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To kick things off today, YesButNoButYes gives us the Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels.

What if disney villains were beautiful

DY6DTxn SR Geek Picks: Iron Man Infographics, Lena Dunhams Star Trek, Mommas Matrix  & More

Project Kronos

Project Kronos is a documentary film set in the not too distant future, following a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. As the mission unfolds with extraordinary results, the scientists find themselves dealing with a much bigger agenda.

Written and Directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull

DOCTOR WHO DATING: Two Hearts – Just Cos Gallifrey One 2013

While at the 2013 Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention, Chloe Dykstra played cosplay matchmaker with a little segment she called Two Hearts.

IBM + Star Trek = Atom Art

StarTrekIBM SR Geek Picks: Iron Man Infographics, Lena Dunhams Star Trek, Mommas Matrix  & More

As part of their most recent endeavor, IBM scientists have created custom Star Trek art made out of individual atoms. Scientists used a microscope the size of a room to maneuver single atoms to form the shapes of the Enterprise, the Vulcan salute, the Star Trek logo, a U.S.S. Enterprise the height of a single nanometer, and an animation of the Star Trek logo (gifs!).

About IBM’s “The World’s Smallest Movie: A Boy and His Atom”

Using the smallest object known for engineering data storage – atoms – IBM scientists shrunk the big screen down to the atomic level and created “The World’s Smallest Movie: A Boy and His Atom.” The tiny Guinness World Record certified movie is comprised of almost 250 stop-motion frames that were combined into an animated film. To help bring this world of atoms to life, the scientists used their scanning tunneling microscope, a unique two-ton microscope that operates at -268 degrees Celsius to tell a short story of a boy (who’s made of atoms) playing with an individual atom. You can check out IBM’s movie, behind-the-scenes footage, video diaries and atomic shorts on different technical aspects of the movie here: youtube.com/madewithatoms


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Tony Stark’s House Estimate

iron man SR Geek Picks: Iron Man Infographics, Lena Dunhams Star Trek, Mommas Matrix  & More

How much would Iron Man’s house cost? About $117,250,000. To put this into perspective, Iron Man’s house is more than twice the price of Wayne Manor. You’ll never hear me say that Iron Man is better than Batman, but someone out there is going to put a checkmark in Tony Stark’s column.

Hall of Armor: The Evolution of Iron Man [Infographic]

Hall Of Armor Evolution of Iron Man Armor Infographic 570x219 SR Geek Picks: Iron Man Infographics, Lena Dunhams Star Trek, Mommas Matrix  & More


We’re all super pumped about the release of Iron Man 3- so much so that we’ve been trying to find the perfect outfits to wear to the premiere this Friday! (The midnight showing of course.) We tried to get some fashion inspiration from Mr. Stark himself by asking, “what would Tony wear?” Well, turns out he can’t make up his mind either! In fact, since Iron Man’s first appearance over 50 years ago there have been more than 20 incarnations of his armor! Below are his most storied looks in order of appearance. Oh, and we still don’t know what to wear…

Dramatic Turn and Speak with Sir Ben Kingsley

Jimmy and Sir Ben Kingsley take turns delivering dramatic lines after declaring “that very well may be, but…”

Facebook: A Game of Groans

QB6Qmen SR Geek Picks: Iron Man Infographics, Lena Dunhams Star Trek, Mommas Matrix  & More

The Godfather: A Game of Corleones

Star Trek Directed by Lena Dunham – Wrong Director

What if the very fate of Earth depended on 20-somethings who just really needed to talk about their feelings? If a force threatened our very existence that was even more powerful than the scourge of OCD and the irresistible pull of cupcakes? Jesse Benjamin presents a brand-new episode of Wrong Director: Lena Dunham’s Star Trek. Darkness is coming… But so is, like, the coolest loft party ever on the USS Enterprise.


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The Matrix Retold by Mom

Joe Nicolosi watched The Matrix with his 65-year-old mother, had her explain the plot and then animated the results.

PBS: The Movie (PBS Meets The Avengers)

Carl Sagan, Mister Rogers, Bob Ross and Bill Nye team up to save mankind from bad TV.

To be blunt: Science, technology, and education are important to us. But we live in a world where the little news we hear of schools, research, and the arts is when they’re laying their heads on the chopping block. We live in a world where celebrity and “reality” entertainment is winning the war for our attention. Though this may just seem like it’s playing off a funny trope, we do need superheroes in our world. Super men, women (and puppets), like those actualized by PBS, who inspire young generations to be scientists, teachers, and artists. But those heroes will not appear unless we create them.

SpongeBob SquarePants Remix by Pogo

A dance mix of sounds, voices and music from Spongebob SquarePants.

Omelette (Animated Short Film)

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