Is Narnia Done?

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 6:52 am,
narnia Is Narnia Done?

With Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull pulling in $151 million this weekend and Iron Man continuing to do solid business beyond damn-near everyone’s expectations, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (now in its second week in theatres, no less) has still not cracked $100 million. And before anyone asks, that does include the Memorial Day numbers!

Just before the summer film-season kicked off, a number of box-office forecasters were projecting Prince Caspian to pull in anywhere between $270 – $320 million. At the rate it’s going now, it’ll be lucky to get anywhere near $200 million.

You can color me suprised… to a point. Although I never saw it breaking $300 million, I expected the second Narnia outting to haul around $250 million.

But Disney’s decision to place it during summer (as opposed to the safer Christmas territory) always struck me as a stupid move that could possibly bite them in the butt.

Maybe the Mouse was arrogant enough to think the same massive number of church-attending movie-goers (who went to see The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe in droves during Christmas 2005) would flock to see any Narnia film at any time of the year. Well… they didn’t.

If you’ll remember, we reported a few months ago about rumblings that Disney was pulling the plug on Narnia altogether following the forthcoming third installment The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – currently scheduled for May 7, 2010 release. We were reassured that the rumors were false, and ran a retraction on said article.

However only weeks later, word from the New York Comic-Con leaked that things were looking grim for Narnia after all with the earlier rumors reiterated (i.e. no more Narnia after Dawn Treader!)

Of course, the way things are looking, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader might be in trouble. Although it’s currently in pre-production with filming expected to commence later this summer, there is a potential Screen Actors Guild strike making matters worse. However if it comes to that, this could end up being a blessing in disguise for Disney.

The further they get into adapting the C.S. Lewis novels, the more expensive these productions will be. And if the Narnia films continue to under-perform (like Prince Caspian currently is), there will simply be no real profit in it for Disney.

Further more, if they even make Dawn Treader at this point (which is still up in the air), it will no doubt be moved from its current May 2010 release to Christmas of that year, where it will face competition from Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows – Part I.

All in all, it’s just not a good time to be a Narnia fan.

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  1. Let’s just say it wouldn’t interrupt my sleep if Disney chooses to end NARNIA now.

    Sorry but the first film did nothing for me… I watched it and I’ll watch the second just cause I have to, but it juuuust wasn’t magical enough for me. It was a lot of “Let’s be like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter”.

    But hey, I just don’t like Narnia…. or every Harry Potter after Part 1.

    But for those of you who find this news sad… all I can say is… I’m sorry… but maybe it’s for the best… who knows what they would do to your beloved Narnia stories if they kept cutting budgets and stuff…


  2. perhaps disney should make a 4th pirates movie so i can they can have a lot of money

  3. These films are nothing but Lord of the Rings imitations.
    That’s just my opinion.
    If you don’t like it, you can kiss my Grits.

    These films don’t hold my attention they just annoy me.

  4. I haven’t seen the first film of Narnia. But after watching the trailer of Caspian, I wanted to see it someday. Too bad they are maube pulling the plug than.

    But, I thought there were only 3 parts of Narnia? Or am I wrongly informed?


  5. I posted on this website a week ago that the Narnia franchise was possibly done because of it’s opening weekend. I think if the movie can make 500 million worldwide it will bode well for the franchise continuing..I really think Caspian will make 350-450 million internationally and 500-600 million worldwide. I think Disney will still backout but I think another studio will take over the franchise…

  6. I’m a fan of the books but not seen the movies. I have had the chance to see the first one, but haven’t felt the urge.
    I do think it really needs the right people to take the story from the book to the movie screen. The Lord of the Rings got it right, I don’t think Narnia got the same benefit.

    I’m sure 790 will be dancing on the grave with glee. ;) Others will feel the same way.

    Oh, and my fellow Steven, there are 7 books.

  7. You’re an evil man.

    Oh no, you’re just a grumpy old robot head. That’s ok then. :D

  8. there are only 3 novels that revolve around the Pevensie children that are in the films except the third novel only includes the youngest of the four siblings .
    there are 7 novels in all

  9. Dancing with tears in my eyes. Tears of laughter and joy!!

    Heehee. ;-)

  10. Yes, 790, you are mean. ;)

    I think they turn up in the last book, at least at the end, but yes, guess they could just do the ones with those children in.

  11. I’m going to rent a clown now. Have him come over and make animal ballons.

  12. I’m going to rent a clown now. Have him come over and make animal balloons.
    I mean.

  13. That is annoying. That movie should be unmade.

  14. Naw I don’t mind the Narnia crowd. I’m just bitter over Speed Racer not beating that stupid asston kisser,vegas movie. ;-)

  15. Viva LEXX Vegas!

    I’m gonna have Lexx blow up Vegas later on this week.

    There will be no sequel!!!

  16. I doubt Narnia is done. It’s been out for a week and a half, unfortunately coming out a week before the Indy Jones Mega monster and a surprisingly big Iron Man movie. The summer’s competition is possibly the toughest I’ve ever seen. We have to see how it’s legs will hold up as well as Indy Jones which really isn’t that great of a movie, easily the worst in the series. Most who have seen Caspian enjoyed it and gave it B’s and A’s as its grade.

  17. Arrogant mouse? I challenge you to a deadly duel, Jamie you obviously feline fool!

  18. Arrogant mouse? I challenge you to a deadly duel, Jamie you obviously feline fool!

    Ahh, yes, a real warrior has entered!! I was getting weary of all these human petaQs who know nothing of honor!! They speak of this Prince Caspian as if he were a true warrior when he is nothing but a weakling human!! qaplaQ!!! :o)

    I think word of mouth will hurt Indy; I would say next weekend will show a significant drop in box-office money. Caspian, however, is getting good word of mouth and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gained the #1 spot in a couple of weeks, unless Kung-Fu Panda does better than I expect.

  19. PRINCE CASPIAN regain the #1 spot? That aint happening…


  20. ow 7 books, and already doubting about making a 3rd film, that’s not good :)

    Than I will probably not see this film, at least not until the whole series is complete


  21. I agree. The release date is what hurt this movie so far. Releasing it in between Iron Man and Indy? What were they thinking?

  22. I didn’t say it was going happen, I just wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

    You are pathetic, huuuman!! If they don’t agree with you, you should kill them where they stand!!!

    I don’t think they’re standing while typing, Kahless.

    petaQ!!! :o)

  23. Man o Man the petaQ bombs are flying!!!!

  24. Who cares about Narnia. All of the subsequent books were after thoughts anyway – it’s not like a true septology(?).

    If they stop at two, fine. Move one to other franchises

  25. regarding the timing of the release, maybe Disney got overconfident that the second movie of the franchise (the first being quite successful) would outpace a comic movie of a second-string superhero. I believe many execs didn’t think Ironman would be as popular as it is.

    Indy on the other hand, anyone believing that the movie wouldn’t make bank is completely oblivious.

    I haven’t seen Indy yet BTW, but then again I never saw any of them in the theater

  26. Iron Man deffinitly surprised hollywood! And yeah Narnia isn’t a bomb by any means its just surrounded by other films that are popular. I’m sure this franchise will continue, eeehhh gads.

    Panda when you see Indy, don’t take it too seriously just try to have a good time, and then come back and tell us how it sucked. Haha ;-)

  27. A couple thoughts…
    The Caspian movie actually rocked. I read the books when i was a kid… and loved them… all 7 and I grew up on the old ENGLISH/BRIT BBC versions. (You want to see dull and non magical…. ) But good for their time and a young lad.
    Disney has gone and done these stories right. CS Lewis wrote them with a different style, for a different age group vs. Tolkien who stylized his books for an older group (Which by the way…. if you are seeing similarities from the two… its because the authors were friends… they used to hang out in a pub in England and chat about story ideas and belonged to a writing/story club). So it makes perfect sense that the books are done by Disney… and have been done with great book accuracey.
    SECOND= i also grew up on Indiana Jones movies… and loved them. I was sooo stoked about this new one… but it sucked bad… and most of the people ive talked to did not like it eather.. i think that the “Name brand” effect will not last for some good numbers.

    I really hope that Disney does not give up on Narnia. They are good stories… especially if you have taken the time to read them. And Harry Potter… (the Lord of Rings/Narnia/OZ Books of our day) will compliment Narnia for me…. someone who has a bridge in both generaltional gaps.

  28. am begging, as a big fan of narnia please i beg in the name of our holy god dont pull the plug on narnia,i didnt see the first of narnia but after i watched prince caspian,all am trying to say is that to some of us narnia was an insperation,its a heart warming movie ,and il pray to god for narnia to continue.