Iron Sky: Nazi Space Invaders Are Coming!

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ironsky teaser poster Iron Sky: Nazi Space Invaders Are Coming!

You may have heard of Nazi Zombies, but you have you heard of Lunar Nazis?!

Prepare yourselves, for this is going to be awesome: Iron Sky is a Finnish film from the folks who created the Star Trek spoof, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning and is described as a dark science fiction comedy that plays with Finland’s history of being oppressed by Sweden, Russia and the Nazis.

The story of the film, as described but its official website goes as follows:

Towards the end of World War II the staff of SS officer Hans Kammler made a significant breakthrough in anti-gravity.

From a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Nazi spaceships were launched in late ‘45 to found the military base Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) on the dark side of the Moon. This base was to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to take over the Earth once the time was right.

Now it’s 2018, the Nazi invasion is on its way and the world is goose-stepping towards its doom.

I want to give them money to watch this. Please let me.

The movie’s been long in development, having begun in 2006 and originally been slated for a 2008 release. They took the teaser trailer to Cannes last year seeking co-financiers and currently, the folks behind it are trying to promote it at this month’s Cannes Film Festival with a variety of marketing materials including some new video spots. To view those, head over to their YouTube page.

The official site states that they are finishing the script and looking for more financing. The film is planned to be in English with worldwide distribution. Let’s hope some high-ups at Cannes pick up on this project.

As for the cast, German actors Udo Kier (Blade, End of Days), Julia Dietze, Tilo Prückner and Götz Otto (Tomorrow Never Dies) have been signed to star as the proponents of the Fourth Reich and U.S. cast members are expected to be announced soon.

I’m loving this movie already as original and interesting sci-fi projects seem to just get me. Similar to the District 9 movie that we’ve seen more heavily promoted recently, this a lower budget original idea that’s not being sold on a previously built-in fanbase or A-list actors. The project has been constructed heavily on community collaboration and director Timo Vuorensola set up the website Wreck A Movie where his worldwide network of collaborators and volunteers can participate in the production of the film.

Continue to the next pages for some amazing one-sheets and concept art for the movie as well as a teaser trailer…


ironsky renaterichter Iron Sky: Nazi Space Invaders Are Coming!
Julia Dietze as Renate Richter

ironsky klausadler Iron Sky: Nazi Space Invaders Are Coming!
Götz Otto as Klaus Adler


ironsky nazi ufo Iron Sky: Nazi Space Invaders Are Coming!
A Nazi UFO stationed on the Moon Base

ironsky nazi swastika base Iron Sky: Nazi Space Invaders Are Coming!
Nazi Swastika-shaped Headquarters


ironsky nazi moon base Iron Sky: Nazi Space Invaders Are Coming!
A street on the Nazi moon base, Black Sun

ironsky nazi ufo fleet Iron Sky: Nazi Space Invaders Are Coming!
The Nazi Star Fleet invades!

For more awesome pictures for the movie, check out Film School Rejects.

Here is the teaser trailer that came out a while back:

The visuals will no doubt be cool, but I really need the acting to be watchable. I hope this turns out well.

What do you think of this project?

Source: JoBlo,, NewTeeVee

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  1. This has been kicking around for a couple years now> I want to see this soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bad!!!

  2. Nazi moon saucers: count me in.

  3. Heard about this. Love to see it. Star Wreck was really good.

  4. People are serious about this movie, yet they nitpick about the science of Star Trek. I’m sorry, but this just has DUMB and CHEESY written all over it.

  5. It does indeed seem like a cool idea, looking forward to it. And thank god its in English – nothing worse than having to read a movie.

  6. This is kind of hilarious, and looks awesome, can’t wait to see it.

    Did anyone notice there was a ship missing on the platform… just saying.

  7. CGI needs to be on par with other sci-fi flicks and it should please us fans.

  8. @Andy S

    It’s something called meeting our expectations.

    I don’t hold something like a Star Trek, Star Wars, Terminator, or whatever movie to the same standard to some b-movie with Bruce Campbell in it, we watch them for different reasons and expect something different from them and it all depends on how well they meet those expectations.

  9. Riiiiiiiiight

  10. Yep, I guess we watch The Incredibles with the same critical eye as we would watching Schindler’s List… Makes perfect sense to me…


  11. @ Andy S,

    The difference is, this is a low-budget COMEDY, not a $150-200 million dollar epic based on a 40+ year franchise, lol.

  12. @ Mike Claymore
    There’s PLENTY of things worse than having to “read” a movie. Like…the movie being bad?
    Are you saying that a good subtitled movie is worse than a bad english movie?

  13. Uh, let’s not turn this into a PC war. He’s allowed like movies in English and to not like reading movies. I don’t think there is anything in his statement that suggested that it being in English will guarantee that it will be good, it’s simply one thing that he could tell from the clip that he likes. Of course he hopes the movie is actually good.

  14. I hope I won’t have to come across someone complaining Nazi glorification when this movie receives more attention.

  15. Nobody would take a “nothing worse” statement from someone who looks like a Simpsons character seriously, so i assume this character is just a time wasting provocateur.
    For anyone wondering though, yes, subtitles do indeed spoil great movies. If directors wanted our eyes to continually dart to the bottom of the screen they would cast midgets, but they don’t. The director wants us to be looking at the actors and the rest of the mis-en-scene when we watch a movie. While you are reading the subs, there are subtle expressions crossing the actors’ faces, expressions which you are missing. Then of course there are movies with spectacular visuals as seems to be the case with this one, and distracting the viewer from such scenery with a bunch of letters is an unforgivable crime against art.

  16. Still better than dubbing in my opinion, because then you lose the meaning of the dialog completely. At least with subs you can watch it once while reading to understand what’s going on, then again watching their faces to see the acting. If it’s dubbed, then no matter how many times you see it, you’ll always get the wrong meanings. Not that it’s impossible for them to dub accurately, but most of the time when they dub, they sacrifice accurate translation to better match the actors’ mouth movements. I hate it when they do that…

    But yes, the best is if the movie was filmed in English in the first place. Of course best for us, not for people who speak other languages, lol.

  17. Certainly prefer subbing to dubbing. I think it much more off putting to see someone talk in a voice clearly not their own and with lips moving at different speed to words, than flicking to words along the bottom, that you can read faster than they say them.
    And you’re right, Ken, they do cut in dubbing for the sake of accuracy. Remember watching the Legend of Fong SaiYuk. Saw it subbed first, then later dubbed, and some lines were completely different and felt out of place.

    Speaking as a huge Kurosawa fan, I’ve no problems with ‘reading’ movies, and some of them I hold very highly. Mind you, it helps when you watch them again and again. 😉

    But there’s no question that if lazy, I tend to watch english speakers.

    Also, it’s Nazis on the moon! I’m sure it is trying to be cheesy. 😀

  18. @ Rob Keyes

    Thank god this is supposed to be a comedy, but it still looks like a failure.

  19. One word: AWESOME!


  20. Star Trek & Babylon 5 ,fans will love (Star Wreck in the Pirkenning.)

    That is if you have always wanted to see the WhiteStar take on the Enterprise E.
    I believe you can watch it for free on their site. :-)

  21. I just saw the trailer, wasn’t able to before because I was at work, and is it just me or did it seem like an intro movie to a video game??

  22. Bring it to the big screen, and I’ll invest $9 in it. :)

  23. looks stupid coolstory line thou it just looks cheesie looks like that jude law movie Captain tomorrow or what ever it was called

  24. Oh wow! What a coincidence! I wrote a story about a “Tenth Reich Empire” with a base on the moon, so that I could have some non-alien bad guys. Now it looks like they are making a movie about it. It was years ago when I wrote it too, but still within the decade of 2001-2010. Now I’m writing a follow-up to it, of sorts, and came on-line to find some of those old pictures of experimental Nazi flying discs again, and I found this review. “It’s deja vu all over again!” as Y.B. once said. I look forward to the movie, regardless of dubbing, subtitles, or visual effects quality, or even politics. Hmm. Since my current battle is outside of our system, none of these samples are usable for my purposes, which is just as well.

  25. Yeah, i hope they Get some money, i do not know any of them, but seen their earlier work, its verry Homemade sfx, but go* damn their stories rocks,
    as soon as possibility i will buy stuff from theire website, but im poor, so never had the money, which ive been visiting a couple of times a year, americaenes should just rent out theire studio for free so we can see other things then refilmed filmes from abroad(like ring, head above the water etc), and domestic (tron, avatar, star wars etc)

    Yes to a new intressting finnish movies, you guys rocks

  26. i also want to see this sooooooooooo bad, go crew, ‘make it so’