up. This could be a very good movie IF done correctly.

  11. I went on Marvel’s site and read about Venom. It looks like a movie could work because Eddie Brock is no longer Venom, someone named Mac Gargan is now Venom and even though he is still an enemy of Spiderman, he is also a member of a group called the Thunderbolts who stop unregistered heroes. This group was formed by SHIELD.

    With this information, I have changed my mind and I say make the movie, if it will be this Venom (Mac Gargan). BTW, this Venom is much stronger than Brock’s Venom; Gargan was Scorpion.

  12. Well, whether Mac or Eddie is Venom it would work. Movies aren’t really about staying to the story nor are consistent with time, like if you remember Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, Dick Grayson was Robin, but he had Timothy Drake’s suit (the third Robin) with Jason Todd’s attitude. They’ll never make a comic movie that stays true to the character’s origins and that’s a fact we all have to live with. Hell, look at Venom in Spider-man 3. Hell, look at Spider-man PERIOD. Shooting his own webs? That’s a touch of Spider-man 2099 (which was AWESOME) so I’ll be satisfied if it’s either Mac or Eddie…just as long as Sam Raimi stays the hell away from it.

  13. Wasn’t Venom originally from outerspace and Spidey, while saving the Space Shuttle in a crashed landing in NY got it on him????

  14. In the movie it crash landed close to Parker in Central Park. In the comics he acquired it as a suit on another planet during some Marvel Universe-wide war epic (Secret Wars, I think?).


  15. Central park, you mean Cloverfield right. LOL. :)

  16. Area designate formerly known as Central Park. ;-)


  17. Right. Spidey got the suit in space, but the suit was trying to permanently bond with him. The suit was removed by Reed Richards with a sonic blast and it was contained, but it broke free, snuck back into Spidy’s apartment disguising itself as his red and blue suit, which bonded with him again. The suit was driving him mad so he went to Our Lady of Saints Church to see if the bell would destroy the suit like Richard’s Sonic blast had stunned it. The noise from the bell was doing more damage to Parker than to the suit, so the suit sacrificed itself to save Spidey, and it crawled away to die, down into the church, where Eddie Brock was praying for forgiveness on the suicide he was about to commit. The suit was attracted to his strong emotions, they bonded, Brock’s emotions and strong hate for Spider-man drove the suit to hate spider-man as well, and the rest is history.

  18. lol No problem on sentence structure. I got the idea, and yes, a 2099 movie would be freaking awesome. I loved Spider-man 2099 and Doom 2099 was a great great comic. Hulk 2099 was pretty good, but he seemed too much a mirror image of Pitt (from Image Comics), who is awesome too. Pitt first appeared in Youngblood #5 in February 1993, and Hulk 2099 first appeared in his own first issue that came out September of 1993. Coincidence? Hmmm…..

  19. Wow, I’m impressed! The geek-o-meter on this forum is off the scale. :o)

  20. Good summary Krodness and Vic. Hmm, speaking of 2099 series of characters, wouldn’t it be nice to see Marvel do an animated movie about that does heros. Loved 2099′s Spiderman, Hulk, Punisher, Doom and X-men.

  21. Sorry for the horrible sentence structure, guys. Need to proofread alittle better.

  22. I also think the idea of a Venom movie is a good one-as long as it is done in the dark, violent manner that is Venom. If they make him a kiddie friendly Godzilla type of character we should all march down to the studio and burn it down.(j/k)

    I think there is plenty of room in the superhero comic movie realm for adult themed movies (NO, NOT with Jenna Jameson! LOL), but more like Punisher or even Batman Begins. If parents don’t like it, TOUGH.

  23. Questions.
    Who is going to do battle with Venom?
    He’s basically a bad-superhero-villain…
    How will they detach the arc from the Spider-man films?
    Seems kinda wishy washy too me.

  24. I don’t know, I never followed the Venom titles, so I don’t know who his main enemies were. I’m sure those who know more about his series could figure something out though.

  25. I think the biggest threat to Venom is Carnage. He’s not as strong as Venom, but he’s much more savage and a very crazy disturbed individual. Eddie Brock is also disturbed, due to his massive amount of hate, but Carnage will snap and kill everyone and everything. As far as adapting that to a movie that has nothing to do with Spider-man, it would be tough, but hopefully the non-striking writers would be able to pull it off…as long as it’s not the ones that wrote the Catwoman Spin off.

  26. John, you havnt seen nothin yet.
    Wait til KEL gets back on his feet.


  27. Krodness wasn’t Carnage a result of Venoms death?

    I thought Carnage was the next incarnation of the suit.
    I’m prob wrong on this??

  28. No, Eddie Brock was in prison and it was assumed his symbiote suit was destroyed, but then he broke out (with the help of Cletus Kasidy) and some of it was left behind. That’s when Cletus came into contact with it. What’s interesting about Carnage is that the symbiote is fused into his blood stream, so it can be destroyed externally, but then for it to come back all he has to do is cut himself and poof…Carnage is back. Carnage is less vulnerable to ultrasonic noise (like Venom is) but very vulnerable to heat.

  29. Yeah Krodness good info.
    That explains the suit/Carnage wears is red.