Is The A-Team Coming Together With Bruce Willis?

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brucie Is The A Team Coming Together With Bruce Willis?The news that Bruce Willis has been approached to star as Hannibal Smith in the feature version of The A-Team isn’t really a surprise. He is one of the original names that has been attached to the part for almost a decade but… it’s a pretty good choice!

John Singleton is attached to direct, and the 2 Fast 2 Furious helmer has already mentioned that he would like Woody Harrelson to play Murdock and Ice Cube to play the iconic B.A Barracus. I must point out though, that nobody has in fact been signed.

The main question is: Would Willis be willing to star in such an obviously commercial choice, and one that is based on a 1980’s television show?

There’s a pretty good chance that he might want to step into George Peppard’s shoes.

Willis has shown a great interest in pop culture over the years, and he has appeared in comic book adaptations – Sin City and the forthcoming The Surrogates (a pretty cool graphic novel – you should pick it up) sequels – Die Hard I’m looking at you!

Heck he’s even willing to star in ensemble films – Pulp Fiction and Ocean’s Twelve, and let’s not forget that he started his career on television during the 1980’s with Moonlighting (one of the greatest shows…ever).

It will be interesting to see if Willis would be up for it, but he’s more likely to do it than the other names on the Hannibal list: Mel Gibson, George Clooney and Harrison Ford.

If Singleton gets the cast he wants it should make for an interesting film – that is if they don’t play it too straight, this should be an 80’s style action flick – with humor!

I wonder who he would like for “Face?”

Names bandied about by the guys here at Screen Rant have been Jason Bateman, Pierce Brosnan and Paul Giamatti, so you can see we all have our own opinions. I know that a few years ago they were looking at Brendan Fraser who would appear to suit the line up that Singleton has proposed, but anything could happen.

No word on a release date, or a start date for that matter, but you can bet your backside I’ll keep you up-to-date.

I’m just waiting to use the line – “I love it when a cast comes together!”

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  1. I think Willis would be an AWESOME choice for Hannibal!! I can almost hear him saying the “I love it when a plan comes together!” line!

    How about Christian Bale as Face? He’s in just about every other movie out there!! LOL!!

  2. Are they still using that awful screenplay that was floating around a few months ago as the “approved” one?

    Good casting is great, but it can’t overcome poor scripting and screenplay.

  3. Brendan Fraser would be awesome for the role especically with the timing of Mummy 3 and then his cameo in GI Joe

  4. Ocean’s Twelve ??? Did I miss his cameo???

    If they go for a serious A-Team (R rated) this sounds good. But if they just take an episode and stretch it out to a film, pass.

  5. Cast….
    Hannibal – Bruce Willis… yep I agree
    BA Baracus – Ice Cube – gotta be him
    Murdoch – Woody Harrelson… hmm.. dunno…
    Face – Brendan Fraser… much as I dont really like him he has the right look and the whiney Face voice so would be ‘the man’

  6. Not sure about Ice Cube for BA. He has the attitude, but is he big enough. I have a feeling that both Harrelson and Fraser, if they were in it, are bigger than him.

  7. Good point… Michael Duncan Clarke? Samuel L Jackson?…. (I aint gettin on no plane with mutha f-in snakes…) Nah!

  8. wow an A-Team movie?? mmm. I have my doubts. I’m not really a fan of recasting, I just like the original actors too damn much. Nobody will ever be able to replace them.
    And also, The A-Team was great for a show, but for a movie? Let’s be honest, there was never a real deep story in any of the episodes. It was always : ‘local problem’, ‘contact A-Team’, ‘A-Team loses a battle’, ‘BA makes something cool’, ‘A-Team wins’, ‘Face is getting the girl’. Will it stick on a movie? I really have my doubts, but than again, The A-Team, well, it’s just THE A-TEAM !


  9. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty good reason not to get on a plane. 😀

  10. That is so wrong in so many ways, and yet feels so right!

  11. See my picks for Buck Rodgers (copy & paste).
    Same could work for this -Val Kilmer.

    And you guessed it Gary Coleman as BA Baracus.

  12. Well this is a comedy right?

    I would pay and stand in line to see Gary Coleman play BA Baracus.

    Who’s with me?

    I hate rappers

  13. Val Kilmer is definitely underused and don’t hit me, but I also like Kevin Bacon(not that he would be that good for this movie)I was just reminded of him.

  14. 790 – are you Gary Coleman’s agent now? Buck Rogers, A-Team, what’s next? I hear he passed on the part of Rhody in IM

    I like the thought of Woody as Murdock, or maybe Matt McConaughey (since I’ve determined he should be booted as Cap).

    and Face… Katee Sackhoff?

  15. Things fell thru Panda,and now Gary won’t return my calls. :-(

    What’s next, I here there doing a remake of “Bad Lieutenant” with Nic Cage and a 21 Jump Street reboot with Jonah Hill. And no I’m not kidding folks.

    These are the endtimes.

  16. Steven: “Not sure about Ice Cube for BA. He has the attitude, but is he big enough.”

    If you watch those A-Team re-runs, you’d kinda notice that as kids, we genuinely thought that BA was helluva tough, that he’s big, and he really could lift people and objects over his head and hurl them around.

    But now?? He actually looks small. And not so helluva tough. Heck, Michael Jai White would make a convincingly tough BA that can hurl things and people over his head but his speech is not ebonic enough to match the fool-pitying BA.

    I’m afraid that there’s simply no one who can replace the BA that we know.. I mean, who else can say “In every city, there’s a fool to pity” and not look out-of-place saying it?

  17. Excellent point, Jae Senn. I remember seeing him take part in Wrestlemania (can’t recall which one) and we saw him alongside Hulk and others and cried out, he’s a midget!

    So yeah, acting big is more important than being big.

    Loved Mr T in the Simpsons episode. He has also turned up over here in the UK, doing adverts for a candy bar. Very funny.
    Oh, should mention that Dirk Benedict was on a Celebrity Big Brother either last year or maybe before that. He came across as very cool, set in his ways but not hiding from it. He had some fun takes on the A Team too – maybe we were all gay! XD

  18. This may be an unpopular opinion, but whoever takes the role as BA should make it their own. In the series, BA was Mr.T (or vice versa) and anyone would like foolish trying to recapture that.

    Ice Cube for example would make the part interesting as long as he doesn’t try to play Mr.T and just be what he thinks the character should be.

    “I AIN’T PLAYIN’!” – it could work

  19. brendan fraser as face? no way. face is a pretty boy, hence that’s why they called him face. brendan fraserseems to goofy to be a face. he doesn’t even look like a lady’s man. i maybe going to deep here, but somebody like antonio sabato junior looks more like a face man to me.

    in the show face was always the laid back one, along with hannibal. he was cool, calm and smooth. i don’t brendan fraser as the face-man. bruce willis is an awesome choice for hannibal.

    woddy harrelson for murdoch? i can see why he would be picked, but maybe they should still look around for someone a little better than harrelson. harrelson could be a last resort if they come up with no one else. however, they crazy factor for harrelson as an actor is there.

    but please do not cast ice cube as B.A.. Ving Rhames is the man. he has the size and the attitude. i think singleton wants ice cube because of the mean facial expressions ice cube is able to make with his brow. for me that’s not enough

  20. sorry for the spelling guys. i’m on the cpu just a little bit too early this morning.


  22. I so want to say bad things about this but I’ll wait and see. lol I will say that this wasn’t the greatest TV show I ever watched. I can’t believe they would make this and not a Magnum movie. Ice Cube would be a good TC as well.

  23. This is quite exciting. I’ve been a fan of the show when I was a kid. Yeah, I think Willis would make a good Hannibal Smith. As for Face, when I first read that Branden Frazer is considered for the role, I thought yes, perfect choice. But when Quicksilver pointed out that he comes off as too goofy, it made me re-think my choice because Frazer does seem to be a little goofy for the character. Can’t think of anyone else who could play it at the moment though. Pierce Brosnan would be too old for it, and well, he’s too “Remington Steel” for me, while Cloony is too “Danny Ocean.” For H.M. Murdoch, Harrilson sounds good. For B.A., hmmm…I don’t know about Ice Cube but if we cast Michael Clark Duncan, I think he’s a little too big. I could just imagine how the other members of the team will be huffing and puffing as they try to lift him into a plane while sedated.

    In any case, this is still something to look forward to.

  24. Ving Rhames as B.A. I mean, come on! People already think he is Mr. T. He’s worked with Bruce Willis before, and he can “Pity the fool” with the best of them. Then Willis as Hannibal, cool. Murdoch, I’m thinking Woody Harrelson would be hilarious. If not him, toss another 80’s TV star, Thomas Hayden Church. And Fraser as Face? Sounds wondeful. The guy is comedy gold, whether he intends to be or not.

  25. willis—hannable smith—yes
    B.A.—ice cube—yes
    murdock—david spade— joke ha ha
    face— david beranz* (angel)—yes
    *don’t know the spelling of his lase name

  26. BA Baracus —-> Kimbo Slice !!!!

  27. Willis would rock as Hannibal.
    I think there’s a lot better choices for B.A. besides Ice Cube though. Ving Rhames would be good, but my personal choice would be Tyrese Gibson or even Common. Both would bring a unique attitude to the role.

  28. 1) Hannibal = Bruce Willis
    2) Face = Jason Bateman
    3) B.A = Terry Crews (easily…the best)
    4) Murrdock = either :
    4.a) Rainn Wilson (dwight from The Office)
    4.b) Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall)
    4.c) Woody Harrelson (Woody…)