Is Venom Really Getting His Own Movie?

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venom Is Venom Really Getting His Own Movie?We haven’t mentioned the Venom movie since last August here at Screen Rant because frankly, there’s been nothing to say about it.

Back then we reported that Avi Arad said that things are coming along “awesome” regarding the Venom movie, but was tight-lipped regarding casting or any other details. I guess that with the writers’ strike things have been dead in the water, but with Marvel recently cutting a side deal with the WGA it seems that things may be moving forward with this film. is reporting that:

“[They've] confirmed that ‘the studio’ has met recently with several ‘A-list writers’ about a spin-off film.”

There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, so I’m going to take this with a grain of salt.

Getting back to the Venom character – I know that he (it?) is wildly popular with many comic book fans but frankly, I just don’t see the appeal. I mean, he’s the bad guy. And not just your run of the mill bad guy, but a really twisted, vile bad guy.

Oh… ok, sorry… so THAT’s the appeal.

I don’t follow the character in the comics, so I’ll admit I’m not terribly familiar with him, but as far as I know he has no redeeming qualities whether he’s in full-on Venom mode or when he’s hiding in his host Eddie Brock.

I suppose you can create a movie around a villain – They did it quite successfully with Silence of the Lambs, but it doesn’t appeal to me much at this point.

Or am I missing something?


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  1. Yes it does! I’ve gotta get outside more often. Sheesh.

  2. I think having Carnage as a villian would work very well. Actually, it is probably the ONLY villian that they can use that would work in this movie. Unless they crossover a villian from another series, like Magneto or Dr. Doom. That would seem just wrong, though.

  3. In the Spidey world, there are a plethera of villians that Venom and the Thunderbolts could fight: Rhino, Electro, Mysterio, etc…, and Carnage has already been mentioned. He could even go against the Hulk or Juggernaut, but he would need all the Thunderbolts to help for these 2 guys.

    I really don’t think there is anyway to detach this from the Spidey vehicle.

  4. first of all i love venom and they definitely should make a movie about him and im pretty sure that they wouldn’t make it like crappy because it would really make all of the venom fans like really mad so im pretty sure that they would make it just right and they should definitely put carnage in it to and like use the comics to make it right because like the way that carnage is made and ya they should just definitely make a venom movie

    venom rocks

  5. well venoms main enemy besides spider-man is carnage a venom movie would work if they dont mess up venom and what he does but if u think about the comics then he umm how should i say this umm well carnage and venom arent the only simbiotes cuz venom had a lot of offsprings like agony phage scream riot and lasher but im not sure if they are all evil but carnage was trying to kill all of them and venom was tryin to protect them all and scream actually gos to be a bad guy because she went to some other simbiots to try and control her simbiot side and none of them would help so she started killing all of the other simbiots including her siblings (riot phage lasher) and they all form together to make hybrid but im thinkin that they should use carnage venom and toxin (carnages offspring) hes a good guy i just learnt all this yesterday lol and ya they should do the movie about just carnage and venom and if they get into makin more of them then they should introduce all of the other simbiots there are others but i dont know there names yet ill have to look them up and no im not a geek im just a 15 year old who likes venom and is thinkin of ways that they should make the movie and did a little research and found a whole lot that they could use lol

  6. whats with the link ???

  7. Um, what are you talking about? What link?


  8. nm it was just my computer being gay …..

  9. i think it could post my idea later

  10. exactly right
    for more on Venom’s “honor” and “justice” system, see the comic book series “venom: Lethal Protector”

  11. exactly right
    for more on Venom’s “honor” and “justice” system, see the comic book series “venom: Lethal Protector”

  12. First off,the concept of having a comic book movie on a villian is a very unique concept,and having news that several A-list writers attached is excellent.What kind of angers me are the fanboys who are upset cause they believe that every movie must come from the source storyline in the comics.Remember how everyone complained about the fact heath ledger (R.I.P) was chosen to be the new Joker,and now everyone is praising this man like he is Christ.Give the Venom movie a chance.Heres hoping the movie will be as dark and morbid as it should be,cause if its not rated R,then its not gonna have the impact it should

  13. Pretty soon the studios will be making nothing but comics turned into movies. COOL!

  14. as far as im concerned an aggreeing with some of you!! VENOM NEEDS to be a R Rating or it will flop most likely cause all the venom fanbase is like hardcore/horror people i mean he is the baddest bad guy and yes toper pfffft whut a wuss
    please open cast for venom!!!! yeah carnage and morbius while your at it and throw in a cool chick character too do the trillogy ILL watch…ok thanx

  15. i like to see the venom it’s cool i will see topher grace on the venom movie he’s awsome and cool and two thums way up i like topher grace as venom on the venom movie and i will see topher grace as venom on spiderman 4 i like topher grace as venom i will see topher grace on venom and spiderman in theatres i like it.

  16. this is hard to understand? venom is a real nasty evil villian. if he get’s his own movie who will be the hero who fight’s him?

    • Eddie Brock is very religious and quite often views Spider-man as a bad guy and him as a good guy. He even tamed up with Spider-man to defeat carnage when he found out that he was killing innocents.

  17. Gerard Butler for Venom!

    • AGREED

  18. hello

  19. Venom in the comics becomes an anti-hero, which means he does good and bad things so the film will probably be on him doing bad things then having to stop the bad thing he did

  20. venom is cool!!!

  21. I am a huge fan of venom having collected many of his comics from the 90s and his more recent anti-venom issue. I feel that Eddie Brock is actually one of the most realistic human characters that relates to a lot more people than they would like to admit. Eddie is a man trying to make it in the big city with an endless amount of competition at his back. Like many people he was willing to lie and do whatever it takes to get on top. When he is disgraced and fired from a career he truly cared about he became depressed like any normal person and like most people it was easier to blame others for his downfall than himself thus why he hates Peter but much deeper in his mind he knew his actions were responsible for his failures. His own guilt drove him to suicide. A normal man with deep depression is consumed by an alien symbiote probly with more hatred for Peter than his own, but at the same time fueling the the flames of hate inside eddies mind not just for Peter but for everything, constantly filling Eddie with negative thoughts and always pushing to unleash his rage. Even through all the darkness and rage Eddie try’s to pull something good from the symbiote becoming a protector of the innocent, a anti-hero. This is why Eddie shines in my mind. Most would become completely enveloped in the darkness of the symbiote and forget there humanity but Eddie pushed himself so hard to not forget the things or people that made him happy and keeping a small flame of hope alive. My favorite issues of venom were the “Nights of Vengeance” a team up of venom and Vengeance to battle a group of mercenarys know as the stalkers.