‘Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United’ Images and Clip: Hulk Gets His Own Armor

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IH ‘Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United’ Images and Clip: Hulk Gets His Own Armor

The bromance between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner was one of the more enjoyable facets of The Avengers, and fans who have watched the after-credits scene of Iron Man 3 would have been further rewarded with a humorous tête-à-tête between the two heroes. Both will be back for 2015’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but before then we’ll be able to see their alter-egos working together again on the small screen for animated feature Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United.

The film will take place in the aftermath of The Avengers and will see Iron Man join forces with Hulk to fight Zzzax, a villain with the power to absorb and release electricity. On the voice talent front, actors Adrian Pasdar and Fred Tatisciore voice Iron Man and Hulk respectively while voice acting veteran Dee Bradley Baker will be vocalizing the villain. Pasdar and Tatisciore have voiced their respective characters in other animated fare; Pasdar did the Iron Man Anime series and is currently reprising the role in the current Avengers Assemble cartoon.

Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United was initially scheduled to hit stands in April this year but was delayed until December, and now that we’re only a couple weeks away from release, Marvel has seen fit to unveil seven new stills:

Whilst Marvel has proven itself a behemoth in the cinematic arena, it’s DC that has been more consistent in both output and quality when it comes to animated features. The most recent Marvel Animation offering – entitled Iron Man: Rise of Technovore – was a particularly underwhelming effort which failed to do the character justice, and the same can be said for their other Iron Man solo offering, The Invincible Iron Man. With this track record in mind, in addition to the poorly-animated CGI trailer recently released, there is not much cause for excitement here.

Still, there’s no denying the appeal of seeing Iron Man & Hulk join forces on screen, and the film should attract an audience regardless of the end product. If nothing else, animated material such as this can help tide fans over until the Avengers return to the big screen in 2015.


Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 3rd, 2013.

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  1. looks terrible.
    Everyone loved the bromance between tony and bruce banner, not tony and hulk. Which is sad since all evidence seems to point to that bruce banner doesn’t even exist in the animated marvel universe, last time he made an appearance was in EMH and it was extremely brief. Marvel has constantly made bad decisions when it comes to animation, all there animated stuff is crap right now, ALL OF IT.
    Hulk agents of smash makes me want to punch a baby in face

    • +1000 Marvels animation does suck. I did enjoy EMH though, much better than the new one.
      Why is everyone using CGI or Anime.

      The old animation was better to me, as were the movies, like Hulk vs, Planet hulk, Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2, Even Dr. Strange was a good animated movie Marvel has totally fallen off animation wise. They should have done World War Hulk, Or Civil War. There are so many ways that they could go with their animated stories.

      I think they need to stop trying to connect the animated universe with the live one, and tell some of the comics great stories through animation.

    • A very good point. Didn’t they partially base Ruffalo’s Banner/Hulk on the old Hulk TV show? That was a fun show, and it too focused primarily on Banner and his journey, with the Hulk generally making 2 or 3 brief appearances to stir things up. Focusing on Banner has worked both times, and the brief struggle/agreement with him and Hulk in EMH was the most interesting part of his arc there. Pity they can’t seem to keep that in mind more often.

    • hahahahaha…. so true.

  2. Looks like a bad Playstation 2 game.

    • +9000. I thought that as soon as a caught a glimpse of it via Screen Rant’s Facebook page. Unacceptable, Marvel. Unacceptable.

  3. Hulk wearing Iron Man armor?
    Great idea.
    DC should try this too.
    Superman could wear Batman’s utility belt.
    That would also be totally unnecessary

    • Surely the fingers of the armor would not be able to take the sheer pounding that hulks fists can do alone? Especially since Marvel has now established that Tony’s armor falls apart easier than Jenga bricks.

      • That was a crack at Iron Man 3.

        In context, his Iron Legion armors were never made to the par of his Mark I-VII. He was going through them to keep busy.

  4. Eh, I might watch this. Though it’s certaintly not a priority like the DC animated films. And I concur with the people above me, Marvel’s animation for the most part sucks. Btw, Screen Rant I love the new mobile site!

  5. I love that the animations are so stiff. I think Half-Life 1 may have had had more natural looking animations than this, lol.

    • I kid. Though in all seriousness, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game that came out 8 years ago DEFINITELY had more natural looking animations. :/

  6. this looks reallly bad.
    DC Trumps Marvel in the animation department simply because Marvel doesn’t focus on their animated properties as much as they should, gearing it towards kids, and such.

    The DCAU (as it’s so honorably called) does justice to it’s characters on all fronts. I’m not too keen on the Justice League: WAR animated featured though, but DC has trumped Marvel since B:TAS, S:TAS, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and even Batman Beyond, hell, even the original Teen Titans were better than these Marvel animated features.

    Ive seen Planet Hulk, Doc Strange, and TIIM, all of those were/are lackluster..

  7. This is one branch of Marvel that DC crushes them every time. Their animated division is just bad compared to DC. Even DC’s worst is better on average than Marvels best.

    • Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon were notable exceptions. But Marvel’s direct-to-DVD material has been disappointing.

  8. It would be cool if Thor: Fallen came out in 2014 and Avengers: Year of Kree in August 2015

  9. Wait….
    Why would Hulk need Iron Man Armor?

    Isn’t that like giving a bullet proof vest to the only guy who has a gun?

  10. I have a feeling that this may be geared towards the younger audience. The animation–like the majority of Marvel’s animated series–looks really bad. Marvel doesn’t put much effort into their animated series, which is a shame because so many fans want an epic television show like the 90′s X-Men. Now, it seems like they Disney-fied the heck out of Marvel animated series, making them unbearably goofy, and visually weak when it comes to action.

    • I think a more fitting comment from you considering your avatar would be:

      “This marvel animated spinoff is… UNACCEPTABLEEEEEEE!!!!!”

      • I agree!

  11. They really need to go back to a more traditional format because the CGI cel style doesn’t look that good (neither did the last Wolverine vs Hulk Flash style…..in fact it was terrible)

    • Yea that marvel knights so called animation is very bad. Sometimes its a good story but that flash style just makes it seem terrible, but if the stories bad there is no watching it.

      As far as comparing DC animation and Marvel animation you can’t because there is no comparison i think everyone knows that. I think thats why so many people want the Dc animation side to help with the live movies even though theres a big difference between live action and animation, I think they could help with the story and vision of the movies. At least give them the Flash and let the Dc animation people make a live action with that character to see if they could handle a Green Lantern or Justice league

      • That W vs H show…..ugg. The first minute of it I thought it was going to be some sort of stylized lead in to the actual animated show (which would have been fine) but it just kept going and going….and going. I even stopped it at one point wondering if there was a setting for the ACTUAL show I had somehow missed.

        And comparing the two……Well it’s not as if DC has the animation market cornered. There are plenty of animators/artists out there that could make a good Marvel animated show (I hold up A:EMH as a prime example of that). Why Marvel continues to invest in these alternative styles though and is unable to make good shows (in general) is beyond me.

  12. On the DC side you have Warner Bros Animation, a dedicated animation studio. On the Marvel side you have…? Herein lies the problem.

    • Disney isn’t good enough?
      Seriously, it sucks. You can’t give such … thing to people and demand to waste their time.

  13. While this looks interesting they should have spent their time and effort putting the hulk into
    the iron man 3 movie instead of the worst post credits scene in mcu’s brief history with a dr banner
    shrink scene. Iron man rise of technovore should be a reference on how to crossover other heroes
    into a movie.

  14. eh. doesn’t look very appealing. I couldn’t watch more than 10 seconds of the footage. say what you will about DC movies but their animation is top notch.

  15. Marvel should get out of the animation side of things…..unless they hire the crew that did the Justice League.

    • Agreed. The writers of Justice League were awesome.

      Ironman/hulk was good. Wasn’t great, but it was certainly better than Hulk and the agents of Smash! (Just by the title alone you can tell it blows)

      Keep your fingers crossed. This may be the beginning of some sort of Marvel Team up saga.

      I don’t know if this counts as a spoiler, but this film, I believe, is hinting an animated film teaming ol’ shellhead with Captain America eventually.