Iron Man 2 Mark VI Armor Revealed

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iron man 2 Iron Man 2 Mark VI Armor Revealed

“When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things.” I Corinthians 13:11 – Paul

I would like to think that Paul, the author from the Bible who many think wrote the above quote, would have modified the end of that sentence to read, “…unless it’s a comic book movie toy, especially from Iron Man 2, because those are awesome!” Readers and followers of movie news find some of the most interesting things about upcoming films through their toys and other marketing aimed at children.

Remember how the blog world was set ablaze when the first images of Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe circulated because of the toy images that were released? Well the toys we have today aren’t as disappointing; in fact they are downright cool. Coming Soon has produced a couple pictures of Iron Man 2 action figures – an early Mark II design but more importantly the latest, greatest, Mark VI armor. Click on each picture for a larger view.


iron man toy Iron Man 2 Mark VI Armor Revealed

war machine toy Iron Man 2 Mark VI Armor Revealed

I like figures like this; my son will immensely enjoy terrifying my daughter’s Barbies with War Machine’s missile launcher. One thing that does strike me as odd, though, is the chest piece for Iron Man’s Mark VI armor. In a picture that Editor-in-Chief Vic Holtreman took this past summer at Comic Con, you get a good look at the Mark IV version of the armor (which we can only assume is the version Iron Man 2 opens with). Look at the pictures side-by-side below and tell me what you see different.

toy v suit Iron Man 2 Mark VI Armor Revealed

So I’m guessing that Ol’ Shellhead gets several new sets of armor by the end of Iron Man 2 and this latest toy reflects the final thinner, sleeker, design (the Mark VI). Of course, it could just be the toy makers and studios are releasing the Mark VI design just to sell more toys. For the first movie, there were a bunch of Iron Man armor types released in toy form that never made it to the screen. In all likelihood, though, the Mark VI will be what we get; can’t wait to see the enhancements they add to it.

What do you think of the new look of the Iron Man Mark VI armor? My wife sometimes tells me the only reason I had kids was to eat their snacks and play with their toys but what does she know? Whatever, I’m off to finish eating my fruit snacks and pudding cups while building with my Lincoln Logs and Erector Set.

Iron Man 2 blasts into theaters May 7th 2010.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. Have to say the suit from Iron Man I is supperior in looks to this newer version even if though the newer one is sleeker. One item of praticular dissapointment is the change from a circle to a triabgle for the breast center piece. Not only is that illogical (how do you fit a circle into a traingle) but it doesn’t look ner as good and if I am correct about this, in the comics, at least currently, it’s a circle. In fact I don;t recall ever seeing a triangle used in the comic but then again I admit I have not seen or read every comic Iron Man has appeared in.

  2. He’s had a triangular “Unibeam” (what it’s called in the comics) a couple of times, most noticeably in the Silver Centurion armor, but also more recently, right up to the point when the Iron Man movie came back. That said, I do prefer the previous armor and circular unibeam. This toy does look a bit chintzy though (very much like flat plastic), so I’ll hold myself from making a verdict until I see it on film.

  3. Yeah unless it looks different in the movie I like the suit from the first movie as well. The circle in the chest instead of the triangle and the facial armor too.

  4. Lets hope that this figure is just a one-off from the film, a figure they release that is connected to a film but whose appearnce as shown in the toy was never actually in teh film. Take for eaxample all the Transformers toys whose look/appearence was never in the actual film even though the toy is a license of the film.

    Make sense?

  5. @BlueCollarCritic

    I think it is still a circle shaped arc reactor beneath it. It is just that the breast plate over it is a triangle. I guess we will see how legit it is. I like the Mark II stuff myself.

    But, they do have to differentiate the style of suit war machine has and the one that Stark has, because they are different in lots of ways other than color scheme.

    But, yeah, I like the circle better too…

  6. I was able to see the Leaked footage IM2 Trailer, and during it, there was a scene where Stark takes his shirt off and it looks like the Arc Reactor is some how destroying his body, kinda like his body is rejecting it.

    One of the plots of IM2 is Stark is looking for a new Power source. Whats not to say that when he finds it, he has to make modifications to his chest piece?

    I do agree that it is another way to differentiate between IM and War Machine. The circle Chest piece does look better IMHO also.

  7. I suppose you mean Mark IV, not VI. ;)

  8. Oh, maybe the Mark V armor is the Armor in the Suitcase.

  9. Oh, wait! It’s VI!

  10. What about IV and V? I’m lost.

  11. @RanHrm

    The Mark IV armor is shown right next to the Mark VI Armor in the picture above.

  12. @Drew

    Oh… Then Mark V maybe is that you said, the one called War Machine. Isn’t it? I think now I get it. :)

  13. @RndHrm
    War Machine is a whole different set of Armor, Although from the looks of the Trailer, it looks like Justin Hammer makes War Machine using the Mark II Armor. When I was talking about the Mark V possibly being the SuitCase armor, Screen Rant Covered it in a past post. Its suppose to be armor that is collaspable and it fits into a suitcase.

  14. The Lord Buckethead, sorry, Silver Centurion uni-beam had four sides. It’s been the same shape as Superman’s pentagonal “S” symbol since #300 of the original run. I’m not too fussed about the triangle, though the way the chest plate’s shaped around the circular one in the right-hand photo above looks better than the first movie, and I’d prefer it if they kept that. I’m glad they’ve got rid of the silver Meccano “collarbones”, but get those gold strips off the torso! Get ‘em off!

  15. @ The Big Dentist,

    Im sure you mean 5 sides, cause if it had 4 sides it would be a Square.

  16. This change brings up something that has always bothered me, why the movie folks making these decisioosn always feel the need to have to change or re-do these things in sequels. In the case of Iron Man there is at least a logical evolution of changes to the suit because that’s how it’s played out in teh comics. But for most movies in which a character or popular prop carriers over into the sequel why do they seem to always feel the need to change the look of the item in question?

    The best example of this I can think of is the Batman seriews; both the 80s run and the latest reboot by Nolan with the 80s run clearly being the biggest offender to this.

    There are a few exceptions; I believe the Indidana Jones character has the same outfit from movie to movie; perhaps a few small hard to notice changes but thats it.

  17. @Bluecollar

    Actually, the comics mainly had the triangular or “diamond” shaped unibeam like the toy.

    But I personally like the round look myself, and from the pics from the movie so far, it’s still round, so I don’t know…

  18. Definitely four sides, Drew! Like an upside-down truncated triangle, if that makes any sense.

  19. @BlueCollarCritic

    Well, Chris Nolan actually addressed the Costume change as Bruce Wayne wanting to be able to Turn his head. Chris Nolan did a reboot, so there for he could go for a different look. Now if he changes the costume and everything else again, then it will be rediculous.

  20. Sleeker suit is better for sure. Circle Unibeam would be better.

  21. am i the only one geting an Extreemis armor Vibe ?

  22. @ Brodie Bruce

    I believe the Mark VI is def based on the armor from Iron Man: Extremis. I would bet part of the storyline focuses on that too – IM being to slow and bulky to compete with the bad guys’ advancement in technology so he upgrades the armor complete with (DUH DUH DUH) triangular chest piece.

  23. @Drew “Well, Chris Nolan actually addressed the Costume change as Bruce Wayne wanting to be able to Turn his head. Chris Nolan did a reboot, so there for he could go for a different look. Now if he changes the costume and everything else again, then it will be rediculous.” ~ @Drew

    I was refering to the changes made between BATMAN BEGINS & THE DARK KNIGHT and not just to that one item but to evry prop item from the suit as a whole to teh car. Now in the case of Nolan I believe the changes were far less then what typically occurs in a sequl so it may be that I should not have even mentioned his 2 films at all. At least the Head turn change was a logical one and not just a change for changes sake which is often the case in sequels.

  24. Changing the custome and armor is a cool part of the batman movies because of the upgrades they always do to them. I’m sure Nolan will do it again if he does a third movie.

  25. Yeah, some of us totally geek out on all the new upgrades. Who wants to get the same gift for X-mas every year?

  26. if anyone is in need of an upgrade in armor or costume it’s ironman’s enemy whiplash. so help me god if they keep micky rourke looking like he is now he will hurt this movie just by showing his pug ugly face.for god’s sake i hope the im2 producer & director put some kind of mask or helmet on him

  27. I’m not complaining about the triangular shaped power piece. More curious than anything about how they will write the change into the script. So far, Favreau has done a good job of explaining real world uses for everything in the suit so I’m sure he still does the same thing here.

  28. It doesn’t have to change for the next movie I think, leave for the third or fouth, let’s enjoy the traditional one first

  29. One of the plot elements in Iron Man 2 is that Tony is developing something better than the Arc reactor.. probably because its power output is insufficient, or there’s some side effect that he had not foreseen earlier (like in the comics, when all the EM waves from his suit was giving him cancer or something). Or probably also because Whiplash managed to reverse-engineer or replicate an arc reactor (which interestingly seems pretty similar to an optoelectric nuclear battery that the Russians are working on in real-life).

    Tony will be working with a particle accelerator in his basement, who knows what might come out of it. A new power source (maybe that’s how they’ll write that beta particle power generator into the script, though betavoltaics will hardly come close to an arc reactor’s power output) or perhaps a new type of particle beam weaponry for his armor.

    A triangular chest piece might make sense if it was to either minimize the exposure of the underlying reactor to enemy fire or external damage, for instance (e.g. it’s an ALON window to protect the reactor). Or perhaps it incorporates a different lensing mechanism to collimate the reactor’s unibeam output. Or, in the case of the Silver Centurion armor, the chest piece had a different shape because the new array was able to bend and manipulate different wavelengths of light.