Superhero Expenses: The Estimated Costs of Batman & Iron Man

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Batman vs Iron Man Superhero Expenses: The Estimated Costs of Batman & Iron Man

Of the core heroes featured on the rosters of Marvel’s The Avengers and DC’s Justice League, there is one man on each team who is not quite “super,” who do not rely on alien weapons of devices for extraordinary abilities. Instead, these heroes rely on their personal wealth and knowledge to equip themselves with the best gadgets that earth’s technology has to offer.

We are of course talking about Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Wayne (Batman), who represent the poster boy characters of each respective cinematic universe from Disney/Marvel Studios and Warner Bros./DC Entertainment. So, who spends more to be a superhero? The question has been answered (sort of).

The following pair of infographics have been timely put together by financial services company MoneySupermarket just in time for the release of The Dark Knight Rises, and just as Iron Man 3 nears completion of principal photography.

Starting with Batman, the infographic breaks down estimated costs of Batman’s armor and gadgets, followed by his unique vehicles, including The Bat – the latest to be featured in The Dark Knight Rises.

cost of batman Superhero Expenses: The Estimated Costs of Batman & Iron Man

While the breakdown of items is neat to see, the numbers are totally off the mark and seemingly completely made up. In fact, they don’t even jive with what was explicitly said in the films themselves. Take for example the Batman Kevlar armor suit – the first version alone (before modifications to make the head able to turn) cost over $300,000 (not $3000) as said by Lucius Fox to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. That’s also before modifications, not even counting backup suits, the costs of the Batcave or secret underground base in the construction yard as seen in The Dark Knight. There’s also the sheer amount of parts Bruce Wayne had to order to build the mask with the embedded earpiece as to not draw suspicion to his nightly activities.


Continue to page 2 for the costs of being Iron Man!


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  1. I’m glad you saw past all of the BS in this stuff. Still an interesting read. Thanks RK.

    • No, thank you!

      It’s too bad the “research” didn’t actually dig into the fun geeky details we’d really be interested in. Still, it does emphasize the millions upon millions Stark and Wayne are shelling out.

  2. The Batpod comes out of the Tumbler. so the 1.5mil are already counted. its cheating

    • Yeah and I don’t know when the last time was that someone bought anything made out of graphite that measured less than a square foot costing a million bucks. referring to the “custom graphite cowl 1,000,000″.

      • I thought the same thing about his batarangs. 3 for 1,000 dollars?! He made them himself! What are they made out of, adamantium?

        • What about the $1000 for 3 batarangs? Seriously? They’re little pieces of metal that he shaped and sharpened himself. $1000 worth if steel would make a damn sight more than three tiny batarangs.

      • In “Batman Begins” they had to order the graphite cowl in bulk. The first batch wasn’t right so they had to order another huge batch.

      • The 1 Million for the cowl was the cost of buying in bulk, of 10,000 unit as not to raise question, as the cowl and ears were purchased at different points and assembled.

  3. What the F! I simply love Screenrant!

  4. Saw both IronMan movies and maybe I missed something, but can someone tell me why the jump in cost from the Mark IV to the Mark V armor and again from Mark VI to Mark VII?

    • Mark V suit transforms out of a suitcase. Mark VII builds itself out of a rocket powered pod onto the user in mid-air in seconds and is a full sized and powered suit. And it has lasers.

  5. I’m LOL’ing at it only being 37k/year to “run” wayne mansion. Thats barely 3k a month – I know people in huge houses here (that are half the size) that spend more than that a year.

    • somebody has to pay the light bill hello! the light bill alone is probably 4000 a month

      • But it’s a guy who lives alone with his butler. C’mon now

  6. *a little over 3k month

  7. I wouldn’t count Warmachine against Ironman that’s the taxpayers problem but in the end Stark Industries makes way more money than Wayne Enterprises.

    • Hmm that brings up an interesting thought as to whether or not Stark Enterprises billed the world’s governments for the cost of defending them against conquest? And who paid the bill at the Shawarma Palace… ;-)

    • Lol I was just about to say the same thing about the war machine armor that’s the governments. Not Starks.

  8. What about Stark’s Building or the (A) Avengers Building?

    If Tony had gone to K-mark and Home depot and buy all of those parts just to make all of these suits it would had costed him out way less than that.

    Plus they had forgot Bruce Wayne’s, Paparazzi shutting off camera pocket gadget from TDKR.

  9. Didn’t Wayne have a EMP rifle in TDKR? I assume he also had a handheld one also (which shut off the papparazi cameras in the ballroom party scene).

    • He did, he had the EMP rifle and a smaller portable one which he used on the papparazi when he arrived at the ballroom party.

  10. Hm… not sure how “factual” these infographs really are (lots of discrepancies mentioned by the above comments)
    But they must be kinda accurate… so I’m crushed… Guess I’ll never get to be a genius, billion, playboy philanthropist after all :(

    • Lol

    • *billionaire

  11. Stark Towers was paid for by Stark Industries, not Tony Stark.

    • And that whole R&D thing for Stark and his new Iron Man armor? That’s still his bill.

  12. lol @ ” several enginerring degrees “

  13. It also looked like Bruce Wayne developed new poisoned “bat-darts” that he used to knock out Bane’s henchmen on the ice in TDKR…and whatever the timed, sticky explosives were that he shot from the top of the skyscraper in Tokyo in TDK (unless they did incorporate those and I just missed it)…

  14. Those numbers are totally ridiculus and inflated. Wayne Mansion costing 600,000,000 to rebuild with the bat cave come on! These numbers are based on nothing and I think real world alot of this stuff would probably be cheaper you can buy an F16 for 30 million I mean we can’t but thats what they go for.

    • very true. But then again houses DO cost more than that…we should get some real estate analysts in here: Figure out the approximate size, the materials likely used, etc. Also, it might not be as expensive as the full price of buying a house on location, because they only had to pay for the physical house, not the land rights.

  15. wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww, do the producers pay the cost of everyone and everything involved in making the films? they must be because they`re the producers. also occupying an area to shoot has a cost as well, doesn`t it?

    TDKR had quite a journey but the characters weren`t developed enough-bane fighting Batman in those 2 little fist fights were very weak, and i would`ve included where they got those bombs from and how they managed to plant them all over the city. Otherwise, there`s no evidence for realism. I like movies best that first shows a villain`s origin story then show how they manage to do everything they do villainous. I like films most that have the events in chronological order, like how the Amazing Spiderman showed a flashback to his childhood, then showed the rest of the film in chronological order

    • Bane was able to make those explosions from Dagget’s construction crews. It was mentioned in the movie… Dagget was working for Bane. He says “I’ve had my construction crews working around the clock for you!” right before Bane kills him. Then John Blake tracks down that construction crew member who was at the stock exchange, where he gets into a brawl with them and realizes they’ve been pouring cement laced with explosives all around the city. Thus, the explosions.

      • oops well i guess for some reason the words or how clearly they said it got me clueless or confused. but still, how did bane`s assistant plant those bombs? After watching the film once it`s hard for me to catch everything that was going on with the words and terms they used unless i didn`t pay attention closely enough. I haven`t seen all 3 films I`ve only seen this one and TDK and i notice very many weaknesses that don`t show enough evidence how something happened such as how batman managed to beat the joker saving the two ferries at the end after he said” I don`t know you got those scars, but i know how you got these”- i didn`t see anything burst at the joker`s face. The terms and the words they used and how they said it made it hard for me to understand what`s going on in the films.

        • They didn’t plant any bombs.

          The concrete was filled with explosives – the construction crews were using explosive cement to build things – Bane is not setting off bombs, he’s blowing up the concrete.

          As for The Dark Knight – Batman didn’t beat the Joker to stop the boats blowing up, the people on board had the triggers and decided not to use them.

        • Also Batman’s gauntlet Batarangs (that almost shot him in the face when Fox was showing him his new suit) are what exploded in Joker’s face. Batman’s arm was trapped in front of him, so he shot them at the Joker.

  16. Sorry, Bruce Wayne did not invent much of what he used it was invented by Morgan Freeman and his research group, Tony Stark is a scientist/engineer/genius who invented pretty much everything Iron Man uses!

    • Tony Stark is all run and gun. He has no martial arts abilities. Out of the suit he is vulnerable. He has very little detective skills. Yes, he can solve problems, but when it comes to the way he finds them, Batman wins.

      • Considering the extensive martial arts training Batman is supposed to have, non was evident in any fight scene other than Cat Women beating a few thugs? As far as Bruce Waynes detective abilities, nothing much to show there either!

          • I guess Batman doesn’t bother to use those crazy detective skills when confronted by a mysterious murderous opponent, the same way he decided to avoid using his extensive training in every martial when fighting that very same threat? While Batman not using his abilities does not prove they don’t exist, it does make him a fool for not using them!

            • You mean like when he and Alfred researched what was known about Bane? Or when Bruce figured out that someone had stolen his mother’s pearls AND figured out what she was ACTUALLY there to steal AND figured out who she was AND figured out where she lived? Or when, in TDK, Batman had already figured out where the FIRST “Harvey Dent” (the two men with the particular last names) would be found dead before the police…more importantly (since everyone got the same initial message), the fact that he realized before they did WHY they had to go to that location? Or, in BB, how he figured out what Ras and the League were up to and how to stop their master plan?

              You mean like those examples (and more I did not include…such as the bullet reconstruction in TDK for which Ken J. has proclaimed so much disgust)?

              I am stunned that people are STILL claiming the trilogy did not show his brilliant detective skills. It DID, but it did not CONCENTRATE on showing the HOWS as much as the RESULTS. The films, after all, were more focused on the emotional, psychological, and philosophical aspects of the evolution of Bruce, Batman, and Gotham.

              On a similar note, the wonderfully clever Sherlock Holmes stories focused on the detective aspect of the character (obviously!) but, consequently, left much of the aforementioned character/story aspects minimally covered or completely untouched.

              Nolan PURPOSELY and PURPOSEFULLY chose to concentrate on something different…and did so brilliantly.

            • “…the same way he decided to avoid using his extensive training in every martial when fighting that very same threat?”

              “This is not a dance!”
              -Henry Duccard A.K.A. Ras al-Guhl

  17. Ironman>Batman

    • All day, every day.

  18. Why are Tony Stark’s personal cars counted? They do nothing to help him fight crime. Not that it is much but it is about 4M that does not belong on his list. Not sure the costs of all the different Iron man suits are even close to accurate when they all are from the same prototype.

    If anything it proves one thing: Batman makes more out of less & has a hell of a lot more guts fighting crime in his outfit than Tony does in indestructible armor.

  19. I remember seeing the Batman one in my local newspaper here in Chicago after the second movie.

    Here’s a question though,how in the hell is Stark’s helmet more than his Arc Reactor?You know,the thing that actually keeps him alive?!Something just doesn’t add up.

    • He did make it himself, taking away the research costs. And considering it was made from the same pieces of scrap that you can find in a terrorist’s cave (you know, the ones that are scattered here and there in old backyards and stuff), the materials are probably not that expensive either.

      Which makes me wonder why the arc reactor would have to be so expensive at all in the first place!

  20. There’s a lot of crazy rich people out there. Some richard branson-type with an itch for crime-fighting. One day we will have super-heros, and it’s not far off.

  21. Not sure why, but I can’t see the infographic. Help? Firefox 13 on a Win7 with no blockers turned on…

  22. This is only for the movies in the comics Batman owns dozens of suits for every type a mission and has more than 3 vehicles(Robin V2 #100). And I’m sure Stark has a lot more cars and other stuff

    • He also wears latex and a cloth hood/cape or something, so the materials aren’t as expensive and armor-y. Like you could buy the suit from Arkham City almost entirely from Dick’s sporting goods if you so pleased. Batarangs from Home Depot (hardened metal + grinder & paint), and just the local gun store for gunpowder/mace + back to Home Depot for those little smoke bombs. Just off the top of my head.

      So $500-$1,000 for hardcore, old-school batman.

  23. Iron Man 3 better make billions of dollars worldwide.

  24. sorry , the people who put this to web , is absolutely wrong , because batman never study engineering , batman studies at europe , quimical compositions , and forensics technics , crimnilistc and much much martial arts , …

  25. Both systems have outrageously over-inflated pricetags!

  26. Those numbers are totally ridiculus and inflated. Wayne Mansion costing 600,000,000 to rebuild with the bat cave come on! These numbers are based on nothing and I think real world alot of this stuff would probably be cheaper you can buy an F16 for 30 million