How Iron Man & Thor Can Play Together In The Avengers

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avengers roster characters iron man thor captain america2 How Iron Man & Thor Can Play Together In The Avengers

As for having the different universes of the films mesh together, we heard from Branagh’s camp a while ago that his Thor movie will be based in science. What that means is anyone’s guess in terms of the movie but it will help make it more believable when our heroes join together to fight evil.

Before that happens though, we have the eagerly anticipated Iron Man 2 coming up next which also features a pretty big roster of characters. Could we be seeing our first look at Thor or Cap in that film? According to Iron Man director Jon Favreau’s Twitter, he met Thor director Kenneth Branagh last week and pumped him his work on the project. That project by the way, is the one I’m most looking forward to and I couldn’t be more excited to know that Branagh is helming it, especially knowing that he’s 100% in on the interconnectivity of the Marvel movies.

“Had lunch with Kenneth Branagh. Wonderful fellow. He’s going to do a great job on Thor.”

Thor’s star Chris Hemsworth screen-tested with Robert Downey Jr. and now with Favreau spending some time with Branagh, it’s very possible that there will be a Hemsworth cameo in Iron Man 2 which may help launch Thor’s debut the following summer. And let’s not forget the widely speculated but denied rumor that Ed Norton could make a guest appearance as Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Don’t be surprised to see something special from Iron Man 2 in terms of cameo appearances, each film from now on will tie-into or help seed the following projects. They’ll be taking advantage of every opportunity to cross-market and help establish the shared continuity in preparation for The Avengers.

Zak Penn is currently still writing the screenplay and trying to make it work with the stories of Iron Man, The First Avenger: Captain America and Thor. We still don’t know who will direct The Avengers but we do know that Jon Favreau won’t be. He’ll be producing the movie and no doubt be working on an Iron Man 3 around that time which works for me.

So, from all accounts, it seems that the scripts and stories are all coming together very nicely for Marvel’s slate of upcoming films and I hope those chosen to bring us The Avengers take advantage of the great work that’s been done so far. We have a lot to look forward to.

What do you want from The Avengers?

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Iron Man 2 opens May 7, 2010, Thor opens May 20, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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  1. I hope they can pull it off, and in time too, if they delay it until after the world ends in December 2012, I’ll be pissed! :-D

    Seriously though, if Zak Penn is so doubtful of how good it can be, maybe they should get someone else to do it…

  2. I am excited. A Thor Cameo for Iron Man 2 could be cool. I really hope that Norton and Marvel work everything out. I really want him in Avengers. Cameos before that would be nice, but I am not holding my breath for Iron Man 2.

    It could be cool too see Thor come to earth in Iron Man 2, Captain America’s frozen body recovered in Thor, and Stark and Banner helping thaw Captain America. That would seem to be the most logical. Don’t ask me why.

  3. solid – if xmen 3 was any indication of what could possibly be done especially in the final showdown but under a better talented helm that it could work. yet – there was so much wishy washy stuff going on that it detracted from certain elements. you had the bogus mutants take on some primary mutants and then you saw certain primary villains hold back so that all the crazy action was depleted then you could focus on a pair of primary characters – it was almost too much and over the top. comics and cartoons are one thing but live action has to be masterly crafted – and i have yet to see something like that.

  4. I wanna know who will be the villan? Dr. Doom seems to be the billy-badass of the Marvel universe. Any other ideas of who could possibly be so vile and dangerous that the creation of the “team” is needed?

  5. they did a good job of cameo/adding iron man with hulk (the stark wep designs, tony meeting ross in the bar) i think they can pull it off, but imo they should get everything ready as (and i’ve experienced personally) 2 years goes by really really fast and if they dont pace themselves for this massive/hardcore/kickass/cool/ultimate combo of a movie then viewers/fans are going to get a poor and badly presented load of crap

  6. @ jwalka,

    You’re right and with there being no announcements yet on a cast for Captain America, I fear there could be another day.

    That being said, Joe Quesada did say that they have a short wishlist of actors to play Steve Rogers – maybe we’ll find out soon…

  7. Rob, where did you hear that Hemsworth and RDJ screen-tested together? When was this? Sorry, I guess I’ve been out of the loop.

  8. looking forward to Thor, but I suspect it will tank at the box office. It better have mega-publicity.

  9. I really hope this all works out otherwise it will be a real embarrasment to everyone involved, and will tarnish the seperate franchises as well, but considering the talent involved i have high hopes. Unfortunately that usually means they will be dashed.
    With the sole exception of Iron Man, it has been what 7-8 years since anything with the word Marvel attached contained anything of quality.

  10. I dont see any reason why Loki couldnt be what brings them together as he was in the comics ,
    especially sinceFavreau andBranagh apper to be working on interconnectivity between the two films.
    Or they could just be having very pricey lunches together!

  11. A lot of folks seem to be distraught here over who could possibly antagonize a super-team like the Avengers. The obvious answers are World-Wide threats like Alien Invasions (Chi’tauri, Skrull, Brood, etc..), or super-teams of Villains like in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. However, if there’s one thing the recent Marvel movies have shown (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is that betrayal plays a key part in the plot. I’m speculating that whatever happens in Avengers will probably involve a team member double-crossing the rest in order to make it interesting. The double-crosser probably won’t be someone big like Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, or Thor, but someone like Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow.

    To get back on track the guys behind these films have already stated that the Avengers are going to save the world, not just defend themselves or a city, the entire planet.

  12. Great advice bendis from bendis to make it like the ‘Oceans’ movies. Thanks genius.

  13. “I hope they can pull it off, and in time too, if they delay it until after the world ends in December 2012, I’ll be pissed!”

    Yeah, I thought the same thing. As long as I get my Avengers movie, the world CAN end. What will be the point of living after witnessing such greatness?

    Iron Man 2 will be great enough but Avengers? Nothing could possibly EVER top that.

  14. The team will probably have to come together to stop the Hulk from destroying everything in site after someone mistakenly kills the love of his life Betty Ross. Banner loses control after her death or something of that variety. I’m sure there will be a couple other villains but I think they will use the Hulk as the reason to fight together.

  15. Evan
    I like your idea of Thor coming to earth in some wicked style at the end of IM2 and the government warns Stark that they have something on the radar but they have no idea what it is.

    why is zak penn handling the movie if he thinks it will suck? What an idiot. Get rid of him!

  16. @Evan…

    I like your ideas, especially Thor’s spectacular arrival on Earth at the end of IM 2. That would be wicked cool, indeed. :)

  17. Boy, it seems interesting to see how comic book films might make history once they get released to the big screen.

  18. Rob

    he says “it still might suck”. What kind of a way is that to sell a movie? It makes no sense to me. I understand your point that he’s saying they are doing everything possible to make it great but chances are that it will disappoint many people because there are always complainers. I just feel it was an unnecessary thing to say. Keep it simple and say we are doing everything we can to make this work. He sounds like he doubts the directors he is working with and even in his own ability to make this happen for the franchises. I want someone confident creating this monster of a movie and I want to know that we have the right person taking the reigns. The Avengers could possibly become one of the most hyped movies of all time, even surpassing Avatar in terms of hype, and it needs to be handled with care.

    I hope I don’t sound argumentative but I get serious when it comes to The Avengers. If I had to pick one movie out of everything coming out in the next 5 to 10 years that I wanted to just be absolutely awesome it would be The Avengers. I would pick it over a possible third Batman movie, a fourth Spiderman movie and even the third movie to my favorite franchise of all time (but not best movies) the Transformers.

    Hope that makes sense – it’s kind of late here and I haven’t had much sleep over the past 3 days with the Philadelphia Phillies being in the World Series. Go Phils!

  19. Thor – a god, Ironman – technological wonder, Captain American – the ultimate solider… To bring powerhouse characters like these together it has got to be a MAJOR threat – I’m talkin’ like something from space (THANOS – PLEASE LET IT BE THANOS) like say Galactus but unfortunately Fantastic Four beat them to the punch.

  20. When you are talking about an Avengers movie, there is only one villian that would work, and that is Ultron. He is the ultimate Avengers villain and he would be awesome to see on the big screen. As for the Avengers themselves, Iron Man, Captain America,Hulk and Thor, would be the big four, but also Hawkeye, Vision and Acarlet Witch, with cameos of Ant-man and the Wasp.

  21. I meant Scarlet Witch.

  22. And I vote on Bryan Singer directing the Avengers. He did a fantastic job on the first two X-men movies and he is a true fan of the comic genre.